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Topic: Marder III

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In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

  Achtung Panzer! - Marder Series
The Marder II was a self-propelled anti-tank gun based on the obsolete Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf A/B/C and F light tank.
The Marder III was produced in two variants - Ausf H and Ausf M. They were based on the Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) Ausf H and Ausf M light tank chassis, respectively.
The Marder III Ausf H and Ausf M were also used to produce self-propelled guns armed with 150mm sIG heavy infantry guns and designated as Grille/Bison Ausf H and Ausf M.
www.achtungpanzer.com /marder.htm   (2297 words)

 German Marder Light Tank
The Marder I was built from a French Tracteur Blinde 37L and armed with a 75 mm main gun.
The Marder II's were basically refitted and redesigned Panzer II tanks featuring the engine moved to the middle from the rear and sliding the gun mount to the rear of the chassis.
Marder III's utilized the aforementioned 7.62 cm main gun on the Czech chassis.
www.secondworldwarhistory.com /marder.asp   (409 words)

 Marder tank destroyer - Wikimedia Commons
The Marder II was built on the Panzer II chassis; Sd.Kfz.
The Marder III was built on the chassis of the Panzer 38(t); Sd.Kfz.
Marder III (Sd.Kfz.139) on display at the Musée des Blindés at Saumur.
commons.wikimedia.org /wiki/Marder_tank_destroyer   (129 words)

 Marder III Ausf M by Ian Robertson (Tamiya 1/35)
The Marder III Ausf M tank destroyer, which made its first appearance in mid 1943, was based on the out-dated Czech-built 38(t) chassis.
By most accounts the Marder IIIM was an effective tank hunter, with its 7.5cm Pak40/3 gun firing armor piercing and high explosive rounds.
Replacement tracks for the Marder are worth the expense in my opinion because the tracks are highly visible in the finished model, and the realistic sag is difficult (but not impossible) to achieve with vinyl tracks.
hsfeatures.com /marderiiiir_1.htm   (549 words)

 Marder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
It was then followed by the Marder II, a similar design using the chasis of the German PzKw II tank as a basis.
The next was Marder III, which used the ex-Czech LT38 tan as its basis.
Similarly a 76mm Marder III was also produced, a similar rapid conversion based on the chassis and hull of the PzKw II tank.
expage.com /tanksge2   (385 words)

 Saving Private Ryan: SdKfz 138 Marder III (Ausf. M)
The SdKfz 138 Marder III was a self-propelled anti-tank gun (tank destroyer) that was constructed in two variants, the Ausf.
Both versions of the Marder III were armed with a 75mm PaK 40/3 L/46 anti-tank gun.
The Marder III was taken out of action when its crew was killed by Molotov cocktails thrown into the open crew compartment.
www.sproe.com /m/marder3.html   (533 words)

 Tamiya Marder III M TA35255
The Marder III M which was armed with a 7.5cm Pak40/3 gun and was used on all battlefronts by tank destroyer units, is now part of our Military Miniature Series.
During WWII, the German Army produced and operated the Marder III series, which was equipped with the Czech built obsolete 38(t) tank chassis, to combat the Soviet T-34 tanks.
First version of Marder was armed with improved spoiled Soviet 7.62cm Pak36 anti-tank cannon which was replaced with German 7.5cm Pak40 gun on H version, and the last version, the Marder III M was put into production in May 1943.
www.hobbytoys.it /store/viewItem2.asp?idProduct=605   (234 words)

 Battlefront - Producers of fine metal and resin miniatures   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Marder III Ausf M had the fighting compartment placed back further, and the engine moved to the centre of the vehicle, making the overall length of the vehicle, including the gun, shorter that the Ausf H and eliminating the need to clamber over the engine deck to serve the gun.
The Marder III M was issued to Panzerjager Abteilungs of Panzer, Panzergrenadier and Infantry division and saw action on all fronts from May 1943.
The Marder III M is armed with the PaK 40 with a Range of 32”/80cm, ROF 2, AT12 and FP 3+.
www.battlefront.co.nz /Article.asp?ArticleID=943   (332 words)

 LemaireSoft, Marder: global   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Les "Marder" ("martre" en allemand) était une solution de fortune pour répondre à une situation de crise: en 1941, les canons antichars se révélèrent impuissant face au blindage de la nouvelle génération de chars russes.
Les Marder III, initialement baptisés "Panzerjäger 38" ont tous été montés sur des châssis de Panzer 38.
Tant les Marder II que les Marder III passèrent ensuite au même canon de 75mm antichar que les Marder I et le dessin de leur casemate fut modifié.
www.lemairesoft.happyhost.org /char/charcd/14227.html   (695 words)

