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Topic: Mara Jade Skywalker

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  Mara Jade Skywalker - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Mara was active during the Dark Nest Crisis and the subsequent Swarm War, where she helped to thwart the plans of Raynar Thul and the Killiks, and continued to serve by the side of her husband as a Jedi Master during the Second Corellian Insurrection.
Mara stowed away on one of the pirate ships that she had been pointed to, choosing a HT-2200 medium freighter that was being sent to attack a transport carrying Imperial military equipment.
Corran Horn with Mara Jade and Talon Karrde.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Mara_Jade_Skywalker   (11569 words)

  Mara Jade -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Skywalker came to understand that it wasn't truly her who desired to kill him, but Palpatine, whose voice Mara could somehow hear in her head anywhere in the galaxy, even after he was long dead.
Mara was both confused and impressed that her hated enemy would do such a thing for her.
Mara lost her first ship, a craft known as the Jade's Fire, when she used a beckon call to direct it straight into a (additional info and facts about Chiss) Chiss fortress.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/m/ma/mara_jade.htm   (1206 words)

 Star Wars Episode 8 viii Script Plot Summary Synopsis Story
Meanwhile, Ben Skywalker (the son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker), with his Jedi girlfriend named Paron Lighton, are attempting to make the Kessel Run in record time.
Jade’s ship is disabled and Mara Jade is captured by the Mandalorians.
Luke invites Ben, Paron and Anakin to accompany the Jedi to rescue Jade.
www.supershadow.com /starwars/episode8/plot.html   (1714 words)

 List of Yuuzhan Vong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However, he did not know that Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Jacen Solo, Danni Quee, and other Jedi had traveled to the Remnant on their way into the Unknown Regions.
He was a deadly enemy of Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order, even offering to halt the campaign if the New Republic surrendered the Jedi to him, and he specifically requested Jacen Solo alive.
However, he was unable to defeat Mara in a melee fight, his amphistaff against her lightsaber, and was stabbed through the heart with the blade.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nom_Anor   (3801 words)

 ForceFlow: Nick Skywalker, Jedi master
Mara's true age and homeworld are unknown, and all records of her past have been destroyed.
Mara Jade was used to plant evidence, discredit enemies of the Empire, and in the end, attempt to kill the greatest threat to Palpatine's power...
When Mara accompanied Luke Skywalker on a mission to reveal the truth behind a secret Imperial Installation called the Hand of Thrawn, she was finally able to admit her love for Luke, and the two planned to wed.
www.freewebs.com /skywalker/marajade.htm   (1324 words)

 club jade / creative / fanfic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Jade is sent on a mission by the Emperor to test the security of outpost in the Outer Rim with the current rebelious uprising.
Jade's mission is to gather a team of mercenaries and attack the outposts, proving the security, or lack thereof, against a rebel attack.
But when Mara takes her daughters out for a special celebration, they discover something more: a dangerous new Sith operation, whose new scheme could be the end of the Skywalker family.
www.clubjade.net /old/creative/fanfic.html   (1812 words)

 New Jedi Order Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Ambassador Leia Organa Solo, Mara Jade Skywalker and Jaina Solo travel to the planet of Rhommamool, which is presently waging a civil war with its sister planet, Osarian.
Mara has a feeling that her illness, Carr, and the beetles are all connected in some way.
Mara, now critically ill with her disease, plans to leave for a while and go to a Force-filled planet like Dagobah or Dantooine to try and figure out what is happening to her.
www.njoe.com /index.php?id=view&sub=books&sub2=books&sub3=1   (2493 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Skywalker, Mara Jade
While on a diplomatic mission to Monor II, Mara was secretly infected with a coomb spore, a deadly bio-engineered pathogen crafted by the Yuuzhan Vong.
Despite the carnage and destruction sweeping the galaxy, there was a quiet moment affirming life and hope as Mara Jade Skywalker and Luke Skywalker welcomed their infant son Ben into the world.
Mara, aboard her Jade Shadow starship, continued flying missions against the invaders while her son was safely sequestered on the Jedi safeworld code-named Eclipse.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/marajadeskywalker/eu.html   (1194 words)

The "Jade's Fire" is the heavily modifies assault shuttle flown by Jedi-Master Mara Jade-Skywalker.
The "Jade's Fire" was the first and smallest of her personal ships, her other ships are larger modified transports; the "Hunter's Luck", "Jade Shadow", "Jade Saber" and a heavily-customized Z-95 Mk.1 Headhunter starfighter.
Mara's versatile ship has served her well in her many missions in service of the New Republic and in the aid of her trusted friends and family, the Solos and her husband, Jedi-Master Luke Skywalker.
www.alfredsmind.ca /jfire1pg.htm   (195 words)

