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Topic: Mandarin cuisine

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  Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > Mandarin cuisine
Mandarin cuisine refers to cooking style in Beijing, China.
Since Beijing has been the Chinese capital city for centuries, its cuisine was influenced by people from all over China.
Sometimes it is very difficult to tell if a Mandarin dish is really originated from Beijing or not.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/ma/Mandarin_cuisine   (95 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Mandarin cuisine   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mandarin cuisine or Beijing cuisine (Chinese: 京菜; pinyin: jīngcài) is a cooking style in Beijing, China.
Mandarin cuisine is the food of the northern imperial courts of old Peking, known today as Beijing.
Yunnan cuisine (Chinese: 云南菜; Pinyin: yúnnán cài) is an amalgam of Han and Chinese minority cuisines.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Mandarin-cuisine   (1096 words)

 Food in China
Mandarin cuisine is the food of the northern imperial courts of old Peking, known today as Beijing.
Mandarin cuisine, an elaborate style arising from the imperial days, is often intricately decorated with vegetables carved into flowers, animals, and designs.
Generally considered the cuisine of China is southeastern region of Zhejiang Province, the sauces tend to be rich due to slow cooking techniques and reduction of sauces.
www.absolutechinatours.com /food-in-china.htm   (826 words)

 The Cultural Heritage of China :: Food & Drink :: Cuisine :: Regional Cuisine
However, Szechuan cuisine's reputation for being spicy is much older: sichuan pepper, or "numbing pepper" is an indigenous plant (fruit) that produces a fragrant, numbing, almost citrus-y spice, and is still a key ingredient in Szechuan food to this day; ginger and spicy herbs were used early on.
Shanghai cuisine, known as Hu cai (滬菜 in pinyin: hù cài) among the Chinese, is one of the most popular and celebrated cuisines in China.
Yunnan cuisine (Chinese: 云南菜; Pinyin: yúnnán cài) is an amalgam of Han and Chinese minority cuisines.
www.ibiblio.org /chineseculture/contents/food/p-food-c01s03.html   (5056 words)

 Mandarin cuisine - Definition, explanation
Mandarin cuisine or Beijing cuisine (Chinese: {}; pinyin: {}) is a cooking style in Beijing, China.
The Emperor's Kitchen (御膳房 yùshànfáng) was a term referring to the cooking places inside of the Forbidden City of Beijing where thousands of cooks from the different parts of China showed their best cooking skills to please royal families and officials.
Mandarin food is heavily influenced by other provinces' food.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/m/ma/mandarin_cuisine.php   (178 words)

 Mandarin Oriental, Washington D.C. - Washington, DC
The Mandarin Oriental, Washington D.C. is centrally located in the nation's capital, across from Potomac Park.
Connected by a footbridge to Potomac Park, the Mandarin Oriental, Washington D.C., is four blocks from the Smithsonian Institution and five blocks from the National Mall.
Children are welcome at the Mandarin Oriental, Washington D.C. On arrival, children are given an animated map and a kid's passport.
www.hotels.com /property.do?mtnHotelID=302344   (418 words)

 Mandarin Cuisine - by food author Howard Hillman
Mandarin cuisine has the reputation for being China's most refined cuisine.
In the narrow sense, the term Mandarin cuisine refers to the elaborate and delicate Mandarin specialties that were originally cooked for the elite members of the now-defunct Imperial Court.
Mandarin cuisine (in its Imperial Court sense) is the cuisine of the traditional Chinese banquet.
www.hillmanwonders.com /cuisines/mandarin_cuisine.htm   (276 words)

 Mandarin (China) - Definition, explanation
A Mandarin was a bureaucrat in imperial China.
The term is also used to refer to the northern spoken variety of Chinese because it was the language used among officials during the Ming and Qing dynasties.
The wardrobe of a mandarin during the Qing Dynasty involved Manchu official headwear and a mandarin square.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/m/ma/mandarin__china_.php   (104 words)

