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Topic: Margrethe II of Denmark

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Margrethe II of Denmark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Queen Margrethe II (Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid) (born 16 April 1940) is the Queen regnant and head of state of Denmark.
Princess Margrethe (pronounced Margrete) was born at Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, to Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Ingrid.
Margrethe was not born to be monarch, even though she was the eldest child of a Crown Prince, later King.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Margrethe_II   (1214 words)

 Queen på Sjælland, Møn og Lolland-Falster
Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II is a monarch who scores top marks in domestic opinion polls when it comes to personal elegance, knowledge, intellectual and artistic abilities and not least her ability to communicate with her subjects in a way which captures their imagination.
Margrethe was meticulously prepared for her reign through a broad program of study at universities in Copenhagen and Århus in Denmark, Cambridge and the London School of Economics in Britain and the Sorbonne in France.
Denmark is an island kingdom consisting of the Jutland peninsula, connected to Germany, and 406 islands.
www.oplevdanmark.nu /?action=intranet&DocumentID=411&MenuID=34   (7707 words)

 ipedia.com: Margrethe II of Denmark Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Margrethe Alexandrine Þorhildur Ingrid (born April 16, 1940) is the Queen of Denmark.
Princess Margrethe was baptised on 14 May 1940 at The Naval Church and confirmed on 1 April 1955 at Fredensborg Palace.
Henri received the title of "His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark" because of his new position as the spouse of the heiress apparent to the Danish Throne.
www.ipedia.com /margrethe_ii_of_denmark.html   (666 words)

 Middle East Online
Queen Margrethe II says in her new book people must on occasion show their opposition to Islam.
Denmark has in recent years been accused of fuelling xenophobic tendencies after implementing a slew of measures aimed at curbing immigration.
Queen Margrethe, who professes a knowledge of Islam due to her interest in archaeology, said it was "natural that young Muslims would be attracted" to the faith's absolute values and seek refuge in religion "as they are cut off from our community because of their lack of (Danish) language skills."
www.middle-east-online.com /english?id=13230   (367 words)

 Margrethe II
Margrethe II Margrethe II is a gift for Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.
Margrethe II is a recommendation to the Royal Danish Court to have new interpretations made of the royal effects such as sceptres, crowns and thrones by contemporary designers from the kingdom.
Margrethe II is a project carried out with Thomas Krause, Morten Linde and Steffen Schmelling, industrial designers.
www.philipbrodesign.dk /Pages/MargreUK.html   (81 words)

 George Bush Presidential Library and Museum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
And today, also, Denmark is assisting the victims of war, sending a medical team to the coalition forces in Saudi Arabia, readying a hospital in Europe for evacuated casualties, helping refugees from Kuwait and Iraq.
Both Denmark and the United States have spoken out against the use of force in the Baltics and in support of a return to peaceful and constructive negotiations.
I welcome Denmark's Queen Margrethe II, and her consort, Prince Henrik, to Washington as very special guests of the United States.
bushlibrary.tamu.edu /research/papers/1991/91022000.html   (935 words)

 Scandinavian Review: Queen Margrethe II: Denmark's monarch for a modern age   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Now Margrethe it stood in the chill wind with the immense responsibility of being the new Head of State, with all the obligations and expectations that the Danish population might have of her.
With this change Margrethe's life had taken a new direction, so the royal couple's eldest daughter had to be slowly and naturally introduced to the duty she would one day take over.
Denmark is one of the oldest kingdoms in Europe and in the World, but the monarchy must perform a delicate balancing act in today's democratic era.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3760/is_199910/ai_n8868143   (1533 words)

 Kalmar shines again, royal jubilee, Newsletter 1 - 1997   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
She was formally elected Queen Regent of Denmark in 1387, and ascended to the thrones of Norway and Sweden soon thereafter.
The unification was symbolized by the coronation of Margrete's adopted son Erik of Pomerania.
Appropriately, this year also marks the Silver Jubilee of the rule of Margrethe II of Denmark, and Nordic and European royalty celebrated with her at gala events in the Danish capital at the beginning of January.
www.norden.org /top/01/01j_97.htm   (662 words)

 Telegraph | News | We need a counter-balance to Islam, says Danish queen
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has said her country needs to find a "counter-balance" to Islamic fundamentalism, regardless of the opprobium such a stance provokes abroad.
Queen Margrethe II But in overtly political passages from an official biography published yesterday Queen Margrethe makes comments certain to complicate her nation's relationship with Muslims.
Denmark has seriously limited immigration in the past three years and the anti-immigrant Danish People's Party, an ally of the centre-Right government, has pushed through laws making it harder to bring in foreign spouses or qualify for asylum.
www.telegraph.co.uk /news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2005/04/15/wqueen15.xml&sSheet=/news/2005/04/15/ixworld.html   (409 words)

