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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Renaissance and Medieval Siege Warfare Tactics
The mangonel was a torsion arm catapult that used a sling to hold the projectile.
The shortcoming of the mangonel was it accuracy but it's versatility and ease of maneuvering made it the most popular siege catapult during the medieval period.
The mangonel used a bowl to hold the projectile instead of the sling and was less powerful than the onager.
www.all-about-renaissance-faires.com /warfare/siege_tactics.htm   (1982 words)

Mangonel was an invaluable Medieval siege weapon, similar to a catapult which worked by using torsion or counterpoise.
Mangonels fired heavy projectiles from a bowl-shaped bucket at the end of its arm.
The Mangonel reached Europe during the Medieval era and was used extensively by the French.
www.castles.me.uk /mangonel.htm   (579 words)

 Dare Hobby Design & Engineering
A mangonel was a type of medieval catapult or siege engine used in the medieval period to throw projectiles at a castle's walls.
While not particularly accurate, mangonels were capable of firing projectiles up to 400 meters, or 1,300 feet, substantially farther than a trebuchet (which was introduced later, shortly before the discovery and widespread usage of gunpowder).
This was a single-arm torsion catapult that held the projectile in a sling.
www.darehobby.com /kids/catapult.html   (760 words)

The Mangonel was an invaluable Medieval siege attack weapon, similar to a catapult which worked by using torsion or counterpoise.
The Mangonel was used for aiming various missiles at castles, fortresses and cities.
The Mangonel is believed to be an ancient war engine which invented by the Romans in 400BC as a light alternative to the Ballista which also had the addition of wheels.
www.middle-ages.org.uk /mangonel.htm   (526 words)

 Non-Gunpowder Artillery
In this document, the 'mangonel' will be portrayed as M. Beffeyte, a leading authority on medieval siege weapons, has judged most appropriate based upon the frequency he has found the term used by medieval observers/authors.
The convention seems to have grown from assumptions of 19th century writers who were very familiar with ancient Roman mechanical artillery, and easily conveyed the meaning of the word 'mangonel' found in early medieval sources to mean the Roman single-arm torsion catapult.
In Western documents, one of the earliest reports of a 'mangana' (Latin plural for 'mangonel') is in the poem by Abbon de Saint-Germain-des-Prés (850-923) describing the Viking siege of Paris in 885/6.
www.xenophongroup.com /montjoie/ngp_arty.htm   (2731 words)

The Romans used the mangonel, although they referred to it as an onager - meaning "wild donkey", after the bucking action when fired.
A large skein like this generates an enormous force on the sides of the mangonel, requiring a heavy and cumbersome framework to avoid the sides being pulled in.
Mangonels are often depicted as having a spoon-shaped extension to their throwing arm.
codesmiths.com /siege/mangonel.htm   (192 words)

mangonel was a type of catapult or siege machine used in the medieval period...
Mangonel moves like a king, one step in any direction, but it cannot capture...
Mangonel was used in ancient times especially by the Romans.
www.cordah.co.uk /mangonel.html   (287 words)

In this dramatic photo the mangonel is caught in the instant before the beam strikes the padding.
The mangonel reconstruction is based on Medieval Centre experimentation and the work of Major Schramnn in Germany in the early years of the 20th century - the pioneer of experimental archaeology and the reconstruction of siege engines.
In this photo the mangonel's arm is being winched back and down against the force of the twisted horsehair rope skein that powers the machine.
members.iinet.net.au /~rmine/middel5.html   (334 words)

 Mangonel Chess
Instead the Mangonel, when it moves, has the power to sling a piece located behind itself to a forward square in the alignment direction.
The Mangonel's value is the same as a bishop (preliminary estimate).
The Mangonel moves slowly but becomes very powerful if it is maneuvered to good positions.
hem.passagen.se /melki9/mangonelchess.htm   (372 words)

 A Quick and Easy Mangonel
A mangonel is a type of siege engine, similar to a catapult, used in Medieval warfare.
This is a recipe for a very simple, low-powered mangonel that can be built with readily available pieces, which you may already own.
The hollow part of the bowl should face the front of the mangonel, the closest side to the spoon.
homepage.mac.com /jellsworth/mangonel/mangonel.html   (445 words)

