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Topic: Marie, Countess of Boulogne

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  Marjory , b: 1152 - England
?, Judith, COUNTESS OF NORTHUMBRIA (ABT 1027 - 1094)
kartchner.surnames.com /gedhtree/ancestors/ip9.htm   (7240 words)

 Count of Boulogne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Boulogne later became influential in the history of England, when Eustace II accompanied William the Conqueror's invasion in 1066.
Boulogne was also a major participant in the First Crusade; Eustace III's brothers Godfrey and Baldwin both became king of Jerusalem, and Eustace himself was offered but declined the title.
Boulogne passed under nominal royal control in 1223 when it was given to Philip II's son Philip Hurepel.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Count_of_Boulogne   (303 words)

 Marie of Boulogne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Marie of Boulogne was the Countess of Boulogne from 1159 to 1170.
Marie was born to King Stephen of England and his wife Matilda I, Countess of Boulogne.
They reigned together until their divorce in 1170, when Matthew (not Marie) continued to reign until his death in 1173, when their daughter Ida became the Countess.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Marie_of_Boulogne   (140 words)

 Encyclopedia: Marie de France   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Marie de France was a poet, in France and England during the late 12th century.
One of her works is dedicated to a "King Henry," another to a "Count William"; it is thought that these refer to Henry II of England and his oldest son, William, Count of Poitiers.
The Lais of Marie de France are a series of short narrative poems in Anglo-Norman, generally focused on glorifying the concepts of courtly love by describing the adventures of a certain hero.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Marie-de-France   (637 words)

 Royalty Germany
Clementia Countess of Namur--------> Godfrey III Duke of Lorraine
Hedwig Countess of Luxembourg Henry I Duke of Brabant
Irmtrude Countess of Luxembourg and spouse at Maria Princess of Germany
www3.telus.net /hallshome/royalty/pedger.htm   (221 words)

 Literary Encyclopedia: Marie de France
Marie (II), the abbess of Reading, would be a second option as the Harley manuscript that contains both Marie’s fables and the lais (today housed in the British Library, MS Harley 978) might have been copied at her convent.
Marie (III), the eighth child of Waleran II, Count of Meulan, is the third option, as she was brought up in the modern-day French département of Eure wherein is located the town of Pitres.
Marie composed a group of courtly verse narratives, the lais (five manuscripts), and she translated from Latin a collection of fables (fables, twenty-five manuscripts) and the hagiographic Tractatus de Purgatorio Sancti Patricii by Henry of Saltrey as Espurgatoire seint Patritz (The Purgatory of St. Patrick, one manuscript).
www.litencyc.com /php/speople.php?rec=true&UID=5494   (2180 words)

 Matilda of Boulogne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
She was the daughter of Eustace III, Count of Boulogne and his wife Princess Mary of Scotland, herself the daughter of King Malcolm III of Scotland and Saint Margaret of Scotland.
William of Blois, Count of Mortain and Boulogne and Earl of Surrey or Warenne.
Queen Matilda died at Hedingham Castle, Essex, England and is buried at Faversham Abbey, England.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Matilda_of_Boulogne   (201 words)

 Ida, Countess of Boulogne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
She was the eldest daughter of Matthew of Alsace by Marie, Countess of Boulogne (herself the daughter of King Stephen of England).
This relationship came to naught when Ida was abducted in 1190 by Count Renaud de Dammartin, who carried her off to Lorraine.
Whatever the truth, she remained with Renaud and produced a daughter, Matilda II of Boulogne (died 1258).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ida,_Countess_of_Boulogne   (350 words)