 San Francisco Bay Guardian : Article : Mild to wild
Mandarin English is the language of such pompmeisters as William F. Buckley Jr., George F. Will, and all those other East Coast bow-tied toffs with Roman numerals after their names.
Mandarin need not mean "chokingly formal." Even the Mandarin in Ghirardelli Square, despite much plushness and high style, retains an agreeably casual air — and the Mandarin is not the exclusive home of mandarin cooking in the city.
Mandarin dishes, on the other hand, tend to be milder, but mild does not mean bland, and as the kitchen at Ah Lin proves over and over, even even-tempered dishes can have their own sort of savory intensity.
www.sfbg.com /entry.php?entry_id=1780&catid=77   (460 words)

 TorontoSun.com - Readers' Choice Awards - Mandarin serves up a feast
Mandarin Restaurant, Canada’s original Chinese buffet, is thrilled to be celebrating 27 years of top-quality Chinese and Canadian cuisine.
Mandarin is now serving sushi for lunch and dinner — and not just any sushi, either.
Mandarin uses only the freshest ingredients to bring you teriyaki chicken rolls, lemon chicken rolls, fried shrimp rolls, California rolls and many others.
www.torontosun.com /SpecialSections/ReadersChoice/2006/11/30/2561487.html   (404 words)

 Hospitality Net - Industry News - Mandarin Oriental Announces New Luxury Hotel And Residences In Chicago, USA
Mandarin Oriental, Chicago will occupy 15 floors of a new 90-storey tower which will be an exclusive mixed-use development in Chicago’s growing Millennium Park neighbourhood.
Mandarin Oriental, Chicago will be a showcase of innovative, contemporary design, combining a reflection of the Group’s oriental heritage with a strong sense of place.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is the award-winning owner and operator of some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and resorts, currently operating 21 luxury hotels with a further six under development in Hong Kong and Tokyo (opening 2005), Prague and Riviera Maya, Mexico (2006), Boston (2007) and Chicago (2008).
www.hospitalitynet.org /news/154000320/4023526.html   (987 words)

 Mandarin | Chinese Buffet Restaurant Southern Ontario Chinese Buffet Restaurants
Representing Mandarin Restaurants, Don won the gold medal for hot dishes, and the silver medal for food carving.
The nominees are judged on their impact on the industry, innovations and accomplishments, and community spirit.
As the 16th winner of the annual award in the restaurant category, Mandarin joins such notable past winners as Tim Hortons, Boston Pizza, and The Keg.
www.mandarinbuffet.com /new.html   (327 words)

 Quality cuisine (November 14, 2003)
The Mandarin Gourmet is not chintzy with its portions; all dishes are prepared family-style -- enough to pass around the table to share.
Chinese cuisine is not especially noted for its desserts and the Mandarin Gourmet offers but four.
Capsule Mandarin Gourmet: Mandarin cuisine featuring excellent pot stickers, tasty won tons in hot oil, great tangerine chicken, beautifully prepared fresh vegetables and one notable dessert.
www.paloaltoonline.com /weekly/morgue/2003/2003_11_14.mandarin14.html   (968 words)

 Hotels in Xiamen - Xiamen Mandarin Hotel - Xiamen Hotels
The Xiamen Mandarin Hotel is famous for its striking garden scene and it's convenience of business guests.
There is a range of individual cuisine offered in the many restaurants which includes Chinese, Japanese and Western.
The Mandarin hotel is the city's premiere conference centre, set in landscaped grounds amid wooded hills and features a fully equipped health spa with an indoor swimming swimming pool and ample sports ground.
www.kasbah.com /resort_hotels/in-xiamen-china-xiamen-mandarin-hotel-11291402.htm   (401 words)