 Tamiya 1/35 Marder III
One such solution was the Marder II, taking the proven 75mm PAK 40/2 gun and mounting it on a Panzer II chassis.
Unfortunately, the Marder II was not very effective against the T-34.
The Marder III kit is molded in finely detailed desert tan styrene.
www.internetmodeler.com /2001/may/first-looks/tam_marder.htm   (513 words)

 Maquette MAQ-3544 1/35 Marder III German WW2 Self-propelled Gun on www.Aviapress.com. Model kits, Military Books and ...
Maquette MAQ-3544 1/35 Marder III German WW2 Self-propelled Gun on www.Aviapress.com.
In 1944 this SPA class was nicknamed Marder III ("Marder" means Ferret).
Marder III used by Panzerwaffe during the Barbarosa campaign and in the North Africa.
www.aviapress.com /viewonekit.htm?MAQ-3544   (273 words)

 Tank Marder III at the Museum Sinsheim
The “Marder III“ (“Marten III“) served as anti-tank defense and may be regarded as a forerunner of the fighter tanks.
The undercarriage of the retired 38 (t) was first mounted with captured 7.62 cm anti-tank guns and, starting in March of 1943, with 7.5 anti-tank guns of German make.
For a long time the “Marder III“ was the most effective weapon of the German anti-tank defense.
www.museum-sinsheim.de /000042FCA738_D4E3D357_00000412_0001.html   (129 words)

 Panzers Of The Reich: Marder III / Sd.Kfz.138 Ausf M
The last Marder III variant was based on the Panzer 38(t) Ausf.
In this variant, the gun and fighting compartment were located at the rear.
Unlike in the previous two Marder IIIs, this compartment was closed at the rear, though still open-topped.
www.panzer-reich.co.uk /marder-111-m-sdkfz-138.htm   (163 words)

 Dragon 1/144 Marder III
The Marder 3 series were based on the Czech 38(t) tank chassis, with a 7.5cm anti-tank gun.
Because the chassis were already built, it was only necessary to add the fighting compartment and the gun, so there were literally thousands of these.
The difference between the two Marders included here is that the Ausf H has the engine in the rear (Heckmotor) and the Ausf M has a mid mounted engine (Mitte).
www.ipmsusa.org /Reviews/Archive/Kits/Armor/Dragon_144_Marder_III/Dragon_144_Marder_III.htm   (648 words)

 Marder III - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Los Marder III fueron utilizados en las divisiones Panzer y sus Panzerjäger Abteilungen (Batallones de cazacarros) tanto de la Wehrmacht y las Waffen SS, como también de varias unidades de la Luftwaffe, como la División Herman Göring.
Mientras que los Marder III eran vehículos fiables, como todos los vehículos con el chasis del 38t checoslovaco, y su capacidad de fuego suficiente para destruir vehículos blindados ligeros y medios a distancias razonables, su principal debilidad estaba relacionada con su capacidad de supervivencia.
Los Marder III no eran vehículos de asalto o sustitutos para los tanques; su estructura abierta en la parte superior era un riesgo en combates urbanos o muy cercanos.
es.wikipedia.org /wiki/Marder_III   (805 words)

 Marder III (Ausf. M) Profile
M (SdKfz 138), Marder III, was an armored vehicle (tank destroyer, AFV or armoured fighting vehicle) in combat use during the Second World War (World War II or WWII) in the European theater.
The Marder III was a fully tracked all-terrain vehicle designed for military operations.
The technical drawing (plan, layout or profile) shows the general appearance characteristics of the specified model (version) of the Marder series of tank destroyers for purposes of identification and reference.
www.onwar.com /tanks/germany/profiles/pmarder3m.htm   (120 words)

 Germany's Panzerjäger Marder II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Marder II With the invasion of Russia, and their tanks that were encountered, it was found that there was a need for mobile anti-tank firepower.
The gun was mounted in a single three sided armored section.
Most were sent to the Eastern Front, but did serve on all fronts.
www.wwiivehicles.com /germany/tank_hunters/marder_ii.html   (422 words)

 tankdestroyers 1 page 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Marder III was the best design of the Marder series, and included three versions.
Many of the Marder III vehicles served in North Africa with the Africa Korps.
A camouflaged Marder III R with 76.2mm Pak 36
www.wargamer.com /Hosted/Panzer/tankdestroy1b.html   (261 words)

 StuG III 7.5cm
Originally designed for infantry support, the up-gunned versions of the StuG III were used in an anti-tank role.
The main gun was mounted to a fixed superstructure installed on the chassis of a Panzer III tank.
It had heavier armor protection than the Panzer III or IV.
www.battletanks.com /stug_iii_7_5cm.htm   (158 words)