 4Reference || Members of the French Royal Families   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Countess Jeanne of Toulouse **Dagobert (1222-1232) **Isabelle, Abbess of Longchamp (1224-1269) **Stephen (b.1225) ** Charles I of Anjou, King of Sicily (1226-1285); m.1 Beatrice of Provence; m.2 Margaret of Burgundy
Duke Henry II of Lorraine *Wives: ** Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615), daughter of Henry II of France ** Marie de Medici (1573-1642), niece of the Grand Duke of Tuscany *Children and Agnatic Grandchildren: ** Louis XIII of France (1601-1643) ** Elisabeth (1602-1644), m.
Marie Therese of France, daughter of Louis XVI **Sophie (1776-1783) ** Charles-Ferdinand, Duke of Berry (1778-1820), m.
www.4reference.net /encyclopedias/wikipedia/Members_of_the_French_Royal_Families.html   (2197 words)

 Marie de France
Marie de France's identity remains obscure, but it is clear that she was a woman of French origin writing in England in the later decades of the twelfth century, widely educated, and in touch with the royal court.
Marie de France may be trying less to propound a critique of the received stories of Arthur than to recall her readers' attention to elements that tradition has left aside, as she suggests in her prologue.
This is only one of Marie’s dozen lais; the others in her collection (including one on the Tristan legend) view love from other points of view, rendering a very kaleidoscopic picture of the relationships of men and women, of individuals and society, and of power and authority in her time.
faculty.winthrop.edu /kosterj/ENGL512/Marie.htm   (1379 words)

 Sheila Rae Boughner - Elizabeth Bourne
She was married to Eustace II of Boulogne.
Eustace II of Boulogne was born in 1030.
Baldwin Blois, Eustace Blois, Mary (Marie) of (Mortain) Romsey, Matilda Blois,
us.geocities.com /Heartland/Ranch/8882/d59.htm   (842 words)

 Encyclopedia: Members of the French Royal Families   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Marie (1198-1223); m.1 Philip I, Marquis of Namur; m.2 Henry I, Duke of Brabant
Wife: Marie of Anjou (1404-1463) daughter of Louis II of Valois, Duke of Anjou and King of Naples
Mary Tudor, princess of England (1496-1533), youngest daughter of Henry VII of England
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Members-of-the-French-Royal-Families   (1336 words)

 Catholic Encyclopedia - Better Solutions to All Your Problems - Community Message Board at Skincareindia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Geramb, Baron Ferdinand de - In religion, Brother Mary Joseph; Abbot and procurator-general of La Trappe, came of a noble and ancient family in Hungary; b.
Godfrey of Bouillon - Duke of Lower Lorraine and first King of Jerusalem, son of Eustache II, Count of Boulogne, and of Ida, daughter of Godfrey the Bearded, Duke of Lower Lorraine; b.
Goetz, Marie Josephine - Second superior-general of the Society of the Sacred Heart, daughter of Joseph Goetz of Strasburg and Marie Anne Wagner; b.
www.skincareindia.com /special/cat.asp?/Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Denominations/Catholicism/Reference/Catholic_Encyclopedia/G   (8448 words)

 webGED: The Bement Family Data Page
Mary was born in London on February 18, 1516, the daughter of Henry VIII of England, by his first wife, Catherine of Aragón.
She was called Bloody Mary because of a large number of religious persecutions that took place during her reign; almost 300 people were condemned to death as a result of trials for heresy.
Mary governed as regent while William was campaigning in Ireland (1690-91) and on the Continent (1692-94), but for the most part she simply carried out policies formulated by her husband.
www.bementfamily.com /webged/bement.wbg/wga39.html   (3733 words)

 MARIE ANTOINETTE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
A cup, out of which Marie Antoinette had drunk; a writing-stand, which she had long used, were, in her eyes, of inestimable value; and she has often been discovered sitting, in tears, before the portrait of her royal mistress.
Marie Antoinette was the cause of her governess being dismissed, through a confession that all her copies and all her letters were invariably first traced out with pencil; the Comtesse de Brandes was appointed to succeed her, and fulfilled her duties with great exactness and talent.
The desire to perfect Marie Antoinette in the study of the French language was probably the motive which determined Maria Theresa to provide for her as teachers two French actors: Aufresne, for pronunciation and declamation, and Sainville, for taste in French singing; the latter had been an officer in France, and bore a bad character.
beryl.ils.unc.edu /~widger/folder/cm54b11h/cm54b11h.html   (18332 words)

