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Topic: March 13

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In the News (Sun 23 Jun 19)

  CalendarHome.com - March 13 - Calendar Encyclopedia
March 13 is the 72nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (73rd in leap years).
(Gregorian date: it was 1 March in the Julian calendar then in use in Russia.)
March 12 - March 14 - February 13 - April 13 -- listing of all days
encyclopedia.calendarhome.com /March_13.htm   (1089 words)

 The History Place - This Month in History
Under the Articles, Congress was the sole governing body of the new American national government, consisting of the 13 original states.
He became famous for his locker room pep talks and the saying, "Win one for the Gipper." He was killed in an airplane crash on March 31, 1931, in Kansas.
March 15, 44 B.C. - Julius Caesar was assassinated in the Senate chamber in Rome by Brutus and fellow conspirators.
www.historyplace.com /specials/calendar/march.htm   (3879 words)

 March 2003
On March 13 a schedule is drawn up by which the five deputy prime ministers are to rotate as acting prime minister; according to this Covic is followed by Zarko Korac on March 17.
On March 16 Wen Jiabao is elected premier, and on March 17 a new cabinet is named that includes Li Zhaoxing as foreign minister, Gen. Cao Gangchuan as defense minister, and Jin Renqing as finance minister.
On March 18 Arjun Munda is sworn in as new chief minister.
rulers.org /2003-03.html   (1164 words)

 National Multiple Sclerosis Society :: MS Awareness Week March 13-17
NEW YORK, March 13 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of MS Awareness Week (March 13 - 17), the National Multiple Sclerosis Society is launching a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis, an unpredictable and often disabling disease of the central nervous system that affects 2.5 million worldwide.
Each group is highlighting its own activities in the fight against MS throughout the month of March and joining forces with the Society in an advocacy outreach alert March 14th in support of increased MS research funding.
Following is the schedule: Monday, March 13: Dr. Peter Calabresi, Director of the Johns Hopkins MS Center in Baltimore.
sev.prnewswire.com /health-care-hospitals/20060313/NYM07613032006-1.html   (1437 words)

 The Superstorm Subtropical Derecho
Measured wind gusts in mph associated with the March 12-13, 1993 serial derecho as it crossed western and central Cuba.
The colored areas on the map indicate where the wind gusts ranged from 65 to 75 mph (green), 75-100 mph (light red) and 100 mph or greater (dark red).
As the derecho producing squall line crossed Cuba and adjacent waters during the morning hours of March 13th, there were two bands of very intense wind gusts (Fig.
www.spc.noaa.gov /misc/AbtDerechos/casepages/mar12-131993page.htm   (655 words)

 ByLion - March 13
Students may early register March 20-23 for the summer 2006 semester and April 3-7 for the fall 2006 semester.
The month will be a busy one for Southeastern flutist Nicole McPherson, who will present a faculty recital on Thursday, March 16, and, with her husband and fellow Southeastern music professor Andrew Seigel, clarinet, will perform as the Silverwind Duo on March 28.
In their March 28 recital the Silverwind Duo will be joined by another Southeastern music colleague, pianist Kenneth Boulton.
www.selu.edu /news_media/bylion/2006/march_13/index.html   (4987 words)

 WTC Environmental Monitoring: March 13, 2002
One sample, collected on March 1 at the barge area (Location "B-14"), showed asbestos at 1.2%.
VOCs - Sampling for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) was conducted on March 12 in the direct area of the excavation at ground zero.
All samples taken on March 12 at EPA's Wash Tent (West and Murray Streets), Austin Tobin Plaza, and the North Tower and South Tower excavation areas showed no detectable levels of VOCs.
www.epa.gov /wtc/summaries/epa-osha031302.htm   (852 words)

