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Topic: Manhattan Project

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Manhattan Project - MSN Encarta
Manhattan Project, the name given to the United States effort—strongly aided by the United Kingdom—to build the atomic bombs that helped end World War II (1939-1945).
The Manhattan Project ushered in a new era in human history known as the Atomic Age.
Among the scientists and mathematicians who participated in the Manhattan Project were Philip H. Abelson, Hans Bethe, Niels Bohr, Sir James Chadwick, Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman, Otto Frisch, George Kistiakowsky, Ernest Lawrence, Philip Morrison, Seth Neddermeyer, John von Neumann, Rudolf Peierls, I.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_701610456/Manhattan_Project.html   (2653 words)

 Manhattan Project - Conservapedia
The Manhattan Project was the code word for the project that developed the first nuclear weapons—"atomic bombs" as they were then called—in history.
Manhattan borough had at least 10 sites that supported the project, including the project's first headquarters located in a skyscraper across from City Hall.
It was not until Dec. 6, 1941, the day before Pearl Harbor, that an all-out effort to build an atomic bomb began under the direction of General Leslie Groves.
www.conservapedia.com /Manhattan_Project   (608 words)

 The Manhattan Project
While communication led to the overall scientific triumph of the Manhattan project, an intentional lack of communication between military and government superiors and the Los Alamos laboratory led to one of the most devastating moral disasters of the twentieth century.
Aside from scientific curiosity, the main motivation of the Manhattan project scientists throughout the duration of the development of the atomic bomb was a fear of a nuclear-empowered Hitler.
Thus, the Manhattan Project can be viewed as a success, with or without regard to ethics; a group set out with a mission, and in the end, everyone’s expectations were exceeded.
www.pitt.edu /~sdb14/atombomb.html   (3496 words)

 Manhattan Project – FREE Manhattan Project Information | Encyclopedia.com: Facts, Pictures, Information!
Manhattan Project the wartime effort to design and build the first nuclear weapons (atomic bombs).
The Dayton Project Some say the National Park Service is failing to recognize Dayton's contribution to the Manhattan Project, which helped trigger the Atomic Age
Founder and father: Eugene Rabinowitch was a true Renaissance man--a member of the Manhattan Project, an outstanding thinker, scientist, and writer.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-ManhattaP.html   (1332 words)

 ::The Manhattan Project::
The Manhattan Project brought together all the knowledge then known with regards to nuclear fission and culminated on July 16th, 1945, with an atomic bomb being exploded at Alamogordo in New Mexico.
The Manhattan Project was based at a 428,000-acre industrial complex in New Mexico; thousands of the West's best scientists had worked on the project at one time or another.
To add to the project leaders woes, there was no constant wind direction and no-one could guarantee that the debris from a successful explosion would not blow into towns many miles away.
www.historylearningsite.co.uk /manhattan_project.htm   (1015 words)

 Department of Energy - Manhattan Project Signature Facilities
The advent of nuclear weapons, made possible by the Manhattan Project, not only helped bring an end to that war but also ushered in the atomic age and determined how the next war—the Cold War—would be fought.
In addition, the Manhattan Project became the organizational model behind the remarkable achievements of American "big science" during the second half of the twentieth century.
The project President Roosevelt approved in December 1942 had spent $2.2 billion and employed 130,000 workers at its peak by the end of the war in September 1945.
www.energy.gov /about/signaturefacilities.htm   (1096 words)

 The Manhattan project: A bartender spills his secrets on the king of cocktails
Mike Buich, Tadich's owner, allows his bartenders to personalize their Manhattans to a certain extent, but they must be made with three parts bourbon, one part vermouth and just one dash of Angostura bitters.
Manhattans, when made by a master of the craft, can produce euphoria in discriminating souls, and they've been known to tempt angels to return to physical manifestation, just for one more sip.
A Manhattan made with dry vermouth is known, not surprisingly, as a dry Manhattan, but add both styles of aromatized wine and the drink becomes a perfect Manhattan, "perfect," in cocktailian terms, being the descriptor always added to cocktail names when equal amounts of sweet and dry vermouth are called for.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/09/21/WI1ORSF9C.DTL   (2343 words)

 The Manhattan Project: An Interactive History
In a national survey at the turn of the millennium, both journalists and the public ranked the dropping of the atomic bomb and the end of the Second World War as the top news stories of the twentieth-century.
The advent of nuclear weapons, made possible by the Manhattan Project, not only helped bring an end to the Second World War -- it ushered in the atomic age and determined how the next war, the Cold War, would be fought.
The site is being implemented incrementally, with the "Events of the Manhattan Project" and "Resources Relating to the Manhattan Project" sections the first part to go online.
www.cfo.doe.gov /me70/manhattan   (207 words)

