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Topic: Maoist International Movement

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In the News (Wed 23 May 18)

  Resolutions on writing in context
MIM introduced the world to the term "gender aristocracy" to include those people who may not even be bourgeoisie but who benefit from the current patriarchal setup in particular.
Contrary to that line, MIM holds that language is male-dominated by exclusion--just as "there are no famous wimmin writers in history" is a problem of exclusion either in the real world or in the world of dominant opinion.
MIM does not want to say all wimmin are hos; even though, sex and money are completely intertwined right now under capitalism and semi-feudalism, so we said all sex is rape.
www.etext.org /Politics/MIM/wim/cong/languagetheory2004.html   (1690 words)

 Maoist Internationalist Movement - InfoshopOpenWiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
MIM (before it was called MIM) and the RCP broke over questions relating to El Salvador and the role of the FMLN, and other questions.
MIM places emphasis on struggling against revisionism and Trotskyism, which MIM believes are exacerbated by the "parasitic" conditions in the United States and other imperialist countries.
MIM believes that RCP is "crypto-Trotskyist." MIM has disinguished itself from the RCP by "actively oppos[ing] discrimination against gays since before its foundation" (http://www.etext.org/Politics/MIM/gender/demographics2004.html (http://www.etext.org/Politics/MIM/gender/demographics2004.html)).
www.infoshop.org /wiki/index.php?title=Maoist_Internationalist_Movement&printable=yes   (195 words)

 cars - Maoist Internationalist Movement
MIM differentiates itself from other parties in the First World with their line on the labor aristocracy.
MIM sees the principal contradiction to be that between imperialism and the oppressed nations and upholds the right to self-determination for oppressed nations.
MIM considers most, if not all White proletarians in the U.S. to be members of a labor aristocracy, meaning that they benefit so much from the system of Imperialism that they are baught off, thus cultivating no revolutionary potential.
www.carluvers.com /cars/Maoist_Internationalist_Movement   (381 words)

 Argentina: the mystification of the 'piquetero' movement | International Communist Current
Argentina: the mystification of the 'piquetero' movement
This task of deception, falsifying events, and preventing the proletariat from drawing the real lessons of this movement and thus arming themselves against the traps of the class enemy, which is aided by the invaluable contribution of the semi-anarchist group the GCI[1] with its pseudo-Marxist language, is clearly denounced by the comrades of the NCI.
These few examples show that the unemployed movements which have occupied the mass media, nationally and internationally, and which have led the radicalised petty-bourgeoisie to imagine that they are seeing the beginning of “a revolution”, the existence of “workers's councils” etc, are a perfect swindle.
en.internationalism.org /ir/119_piqueteros.html   (3086 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Who are Nepal's Maoist rebels?
The Maoists say that the reason they have so much support is because most of their supporters have traditionally been treated as second-class citizens or worse.
The first Maoist attack is believed to have taken place in 1996, when six government and police outposts were attacked simultaneously in mid-western Nepal.
The Maoists may not yet have the strength to win their "People's War" but they are too strong to lose it.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/south_asia/3573402.stm   (804 words)

 rage: Reviews
MIM would say in response that the worst authority is the authority that does not claim to be one: it is unaccountable.
To the extent that Zack negates the status quo and takes stands on individual issues, we at MIM say "excellent." To the extent that his solution has shown no promise in the world, we say that he has failed to take sides in a general ideological way.
MIM hopes to spend most of its time reviewing bands that are not giants like Rage.
www.musicfanclubs.org /rage/reviews/mim.htm   (935 words)

 International Socialist Movement Conference - Scottish marxists debate the way forward   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
International speakers from the USFI, the UIT (a left current of Morenist orgins within the Workers Party in Brazil), the French LCR, and the DSP in Australia contributed to this discussion.
Francois Vercammen from the Fourth International noted that the starting point of the discussion was our failure to build a mass international, but argued that it was wrong to give up this aspiration.
He welcomed the various international forums that exist which the Fourth International is fully committed to whether it be the European Conference of the Left or Porto Alegre, or discussions with individual organisations like the SSP.
www.labournet.org.uk /so/49scot.htm   (1873 words)