 Kent State Women's Basketball -- March 13, 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In addition, she had her streak of 80 consecutive games with at least one field goal made snapped at Akron on Feb. 25 when she was 0-for-5 from the field against the Zips.
She enters the NCAA Tournament ranked among Kent's top 10 performers in 13 of the school's 15 career categories and has had nine statistical totals this year worthy of a top-10 ranking on Kent's single-season charts.
In the MAC Tournament March 2-4 she averaged 11.7 points, 3.0 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 1.3 steals in 40.7 minutes per game, including 15 points and six assists in the Golden Flashes' semifinal victory.
dept.kent.edu /athletics/wbasketball/9900/wb031300.htm   (4098 words)

 CampusMemo: March 13, 2006
Wednesday, March 29, in Rosa Parks Room B of the Student Center.
Monday, March 13, and Tuesday, March 28, in room 460 of the Administration building.
Tuesday, March 28, in the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center of the Student Center.
www.sfsu.edu /~news/cmemo/spring06/march13.htm   (1952 words)

 Weekly Advisory - March 13, 1998   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The complaint, filed on March 5, 1998, alleges that ASC and Brubaker defrauded investors while acting as managing general partners of Abraham and Sons, Limited Partnership (Fund), a private commodity pool, which traded commodity futures contracts, among other things, and operated as a hedge fund.
On March 3, 1998, the Honorable Lewis A. Kaplan entered an order of preliminary injunction against the defendants, which continues the ex parte relief and prohibits defendants Hanover, Dupont, Singer, and Droge from engaging in further violations of federal commodity law, as charged in the CFTC complaint.
The CFTC complaint, filed on March 5, 1998, alleges that from November of 1995 through August of 1997, Bradshaw defrauded several clients by materially misrepresenting the probability and magnitude of profits and risk of loss associated with trading futures using a computer trading program and his own system.
www.cftc.gov /opa/adv98/opawa10-98.htm   (2821 words)

 Think Progress » ThinkFast: March 13, 2006
The only issue is that no one likes to really test in the freezing cold when they think BP is shafting them, firing them for complaining about the problems,etc. So they falsify the records.
What NY should do at Ground zero and surrounding area that is right now an empty pit, is leave it as a empty pit, surround it with electrified wire fence that will eletricute any one that use their brains near it.
Since every design that had any brains in it was shut down one way or another, we might as well ban the use of brains near the” hallowed” grounds.
thinkprogress.org /2006/03/13/thinkfast-march-13-2006   (2290 words)

 Spot the Bug! : Spot the Bug - March 13, 2006
The networking layer can split the underlying packets, and if one of those packets is delayed, ::recv may only return part of the data (subsequent calls to ::recv would then return the rest of the data that was delayed).
Thursday, March 16, 2006 12:19 PM by Ranju.
What I have observed with sockets on Windows is that the recv is not a blocking call and need not necessarily return the no. of bytes it has been asked to recieve.
blogs.msdn.com /rsamona/archive/2006/03/13/550949.aspx   (1552 words)

 March 13 - BR Bullpen
Events, births and deaths that occured on March 13.
Gehrig will play his first spring training game on March 20 collecting two runs batted in as the Yankees beat the Boston Bees, 5 - 3.
Tomorrow, in Phoenix, Arizona, the same ball is used in the Giants 13 - 1 win over the Angels, with Bobby Bonds hitting the only two homers off George Brunet.
www.baseball-reference.com /bullpen/March_13   (1163 words)

 Economic Reporting Review: March 13, 2000
Since some of these workers would have gotten higher wages even if the minimum wage did not increase, and some portion of the wage increase will probably come at the expense of profits, the actual impact on the rate of inflation should be considerably less than 0.07 percentage points.
This article reports on the impact of a bill that was just approved by the House, which would eliminate the Social Security earnings penalty for people between age 65 and 69.
While the change in the law may have this effect, it will also allow management to impose cuts in wages and benefits, and to worsen working conditions, by refusing to negotiate in good faith.
www.fair.org /err/000313.html   (2700 words)