 Slektstre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Oscar II King of Norway (1872-1905) and Sweden from 1872 Married 1857 Princess Sophie of Nassau.
Prince of Denmark Married 1967 the future Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.
Princess of Denmark, later Queen of the United Kingdom Married 1863 the future King Edward VII of the United Kingdom.
www.kongehuset.no /popup_slektstre_eng.html   (886 words)

 Dronning Margrethe 2.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Queen Margrethe is the fifth generation of the Glücksburg monarchy in Denmark.
She is the great granddaughter of Frederik VIII and following the change to the Act of Succession in 1953 she is the "finest" of his descendants because she is sovereign and the descendant of the eldest son of every generation since Christian IX.
In her youth archaeology was her passion; in recent years she has been active in many artistic fields, including fine art, church textiles, ballet costumes, and designs for the stage.
www.dr.dk /aroyalfamily/person_margrethe.htm   (191 words)

 The Danish Monarchy - The Royal House - HM The Queen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Margrethe Alexandrine Þorhildur Ingrid, Her Majesty The Queen, became Queen of Denmark in 1972.
HM Queen Margrethe II was born on 16 April 1940 at Amalienborg Palace as the daughter of King Frederik IX (d.
On 16 April 1958, the Heir Apparent, Princess Margrethe, was given a seat on the State Council, and the Heir Apparent subsequently chaired the meetings of the State Council in the absence of King Frederik IX.
www.kongehuset.dk /artikel.php?dogtag=k_en_fam_oue   (1155 words)

 Online Encyclopedia and Dictionary - Margrethe II of Denmark
She was born at Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, to Frederik IX and Princess Ingrid of Sweden.
On 10 June 1967 Her Royal Highness The Princess Margrethe of Denmark married a French diplomat, Count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat at the Naval Church.
The Queen performs the latter task by accepting invitations to open exhibitions, attending anniversaries, inaugurating bridges, etc. As an unelected public official, The Queen takes no part in party politics and does not express any political opinions.
www.fact-archive.com /encyclopedia/Margrethe_II_of_Denmark   (802 words)

 George Bush Presidential Library and Museum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Prince Henrik, and ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed a pleasure for Barbara and me to salute Queen Margrethe II, the heir to a thousand-year-old monarchy and the head of state of our very close friend and ally Denmark.
And from her birth during the darkest days of World War II, when she was seen as a symbol of hope for a nation under occupation, Queen Margrethe has been a source of inspiration to her country.
In his remarks, he referred to Prince Henrik, the Queen's husband, and her sons, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim; President Saddam Hussein of Iraq; Colin L. Powell, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Duane R. Bushey, master chief petty officer of the Navy; and Julian Gates, sergeant major of the Army.
bushlibrary.tamu.edu /research/papers/1991/91022006.html   (1156 words)

 The Kingdom of Denmark
Queen Margrethe used to be styled as tronfølgeren (heir to the throne) and wasn't called Crown Princess.
The children of the sovereign and of the heir to the throne are Royal Highness, Prince/Princess of Denmark.
Queen Margrethe I united the Kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden (independent in 1523) and Norway (after 1814 a part of Sweden) in the Union of Kalmar in 1397.
www.nettyroyal.nl /denmark2.html   (562 words)

 Margrethe II of Denmark   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Queen Margrethe II's logo The Queen is also an accomplished and critically-acclaimed painter, and has held many art shows over the years.
It is often said that were She not Queen, She could easily make a living as a professional artist.
Margaret II of Denmark Category:Danish monarchs Category:Knights of the Garter Category:House of Glücksburg Category:Queens regnant Margrethe cy:Margrethe II o Ddenmarc da:Margrethe 2.
margrethe-ii-of-denmark.iqnaut.net   (844 words)

 HELLO! Profiles
Queen Margrethe II has the reputation of being Europe's most intellectual monarch — a reflection, perhaps, of the fact that the Danish queen attended no fewer than five universities, including Cambridge.
She is also the first reigning queen (her namesake Queen Margrethe I acted as regent for her five-year-old son Olaf when he was elected king in the 14th century) in a country which has been headed by the same family for 49 generations.
The arrival of Margrethe Alexandrine Thorhildur Ingrid Oldenburg on April 16, 1940, at Copenhagen's Amalienborg Palace, a week after the country had been invaded by German forces, was interpreted as a ray of hope by the Danish people.
www.hellomagazine.com /profiles/queenmargrethe   (479 words)