 Sam Sloan's Big Combined Family Trees - pafg547 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Marie Countess Of CLEVES was born on 19 Sep 1426.
Katharine Marie Von MEYSENBUG [Parents] was born on 30 Dec 1655 in Hannover, Hannover, Prussia.
Marie Von ALVENSLEBEN was born on 26 Nov 1579 in Of, Erxleben, Sachsen, Prussia.
www.samsloan.com /pafg547.htm   (753 words)

 Ancestors of Dylan James Schiele
Judith of Boulogne Countess of Huntingdon was born in 1054/55 in Of, Lens, Artois, France.
Parents: Lambert of Boulogne Count of Lens and Adelaide Countess of Ponthieu.
Mary Lindgren Karnatz was born on 2 Jul 1892.
jjhnsn.tripod.com /dylan/d91.htm   (1088 words)

 Genealogy - pafg1443 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Marie Countess of Mortain & Boulogne was born about 1137 in Of, Blois, Loir-Et-Cher, France.
Marie De Champagne [Parents] was born in 1174 in Champagne, France.
Princess Marie of France [Parents] was born in Apr 1138 in France.
freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com /~elessar5/pafg1443.htm   (421 words)

 GENEALOGY OF THE SENIOR LINE OF ORLEANS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Princess Marie Isabelle Marguerite Anne Genevieve, b at Boulogne-Billancourt 3 Jan 1959; m at Dreux, Dept Eure et Loire 22 Jul (civ) and at Friedrichshafen 29 Jul (civ and relig) 1989, Gundakar, Prince von und zu Liechtenstein (b at Vienna I Apr 1949).
Prince Charles-Louis Henri Foulques Benoit Elzéar Jean Marie, Duke of Chartres, b Neuilly-sur-Seine 11 Jul 1972; m at Dreux 21 Jun (civ) and at Athens 28 Jun (relig) 1997, Ileana (b at Athens 22 Sep 1971), dau of Konstantinos Manos and Sybille Chrissoveloni.
Princess Isabelle Françoise Hélène Marie, b at Paris 27 Nov 1900; d at Louveciennes 12 Feb 1983; m lstly at Le Chesnay, Yvelines 12 Sep (civ) and 15 Sep (relig) 1923, Bruno, Count of Harcourt, of the Dukes of Harcourt (b at Vevey, Vaud 30 Sep 1899; d at Casablanca, Morocco 19 Apr 1930).
www.chivalricorders.org /royalty/bourbon/france/orlnsgen.htm   (693 words)

 The Bailey Family   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Mary ALLGAR was born on 9 Sep 1560 in Shalford, Essex, England.
He was married to Marie Countess Of MORTAIN and BOULOGNE [ABBESS OF ROMSEY] in 1160.
Mary REYNOLDS on 12 Jul 1722 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.
bailey.aros.net /jsbailey/d18.htm   (1378 words)

 thePeerage.com - Person Page 8958
Marie Giglione is the daughter of Georges Giglione and Comtesse Marie-Amelie de Rodez-Benavent.
Barbara d'Ursel, Countess de Boudies was born on 8 August 1958 at Elizabethville, Congo.
She married Louis Jean de Nicolay, son of René Marie Nicolas de Nicolay, Comte de Nicolay and Pia Maria de Orléans-Bragança e Borbon, on 23 August 1980.
www.thepeerage.com /p8958.htm   (743 words)

 The Bailey Family   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Marie Countess Of MORTAIN and BOULOGNE [ABBESS OF ROMSEY] was born about 1137 in Blois, Loir-Et-Cher, France.
She was married to Matthieu D' ALSACE [COUNT OF BOULOGNE] in 1160.
Catherine (Katherine) De MORTIMER [COUNTESS OF WARWICK] was born in 1309/10 in Wigmore, Herefordshire, England.
bailey.aros.net /jsbailey/d143.htm   (1333 words)

