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Topic: Mangatarem, Pangasinan

  Pangasinan Online Philippines
Pangasinan, officially Province of Pangasinan (Pangasinan: Luyag na Pangasinan), is one of the provinces of the Republic of the Philippines.
The estimated population of the indigenous speakers of the Pangasinan language in the province of Pangasinan is 1.5 million.
Pangasinan occupies a strategic geo-political position in the central plain of Luzon, known as the rice granary of the Philippines.
www.pasyalan.net   (362 words)

  Pangasinan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pangasinan is a province of the Philippines located in the Ilocos Region in Luzon.
To the west of Pangasinan is the South China Sea and the province encloses the Lingayen Gulf.
Pangasinan was then made into a province in 1611, comprising also the territories of Zambales and some areas of La Union and Tarlac.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pangasinan   (583 words)

 The Manila Times Internet Edition | REGIONS > Abundant blades   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
MANGATAREM is the last town in Pangasinan on your way to Manila along the Romulo Highway.
According to Don Pablo Mejia, the prince of Pangasinan vernacular writers, when the original settlers from San Carlos arrived the area was blanketed by a thick growth of grass with sharp-bladed leaves.
Mangatarem is landlocked, it being 25 kilometers away from the Lingayen Gulf.
www.manilatimes.net /national/2004/aug/14/yehey/prov/20040814pro6.html   (1101 words)

 WOW Philippines :: Explore Philippines :: Description   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Pangasinan’s area of 5,368.82 square kilometers occupies the northern portion of the Central Plains of Luzon with a east-west configuration that extends into a peninsular form juttling into the China Sea.
Pangasinan has 44 municipalities and 4 cities which are in turn sub-divided into 1,355 barangays.
In the 2000 census, Pangasinan including its 3 cities had a population of 2,434,086.
www.tourism.gov.ph /explore_phil/place_details.asp?content=description&province=4   (308 words)

 Municipality of Mangatarem   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Mangatarem was founded as a barrio of San Carlos in 1827 by the Dominican missionaries.
There were numerous anecdotes on how Mangatarem got its name, one of which was from the Pangasinan dialect : "Mangga tan tirem", a native viand which consist of green mango and fresh oyster with salt.
The latter readily replied : "mangga tan tirem." The missionaries must have eaten they viand with much gusto or it must have been very common in the locality so that when the new settlement was created into a town "mangga tan tirem" was adopted as its name.
www.gov.pangasinan.com /towns/mangatarem.htm   (152 words)

 Luyag na Pangasinan - Wikipedia
Nen saman, wala'y daan ya panarian ya atawag na Luyag na Pangasinan.
Saray arom a totoo ed Pangasinan et saray Ilocano, Bolinao, tan Tagalog.
Saray totoo ed Pangasinan so mikanayon ed saray Polynesian ed kapuloan na dayat Pacific, saray totoo a Formosan ed Taiwan, saray Cham ed Vietnam tan Kampuchea, saray Malagasy ed Madagascar, tan nayarin walay arawin pikanayon da ed saray Ainu ed Japan.
pag.wikipedia.org /wiki/Luyag_na_Pangasinan   (780 words)

 Pangasinan, Philippines
Pangasinan is a province 250 kilometers north on Manila.
The name Pangasinan was derived from the word "asin" or salt due to Pangasinan's vast salt making industry.
There is the Cacupangan cave in the town of Mabini, Cindy’s cave in Bolinao and the 200 meter Villacorta Caves in the town of Villacorta with waterfalls, pools and rock formations.
www.philsite.net /pangasinan.htm   (588 words)

 Municipality of Mangatarem
Mangatarem was founded as a barrio of San Carlos in 1827 by the Dominican missionaries.
There were numerous anecdotes on how Mangatarem got its name, one of which was from the Pangasinan dialect : "Mangga tan tirem", a native viand which consist of green mango and fresh oyster with salt.
For phonetical reason, however, "manggatantirem" was changed to Mangatarem.
www.pangasinan.gov.ph /towns/mangatarem.htm   (152 words)

 Arts | Pangasinan Blog
The existence of people still fluent in Pangasinan in as far as south of Paniqui, Tarlac and the distinctly heavy streaks of Pangasinan terms in Ibaloy, the dialect spoken by the Igorots in Benguet, point to the Palaris and Malong in the once resplendent past.
Cancionan is Pangasinan’s answer to the Tagalog ‘Balagtasan’ or the Ilocano ‘Bukanegan’, a sort of verbal joust usually between a man and a woman.
The provincial government of Pangasinan, through its Provincial Council for Culture and the Arts, is conducting a survey on Pangasinan Cultural Heritage as part of its agenda to promote, develop and sustain culture and arts in the province.
pangasinanblog.prepys.com /archives/category/arts   (1279 words)

