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Topic: Maquiladora

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  What is a maquiladora?
Maquiladoras are permitted to bring whatever professional or personnel for positions of trust they need to serve as managers, technicians and in other fields requiring specialization.
Since maquiladoras are usually structured as cost centers, with machinery and equipment, materials, components and spare parts on loan (rent free) from the parent company, their profits are marginal, thus the income tax impact in marginal.
Also, in the event that the maquiladoras that utilize said quotas require to carry out transfer operations, these must be authorized by SECOFI and said transfer operations shall be considered indirect exportations.
www.udel.edu /leipzig/texts2/vox128.htm   (2634 words)

 GAO-03-891, International Trade: Mexico's Maquiladora Decline Affects U.S.-Mexico Border Communities and Trade; ...
However, the Maquiladora program continues to be quite distinct from other efforts initiated by the Mexican government to encourage exports.[Footnote 4] Firms must register with the government of Mexico to be considered maquiladoras and, once registered, are eligible for several key benefits, such as preferential tariffs on inputs and machinery, and simplified Mexican customs procedures.
Maquiladora trade between the United States and Mexico totaled about $121 billion in 2001, with maquiladora exports ($75 billion) accounting for more than half of Mexico's total exports to the United States.[Footnote 7] Border cities are typically seen as the primary beneficiaries of growing U.S.-Mexico trade.
Maquiladoras Grew Rapidly in the 1990s, with Growth Varied by Region and Industry: During the 1990s, maquiladoras proved to be one of the more dynamic components of Mexican manufacturing.
www.gao.gov /htext/d03891.html   (16062 words)

 Maquiladora Industry : Learn About : Mexico-U.S. Border : AFSC
Most maquiladora workers are migrants from Mexico’s rural interior, where declining government support for small-scale agriculture has provoked widespread unemployment, the loss of communal land holdings, and drastic impoverishment.
While supporters of the maquiladoras argue that the industry has transformed border towns from entertainment centers catering to visitors from the United States into booming industrial cities, critics counter that detailed analyses prove that the export sector drains and destabilizes the rest of Mexico’s economy.
The maquiladoras first came to the Mexico-U.S. border region in 1965, when the Mexican government initiated the Border Industrialization Program (BIP) as a means of attracting foreign investment to the area.
www.afsc.org /mexico-us-border/maquiladora.htm   (1879 words)

 Environmental Health Coalition BEJC Maquiladoras
The maquiladora program was designed to bring jobs and prosperity to northern cities, while at the same time providing cheap labor for foreign owned manufacturers.
The maquiladoras produced large quantities of hazardous waste, little of which finds it way back to the country of origin for proper disposal.
The typical maquiladora worker is a woman in her prime reproductive years - between the ages of 16 and 28.
www.environmentalhealth.org /maquiladoras.html   (651 words)

Maquiladora workers in Tijuana are generally single women, between the ages of 16 and 28, who come from southern regions like Puebla, Vera Cruz, and the State of México.
Contrary to the primary goal of the maquiladora program, Mexicans say that working for these foreign companies usually involves verbal, physical (including sexual) and mental abuse, discrimination, exploitation (forcing the workers to work extra hours without compensation and paying low wages), and constant pollution of the environment through the irresponsible dumping of company trash.
According to various maquiladora workers, they are allured by the offer of social security and various bonuses, or because they are in need, or because there is no better offer, or nothing at all.
www.concretemagazine.com /09_05/departments/maquiladora.htm   (1528 words)

 P.O.V. - Señorita Extraviada . Maquiladoras | PBS
Maquiladora is a term used to describe foreign-owned assembly plants operated along the U.S.-Mexico border.
The word "maquiladora" originated to describe a grain-milling process; "maquila" was the term for the portion paid to a miller in return for milling one's grain.
Many Mexican officials maintain that the maquiladoras are beneficial to the economy, as they keep domestic workers employed in their native country and bring in an enormous amount of foreign revenue, yet labor organizers criticize the factory system for the chronic low wages and poor working conditions.
www.pbs.org /pov/pov2002/senoritaextraviada/maquiladoras_feature01.html   (553 words)