 Pao's Mandarin House, Austin, TX - Restaurant Guide
The aroma of the three-cup chicken, a specialty at the old Pao's Mandarin House in downtown Austin, was implanted deeply: the perfume of the basil ming....
The aroma of the three-cup chicken, a specialty at the old Pao's Mandarin House in downtown Austin, was implanted deeply: the perfume of the basil mingling with the earthy smell of mushrooms, together wafting upward in clouds of steam.
The Mandarin beef ($8.95), though not as heady, was equally tasty.
www.austin360.com /dining/restaurants/16372/DetailedList.jspd?activity=16372&searchcriteriaurl=c2l0ZWlkPTIwMDEmbGlzdGluZ3R5cGU9MTAwMDAmY3Vpc2luZWlkPUFMTCZyYW5nZT1BTEwmbmVpZ2hib3Job29kaWQ9QUxMJm1lYWxpZD1BTEwmcmF0aW5naWQ9QUxMJnNvcnRieT01Jm9yZGVyYnk9MiZjdXJyZW50cGFnZT0z¤tpage=3&sortby=5&orderby=2&searchtype=advancedsearchintermediate&cuisineid=ALL&neighborhoodid=ALL   (442 words)

 Mandarin Bistro Restaurant
The owner of Mandarin Bistro, Tony and Trina, are dedicated to provide you with the most comfortable environment for good Mandarin Chinese Cuisine.
In 1987, he and his wife opened the Mandarin Garden restaurant in Rockford until 2002 when they decided to move to Bloomingdale.
Mandarin Bistro is open 6 days a week for your convenience with a full service bar, and provide dine-in, carry out, and delivery service.
mandarinbistro.com   (199 words)

 Hospitality Net - Industry News - Mandarin Oriental Announces New General Manager For Luxury Hideaway In Riviera Maya, ...
Before joining Mandarin Oriental, Finet was General Manager of the Khalifa Group and prior to that, was general manager of Le Prince Maurice Hotel in Mauritius for five years.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is the award-winning owner and operator of some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and resorts, currently operating 22 luxury hotels with a further eight under development in Prague, Hainan Island, China and Riviera Maya, Mexico (2006), Boston (2007), Grand Cayman and Chicago (2008), Macau and Las Vegas (2009).
In total, Mandarin Oriental now operates, or has under development, approximately 8,500 rooms in 17 countries with 14 hotels in Asia, 12 in the Americas and four in Europe.
www.hospitalitynet.org /news/154000320/4026401.html   (480 words)

 Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi - Chiang Mai Hotels - Chiang Mai Resorts guide - Discount Rates
Accommodation at Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi is a tribute to the glory and splendor of Lanna architecture.
The restaurant serves some of the finest French cuisine in Thailand, dishes that exude the heady aromas of the French countryside but remain light enough for the Thai mountain atmosphere of Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi.
All-day dinning serving international cuisine, the terrace sits on the lower deck of the Villa Lobby with views of the paddy fields.
chiangmaihotels.chiangdao.com /mandarinoriental/details.htm   (2127 words)

 CRACKING THE CODE / We uncover what it takes to get real regional Chinese cuisine
One hallmark of Sichuan and Mandarin cuisine is the use of organ meats, which accept a high-intensity of spicing.
Chaozhou is a subregion of Guangdong province (Canton), and its cuisine is a subculture of Cantonese cuisine.
His cuisine is reminiscent of that of a cook in the lifelong service of an official's household in China.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2002/07/07/CM1076795.DTL   (5080 words)

 Provinces of China Part Four- The Mandarin Cusine - Chinese Food
Chef's from all over the country were recruited to serve their specialties to the court.
Northern cooks are particularly adept at making pancakes and take the place of bread in their diets, usually being served with stir-fry dishes.
Delicate Mandarin Pancakes, which are simular to Mexican flour tortillas and Green Onion Pancakes, which are filled with green onions and then fried are served up royally.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art14601.asp   (562 words)