 Johns Hopkins Gazette | March 13, 2006
Discoveries made during the first large-scale analysis of interactions between proteins in our cells hold promise for identifying new genes involved in genetic diseases, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins and the Institute of Bioinformatics in Bangalore.
The findings, reported in the March issue of Nature Genetics, were made using a database of more than 25,000 protein-protein interactions compiled by the Johns Hopkins-IoB team.
The result is believed to be the most detailed human "interactome" yet describing the interplay of proteins that occur in cells during health and disease.
www.jhu.edu /~gazette/2006/13mar06/13inter.html   (720 words)

 1st Ave, March 13 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
It was an great show other than the late start.
I had only seen peter from a distance at the palladium in hollywood for the resurection tour and enjoyed seeing his stage show up close.
Photos may not be reproduced or copied in any way without the photographer's express permission.
www.bauhausmusik.com /cgi-bin/dcinfo.wcgi?date=20000313   (135 words)

 NTI: Global Security Newswire - Thursday, March 13, 2003
Weapons inspections inside Iraq are “producing results” and France supports all council members that want to “give Iraq a realistic delay for reaching effective disarmament,” de Villepin said (Associated Press/Yahoo.com, March 13).
Inspectors supervised the destruction of al-Samoud 2 missiles (U.N. release, March 8).
Are the Americans ready to lay out all their nuclear plans?” (Afsane Bassir Pour, Le Monde, March 12, GSN translation).
www.nti.org /d_newswire/issues/newswires/2003_3_13.html   (5704 words)

 13 de Marzo 1957 - March 13, 1997   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
13 de Marzo 1957 - March 13, 1997
FIU students and Cuban activists gathered at Florida International University Park on the evening of March 13, 1997 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Assault on the Presidential Palace by University students and members of the Autentico Party to remove Fulgencio Batista, then Dictator, from power violently.
Instead the students, activists, and Batista's guard were massacred in bloody fighting that spilled out from the Presidential Palace and into the streets of Havana.
www.fiu.edu /~fcf/march13/march13page.html   (143 words)

 NFIB/Virginia Legislative Update ā€“ March 13, 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The final week of regular session is filled with scowls, cold stares and tension ā€“ much like a shoot-out at the OK Corral.
This budget is over $70 billion in state spending for the next two years.
The Legislature will return to Richmond March 27 in a special session to discuss money matters.
www.nfib.com /object/IO_27231.html   (756 words)

 @WPI - Vol. 3, No. 13 March 7, 2002
On Tuesday, March 12, free coffee and hot chocolate (in cups with sayings from famous women) will be available from 8 to 11 a.m.
Wednesday, March 13, 10:30 a.m., "WPI's Evolving Role in Fire Safety," David Lucht, director, Center for Firesafety Studies, Alden Memorial (coffee at 9:45 a.m.).
Until March 10, visitors to the third floor gallery may see "ArtXII: In Cahoots," a collection of prints, artists' boxes, "spirit boxes" and mixed media portraits that are the result of a progressive collaboration by nine female artists, including Brueck.
www.wpi.edu /News/AtWPI/20012/mar07.html   (2879 words)

 Guestbook Archive > March 7-13, 2004
Thank you for your service and speaking up against this "Friend of Jane", I was too young for Vietnam, but I have friends and relatives who have since died from their service in that war.
While I enlisted too late to serve in Viet Nam (I entered the Air Force in Nov 1972 at the age of 18), I am proud to have served in the same military with men like you who did what had to be done, and did so with honor.
No President who misleads the country on the need for war deserves to be reelected Actually, he should have been fired on the spot, lest young ambitious politicians get the wrong ideas about how to do their jobs.
www.donbendell.com /Mar7-13-2004GuestBook.html   (16429 words)