 North American free trade: the maquiladora factor (BP-247E)
The maquiladora (or maquila) industry is composed of a wide variety of industrial activities whose common characteristic is that they operate under the maquiladora regulations, rather than what they produce.
However, it must be understood that it is as much the ability of maquiladora producers to export into the U.S. at reduced tariff rates as their low-cost wage structure that is attracting investments into their region of North America.
The continued attractiveness of the maquiladora system may, however, be moderated by the lack of local infrastructure and the inadequate supply of professional and skilled labour.
dsp-psd.communication.gc.ca /Collection-R/LoPBdP/BP/bp247-e.htm   (2336 words)

 Health and Safety Rollback in the Maquiladora Industry
Reviewing the list of health and safety problems in the maquiladoras may seem like old news, both for the workers themselves as well as for an audience like this one, which is familiar with the theme of workplace health and safety.
He examined her hand and told her that her symptoms were not caused by arthritis and that he would refer her to the clinic’s specialist in internal medicine for evaluation.
It was explained to him that the maquiladora where she worked had sanctioned her for her absences, but that she was unable to work and that the clinic should authorize her to take sick leave.
www.cfomaquiladoras.org /renovadoasalto-en.htm   (2797 words)

 August 1996
Pregnancy-based discrimination against women workers in the maquiladora sector takes three forms: testing and other treatment of women applicants during the hiring process to determine their pregnancy status; refusal to hire women applicants who are pregnant; and mistreatment and forced resignation of women workers who become pregnant.
In addition, during her interview for the position, maquiladora personnel asked her whether she was pregnant and she had to reveal her pregnancy status on the job application.
Once hired, if a woman worker in a maquiladora becomes pregnant, our interviews indicate that her ability to retain her job may depend very much on the attitude of the supervisor.  We documented cases where pregnant women were forced to resign and where they were harassed and mistreated for becoming pregnant.
www.hrw.org /summaries/s.mexico968.html   (4964 words)

 What are Maquiladoras? Find out at Made in Mexico, Inc.
With many foreign companies turning to the maquiladoras for labor-intensive manufacturing processes such as assembly, packaging, sorting and repair work, the 35-year-old industry is quickly evolving.
More and more, Mexican maquiladoras are providing their workers with extensive training that prepares them to handle a wide range of high-skill manufacturing positions with quality, efficiency and an exceptionally high level of productivity.
Maquiladoras are generally owned by non-Mexican corporations that take advantage of low-cost Mexican labor, advantageous tariff regulations, and close proximity to U.S markets.
www.madeinmexicoinc.com /maquiladoras_industry.htm   (429 words)

 borderlines 76: Uncertainty and Growth in Mexico’s Maquiladora Sector
Maquiladora industry promoters, for their part, argue that any changes in the existing economic or legislative environment that lead to higher wages for workers will effectively undermine the industry’s competitiveness and result in a significant emigration of firms and jobs, as parent companies relocate operations to countries with lower labor costs.
The origin of the assumption that the maquiladoras are dependent on low wages is rooted in the history and early growth of the industry; its current legitimacy derives from the economic theory of comparative advantage.
Second, at the national level, average real wages in the maquiladora industry have steadily recovered the value they lost after the peso collapsed in late 1994 and 1995—still, the industry has continued to grow.
www.irc-online.org /us-mex/borderlines/2001/bl76/bl76maquila.html   (3356 words)

As early as 1930, the maquiladora's historical antecedents began to evolve when the Mexican government attempted to promote the industrialization and economic development of the Borderlands through the establishment of free trade privileges in the region.
As the political influences and forces are discussed, their connection to the maquiladora industry and/or environmental issues is highlighted.
In conclusion, two major contradictory trends influence the maquiladora industry's contribution to environmental degradation in the binational Borderlands on the eve of the twenty-first century.
www.natlaw.com /pubs/williams.htm   (5640 words)