 The Manila Times Internet Edition | REGIONS > Suspected big-time drug dealer falls in Pangasinan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Christopher Abrahano, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) provincial director in Pangasinan, identified the suspect Arturo Rillon y Peralta, a resident of Barangay Ulo in Mangatarem.
The arrest of Rillon, as well as the of seizure of shabu was the biggest accomplishment so far this year for the PDEA office in Pangasinan, Abrahano disclosed.
Abe’s brother, former mayor Jessie Punzal of Mangatarem, was arrested sometime in November 2002 but was freed on bail.
www.manilatimes.net /national/2004/may/26/yehey/prov/20040526pro10.html   (844 words)

 G.R. No. L-48010   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Trial Court erred in not believing that the accused appellant Sancho Budol was invited by the offended party inside the premises of the Mangatarem Elementary School in the afternoon of September 25, 1977 and all her acts thereat were motivated by love and therefore voluntary.
He claimed that it was she who had invited him to go inside the school premises; that he kissed, fondled and fingered her with her consent as they were sweethearts; that he did not have carnal knowledge of her because he had not really intended to, and besides, the place was wet and foul smelling.
The Municipal Health Officer of Mangatarem who first examined LYNEATH on the night of the incident, declared that she was scared and crying, and her dress was torn in front and at the waistline when she was brought to him.
www.lawphil.net /judjuris/juri1986/jul1986/gr_48010_1986.html   (2812 words)

 Ex-solon Teddy Cruz bolts Erap’s PMP | The Pangasinan Star Online
The new Lakas-CMD recruits were led by former Rep. Teodoro Cruz of the second district of Pangasinan, then provincial chairman of PMP in Pangasinan.
The Cruzes and Punzals used to be traditional political antagonists in Mangatarem politics till long-time sweethearts Nelson and Cristina tied the knot.
Jesse, a son of Punzal and brother of Cristina, served as mayor of Mangatarem till he was beaten by Lamberto Cruz.
pangasinanstar.prepys.com /archives/2007/02/16/ex-solon-teddy-cruz-bolts-eraps-pmp   (523 words)

 Mindanao Times News Online - Davao City   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
MANGATAREM, Pangasinan — The perfume-scented Ilang-Ilang can be a good source of the needed foreign exchange for the country if planted in commercial scale.
Edwin Bagay, municipal agricultrurist of Mangatarem, said the common denominator for Ilang-Ilang and Centorela is they exude a sweet smell and are good source of extracts needed by the local manufacturing industry.
Tan told farmers here that Mangatarem is an ideal place for planting Ilang-Ilang and Centorela because it is hilly and mountainous and its soil is very fertile.
www.mindanaotimes.com.ph /news2000/july14/ilang-ilang.html   (471 words)

 Bell, Bridge, & River Maiden
One day, Mangatarem sensed that the Spaniards were beginning to close in on the village.
Mangatarem had the Bell ringing, warning of their coming.
This pale figure is purported to have the face and upper figure of Mangatarem but her lower figure is that of a fish.
www.romedome.com /stories/mangatarem   (853 words)

 Asian Journal Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Pangasinan Brotherhood in America, founded in 1978, is the biggest umbrella organization of all Pangasinan town associations in North America.
In the first 60 ballots counted, Nino of Mangatarem was leading by about eight points, then Diaz of Dagupan City caught up in the midway.
As president of the Pangasinan Brotherhood, he will bolster unity by improving communication and participation between PBA and all town members; strengthen PBAís finances with sound fiscal policies; and build consensus for new ideas and solutions to the benefit of all Pangasinenses.
www.asianjournal.com /cgi-bin/view_info.cgi?code=00002267&category=CT   (707 words)

PANGASINAN (5 June) — THE Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Foundation, Inc. headed by former Pozorrubio Councilor Mel Jovellanos hopes to achieve this mission along with the preservation or revival of Pangasinan arts and culture.
The foundation is one of the well-meaning groups in the province that aim to preserve the Pangasinan language which, according to some sectors, is already “dying,” apparently with the inroads of Filipino, the national language, and its exclusion from the school curriculum.
Some decades ago, Pangasinan was used as a teaching medium and the language itself was studied in the primary grades.
www.luzon.wowphilippines.com /pangasinan   (2127 words)

This is the gist of a resolution filed by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Majority Floorleader John Agerico B. Rosario urging concerned...more...
Pangasinan polls peaceful Lingayen - Peace generally prevailed in Pangasinan on voting day despite the pre-election violence, according...
Lingayen is a 1st class municipality in the province of Pangasinan on the island of Luzon in the Philippines.
search.myway.com /search/AJmain.jhtml?PG=SEASUSH&SEC=ABMANY&psa=IDyNUfVAKZ3KkM.kl2yw0g&ptnrS=DE&st=kwd&searchfor=pangasinan   (351 words)

 G.R. L-68138   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
On September 24, 1976, Jazmin filed with the then Court of First Instance of Pangasinan, Branch II at Lingayen a complaint against Agustin Y. Go and the Consolidated Bank and Trust Corporation for moral and exemplary damages in the total amount of P90,000 plus attorney's fees of P5,000.
He averred that his peace of mind and mental and emotional tranquility as a respected citizen of the community would not have suffered had Go exercised "a little prudence" in ascertaining the identity of the depositor and, for the "grossly negligent and reckless act" of its employee, the defendant CBTC should also be held responsible.
It noted that the checks were payable to the order of Floverto Jasmin, Maranilla St., Mangatarem, Pangasinan and not to Floverto Jazmin, Maravilla St., Mangatarem, Pangasinan and that the differences in name and address should have put Go on guard.
www.lawphil.net /judjuris/juri1991/may1991/gr_l_68138_1991.html   (2101 words)