 Why They Called It the Manhattan Project - New York Times
Manhattan was central, according to Dr. Norris, because it had everything: lots of military units, piers for the import of precious ores, top physicists who had fled Europe and ranks of workers eager to aid the war effort.
Manhattan’s role shrank as secretive outposts for the endeavor sprouted across the country and quickly grew into major enterprises.
Laurence went to work for the Manhattan Project and became the only reporter to witness the Trinity test in the New Mexican desert in July 1945, and, shortly thereafter, the nuclear bombing of Japan.
www.nytimes.com /2007/10/30/science/30manh.html?ei=5088&en=60332fd9b1797d79&ex=1351396800&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss&pagewanted=all   (2113 words)

 Manhattan Elsewhere
On complete map of the New York City area, Manhattan is dwarfed in size by the other four boroughs and surrounding megopolis.
But for someone on the ground in Manhattan, the population density, the height of the buildings, the endless number of things to do, and the fact that many people don't often leave their neighborhoods, much less the island, for weeks/months on end makes it seem a very large place indeed.
If you've been to Manhattan and some of these other places, I hope you'll find it as interesting to visualize these strange positionings as I have.
www.kottke.org /plus/manhattan-elsewhere   (704 words)

 Manhattan Project- Who's Who
He was considered by many of his fellow scientists to be the sage of the Manhattan project.
He was asked to join the Manhattan project while at Columbia, where he worked under the direction of General Leslie Groves.
He went on to Princeton as a Graduate but when the Manhattan project began he was asked, at the age of 24, to join the Los Alamos theoretical division.
nhs.needham.k12.ma.us /cur/mp/whos_who.html   (1641 words)

 Manhatten Project
A new "Manhattan Project" of Energy, not geared solely towards the harnessing of the nuclear atom, could be convened by our government.
The Manhattan Project was itself the outgrowth of a committee convened at the order of the President Roosevelt in October 1939.
Einstein was never informed, officially or even unofficially, of the progress of the secret project on which so many of his scientific colleagues would be engaged for the next five years.
www.virtualology.com /MANHATTENPROJECT.COM   (6914 words)

 Armageddon Online - The Manhattan Project
The design of an implosion device was at the center of the efforts by physicists at Los Alamos during the Project.
When the United States entered World War II in December 1941, several projects were under way to investigate the separation of fissionable uranium 235 from uranium 238, the manufacture of plutonium, and the feasibility of nuclear piles and explosions.
His objections were overruled and Groves resigned himself to leading a project he thought had little chance of succeeding.
www.armageddononline.org /manhattan_project.php   (2417 words)

 manhattan project
The Manhattan Project is a group of tenement buildings in lower New York City, If you think this is true, click the following link, click, if you think this is false, scroll down.
The Manhattan Project was an underground project formed by the U.S. government in 1942 to develop a nuclear fission device called the atomic bomb.
There were about 10 key figures, each of which could have caused the end or failure of the project if their job wasn't performed properly.
nhs.needham.k12.ma.us /cur/Baker_00/03/baker-es-mk-03-/manhattan.htm   (1658 words)

 Why they called it the Manhattan Project - International Herald Tribune
Manhattan was central, according to Norris, because it had everything: lots of military units, piers for the import of precious ores, top physicists who had fled Europe and ranks of workers eager to aid the war effort.
Still, more than six decades after the project's start, the Manhattan side of the atom bomb story seems to be a well-preserved secret.
Norris recently visited Manhattan at the request of The New York Times for a daylong tour of the Manhattan Project's roots.
www.iht.com /articles/2007/10/30/healthscience/30manh.php   (1052 words)

 Espionage and the Manhattan Project, 1940-1945
German physicists heard rumors and suspected an atomic bomb project was underway in Britain, the United States, or both, but that was all.
Julius Rosenberg was an American engineer who by the end of the war had been heavily involved in industrial espionage for years, both as a source himself and as the "ringleader" of a network of like-minded engineers dispersed throughout the country.
Soviet espionage directed at the Manhattan Project probably hastened by at least 12-18 months the Soviet acquisition of an atomic bomb.
www.cfo.doe.gov /me70/manhattan/espionage.htm   (2065 words)

 New Manhattan Project? Waste of energy
The idea of a Manhattan Project for energy is a bad one and provides the wrong way of looking at our energy supply challenges and their attendant geopolitical concerns.
This modern Manhattan Project mind-set says that if only we were to get serious and devote enough resources, we could invent an alternative to oil and solve the 21st-century energy problems our country faces.
A present day Manhattan Project for energy would have to focus on making any of the variety of alternatives that already exist cost-effective.
www.azcentral.com /arizonarepublic/viewpoints/articles/0730schulz0730.html   (777 words)