 Smoking list - Margrethe
"Margrethe doesn't want to give up smoking...With her heavy long-term consumption of cigarettes, the queen is jointly responsible for the uncommonly high and climbing mortality among Danish women between 45 and 74, the Belgian Hugo Keestelot wrote in the reputable British medical magazine, the Lancet...[Margrethe] repelled the attack yesterday.
Margrethe II of Denmark chain-smokes...She smokes her cigarettes right up to the present day, although she has often been told that she is thereby inflicting damage equally to her own health and to anti-smoking campaigns", Welt am Sonntag (Germany), Sep. 21, '03
"In 1972, Margrethe II ascended the Danish throne.
smokingsides.com /asfs/M/Margrethe.html   (3374 words)

 The Smoothing Plane: Rewriting, for Clarity.
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has called on the country "to show our opposition to Islam", regardless of the opprobium such a stance provokes abroad.
No, no, no. Denmark has finally stepped away from the policies sure to turn much of other parts of western Europe into a fl-burkhas for women, stonings for all offenses, hands and heads-cut-off-in-public 6th century paradise (none but bearded fanatical zealots need apply) if someone doesn't say "Thus far and no farther!" and mean it.
The pro-Liberty, preserve Denmark's history Danish People's Party, an ally of the legitmately elected centre-Right government, and opponents of the Left-out-of-Reality, we'll-Tolerate-any offense-so-as-not-to-be-seen-as-giving-offense, we're-sorry-to-have-to-put-it-this-way-Party,...has enacted timely and long publicly urged legislation, closing the porous immigration policies of the Left-out-of-Reality....Party resonsible for the serious declines in livibility in Denmark in recent years.
smoothingplane.blogspot.com /2005/04/rewriting-for-clarity.html   (622 words)

 Brudirect.com  - World Report
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, on a state visit to Japan, exchanged pleasantries in Danish with humanoid robot Asimo, one of Tokyo's top celebrities.
A smiling Queen Margrethe, her bouquet and handbag on one arm, hunched over to shake hands with the 1.2 meter (four-foot) jester, whose guardian, Honda president Takeo Fukui, looked on approvingly.
Queen Margrethe was visiting the Honda headquarters as part of a five-day official visit to Japan, which included a palace banquet hosted by Emperor Akihito.
www.brudirect.com /DailyInfo/News/Archive/Nov04/181104/wn02.htm   (208 words)

 PunditGuy: In Denmark (of all places)
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark said: "We are being challenged by Islam these years - globally as well as locally.
Via PunditGuy: In Denmark (of all places): Queen Margrethe II of Denmark said: "We are being challenged by Islam these years - globally as well as locally.
Denmark, if does not deal with this problem on a fair ground, will also continue to be a source of harm and convulsion to many Muslims.
www.punditguy.com /2005/04/in_denmark_of_a.html   (2395 words)

 Auterrific: Denmark Sets An Example For The Rest Of Europe
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark set an example for the rest of Europe and, in fact, the world with her recent comments on opposition to Islam.
During World War II the Danish people were unique in their approach to the Nazis treatment of Danish Jews.
The story of the exodus of the Danish Jews during WWII is relayed in "A Night of Watching", a fact-based novel by Elliot Arnold (What an appropriate title for this time of year!) One of the boats used to evacuate some of Denmark's Jews is on permanent display at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut.
auterrific.mu.nu /archives/076918.php   (898 words)

 SpiritHit News | Europe | Danish Queen Says Islam Poses Global Threat
Copenhagen -–; Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II claimed that Islam poses a global threat and urged government to show no tolerance toward the Muslim minority in the north European country, reported the Telegraph on Friday, April 15.
But Denmark has cracked down on migration in the past three years and the anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party, an ally of the center-right government, has pushed through laws making it harder to bring in foreign spouses or qualify for asylum.
Islam is Denmark’s second largest religion after the Lutheran Protestant Church, which is actively followed by four-fifths of the country’s population.
news.spirithit.com /index/europe/more/danish_queen_says_islam_poses_global_threat   (569 words)

 Queen Margrethe II of Denmark - 9 Star Ki horoscope   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In its assertive and actualizing way of being and in its reflective and emotional mode it is a 2 Earth, the mother who looks after her kids and seeks a matriarchal way of resolving its issues.
Queen Margrethe II was born on 16 April 1940 making her a 6 Metal Personality as an adult and a 3 Wood as a child.
She was the ray of light for the darkness that surrounded Denmark at the time.
www.grasshoppingtime.com /gateway/archive/qmd.html   (2205 words)

 News Item   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has called on the country "to show our opposition to Islam", regardless of the furor such a stance would provoke abroad.
But the queen's comments further undermined the image of Denmark as a liberal haven for those seeking a new life in northern Europe with the Danish government already being accused of fuelling xenophobia by introducing measures which effectively closed the country to asylum seekers.
About 8 percent of Denmark's 5.4 million people are immigrants -- about a third of those come from other European Union countries or North America and only 150,000 are Muslims.
www.hadeer.com /asp/article/articles2/news_item.asp?NewsID=76   (643 words)

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