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  PlanetMath: Maple
Maple is a computer algebra system produced by Maplesoft.
This is version 3 of Maple, born on 2006-10-31, modified 2007-07-05.
Object id is 8500, canonical name is Maple.
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/Maple.html   (116 words)

  Maple - MSN Encarta
Maple, common name for a small family of trees, widespread in the temperate areas of the northern hemisphere, and for its representative genus.
Maples are widely grown as ornamentals and street trees for their foliage and autumn colors.
The red maple is classified as Acer rubrum, the sugar maple as Acer saccharum, and the fl maple as Acer nigrum (sometimes Acer saccharum nigrum).
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761562605/Maple.html   (333 words)

  Maple - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maples are trees or shrubs of the genus Acer.
Maples are an important early spring source of pollen and nectar for bees, especially honeybees, which use its resources for spring buildup.
Maple is considered a tone wood or a wood that carries sound waves well and is used in numerous instruments such as the guitar and the drums.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Maple   (577 words)

 Maple - LoveToKnow 1911
The flowers are in fascicles, appearing before the leaves as in the Norway maple, or in racemes or panicles appearing with, or later than, the leaves as in sycamore.
Acer campestre, the common maple, is common in hedgerows, but less often seen as a tree, when it is seldom more than 20 ft. high, though in sheltered situations 30 ft. or more is attained.
The most constant use of curled maple is for the stocks of fowling-pieces and rifles, as it affords toughness and strength combined with lightness and elegance.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Maple   (1249 words)

 Maple TA FAQ for Students
Maple TA is a program which can be used to generate questions and grade responses which are numerical, formulas, words, etc. Multiple choice and matching style questions are also possible.
Maple is a computer algebra system, i.e., a program that can solve equations, compute derivatives, etc., by using methods which are similar to those a person might use.
In Maple TA text mode the issue is avoided entirely because a power n of sin(x) must be written as (sin(x))^n and the inverse function is named arcsin.
www.math.okstate.edu /~alspach/mapleta/MapleTAFAQ.html   (3976 words)

 ACER (A'cer) | Botany.com
The former is the wood of the Sugar Maple (A. saccharum) and the latter of the Red Maple (A. rubrum) and Silver Maple (A. saccharinum).
Maple sugar and syrup are obtained by boiling and evaporating the sap of the Sugar Maple.
Japanese Maples may be grown in pots for decoration of the greenhouse in the spring and they're great for planting in tubs.
www.botany.com /acer.htm   (922 words)

 Maple (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maple combines a programming language with an interface that allows users to enter mathematics in traditional mathematical notation.
The first concept of Maple arose from a meeting in November 1980 at the University of Waterloo.
Development of Maple continues at university research labs including: the Symbolic Computation Laboratory at the University of Waterloo; the Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra at the University of Western Ontario; and labs at other universities worldwide.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Maple_computer_algebra_system   (630 words)

 Maple Tree
The finest recorded Maple, however, is probably that at Blairlogie in Stirlingshire, growing in an exposed situation in light loam on dry gravel, which at the age of three hundred and two years had reached a height of fifty-five feet, with a diameter of four feet, and a head forty-three feet across.
All the Maple group have three principal veins or ribs radiating from the base of the leaf, and in most cases the blade is lobed in a correspondingly palmate manner.
The leaves of the English Maple seldom much exceed two inches across, averaging only an inch and a half; but their outline is very characteristic, the five main lobes of the leaf and the clefts or "sinuses" between them being alike, whilst the base of the leaf is broad and obtusely cordate--i.e., heart-shaped.
www.2020site.org /trees/maple.html   (1409 words)

Maple were established in 1986 to invest in Oil & Gas related entities and assets.
Maple has today a strong operational base in Peru where it is one of the leading hydrocarbon operators.
Maple and its affiliates continue their focus on investments in Peru with the signing in March of 2001 of the License Contract for Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons in Block 31-E with Perupetro S.A., the government entity in charge of negotiating and administering hydrocarbon concession agreements.
www.maplecos.com /about_hist.html   (532 words)