 BFFC - Fan Fiction - The Great Battle: Part II by Nicholas Chesterton
Mara Jade Skywalker stood in the bright light being shone upon her from in front of her.
Mara had let her orange hair fall loosely down, and had uncurled it, leaving it natural.
Mara was no slower, she too pulled out her lightsaber from her lower pocket, and pressed down on the control.
www.bobafettfanclub.com /multimedia/fiction/great-battle-2.html   (2895 words)

 Star Wars Episode 7 vii Star Wars 7 vii Plot Script Screenplay Screen Play Summary Synopsis Story
Meanwhile, Ben Skywalker (the son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade), with his Jedi girlfriend named Paron Lighton, are attempting to make the Kessel Run in record time.
Mara explains the capabilities of the new weapon and the fact that it can be used to destroy entire star systems.
Luke, Mara Jade, Ben and Anakin arrive on the surface of Valorius near where the devastator is being constructed.
www.supershadow.com /starwars/episode7/plot.html   (5117 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Skywalker, Mara Jade
Mara Jade was the only Expanded Universe character to break the top 20, true testament to her popularity.
Dark Horse has featured Mara in a number of comic stories, most notably the comics adaptation of the Thrawn Trilogy, and her own miniseries, Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand.
Mara was also the star of the Mysteries of the Sith expansion to LucasArts' Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/marajadeskywalker/?id=bts   (191 words)

 Articles - Jedi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Exceptions were sometimes made, most notably in the case of Anakin Skywalker, but the Jedi found their traditional methods were most successful and were loath to change.
The Council almost always consists of Masters (although Anakin Skywalker was on the Council, he was not granted the rank of Master because he was appointed by Palpatine and not elected).
The actions of Luke Skywalker and his relationship with the Force were a principal plot device in the films.
www.xgrey.com /articles/Jedi   (4590 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Skywalker, Mara Jade
Mara didn't want to be saddled with commitment to Skywalker's new Jedi order, so she refused his invitation to train.
Karrde, who was grooming Mara to be his successor, wanted her to gather an even wider variety of skills.
After defeating Nyax, and participating in several key missions against the Yuuzhan Vong, Mara is once again next to her husband as he seeks to find an end to the war.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/marajadeskywalker   (1194 words)

 T. Rob's Star Wars Guide
Jade Sabre: A shuttle Luke Skywalker built especially for his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker.
They believed themselves to be the true Jedi, and their name was a Sith word for "the hidden followers of truth." They were taught the Jedi way by people who had accepted Sith thoughts and philosophies but who were not sufficiently developed to be initiated into the dark ways.
Against the judgment of the Jedi Council, Qui-Gon adopted young Anakin Skywalker as his apprentice, but when the Jedi was killed by Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi took on the task of training Skywalker.
t-rob.com /swgj.htm   (2785 words)

 STRONGER THAN NIGHT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Mara paused, but since the woman appeared to be leading in the direction that Mara was headed anyway, she gathered her pack and followed.
Mara had jumped into the system during a battle between the Thieves and the Traders, but did not recognize any of the pirate ships from her dealings with the group on Sluis Van.
Mara smiled weakly, “No, it is not the fever.” She pulled her outer tunic aside to reveal the softly rounded belly beneath.
www.suspiciousmindtrick.net /stronger_than_night.htm   (9589 words)

 Gallery of Mara Jade Skywalker images - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Mara Jade plays the part of Arica, a dancer in the palace of Jabba the Hutt.
Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker at their wedding on Coruscant.
Mara Jade, her husband, and their newborn son, Ben.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Gallery_of_Mara_Jade_Skywalker_images   (130 words)

 SWRPGNetwork - Jade Shadow
The Jade Shadow is Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker's newest pride and joy.
After the loss of her last vessel, the Jade Sabre, on Dantooine, Mara has resolved to take excellent care of this vessel - and maybe even to make it better than her original Jade's Fire.
Mara is obviously taken with her new ship, and resolves to make it as capable as her last two have been.
www.swrpgnetwork.com /entry.php?id=308   (492 words)

 Scoundrel's Luck v.9 - the Han Solo & Princess Leia fanlisting
He tried to listen to Vergere's words and advice on the nature of his destiny within the Force, but when his sister Jaina was in danger during the Battle of Ebaq, Jacen blindly raced to her rescue.
When she and Jacen attend Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, at the age of 14, she collects all sorts of old technology from the original Alliance base, using some of it to create cages for Jacen's exotic collection of creatures.
She later trained directly with Mara Jade, after Mara's marriage to Luke, when Luke began moving the new Jedi Knights back to the pre-Empire style of teaching.
hanleia.fly-casual.org /family.html   (4055 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Meanwhile, Ben Skywalker (the son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade), with his Jedi girlfriend named Paron Lighton, are attempting to make the Kessel Run in record time.
Jade.s ship is disabled and Mara Jade is captured by the Mandalorians.
The Dark Jedi, with the clones of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, still remain a major threat to the stability of the Republic.
beavis2084.com /starwars/swe8.html   (1620 words)