  Eccentric Genius: Mangonel   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Typically used to propel the (severed) heads of diplomatic missions back over the castle wall (there's a lesson or two to be learned from 14th century poli-sci) or for firing volleys of grapeshot into advancing enemy ranks.
There's a startling amount of power concealed in the diminutive mangonel....
Mangonels scale up particularly well: sized to fit on a childs' wagon and loaded with tennis ball ammo they guarantee a good workout for your fetch-crazy dog, and full bragging rights at the local park.
www.eccentricgenius.ca /Products5.htm   (117 words)

 mangonel - Search Results - ninemsn Encarta
The mangonel, also known as an onager, was the big gun for the Roman army.
A mangonel was a type of catapult or siege machine used in the medieval period to throw projectiles at a castles' walls.
The mangonel had poorer accuracy than a trebuchet (which...
au.encarta.msn.com /mangonel.html   (114 words)

 By Land and Sea
One competent person should be stationed at each mangonel within a minute of the final ghost ship puzzle being solved (You have about a minute before the ships separate and can be attacked).
The frame of the mangonel is composed of thick wood rectangles laid flat on the ground.
mangonel, a heavy crate, a dark barrel, and a chain pile.
www.lurksponge.com /travel/mangonels.html   (3086 words)

The term "mangonel" literlally means "engine of war." It is a ballistic device, usually some type of artillery.
The history gets a little sketchy in the middle ages, but some historians believe that "mangonel" was shortened to the word "gonnel" about the same time that cannons were being developed, and later still, "gonnel" was shortened to "gun." And to this day, in the military a gun is strictly big artillery.
In France, the word Mangonel is used for a Trebuchet that uses a fixed counterweight for power.
www.mangonel.com   (439 words)

 mangonel - Search Results - MSN Encarta
The Roman mangonel also used twisted ropes to provide energy, but the mangonel had only one arm.
Mangonel Plans - Build a Mangonel Catapult - Working Model Catapult...
Mangonel Plans - Build a Mangonel Catapult - Working Model Catapult Plan...
encarta.msn.com /mangonel.html   (153 words)

The Mangonel - Missiles were launched from a bowl-shaped bucket at the end of the one giant arm of the Mangonel
The Medieval Catapults used during the Middle Ages were the Mangonel, the ballista and the mighty trebuchet.
Missiles from the Onager catapults were originally thrown from a sling - the sling was later changed for a bowl-shaped bucket.
www.middle-ages.org.uk /catapults.htm   (964 words)

 New Page 1
The Mangonel also used tensional energy built up into a twisted rope.
It was often mounted on a tower for defense against attack but was more frequently used in ground attack against the castle.
The mangonel was in fact quite an inefficient weapon in physical terms: The tension of the rope generated an enormous force, which required a heavy framework to avoid the sides being pulled in.
leepenny.tripod.com /Seige_Engines.htm   (371 words)

 Catapult (mangonel) - a Medieval Siege Weapon
These days, most people are thinking of the mangonels when they refer to a catapult.
While not as powerful as their decendants (the trebuchet) the mangonels were very effective in castle sieges.
Mangonels were used to fling objects over the castle walls or even into the castle walls.
www.medieval-castle-siege-weapons.com /catapult.html   (267 words)

 Trebuchet - History
The other similar types of machines, including the mangonel and ballista are much older.
The mangonel was being used by the Romans around the first century, AD.
The mangonel and ballista get their force by twisting a cord and then letting it loose.
library.thinkquest.org /05aug/00627/History.html   (461 words)

Three of the most common were the ballista, the mangonel, and the trebuchet.
The arm flung forward and as it hit a wooden barrier on the mangonel, the rock would fly toward the enemy.
The mangonel was less complicated than the ballista, but much energy was wasted as the arm collided with the wooden barrier.
autocww.colorado.edu /~blackmon/E64ContentFiles/MilitaryWeapons/Catapult.html   (928 words)