 What is a Maquiladora? Manufacturing In Mexico: The Mexican In-Bond (Maquila) Program - From the Mexico 2000 Business ...
The concept of maquila operations is extended to cover the service activities rendered to maquiladoras or to companies with a Temporary Exportation Program to Produce Articles for Exportation, commonly known as PITEX companies.
Article 24 which allowed maquiladoras who were duly authorized to sell into Mexico to elect for the virtual exportation of their finished products under the conditions determined in each case by the Ministry of the Treasury, is repealed.
For submaquila operations, the limitation that existed for textile products was eliminated, as was the requirement that maquiladoras also be current in the filing of their foreign currency generation report.
www.mexconnect.com /business/mex2000maquiladora2.html   (2731 words)

 How to...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The Mexican maquiladora work permit allows up to 15 percent of the workforce in the maquila to be non-Mexican employees.
A maquiladora company is, in most cases, foreign to Mexico and operating under license from the Mexican government for a specified period of time - usually 35 years.
Traditionally, maquiladora operations were used for labor-intensive assembly, but there has been a shift towards fully transformation of raw materials to the finished product.
www.maquiladora.com /How_to___/how_to___.html   (1039 words)

 Maquiladora Restructuring Executive Summary
In fact, maquiladora management is quite often on the payroll of the U.S. parent company, and in many cases these managers live in the U.S. and commute to the Mexican plant.
Equipment used by the maquiladora is often owned by the U.S. parent company, shipped to and operated at the Mexican plant and used by the maquiladora company free of charge.
Maquiladora decision-making authority policies and procedures that are in place to protect the investment of the U.S. parent company must also be revised to ensure that the appearance of integration is eliminated.
www.strasburger.com /calendar/articles/intl/aij_intl04.htm   (1414 words)

 BUSINESS: Maquiladora Prospects in a Global Environment
That development had a chilling effect on the maquiladora sector for the simple reason that almost all of its output is produced for sales and distribution in the United States.
Payrolls in Ciudad Juárez, home to the largest concentration of maquiladora activity in the country, historically begin responding within or in fewer than 60 days to changes in industrial activity on the northern side of the border.
Fears of the so-called "China Syndrome" are probably exaggerated and dire predictions of the immediate demise of the maquiladora industries in Mexico are greatly exaggerated, not to mention clearly premature.
www.utopia.utexas.edu /articles/tbr/maquiladora.html?sec=business&sub=economics   (1635 words)

 The History of Rock Music. Maquiladora: biography, discography, reviews, links
Maquiladora are at their best when the psychotic quality of their music coalesces in surreal vignettes such as First Spring, whispered in a wailing falsetto over quiet strumming and sparse distortions, leading in Mercury Sounds to a rarified version of Spector's wall of sound.
Maquiladora's old, hallucinated style is revived in the moving, seven-minute She's More Beautiful To me Than Water And Pure, a slow, dilated litany delivered with the intensity of a zen meditation amid catatonic dissonances and drones.
Elsewhere Maquiladora harks back to the regular format of the country ballad, and there the results are mixed: the songs are more personal and sincere than ever, but only I'm In Love and Dream Of Snakes manage to attain the splendor of their most experimental work.
www.scaruffi.com /vol5/maquilad.html   (1215 words)

 The Maquiladora Industry and the Bracero Program
After the end of the "Bracero Program" the Mexican government was forced to implement the Maquiladora Program to alleviate the rising unemployment burden along the border.
It was during this period that the Maquiladora industry experienced the steady and substantial growth that has continued to this day.
It was the high profile of the NAFTA that made the Maquiladora industry more visible to the American public in both a good and bad light.
www.madeinmexicoinc.com /maquiladora_overview.htm   (815 words)

maquiladora got together in 1995 to record songs, moods, ideas, with no thought of gigging or anything more than private circulation of tapes among friends.
But for every washed-out guitar and analog synth, there is a warm piano or rural harmonica to bring you back to Earth.
Just like how Codeine slowed down indie rock and punk to their base elements, Maquiladora play country ballads as if they were dusty Jimmy Rodgers tracks stretched out like taffy.
www.betterlookingrecords.com /maquiladora.htm   (540 words)

