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Topic: Marble statue

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Marble sculpture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Marble is a metamorphic rock resulting from the metamorphism of limestone, composed mostly of calcite (a crystalline form of calcium carbonate, CaCO3).
Marble also has the advantage that when first quarried it is relatively soft and easy to work, refine, and polish.
Preference to the cheaper and less translucent limestone is based largely on the fineness of marble's grain, which enables the sculptor to render minute detail in a manner not always possible with limestone; it is also more weather resistant.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Marble_sculpture   (936 words)

 David (Michelangelo) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rossellino's contract was terminated soon thereafter, and the block of marble originally from a quarry in Carrara, a town in the Apuan Alps in northern Italy, remained neglected for twenty-five years, all the while exposed to the elements in the yard of the cathedral workshop.
The samples obtained from that incident allowed scientists to determine that the marble used by Michelangelo was obtained from the Fantiscritti quarries in Miseglia, the central of three small valleys in Carrara.
A replica of the statue was offered as a gift by the municipality of Florence to the municipality of Jerusalem to mark the 3,000th anniversary of David's conquest of the city.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Michelangelo's_David   (1499 words)

 Bonded Marble Statues: Frequently Asked Questions
Bonded marble is a composite material made from natural Italian Carrara marble powder that is mixed with a resin.
The statues consist of approximately 70% - 80% marble powder and the remainder being resin.
Bonded marble weighs approximately 90% of the weight of natural marble but is superior in strength due.
www.everlifememorials.com /statues/statues-faqs.htm   (721 words)

 Cleere, C. May 1997
As the statue was positioned in a public area it was decided that work should be carried out only at times of low traffic, and that no conservation treatments, equipment, or materials that could pose a threat to public safety could be left on the statue when the conservator was not present.
It was hoped that screening the statue would have two effects; firstly, it would stop members of the public interfering with the statue during the conservation treatment, and secondly, on unveiling, the finished statue would show a dramatic change rather than a gradual improvement.
As the statue is on open display and accessible to the public, it was felt that the figure was still vulnerable to the same destructive elements that had caused its previous deterioration -- i.e.
palimpsest.stanford.edu /jcms/issue2/cleere.html   (3111 words)

 Marble statue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
A marble or bronze statue will give its home that special tact of the elegance, specially a celebrated reproduction of an original one.
This important gallery of the statue has eleven galleries of smaller importance of the statue with hundreds of statues of the marble and the bronze organized by eras or cultures.
Image a beautiful statue of the bronze or the marble in a pedestal on six feet of stop in its entrance.
marble.vparivalka.com /marble-statue.htm   (530 words)

 BBC News | UK POLITICS | Thatcher statue unveiled
The statue was carved by sculptor Neil Simmons in white Carrara marble.
Currently there is nowhere for the statue to stand - because tradition demands it must not take its place in the Commons until after the subject's death.
She said a "spectacular" spot had been picked out for the eight-foot high marble statue in the city hall and its citizens would have no trouble recalling the former Tory leader because they were largely of retirement age.
news.bbc.co.uk /hi/english/uk_politics/newsid_1795000/1795523.stm   (508 words)

 Marble Statues Sources Available by marble statue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
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republika.pl /philippinehomecare/store/marble_statues_o.html   (452 words)

 marble statue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Marble statue in the Capitol crypt, Washington, DC.
Iron lady's marble statue is 'marvellous' Baroness Thatcher admires her larger-than-life likeness...
Missing is the marble statue of a small girl..
www.dolphinstatues.com /directory/marble-statue.html   (271 words)

 USATODAY.com - 15th-century marble statue shatters at Metropolitan Museum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
NEW YORK (AP) — Conservationists should be able to restore a 15th-century marble statue of Adam at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that toppled over and broke into dozens of pieces, the museum's director said.
Conservationists should be able to restore the statue so that only those with trained eyes would be able to spot the damage, but the work could take as long as two years, de Montebello said.
The statue of Adam holding an apple was noted for the purity of its marble and its smooth, elegant carving.
www.usatoday.com /news/nation/2002-10-09-shattered-statue_x.htm   (322 words)