 Nepal: Open letter condemning the abduction and killing of civilians and the "blockade" of Kathmandu by the Communist ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Amnesty International is concerned that the "blockade" will restrict the supply of food and essential medical supplies to civilian populations not only in Kathmandu but in other districts which rely on access to Kathmandu for the supply of these goods.
We remind the CPN (Maoist) of its responsibilities under international law to ensure that its acts do not violate the right of the population to be free from hunger, to medical service and medical attention in the event of sickness.
Amnesty International once again reminds the CPN (Maoist) that international humanitarian law prohibits means and methods of warfare which fail to distinguish between civilians and combatants.
web.amnesty.org /library/Index/ENGASA311572004   (960 words)

 Declaration of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM)
The international impact of the Russian Revolution, coming especially as it did in the course of the world conjuncture marked by the First World War and the upsurge of revolutionary activity that accompanied it, was immense.
Because the Seventh Congress of the Comintern has had such a deep influence on the history of the international movement it is necessary to make a sober and scientific evaluation of the Report of the Congress in the light of the existing historical conditions at the time.
The desire to spread the revolutionary movement of the 1960s to the proletariat and to merge with the workers, inspired to no small degree by the experience of the revolutionary youth in the Cultural Revolution, was a powerful and correct revolutionary sentiment which, however, became stifled and distorted under the influence of economism.
www.csrp.org /rim/rimdec.htm   (13034 words)

 Some Notes on Maoists: Cambridge Leftists Could Learn a Thing or Two About Political Agitation
(I'm sure the Maoists saw the broken escalator as a typical failure of the imposed socio-industrial order.) I escaped upwards into Harvard Square, which is hardly a haven for the oppressor classes.
Last August, the whole of the Maoist infrastructure in Cambridge threw its support behind Richard J. Picariello, a former bomb-thrower and radical, who was arrested for trespassing on MIT property.
The Maoists appear to assume that every law enforcement agent in the country has instant electronic access to a regularly updated list of everybody in the country who ever espoused left-wing political sentiments.
www-tech.mit.edu /V118/N11/altschul.11c.html   (742 words)

 Issue 19 – Analysis – China and the International Labour Movement
The traditional view of the Maoist political structure was that it was unitarian – the party and the state were one.
The international labour union movement should accept the ACFTU as it is, as a bureaucracy, but one whose function is to help workers.
It is my hope that the international trade union movement will call on the international community to include these basic rights as core labour rights and to press the Chinese government to live up to its own laws.
www.gbcc.org.uk /iss19_1.htm   (2934 words)

 Adventures of Emancipatory Labour Strategy as the New Global Movement Challenges International Unionism
That content is not simply the demands of the movements, but the activation of the mass of union members as the leaders of the charge – those who in most cases have the greatest social and economic leverage in capitalist society.
Social movement unionism implies an active strategic orientation that uses the strongest of society's oppressed and exploited, generally organised workers, to mobilise those who are less able to sustain self-mobilisation: the poor, the unemployed, the casualised workers, the neighbourhood organisations.
century, 'the social movement' - the movement for the transformation of or in society - was customarily identified with the labour movement.
www.labournet.de /diskussion/gewerkschaft/smu/smuadvent.html   (13015 words)

 Document of the Nepalese Revolution: international communist movement and its historical lessons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
At a time when struggle is still needed in the international communist movement against the trend which, even today, represents, on the one hand; sectarian nationalism on the pretext of national characteristics, and, on the other, Trotskyism that undermines national characteristics on the pretext of internationalism, the significance of this is evident.
In the international communist movement, Mao defined the party as a unity of opposites, and not as a monolithic and homogenous unity, and he clarified the fact that two-line struggle inside the party is, in deed, always the motivating force for the party's life.
When the debate was going on in the international communist movement, and Khrushchev, the ring-leader of modern revisionism, along with imperialism was simultaneously defaming Stalin from a counter-revolutionary angle, it was but necessary to defend Stalin, emphasising his essentially correct and positive aspects.
www.insof.org /politics/170202_cpnm_doc.htm   (3535 words)