 Mandarin Oriental New York Hotel
Mandarin Oriental, New York at AOL Time Warner Center is situated at the northwest arc of Columbus Circle.
The view of the park and New York skyline from the 35th floor of the new Mandarin Oriental New York Hotel.
The view on Mandarin Oriental Hotel at AOL Time Warner Center across Central Park's Pond on in May of 2003.
www.wirednewyork.com /hotels/mandarin_oriental   (319 words)

 Mandarin Park Plaza Eindhoven - Netherlands Luxury Hotels
The Mandarin Park Plaza is 1 hour, 30 minutes by car from Amsterdam.
The Mei Ling, Mandarin Garden and Momoyama exude an intimate atmosphere accentuated by Oriental décor.
Breakfast, though, is an American affair, while lunch and dinner could be anything from Japanese, Cantonese to Chinese cuisine.
www.hotels.com /property.do?mtnHotelID=281637   (372 words)

 From Mandarin to Szechuan: China is taking a lead role on the world business stage. What style of Chinese cuisine might ...
Gourmet Chinese cuisine is growing in popularity, driven by China's huge and continuing international economic growth.
Many self-proclaimed experts in Asian cuisine will insist that there are eight styles of cooking in modern China, based on the eight geographic regions.
Mandarin cuisine uses salt to highlight the natural flavors of northern ingredients.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m3289/is_8_175/ai_n16690285   (834 words)

 Download DVD Movies - Hero The Movie :: cantonese :: Mandarin Cantonese
Cantonese and Mandarin language school in Hong Kong and Beijing.
All movies have English and Chinese subtitles and are available in both Cantonese and Mandarin.
Mandarin, Szechwan & Cantonese Chinese restaurants located in...
www.herothemovie.com /cantonese/mandarin_cantonese.html   (515 words)

 From Mandarin to Szechuan - Archives - Prepared Foods
“Cuisine in China can be divided into to four basic styles, based on the four geographic regions of the country.
Mandarin cuisine is very different from Szechuan cuisine.
Chinese cuisine is becoming more acceptable and more appealing to an ever-widening section of the American population.
www.preparedfoods.com /Archives/576f49a0a5e0d010VgnVCM100000f932a8c0____?from=email   (1780 words)

 *URGENT* -- Mandarin buffet, Starwalk, or something else? - Ontario (including Toronto) - Chowhound
Mandarin offers a very North American version of chinese food - lots of sweet sauces thickened with corn starch and deep fried things.
If he's excited about Toronto chinese buffets on the basis of 'Finally trying real chinese food', Mandarin is not the place to go.
If he's excited on the basis of 'Holy huge buffet full of all the things I love', Mandarin is likely perfect.
www.chowhound.com /topics/104153   (531 words)

 Mandarin Oriental Washington, DC | Hotel Review | Washington, D.C. | Frommers.com
I took the Metro to the Mandarin Oriental, since the 12th Street exit of the Smithsonian Metro station is only a 5-minute walk from the hotel.
However, if you stay at this sumptuous hotel, you're more likely to arrive by car, limo, taxi, or perhaps yacht (the Washington waterfront is behind the hotel, across a roadway or two, but a pedestrian footbridge connects the complex with the marina and Tidal Basin).
Having said that, since it opened in March 2004, the Mandarin has been doing quite well; in fact, it has seriously upped the ante on luxury in the capital.
www.frommers.com /hotels/hotel_more.cfm?destID=35&acc=50000   (531 words)

 Deseret Morning News | World-class Chinese — Bountiful restaurant features award-winning cuisine
And although the Mandarin restaurant on the corner of 900 North and 400 East may be off the beaten path, it is still on the national radar.
The Mandarin was listed as one of 10 great places to dine on fine Chinese food by newspaper USA Today.
The Mandarin restaurant's seven full-time chefs come from either Hong Kong or San Francisco and prepare more than 100 items for the restaurant, which is on the corner of 900 North and 400 East in Bountiful.
www.deseretnews.com /dn/view/0,1249,615152785,00.html   (1033 words)

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