 Marble statue of a naked Aphrodite crouching at her bath   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
In this statue the voluptuous Aphrodite crouches down and turns her head sharply to her right, as if surprised by her audience.
The three-dimensionality of the statue is typical of Hellenistic sculpture, as is the hairstyle with its elaborate top-knot.
This statue is sometimes known as 'Lely's Venus' since it once belonged to the baroque portrait painter Sir Peter Lely (1618-80).
www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk /compass/ixbin/goto?id=OBJ3519   (298 words)

 marble statues exporter,god and goddess statue,lord krishna statue,ganesha statue, marble statue, goddess statue, ...
marble statues exporter,god and goddess statue,lord krishna statue,ganesha statue, marble statue, goddess statue, wholesale statue, hindu statue
We use the best quality marble and stones for these statues so that they retain their sheen for a long period of time.
This beautifully crafted statue of Lord Ganesha in calm and serene posture is sure to inspire many devotees.
www.rajasthali.net /marble-statues-exporter.htm   (181 words)

 Marble statue
Marble statue is a sculpture depicting a specific entity, usually a person, event, animal or object.
Many marble statues are built on commission to commemorate a historical event, such as the Battle of Iwo Jima, or the life of an influential person, such as Mahatma Gandhi.
In 1986, when the Statue of Liberty marked her one-hundredth anniversary, a three-day centennial celebration in her honor attracted 12 million, said to have been the largest public event in the world as of that date.
www.tarso.com.ru /eng/marble_statue.html   (819 words)

 Marble & Stone Handicraft Exporters,Marble Statues,Stone Sculptures,Italian Marble Statue,Marble Artifacts,Decorative ...
Leading exporter of stone handicrafts are made up of sand stone, marble stone, granite stone, lime stone and slate stone that i...
Our range includes marble inlay table tops and stone inlay table tops with semi precious stone inlay work in traditional and modern designs with round, square, rectangle, octagonal, oval and some other new shapes, chess design table tops and marble overlay...
Looking for stone idols made of marble and other stone upto height of 10 inches are required.
trade.indiamart.com /offer/stones-marble/marble-stone-artifacts   (686 words)

 Bonded Marble Statues: A Guide To Marble Statues Made From Resin Materials
Bonded Marble Statues are made from a composite material in which natural Carrara marble powder is mixed with a resin.
Whatever the application these bonded marble statues are beautiful and durable which is why they come standard with a five-year guarantee against deterioration or discoloration.
If using the statue as an art piece or in the home there is no need to permanently affix it to a base or foundation.
www.everlifememorials.com /bonded-marble-statues.htm   (594 words)

 marble handicraft, marble statue, exporter handicraft marble, decorative marble handicraft, marble handicraft ...
Marble handicrafts have its own beauty in its white color which stands for purity.
The romans later used marble in their buildings as well, quarrying in the Greek spots and finding roman marble quarries of their own.
Marble is one of the most beautiful stones, with a highly polished smooth face and a wide variety of colors.
www.123indiangifts.com /marble-handicraft.htm   (2536 words)

 Marble statue of Dionysos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Ironically, this rather sober statue type acquired the nickname Sardanapallos in modern times, after a mythological Assyrian king who was notorious for his effeminate and depraved lifestyle.
This statue may seem restrained, but multiple copies of a popular relief sculpture exist with a figure of the same type, but drunk and propped up by a satyr.
The statue is carved out of one large block of Pentelic marble, except for the missing right arm, which was made separately and attached.
www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk /compass/ixbin/goto?id=OBJ3346   (277 words)

 Marble Stone Statue,Marble Statue Manufacturer,Marble Stone Statue Manufacturers,Marble Statue Wholesale,India
Grandiose of these semi-modern art is so intoxicating that you may have a tough time selecting just one of these marble stone statues.
The freshness of our marble statue is so appealing that you cant stop yourself asking for more.
Manufacturer and wholesale supplier of marble statue, marble stone statues from India.
www.kararamujassme.com /marble-stone-statue.html   (159 words)