 An open letter to Alex Callinicos about some problems of the international socialist movement and the Australian ...
The DSP devote considerable effort and expense to bringing delegates from a variety of leftist movements, particularly in the Asian region, partly to impress their own members, and partly in pursuit of their project of setting up some kind of international formation, in which they will be the central force.
The current crisis in the traditional labour movement is influenced a bit by this radicalisation, but it is also produced by a crisis of relevance internal to the labour movement.
I had been born into the labour movement, so to speak, and I was soaked in the lore and tradition of many past conflicts, being of Irish Catholic, labour movement background, where the involvement in Laborism went back three generations.
members.optushome.com.au /spainter/Callinicos.html   (10337 words)

 Infoshop.org - Field Guide to the American Left   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
International Socialist Organization (ISO) - Trotskyist in orientation, liberal in politics.
Formerly affiliated with the SWP in the UK as part of the IST (International Socialist Tendency).
Involved in the death penalty abolition movement, the anti-globalization movements, the student anti-sweatshop movement, and the recent peace and anti-war movements.
www.infoshop.org /left_field_guide.html   (391 words)

 Marxism message, Re: Civility and the Maoist International Movement
I have found that the members of the Maoist International Movement ARE civil when they are spoken to politely, no matter how great the differences may be.
I certainly think MIM are at the very least remarkably one-sided in their presentations but some of their positions are very thoughtful, and add significantly IMO to the range of views under discussion in this non-stop 24 hour Marxist workshop.
If MIM have already said this, could they nevertheless please restate what are the main mechanisms by which surplus value is transferred from the workers of the third world, to the *majority* of the workers of the first world.
archives.econ.utah.edu /archives/marxism/1996-08-21.140/msg00091.htm   (458 words)

 MIM game reviews | MetaFilter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
MIM knows this is only possible by building public opinion to seize power through armed struggle.
MIM is (or was a few years ago, at least) headquartered in my city, Ann Arbor.
"Genocide" doesn't fit the Maoists' murders of millions either: the elimination of the Han Chinese as a race was not on the Maoists' agenda, unsurprising due to the fact that both Mao and almost 100% of his domestic cronies were themselves Han Chinese.
www.metafilter.com /mefi/39763   (4071 words)

 Daily Free Press -Online cityscope Friday, April 28, 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The spirit and idealism of those at the Underground are undeniably positive, and are admirable counter-examples to the apathy and disinterest that have long been central to the reputation of BU students at large.
In the 1980s there was a nationwide movement on college campuses to convince university administrators to divest their schools from South African government and business interests.
The reason that MIM Notes, the newspaper of the Maoist International Movement, is ridiculed by everybody who isn’t already a reader (aside from its association with Chairman Mao, who led to more starvation and suffering than almost anybody in history), is because of this inane and embarrassing language.
www.collegepublisher.com /media/paper87/DFPArchive/cityscope/0428003.cfm   (834 words)

 Propaganda Template   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
In previous articles in MIM Notes, we argued over the nature of the basketball elite, especially regarding last year's Shaq versus Kobe flap.
MIM pointed out that it is our line to promote the masses' own activity instead of worshiping bourgeois stars.
Members of the Black bourgeoisie such as the Los Angeles Lakers should only be gauged as "national bourgeoisie" and a part of the "united front," after they have proved their merit in actions.
www.propagandacritic.com /articles/examples.mim.html   (418 words)

 Amnesty International - Working To Protect Human Rights Worldwide
Amnesty International calls for action to stop governments using torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in the “war on terror” and to challenge attempts to defend their use.
Amnesty International calls on the Iraqi authorities to ensure that the new constitution will reflect, without any ambiguity, all fundamental human rights guarantees.
Without a firm commitment to upholding international human rights standards, companies are exposing themselves to risk.
www.amnesty.org   (299 words)