Norway maples are notorious for producing roots that grow around the tree instead of away from the trunk in the normal manner.
This is a brown, oval, soft scale on the bark of the branches of silver and red maple in winter, but in June the large egg masses are formed, and their wax covering resembles a tuft of cotton.
This scale closely resembles the cottony maple scale to which it is closely related, but differs from it in that the egg masses are formed on the leaves instead of on the bark.
www.caes.state.ct.us /PlantPestHandbookFiles/pphM/pphmapl.htm   (3009 words)

 Maple Facts
The leaves of the maple tree are wide, deeply indented leaves, varying in length from 2 to 5 inches, depending on the species.
The maple tree is best known for two things, it's helicopter seeds which fall to the ground spinning like the blades of a helicopter, and the syrup or sugar which is made from its sap.
If the depth of the snow during the maple season plays a role in the quality of the season, the snowfall during the previous winter would have to be taken into consideration.
www.bcn.net /~thatcher/trees.htm   (1045 words)

 Maple - HGIC @ Clemson University
Maples (Acer species) are deciduous trees (sometimes shrubs) often grown for the shade they produce and their exceptional autumn color.
The fruit is a winged samara, characteristic of all maples.
Maples “bleed,” and while pruning them in spring when the sap is flowing does not harm them, the sap is messy and pruning at that time is typically avoided.
hgic.clemson.edu /factsheets/HGIC1016.htm   (2721 words)

 Acer spp
The Maples can be separated into two groups based on the ray widths of their microscopic anatomy, the soft maple group and the hard maple group.
The wood of sugar maple and fl maple is known as hard maple; that of silver maple, red maple, and boxelder as soft maple.
The sapwood of the maples is commonly white with a slight reddish-brown tinge; the heartwood is light reddish brown, but sometimes is considerably darker.
www2.fpl.fs.fed.us /TechSheets/HardwoodNA/htmlDocs/acersp1.html   (803 words)

 Maple Think
However, a decent knowledge of Maple reveals that most of the complaints are the unfounded opinions of people lacking a solid knowledge of Maple's underpinnings, Maple's philosophy, and, most importantly, the current limitations of CAS technology.
Maple does what you tell it to do given the set of rules with which it has to work.
Maple thinks of what you typically call a variable as a name for reasons that involve the storage of values in memory.
www.physics.ohio-state.edu /~physedu/mapletutorial/tutorials/maple_think/index.html   (3328 words)

 Maple   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Maple sapwood has a clean, white appearance, is free from defects, and is typically 3" to 5" thick.
Soft maple, used principally for lumber, paper pulp, and other industrial applications, continues to be suitable for cabinet frames, unseen parts of upholstered furniture, and jigs and forms used in woodworking shops.
Hard maple comes in average lengths of 6' to 12' and average widths of 6" to 10", while soft maple trees tend to produce somewhat wider boards.
www.woodmagazine.com /wood/story.jhtml?storyid=/templatedata/wood/story/data/wood_profiles_maple.xml&catref=wd42   (468 words)

 What's New at Maple Valley   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Maple Valley Anthon-Oto Class of 2002 was added to the alumni pages by Jason Colbert.
Maple Valley High School Class of 1981 was added to the alumni pages.
Maple Valley High School Class of 1972 was added to the alumni pages.
www.maple-valley.k12.ia.us /htmlpages/wnamv/wnamv.html   (458 words)

MAPLE is a collaborative community of educators focused on professional development for teaching, learning and leadership.
The purpose of MAPLE is to establish a collaborative structure for continuously improving educational systems by building the capacity of educators and other constituents.
MAPLE has produced the newest edition of the MAPLE Journal.
www.midwestmaple.org /home.asp   (109 words)

Maple will be used in classroom demonstrations, and you will be required to use it for some of your homework assignments throughout the semester.
We are using Maple 10 this year, although any fairly recent version will also be effective.
Maple has been installed in most of the computer labs at Penn, including those in residence halls and in academic buildings.
www.math.upenn.edu /ugrad/maple   (871 words)

Maples are widely grown as ornamentals and street trees for their foliage and autumn colors.
The box elder, a maple native to much of the United States, has compound leaves with three to five leaflets.
In addition to their ornamental importance, maples are a source of good timber, especially sycamore maple, and of sugar or syrup, especially sugar maple.
www.charliechucksfruitwood.com /Maple.htm   (240 words)