 Head of Zeus on Marble Base Statue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
An arm of the statue was first found in 1926 under the sea in the remains of an old shipwreck north of Athens.
Many art historians believed that the statue was the work of Kalamis.
Zeus ruled over the sky and all atmospheric phenomena-winds, clouds, rain and even the destructive thunder and lightning came under his command.
www.angelsandearthlythings.com /g52.html   (138 words)

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Offeirng god statues of all hindu and buddhist gods made of brass metal in different designs, shapes and sizes with a beautiful hand work on it.
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 Preservation Online: Today's News Archives
A prized 86-year-old marble statue was stolen from a Bronx cemetery last Tuesday and recovered by police three days later, thanks to a tip from a sharp-eyed taxi driver.
The four-foot-tall, 700-pound statue of Civil War drummer boy Julius Langbein was stolen from the Woodlawn Cemetery around lunchtime on May 14.
The statue, carved by an unknown sculptor, was returned to Woodlawn, and detectives are investigating the theft.
www.nationaltrust.org /magazine/archives/arc_news/052102.htm   (344 words)

 Marble Statues | Marble Statuary | Statuary Marble | Handcarved Statues |
A beautiful marble bust of Aristotle is all hand carved by artists and will be the perfect decorative piece for your home.
Her body is carved from a stunning Crystal White marble and her costume is carved from an awe-inspiring Duchessa Rosata marble.
This is a beautiful marble statue of a young female child.
www.finesgallery.com /1fg-marble-statues.php   (764 words)

 Architectural Interior : « LE PETIT PECHEUR » Marble Statue exhibited at the Salon of 1859 - Architectural Garden ...
Carrara marble statue Charles JANSON 1823 - 1881
Carrara marble statue featuring a little boy fishing on the banks of a river with reeds and water-lilies.
A defect in the marble on the right shoulder has been hidden by a patina.
www.architectural-garden-antiques.com /Architectural_Interior/detail/9058.php   (190 words)

 BBC NEWS | England | Iron lady's marble statue is 'marvellous'
And the former prime minister suggested the reason it was so large is because it reflected her achievement in being the first woman premier.
The white marble figure is on display before taking up permanent residence at the House of Commons.
Earlier this year Commons rules were changed so a portrait, statue or bust of a former prime minister could go on display in Westminster's main building while they are still alive.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/low/england/2001101.stm   (439 words)

 Greek Goddess Found In Ancient Ruins, Marble Statue From 1st Century Raises Hopes Of Archeologists - CBS News
The headless statue of hunting goddess Artemis dates from the middle of the first century B.C., archaeologist Athanassios Tziafalias said.
The statue, standing 32 inches tall, was found July 4, during work on the fringe of the ancient theater at Larissa, a town about 225 miles north of Athens.
Archaeologists also found about 60 limestone and marble sections of columns from the theater, together with more than 100 inscribed stones expected to shed light on the town's history, Tziafalias said.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2006/07/10/tech/main1789721.shtml   (423 words)

 Buffalo & WNY: Tile and Stone Restoration ~ Marble & Granite Floor Polishing Services
This marble floor in Hamburg, NY is in a new home that was severely scratched during construction.
Before and after pictures of a 100 year old marble statue in Clarence, NY that was covered in several layers of paint, dirt and mildew.
We were happy to have the opportunity to strip all of the paint and contaminants off of her to reveal the statue's natural beauty.
tileandstonerestoration.com /gallery_tile_stone_wny.htm   (354 words)

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We also manufacture utility and decorative marble sculpture like marble pots, flower pots, utility pots, statues, bowls, lamp, marble pedestal, round and rectangle plates, candle stand, boxes, mini temples, surahi, lalten, lota and barni, choukies, animals, nude statue with embossed gold work painting.
Our manufacturing team members possesses experience of several years and they are expert in their domain, they perform their task by using balanced mixture of traditional and modern technology so their output is best.
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