 Maquiladora Employment - Hot Stats - FRB Dallas
Mexico’s maquiladora industry expanded in July, with employment rising at a 6.6 percent annualized rate.
The maquiladora industry located on the Texas–Mexico border recorded annualized employment growth of 9.8 percent in July, with a year-to-date gain of 23,000 jobs.
Expectations are for the U.S. industrial sector to resume positive growth in the coming months, which should result in continued expansion of the maquiladora industry.
www.dallasfed.org /data/hotstats/maqempl.html   (239 words)

 Splendid Magazine reviews Maquiladora: Ritual of the Hearts
What is likely to send the masses Maquiladora's way, however, is the trio's gift for using a pile of antiquated equipment to create an otherworldly sonic splendor; their music is the sound of satellites grounding out somewhere in the Mojave while Sparklehorse and Gram Parsons jam complacently in the foreground.
The tales Maquiladora weave throughout Ritual of the Hearts are utterly quixotic -- stories of ghosts and men, and of the strange interaction between the two entities.
While you may detect elements of the aforementioned bands in Maquiladora's work, their songs transcend mere tribute, gradually revealing themselves to be wholly unforgettable and hopelessly fragile anthems for a fractured future age.
www.splendidezine.com /review.html?reviewid=3236601293860370   (282 words)

Now, rather than milling grain, a "maquiladora" or "in-bond" manufacturing plant, typically takes the form of an industrial enterprise dedicated to the assembly, transformation or manufacture of foreign inputs temporarily imported free of customs duties and tariffs and subsequently exported after having undergone assembly or processing.
Although a maquiladora is often called an "in-bond" plant, the word "in-bond" is a misnomer because since the program's inauguration, no bond has been required to be posted to guarantee the export of the temporarily imported materials.
Under the old Decree, sub-maquila operations (when a maquiladora sub-contracts with a third party to perform work under a jobbing agreement and the jobbed goods are subsequently exported or sold by the maquiladora) were authorized for one year while the new decree does not mention the term for such programs.
www.bomchilgroup.org /mexsep98.html   (961 words)

 | Portal de Inversion Extranjera - Bradenton, FL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
In such instances, under domestic law and the Double Taxation Agreement, the company established abroad may be categorized as a permanent establishment (EP) in Mexico, hence it is also subject to ISR and IMPAC on earnings from their operations in Mexico.
Indirect federal taxes for the year 2000 on temporary machinery or imports of supplies made by the maquiladora facility shall remain exempt as far as import duties and value added tax (IVA) are concerned, to the extent that maquila production is for export purposes.
Independently of duties, exports are subject to a zero rate; hence maquiladoras may receive a refund on value added tax (IVA) payments made on supplies in the same proportion that exports represent their total sales.
www.investinmexico.com.mx /pied/cds/pied_bancomext/legal_information/maquila_filename.htm   (423 words)

 Maquiladora Project : Mexico-U.S. Border Program : Community Relations Unit : AFSC
To improve the working and living conditions of workers in the maquiladora industry along the Mexico-U.S. border; to impede the abuses and worsening of the exploitation of those workers by companies and corporations, primarily U.S. owned ones.
To empower the CFO leadership of women maquiladora workers, and to support the CFO in its development as an autonomous, worker-controlled organization.
To contribute to the solution of particular problems in targeted companies, through research and interpretation for maquiladora workers of company's finances, shareholder actions and by facilitating contacts with corporate executives.
www.afsc.org /community/maquiladora.htm   (194 words)

 Liability Concerns When Operating In a Maquiladora
In response, Plaintiffs argued that all of the decisions for the maquiladora were made by personnel at Salant Corp.'s Eagle Pass, Texas facility and all the decision-makers lived in Texas.
Because the Texas subsidiary purchased the bus, transported the bus to the maquiladora, prepared the budget for transportation for the maquiladora, and directly managed the transportation operations for the maquiladora, the court found that the relevant decisions regarding the transportation, including decisions regarding the bus involved in the accident, were made in Texas.
Apparently, the Texas subsidiary was responsible for all operations of the maquiladora, made all decisions regarding operations, and was involved in the day-to-day operations of the maquiladora.
www.shrm.org /nahrma/maquila2.asp   (3484 words)

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