 SDV Model 1/87 Marder III
Specializing in HO scale models aimed at the gaming and Model Railroad enthusiasts, their inventory ranges from numerous military to civilian vehicles to structures.
The focus of this article will be the Marder III.
3 fl and white photos of a Marder III are included, as well as 9 artistic profiles of the Marder in each of the camouflage schemes/decal options available.
www.ipmsusa.org /Reviews/Archive/Kits/Armor/SDV_87_Marder_III/SDV_87_Marder_III.htm   (483 words)

 Constructive Comments Discussion Group
Other than the rubber band tracks, this is a superb model and is even better than their first Marder III release (7,62cm).
It has very very good pics of the Marder III M, in action (particularly the models depicted by Tamiya) and close-ups as well.
October 9 2002, 2:39 PM I don't have the Marder IIIM yet but I can tell that the Pak 40 is new tooling as compared to their earlier, Pak 40 release.
network54.com /Forum/110741/thread/1034112360/Tamiya+Marder+III+Ausf.+M   (1097 words)

 Marder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Schützenpanzer Marder, a modern German Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
Marder (midget submarine), a German midget submarine from World War II.
Marder (Zoids), a mecha from the Zoids fictional universe.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Marder   (101 words)

 eBay - marder iii, Models, Kits, Toy Soldiers items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Verlinden Marder III Ausf M, Stowage and Ammo 1/35 1899
MARDER III German Tank Destroyer Tamiya 1/35 35248 NIB
Tamiya 1/35 Marder III sdkfz139 German 7.62cmPak36 Tank
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=marder+iii&newu=1&krd=1   (430 words)

 Germany's Panzerjäger Marder III   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
On December 22, 1941, the Weapons Department was ordered to produce a self-propelled anti-tank gun to help get an effective antitank gun to the units on the Eastern front.
Originally designated the Panzerselbstfahrlafette 2 für 7.62 cm PaK 36, but on February 27, 1944, Hitler ordered it to be called the Marder III.
175 of these were conversions of the PzKpfw 38(t), and 243 were built from the ground up as a Marder III.
www.wwiivehicles.com /germany/tank_hunters/marder_iii.html   (616 words)

 Marder III (76.2 mm gun)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
A 76.2 mm gun of Russian origin mounted on the chassis of a Czech tank 38.
Identification: Looks like a Marder II armed with the same gun.
The running gear (return rollers on the Marder III, different shape of the sprocket and the idler) and the overall outlook of the superstructure differentiate the two machines.
users.swing.be /tanks/engins2/47.html   (64 words)

 Military Scale Model Gallery: German Tank Destroyer Marder III Ausf.M - Worldwar2aces   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This is Tamiya´s 1/35th scale Marder III M. Added Eduard f.e., Gun metal barrel from Jordi Rubio, and Friul Model Tracks.
I was kinda hoping you had a Marder on here, it look's great.
Again Carlos, your Marder is outstanding, especially for someone with a soft spot for the German armor.
www.worldwar2aces.com /cgi-bin/gallery/gallery.cgi?gallery=200632010264172071   (262 words)

 Marder III and Grille Book Review by John Prigent
The book starts with a short section on the inter-war experiments, PzJager I, Marder I on French chassis and Marder II on Pz II chassis before moving on to its main subjects.
First the rear-engined SdKfz139 with 7.62cm Russian gun (which gets a four-view 1/35 plan) and SdKfz138 with 7.5cm PaK40, then both rear- and mid-engined Grilles with the 15cm infantry gun, and then the mid-engined SdKfz138 Ausf M with its PaK 40.
There are no details of the unit allocations of the Aufklarungspanzer 38(t), presumable because no information has been found.
www.kitreview.com /reviews/marderiiibookreview_1.htm   (495 words)

 Articles - Kits - Marder III M - Tankshack
The Marder III M has been at the top of my kit "wish list" for a really long time.
The most readily available references for the Marder III M are the Zimmerit Press book, the old Schiffer paper back on the Marder series and the MBI Marder III and Grille.
There is also a Kagero Photosniper book on the Marder III and an old Squadron "Panzerjaegers In Action".
www.tankshack.com /testing/xoops-   (806 words)

 Osprey Roundup
The Alan Marder II D is next and again he upgrades it, this time with the gun from Tamiya’s Marder III and Modelkasten tracks.
The third model is the Tamiya Marder III itself, much improved with a CMK interior set, K59 resin gun and upper works, Aber details and trackguards, and Friuli tracks.
Resin conversions from ARMO and ALby are combined for the Sturmpanzer IV, the StuG is kitbashed from the Revell StuG III and Pz IV J kits, and the Wirbelwind is the Hasegawa kit with parts from Revell’s Pz IV H and a scratchbuilt turret.
www.internetmodeler.com /2005/july/new-releases/osprey.php   (1330 words)

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