 Mangatarem Pangasinan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Look for Mangatarem Pangasinan in Wiktionary, our sister dictionary project.
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www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mangatarem__Pangasinan   (112 words)

 Pamagalang ed Pangasinan | Pangasinan Blog
Eating the hot, succulently sweet, fatty flesh dipped in Lingayen bagóong with a squeeze of calamansi is always a cause for celebration, for me. Even the scorched, sea-salty scales are not spared by Pangasinenses, as we eat the entire skin, leaving only the tail and big spine (the head is sucked to pieces).
All bangós vendors in Pangasinan will say their bangós is from Bonuan, when about fifty percent of the time it is not.
To cook, fresh Bonuan bangús is sliced and put in a simmering pot of water flavored with a peeled ginger the size of your thumb, chopped tomatoes, sliced onions, salt and the innards, and calamansi juice (optional).
pangasinanblog.prepys.com   (2485 words)

 Pangasinan's Industries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Pangasinan’s dream of industrialization, given a big lift during the Ramos administration, nevertheless is still a big dream.
One of the original industries indigenous to Pangasinan, quality snow-white salt is produce by Alaminos, Bani, Bolinao and Dasol.
Ditto with nata de coco of Infanta, peanut brittles of Mangaldan, pastilles de leche of Urdaneta and Asingan, the famous small, round puto of Calasiao and the banana leaves-wrapped tupig ricecakes of Rosales, Urdaneta, Pozorrubio and Mangatarem.
www.ginque.com /poz-online/_meljovellanos/00000009.htm   (918 words)

 Bolinao's Pride
Western Pangasinan towns of Agno, Alaminos, Anda, Bani, Bolinao, Burgos, Dasol, Infanta and Mabini were commonly regarded as non-viable.
Under the able managerial stewardship of general manager Arnulfo B. Cabrera, a classmate of Clave in the Bolinao Central School, the 9 Western towns were lighted up at the same time on December 14, 1975, the first and perhaps last of its kind in the history of Philippine rural electrification.
Had the bold move of Clave and Tanchanco failed, Western Pangasinan might still be today in total darkness similar to the time Chinese pirate Limahong landed briefly in the Western shores.
www.dagupan.com /bolinaobank/Pride.htm   (1031 words)

 DENR - FASPO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
A Mineral Trading Station in Lingayen, Pangasinan was completed, along with the organization of the small-scale miners' cooperative which will manage the station, and the assessment of the prospective silica production areas.
Four (4) gemstone processing plants were established in the Municipalities of Burgos, Ilocos Norte, Mabini and Mangatarem, Pangasinan.
Trainings on the processing of semi-precious stones and basic operations of the mineral trading station were conducted for the officials and members of the associations organized in Ilocos Norte and Pangasinan covering a total of 9,032 participant-hours.
faspo.denr.gov.ph /article/view/622/1/228   (280 words)

 The Manila Times Internet Edition | REGIONS > Retired cop puts an end to conjugal rule in Pangasinan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Revita was the police chief of Mangatarem, Pangasinan before he filed retirement.
Some of his fellow officers at the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office earlier expressed regret that he was throwing away a good 22-year career in the service.
Moreover, he was due for promotion to the rank of colonel or superintendent when he decided to resign.
www.manilatimes.net /national/2004/may/15/yehey/prov/20040515pro10.html   (1359 words)

 G.R. No. L-39739   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
In that order respondent Judge refused to give due course to petitioners' appeal because in his opinion his decision was not appealable under section 45 of the Judiciary Law as amended by Republic Act No. 6031.
The eight judge, who assumed office in 1972, in a twelve-page decision dated February 10, 1973, dismissed the ejectment action on the ground that the defendants(now petitioners) Gutierrez had always been in possession of the land and did not commit any acts of forcible entry therein(Civil Case No. 20).
That Court, after a trial de novo, rendered a decision dated August 26, 1974, reversing the municipal court's decision and holding that plaintiffs Abad were the lawful possessors of the land and ordering defendants Buenaventura, Jose and Graciano, all surnamed Gutierrez, to vacate the land and pay damages to the plaintiffs.
www.lawphil.net /judjuris/juri1975/oct1975/gr_39739_1975.html   (1121 words)

 Mangatarem travel guide
Mangatarem travel guide - The best resource for sights, hotels, restaurants, bars, what to do and what to see
Southern town of Pangasinan which the name root from "mango" and "tarem" (knife).
Famous people from Mangatarem: Vitt Romero-film director Fernando Poe Sr.-father of actor Fernando Poe Jr.
www.world66.com /asia/southeastasia/philippines/mangatarem   (146 words)

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