 The mangonel
The mangonel was the most common used during the Medieval Period.
The range was determined by the weight of the projectile and the strength of the mangonel.
In order to get the catapult into effective range of a castle, it would have to come into range of the castle's defenders.
members.tripod.com /brekkas/man.htm   (95 words)

 Hundred Kingdoms and Warband presented by Black Orc Games
With the capability of firing two large projectiles at once, the mangonel deals death to enemy units and destruction to enemy fortifications with equal ease.
The mangonel is often loaded with large boulders, although barrels of burning pitch and other substances have also been unleashed to wreck destruction.
The engineers that operate the mangonel are specially trained in the care of the mangonel, taught how to disassemble it for ease of transport, to reassemble it swiftly and to care for broken or missing parts.
100k.blackorc.com /roster.php?id=3   (1339 words)

 The Cathars: Cathar Castles: Termes: The Siege of Termes (1210) according to the Historia Albigensis by Pierre des ...
They therefore set guards at the base of the tower (which, as I mentioned, was built on the summit of a high crag), so as to prevent the men in the tower having access to Termes itself or those in the castrum providing help to the tower if need arose.
When they saw the enemy coming the three hundred sergeants guarding the mangonel were seized with panic and fled, leaving only the five knights to maintain the defence.
His incomparable courage had ensured that the mangonel was unharmed.
www.languedoc-france.info /120705_termeshistoria.htm   (4176 words)

 Mangonel - Historical Catapult [KK066] - £1.90 : Kre8ive - Kre8 Products Ltd. ::: Shop
This fast easy to assemble Mangonel catapult (some call it a Ballista) can be used for fun competitions.
Can be made in one lesson then have the next lesson to test out and hold a competition.
COMPETITION --Start by placing a box to catch the balls a distance of 3 meters away from the mangonel and see if you can get the balls into it.
kre8ive.co.uk /index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=44   (140 words)

 Mangonel Plans - Build a Mangonel Catapult - Working Model Catapult Plan
Build your own Roman Mangonel with TrebuchetStore.com detailed, easy to follow plans and instructions.
When built, this Catapult stands 10" inches tall in the fired position and will throw a scale projectile up to 40 feet.
The predecessor to the sling equipped Onager, the Mangonel could throw huge stones and clusters of rocks, baked in clay over walls and into enemy fortifications.
www.redstoneprojects.com /trebuchetstore/mangonel_plans.html   (236 words)

 Hack and Slash
Second, I needed a long range vehicle that had huge fire power and was built for sieges to fit into the fluff of my space marine army, the Storm Fists.
The answer was the Mangonel, also nicknamed the ‘Oliphant’.
To construct the Land Raider Mangonel you will need a basilisk kit, a heavy bolter (the one from the space marine attack bike would do, I used the one from the Landspeeder) and some plasticard.
ca.games-workshop.com /news/cn/articles/Convert_CA/home.htm   (504 words)

 Siege Engines
No elastic is needed, The mangonel works very like a longbow.
It is very similar to the mangonel model above, but it has two throwing arms fitted to an elongated frame.
The most complicated part of the model is the mechanism that draws back the string, locks it and relaeses it when required.
www.mechanicals.co.uk /mechanicals/projects/siege.htm   (264 words)

 Amazon.com: mangonel: Books
he turned into hooks and shivs, crossbows and arbalests, small mangonels and treb- uchets for breaking walls, cudgels, glaives and knob-...
Chiroballista, arcuballista, onager, scorpion, mangonel, stone thrower, and lithobolos are a few of...
I can supply catapults, mangonels, trabocchi and other engines of wonderful efficacy not in general...
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&initialSearch=1&field-keywords=mangonel&page=1&url=search-alias=stripbooks   (688 words)

 All about Catapults
But most people tend to think of a catapult as the one-armed torsion machine used by the Romans.
This is also known as the Onager or Mangonel.
The history gets a little sketchy in the middle ages, but some historians believe that "mangonel" was shortened to the word "gonnel" about the same time that cannons were being developed, and later still, "gonnel" was shortened to "gun." And still today, in the military a "gun" is strictly a piece of big artillery.
www.catapults.info   (1246 words)

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