 Dordt College vs Patten University (March 13)
Dordt College Softball 2004 Dordt College at Patten University March 13 at California Dordt College 12 (1-1) Patten University 15 Player AB R H BI Player AB R H BI --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Visser, Mandy 1b/p.........
Dordt College Softball 2004 Dordt College at Patten University - Play-by-Play March 13 at California Score by Innings R H E -------------------------------------------- Dordt College.......
6.0 13 31 40 15 9 0 0 0 0 1 8 0 3 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 Visser, M faced 3 batters in the 6th.
www.dordt.edu /athletics/softball/2004/game2.htm   (2409 words)

 March 6 - March 13 - Spinnaker Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
posted February 23, 2004 09:53 PM Me and 5 of my boys will be down March 6th thru 13th at the Top of the Gulf...which is right next to La Vela and Spinnaker.
posted February 24, 2004 02:57 PM What's up Tiffany, I'll be down there with one of my boys March 6-14, we're always down to party, if theres a place where you wanna meet up just let me know and we'll see ya there and start partying.
Me and 12 of my fraternity brothers will be in PBC from the 6th through the 12th.
www.spinnakerbeachclub.com /ubb/Forum1/HTML/001389.html   (376 words)

 NucNews - March 13, 2000
Section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)) provides for the automatic termination of a national emergency unless, prior to the anniversary date of its declara-tion, the President publishes in the Federal Register and transmits to the Congress a notice stating that the emergency is to continue in effect beyond the anniversary date.
In accordance with this provision, I have sent the enclosed notice, stating that the national emergency declared with respect to Iran on March 15, 1995, pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701-1706) is to continue in effect beyond March 15, 2000, to the Federal Register for publi-cation.
TOKYO, March 13, 2000 (Reuters) - A small Japanese town passed a resolution on Monday banning the construction of nuclear waste storage facilities there, the latest sign of growing grass-roots opposition to nuclear power after a string of accidents.
nucnews.net /nucnews/2000nn/0003nn/000313nn.htm   (20349 words)

 March 13
New Mexico junior Daniel Stovall went 15 for 21 (.714) with a homer, seven doubles, 12 runs and 16 RBI and is this week's CollegeBaseballInsider.com National Player of the Week.
March 8, 2006 - Iā€™m currently on the bus taking time out of my card game to catch up with everyone before we play Louisiana Tech in Jackson tonight.
This is one of two games that we play in Jackson this year (4/4 Ole Miss).
collegebaseballinsider.com /archives31306.htm   (440 words)

 Anime News Service - March 13-15 Anime News
You MUST be over 13 in order to participate.
This Shinseido page states that the anime Gunparade March, based on the Playstation game, is to be broadcast on Fuji TV late night Wednesdays.
Cypress, CA (March 14, 2002) — Bandai Entertainment announced today the attendance of Norio Shioyama at this year’s Sakura Con 2002 in Seattle, Washington.
www.animenewsservice.com /archives/march5.htm   (4099 words)

 Anime News Service - March 13-19 Anime News
The "Special Talk Session" with Monkey Punch-sensei is a regular segment in the Lupin the Third Official Magazine that in the past has featured his conversations with Terada Katsuya, Chiba Tsuya, and others.
Author Gilles Poitras' USA Anime and Manga Report for March 2003 Volume 8 Number 3 Issue #87 can be accessed here.
This complex, highly anticipated science-fiction title is already receiving rave reviews from critics, who are responding enthusiastically to the tale of Ayato Kamina, his struggles to understand the truth behind an alien invasion, and his crucial role in fighting back as the pilot of the humanoid super weapon RahXephon.
www.animenewsservice.com /archives/march19.htm   (3902 words)

 March 13-16
It was supposed to be the end of the road for the Virginia General Assembly, but as lawmakers remain in a gridlock over what to do about transportation, an extended session looms.
Our favorite historian John Quarstein joins Cathy in the studio for a look at how our culture has been shaped by the Irish.
As we "march" on towards Spring, the milder
www.whro.org /home/publicradio/whrv/localprogramming/hearsay/2006/March/031306.htm   (234 words)

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