Mara Jade-Skywalker is easily the most enigmatic figure in the Star Wars Universe.
She was a Force-trained assassin known as "The Emperor's Hand" tasked with killing Luke Skywalker.
Eventually, Mara drifted away from the Dark Side and fell in with the New Republic, becoming one of their greatest assets.
www.alfredsmind.ca /marapg.htm   (146 words)

 Mara Skywalker Profile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
After she killed Luke clone Luke gave Mara the gift of his first lightsaber to start her journey on the right side.
It was during the Yuuzhan Vong sickness that Mara discovered she was pregnant.
Carrying the child to term, and the healing glow of the Force bolstered by the love of mother, father and newborn son finally cured Mara of the Yuuzhan Vong sickness.
www.geocities.com /cj_skywalkerjade/mara.html   (184 words)

 Mara Jade Skywalker (Jedi Master)
Mara Jade was originally trained as Emperor Palpatine's personal assassin.
One mission that she did fail was to kill Luke Skywalker.
On a mission into the Outer Regions, Luke Skywalker proposed to Mara and she accepted.
members.aol.com /dnjcustoms/marajadeskywalker.html   (355 words)

 The REAL Mara Jade
They're now using Shannon for all pics of Mara, novel covers, comic covers, etc. I don't think Shannon is an actress though, so if they ever make a Star Wars movie featuring Mara, they'd have to find an actress to play her.
I read somewhere, can't for the life of me remember where, that while Mara worked for Emperor Palpatine, he would have her dress up for his parties and act as if she were a member of some royal or noble family in order to get information from other people there.
It was also said that Mara's beauty made some suspect that she was one of Palpatine's mistresses.
callistazm.tripod.com /scifiles/realmara.html   (506 words)

 Mara Jade Skywalker
Initially the 'hand' of the Emperor, the Sith failed her prime objective of killing Luke Skywalker, after this she was condemned by her masters words that she failed causing her to fall into the grasp of the underworld.
It wasn't long before she met Skywalker and no longer she married him.
Now a Jedi Master, Mara Jade became ill and would have died without the force on her side.
uk.geocities.com /jedi_wars2001/mara_jade_skywalker.html   (69 words)

Clearly, she'd expected the Skywalkers to be polite and emotionless.
Skywalker offered his hand to Arianna, who shook it, looking somewhat amazed, but cool enough for all that.
Anyway, Jaina and her daughter, Illaria broke away from the crowd at the door (which I noticed with mild annoyance, also included Karrade and two associates I identified as Aves and Faughn), and came over to where I was standing, somewhat secluded from the crowd.
www.jedifiction.com /archive/0/marajade.html   (3984 words)

 The Jade's Fire -welcome & thanks for coming!!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Though she is only mentioned in the Expanded Universe(Stories added to George Lucas's original work) many have grown to call her their favorite character.
Drawn like a mynock to a power cable by the beckon call Mara had spliced into one of the alien ships; comm systems, it was driving its single minded way toward the open hanger entrance, the one single weak point in the entire fortress.
Mara's personal ship, the one thing in the universe she truly owned.
free.hostdepartment.com /j/jadesfire   (236 words)

 Mara Jade
Mara's lip twisted as she watched the X-wings dwindle as they fell towards the planet's surface.
Mara smiled as she saw her opportunity to demonstrate those flaws to Tycho and Janson.
Jade will still be useful even if she refuses to turn to the dark side.
pluto.spaceports.com /~lms/fbj3.html   (17236 words)

 Mara Jade-Skywalker Pictures
-- Mara dressed as a tie fighter pilot
-- How Mara wanted it to work on Jabba's sail barge
-- Mara telling someone to hang on (probably Luke )
www.maarasuniverse.com /Mara_Jade-Skywalker_Pics.html   (91 words)

 Balance Point - Kathy Tyers - Star Wars - Outpost 10F Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Anakin Solo, Mara Jade Skywalker, and Luke Skywalker arrived on Duros disguised as a Kubaz Family.
Mara comes down to the dome to pay Leia and Jaina a visit, but her visit goes bad.
Nom Anor traps Mara and Jaina in a collapsed rock tunnel and escapes.
library.outpost10f.com /starwars/expanded/reviews/balance.html   (456 words)

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