 The Manhattan Project
On June 3, after visiting the thermal diffusion uranium enrichment pilot plan at the Naval Research Laboratory, a team of Manhattan Project experts recommended that a plant be built to feed enriched material to the electromagnetic enrichment plant at Oak Ridge.
This discovery was a turning point for Los Alamos, the Manhattan Project, and eventually for the practice of large scale science after the war.
July 1, 1944 - The Manhattan Project was granted the highest project-wide procurement priority (AA-1).
nuclearweaponarchive.org /Usa/Med/Med.html   (3448 words)

 Los Alamos History of the Manhattan Project
The term Manhattan Project came about because the program began under the Manhattan Engineering District of the War Department.
Leslie Groves, military head of the project, and Robert Oppenheimer, scientific director, wanted the top-secret project to take place in an area that was isolated yet still accessible, a place with an adequate water supply, a readily available labor force, and a moderate climate.
The Manhattan Project, a mission to end the war through the use of atomic weapons, had accomplished its goal.
www.losalamoshistory.org /manhattan.htm   (890 words)

 The Manhattan Project
Eventually Roosevelt agreed and the United States attempt at building the atomic bomb was codenamed The Manhattan Project.
The Manhattan Project was carried out in extreme secrecy.
By 1945, the project had nearly 40 labratories and factories which empolyed approximately 200,000 people.
gk12.rice.edu /trs/science/Atom/man.htm   (594 words)

 Manhattan Project and Atomic Scientists Collections
Because of the distribution of Manhattan Project research teams and production facilities at numerous sites across the country during World War II, historical records of the atomic bomb program are widely dispersed.
Researchers interested in documentation of the Metallurgical Laboratory at the University of Chicago, or the Manhattan Project as a whole, should consult the holdings of the National Archives-Great Lakes Region (Chicago Branch) as well as the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C., and its NARA Archival Research Catalog (ARC).
The Manhattan Project: A Documentary Introduction to the Atomic Age.
www.lib.uchicago.edu /e/spcl/manhat.html   (502 words)

 Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Review - PC
It is apparent after only a short time of playing Manhattan Project that a lot of thought went into the creation of the game’s levels.
Everything is well and good until she erupts out of nowhere and you have to take her on while your on top of a speeding subway train moving at increasingly faster speeds while the train is on a one-way-course with a brick wall.
Manhattan Project looks great, every character, object, and atmosphere is rendered superbly with incredibly detailed bump mapping and a colorful palette.
pc.gamezone.com /gzreviews/r18417.htm   (1771 words)

 Key Issues: Nuclear Weapons: History: Pre Cold War: Manhattan Project
The Manhattan Project was a secret military project created in 1942 to produce the first US nuclear weapon.
Fears that Nazi Germany would build and use a nuclear weapon during World War II triggered the start of the Manhattan Project, which was originally based in Manhattan, New York.
Under the auspices of the Manhattan Project, three main research and production facilities were established at Oak Ridge, Tennessee; at Hanford, Washington; and at Los Alamos, New Mexico.
www.nuclearfiles.org /menu/key-issues/nuclear-weapons/history/pre-cold-war/manhattan-project   (205 words)

  Manhattan Beach Project - Maximum Life Foundation
The "Manhattan Beach Project", a focused and targeted all-out assault on the human aging process, was spawned during an international scientific conference on June 23rd and 24th, 2000 in Manhattan Beach, California.
And as opposed to the Manhattan Project, the Manhattan Beach Project will be a commercial enterprise driven by the private sector.
It marries a scientific roadmap to intervene in the human aging process with LIVES™, a creative financial model to fund the research and development.
www.maxlife.org /project2.html   (248 words)

Prior to his assignment to head the Manhattan Project, Gen. Groves' previous project was the construction of the Pentagon, the largest office building in the world at that time.
Within the vast enterprise of the Manhattan Project, three huge facilites were the major centers of work.
The Manhattan Engineer District (MED) was established by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in September 1942, early in WW II, with Brigadier General Leslie Groves in charge.
www.olive-drab.com /od_nuclear_manhattan.php   (613 words)

 The Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic Bomb | History of the Atomic Age | atomicarchive.com
"The Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic Bomb" is a short history of the origins and development of the American atomic bomb program during World War II.
The text for this section was adapted from the History Division, now Office of History and Heritage Resources, publication: F. Gosling, The Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic Bomb (DOE/MA-0001; Washington: History Division, Department of Energy, January 1999).
This project is part of the National Science Digital Library funded by the Division of Undergraduate Education, National Science Foundation Grant 0434253
www.atomicarchive.com /History/mp/index.shtml   (187 words)

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