 Left-Wing Lingo, Ideologies and History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Theory: Though there are a great variety of utopian movements and thinkers, this particular strain of utopianism advocates changing society by adopting egalitarian lifestyles, and building cooperatives and communes which embody the good society and set an example for the rest of the world.
On the other hand, they were creative thinkers associated with internationalism and the cooperative movement, and as backers of the labor movement and the Labor Party.
The ethical principles underlying all the diverse movements that make up "the Left" are those of democracy: freedom, equality and solidarity must be extended into every sphere of life, including race, gender, the civil sphere, and the economy.
www.uhuh.com /nwo/communism/leftling.htm   (2955 words)

 FrontPage magazine.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
It's the so-called "peace movement." The current "peace movement" is infecting the hearts and minds of millions of young Americans for whom "patriotism" in now a dirty word and "love of country" is equated with nothing less than "fascism"!
MIM has called for the violent overthrow of our government.
Help me expose the real forces behind the "peace movement" by supporting CSPC's STOP THE ENEMY WITHIN campaign with a contribution of $15, $25, $50, $100, $1,000 or more if possible right now.
www.frontpagemag.com /Content/read.asp?ID=38   (887 words)

 What's Left?
This wide ranging protest movement was opposed to the rather nebulous threat posed by capitalist globalization, so think what could happen, now that there's a real live war to focus the opposition, build an anti-war movement and create the potential for insurrection.
To this day ludicrously sectarian groups like the Maoist International Movement (MIM) contend not only that the American white working class is completely unrevolutionary, but that vanguardist revolutionaries "down with the people" should reduce their own living standard to that of your average Third World peasant.
Initiated by the International Action Center, a front for the neo-Stalinoid Workers World Party as well as the organization behind the International Answer coalition, the September 29 rally was endorsed by the usual suspects, among them liberal-left "fair trade" advocates like Global Exchange.
www.huahuacoyotl.com /december01.html   (2514 words)

 Students Voice Disapproval of UC Investments - Daily Nexus Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Students for a Free Tibet will protest the UC Regents at Wednesday's board meeting, demanding the UC sell the stock of companies that are associated with China to the detriment of Tibet.
At UCSB, 12 people gathered in the Multicultural Center Theater on Monday to hear Maoist International Movement spokesperson Steve Jessue and Mateo Andante, a member of Students for the Liberation of Aztlan and Latin America.
The two speakers estimated that in 2001, the UC invested $1.4 billion of $40 billion in total investments in companies that do business with Israel, such as General Motors, Lockheed Martin and Citigroup.
www.ucsbdailynexus.com /print_article.php?a=3102   (460 words)

 New Internationalist: Seriously…: you couldn't make this stuff up - Currents - Maoist analysis of motion pictures ...
What should the international proletariat do when space aliens attack earth with the intent of killing all humans?...
Still, MIM asks, 'who wrote this?' For now, aliens are cultural creations, and therefore class creations.
The grasshoppers demand tribute from the ants' crops every year (feudalism); the ants bear this tribute because of the armed force of the grasshoppers and because of superstition...
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0JQP/is_2002_May/ai_87424383   (467 words)

 Maoist Internationalist Movement - Revolutionary Art
Most of these are original MIM art; some are from other sources.
MIM would like to publish or distribute all revolutionary art in our print publications or here on the MIM art web site.
MIM is currently working on raising funds for a prisoners' revoutioanry art show.
www.etext.org /Politics/MIM/art   (635 words)

 UC Berkeley Library Social Activism Sound Recording Project: Black Panther Party
Original uncut international documentary directed by French filmmaker Agnes Varda of the "Free Huey" rally held at the Oakland Auditorium on February 17th 1968.
Discussion is largely devoted to the relationship of the Panthers to the peace movement, and the stand of the Panthers on the war in Viet Nam.
After 32 years as an international fugitive, former Panther Byron Booth is sentenced to 12 years in prison in connection with his hijacking of a plane to Cuba in 1969.
www.lib.berkeley.edu /MRC/pacificapanthers.html   (9584 words)

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