 Royal Family of Europe - pafg139 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Mary De VERE was born about 1262 in Of,, Essex, England.
Marie Princess Of BRABANT was born about 1190 in,, Brabant, Belgium.
Friedrich I "Barbarossa" Emperor Of The HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE was born in 1122 in Of,, Swaben, Bavaria.
www.ishipress.com /royalfam/pafg139.htm   (1231 words)

 thePeerage.com - Person Page 5903
Constance de Ravinel is the daughter of Baron Yves de Ravinel and Countess Alexe de Castellane.
Amaury Yves Michel Marie Joseph di Borbone, Principe di Parma is the son of Charles Emmanuel di Borbone, Principessa di Parma and Constance de Ravinel.
Charlotte Alexe Yolande Marie Joseph di Borbone, Principessa di Parma is the daughter of Charles Emmanuel di Borbone, Principessa di Parma and Constance de Ravinel.
www.thepeerage.com /p5903.htm   (705 words)

 Members of the French Royal Families   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Marie (1198-1223); m.1 Philip I Marquis of m.2 Henry I Duke of Brabant
Marie of Brabant (1256-1321) daughter of Henry III Duke of Brabant
Jeanne II Countess of Burgundy (1308-1347); Duke Eudes IV of Burgundy
www.freeglossary.com /Members_of_the_French_Royal_Families   (1485 words)

 Matthieu D' Alsace Count Of Boulogne / Marie Countess Of Mortain Of Boulogne   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Father: King Stephen Iv Blois Of England Mother: Matilda Of Boulogne Countess Of Boulogne
Name: Duchess Maud D'alsace Of Brabant Born: Abt 1163 at Of, Boulogne, Pas DE Calais, France Died: 1211 at Louvain, Belgium Husband: Duke Henry Ii Of Brabant
Name: Ida De Flanders Countess Of Dammartin Born: Abt 1161 at Of, Boulogne, Pas DE Calais, France Died: 1216 Husband: Renaud De Trie
www.e-familytree.net /F5/F5926.htm   (289 words)

 Europe's 13th-Century Progress by Sanderson Beck
On May 28, 1213 Salisbury earl William and the count of Boulogne led 700 English and Flemish knights on 500 ships with thousands of soldiers to surprise the French camp, reported to have 1,700 vessels, while French soldiers were dispersed besieging Ghent and plundering the region.
Joan had left Flanders countess Margaret a debt of 164,000 pounds, and in the next twelve years Margaret borrowed at least twice that much fighting her Avesnes sons on behalf of her Dampierre sons.
Countess Margaret of Flanders (1244-1278) caused a crisis in 1270 when she confiscated English property, and within four years Flemish merchants, who had been perhaps the most prosperous in Europe, had lost most of their carrying trade.
www.san.beck.org /AB21-Europe13thCentury.html   (23862 words)

 France Substates
Also Countess of Boulogne, succeeded father, Jean II le Bon, Duke of Normandie and Boulogne, King of France (1350-64).
Also known as Marie de Berry, she was daughter of Jean d'Anjou, Count de Poitiers, Duc de Berry, d'Auvergne and Jeanne d'Armagnac, and was married to Louis de Châtillon, Count de Dunois, Philippe d'Artois, Count d'Eu and finally to Jean I, Duc de Bourbon (1410-15-34), and regent during his imprisonment in England.
She was Countess of Auxerre and Chalon as the daughter of Gilbert de Chalon and Ermengarde II de Bourgogne.
www.guide2womenleaders.com /france_substates.htm   (9509 words)

 Stephen (Etienne) King of England & Mathilde I Countess de Boulogne Queen of England/Queen of England   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Stephen (Etienne) King of England and Mathilde I Countess de Boulogne Queen of England/Queen of England
Adela (Alice) Princess of England [Countess of Blois]/[Countess of Blois]
Mathilde I Countess de Boulogne Queen of England/Queen of England
www.uscousins.com /reports/wc02/wc02_471.html   (104 words)

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