 Maple Tree Identification
Similar to sugar maple but usually 3-lobed (sometimes five); often appears to be drooping; often with a thicker leaf and lear stem (petiole) than sugar maple; usually with two winglike or leaflike growths at the base of the petiole (stipules).
Sugar and fl maple are particularly attractive as sugartrees because of their high sap sugar content and the late date at which they begin growth in the spring.
Red maple is commonly tapped in certain geographic areas, particularly in the southern and western portions of the commercial maple range.
www.massmaple.org /treeID.html   (2275 words)

 Research Technologies at Indiana University
Maple is a general purpose computer algebra system that is designed to solve mathematical problems and produce high-quality technical graphics.
It has packages of specialized functions which may be loaded to do work in group theory, linear algebra, and statistics, as well as in other fields.
Maple is available in STC labs (PC and Macintosh) and shared central computing systems (Steel and Libra).
www.indiana.edu /~statmath/math/maple   (137 words)

 EEK! - Those Marvelous Maples
Genuine maple syrup is made from nature, from the sap of maple trees, harvested in the late winter and early spring.
Maple sugaring demonstrations and family-owned maple syruping operations can be found all over Wisconsin.
Sugar maple trees are so popular in fact, that the sugar maple has been named our state tree.
www.dnr.state.wi.us /org/caer/ce/eek/veg/trees/maplesyrup.htm   (729 words)

 Maple Index
Maple also provides a facility for doing some simple change of variables in double and triple integrals.
Maple explains these short-comings by stating, "The student package is a collection of routines designed to carry out step-by-step solutions to problems.
Maple is useful here by eliminating the large amounts of (simple, but overwhelming) algebra needed when doing transform problems by hand.
oregonstate.edu /~peterseb/maple/index_maple.html   (1526 words)

 Acer rubrum L
The most notable exception is the Prairie Peninsula, where red maple is absent from the bottom land forests of the Corn Belt, though it grows abundantly in similar situations and species associations both to the north and south of the Peninsula (54).
Red maple roots are primarily horizontal and form in the upper 25 cm (10 in) of soil.
Red maple is a desirable deer food and reproduction may be almost completely suppressed in areas of excessive deer populations.
www.na.fs.fed.us /spfo/pubs/silvics_manual/volume_2/acer/rubrum.htm   (5453 words)

 Maple Tree - All About Caring for Maple Trees
The sap of sugar maples is the only ingredient in maple syrup, that delicious elixir produced in Ontario, Quebec and New England every spring.
Maples are also a major tourist attraction, their breath-taking leaves enchanting visitors to eastern North America every fall.
This can determine whether your maple can successfully withstand the stresses of growing in an urban environment of be able to fend off diseases such as verticillium wilt.
www.maple-tree.com /index.html   (251 words)

 Maple 12 Home - Adept Scientific plc
Not only does Maple help them "do the maths", it provides many avenues for presenting and deploying their solutions, including easy Web publication with MapleNet, Maplet applications, and optimised code generation.
Maple is the premier environment for teaching, learning, and researching.
Maple, which is available here, runs on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and UNIX platforms.
www.adeptscience.co.uk /products/mathsim/maple   (355 words)

 MaplePrimes | Blogs, forums, help, musings, answers ... all things Maple and math
Maple is missing the 'standard' notation for the cumulative normal distribution and uses the error function instead (for historical reasons I guess).
A recent post asks how to create a Maple permutation iterator, that is, a procedure that, on successive calls, iterates through each permutation of a given input.
In previous versions of Maple, you could draw polar plots using the plots[polarplot] command or with the coords=polar option, but these were always displayed with Cartesian axes.
www.mapleprimes.com   (1281 words)

 Maple Tutorial
Maple is a powerful program that can be used interactively to do a wide variety of things ranging from tedious algebra to plotting three-dimensional graphics.
MAPLE seems to give the solutions in a random order - when you run this tutorial you might find solution[1] is the equation for y, and solution[2] is the equation for x.
Maple returns the minimum value of the function and the location at which it occurs--even though we did not add the word location, as was required with the minimize (lower case m) command.
www.engin.brown.edu /courses/en3/Computing/mapletutorial/tutorial.html   (2713 words)

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