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Topic: Marimba

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Marimba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The bars of the marimba are wider and thinner than those of the xylophone, especially at the center; this change in shape causes the bars to respond a different set of overtones found in the overtone series, giving the instrument a richer tone.
Traditional marimba bands are especially popular in Guatemala, where they are the national symbol of culture, but are also found in Costa Rica and parts of the highlands of southern Mexico, as well as among Afro-Ecuadorians; gyil duets are the traditional music of Dagara funerals in Ghana.
The Marimba or Shilimba or Shinjimba as the Nkoya People of Western Zambia call it are believed to be the introducers of the Shilimba or "marimba" instrument in Southern Africa.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Marimba   (1377 words)

 The Marimba
These traditional marimbas are still made in rural villages, mainly in Guatemala and Mexico, and are usually played either by attaching the instrument to a frame with wooden legs or by hanging it from the player’s waist.
The marimba is the national instrument in Guatemala where it is used in religious ceremonies, as well as in social or community events.
The keys of the modern marimba are usually constructed of rosewood, and the resonators of brass or aluminum.
www.lafi.org /magazine/articles/marimba.html   (794 words)

Marimbas often cover a 5-octave range, although smaller marimbas are available in graduated sizes all the way down to 4 octaves.
Rosewood marimbas tend to be favored by the pros, although synthetic marimbas (and cheaper woods like padouk) tend to be cheaper and require less maintenance.
Marimbas are played with mallets made specially for the purpose, usually holding one or two mallets in each hand (for a total of two or four).
www.qbrundage.com /michaelb/marimba.html   (400 words)

 Glass marimba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The glass marimba is a crystallophone that is similar to the marimba, but has bars of glass instead of wood.
The Glass Marimba is an instrument made of plate glass bars resting on a clear plexiglass resonator box.
The tuning of the this particular marimba is reminiscent of the sounds of Indonesian Gamelan music.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Glass_marimba   (158 words)

 Marimba Music of Honduras - Sound Clip - MSN Encarta
The marimba’s popularity in Honduras is thought to have spread from Guatemala, where it was brought by African slaves.
This tune combines a marimba with the more modern accordion.
The buzzing sound is made by the resonators of the marimba, which hang below the wooden keys and are covered by a vibrating membrane.
encarta.msn.com /media_461527156_761563646_-1_1/Marimba_Music_of_Honduras.html   (118 words)

 J-Marimba   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
"J Marimba" is the organization of marimba and percussion instrument ensemble group of Japan.
Main group is "J Marimba Ponies" and "The J marimba".
J-Marimba Ponies is a Japanese marimba ensemble group, comprised of 8 young percussionists ranging from 4 to 13 years in age.
www.j-marimba.com   (95 words)

 PRESS RELEASE Marimba's Software Usage Solution Helps Companies Ensure License Compliance and Maximize the Value of ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Marimba's Software Usage Solution allows IT organizations to identify and collect detailed information on software applications installed throughout their enterprise, and to take action with that information to help ensure license compliance and avoid overspending for unnecessary software licenses, maintenance, and support.
Marimba, Inc., the Software Change Management Company, is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. Marimba's Desktop/Mobile Management, Server Change Management, and Embedded Management product families allow Global 2000 companies to better manage their IT resources, increase operational efficiency and reduce IT costs.
Marimba undertakes no obligation to release publicly any updates or revisions to any forward-looking statements contained in this press release that may reflect events or circumstances occurring after the date of this press release.
www.marketwire.com /mw/release_html_b1?release_id=58261   (919 words)

Marimbas and other bar percussion instruments are, using one classification system, idiophones.
When a marimba bar is struck it will produce not only the fundamental note but also some other notes which may be called partials.
Marimba and vibe bars usually have a deep arch and are further tuned for the fundamental note at each end of the arch.
www.gpbard.info /marimba.htm   (623 words)

 German Marimba Duo
The GMD has been on the road ever since with this jewel in their bags, bringing their audiences into contact with the marimba which even today is one of the lesser-known instruments.
One special marimba technique is the roll: a single note is repeatedly struck so quickly that a smooth surface of sound emerges.
Little paper huts buzz on the wooden bars, resonators are struck, mallets lying on the wood jump around, the sticks of the mallets are used at first for striking the wood, and finally, in a frenzied finale, land in the resonators...
www.german-marimba-duo.de /english/main15e.html   (1464 words)

 Marimba One Artists
The internationally renowned marimba virtuoso, Katarzyna Mycka (born 1972) is founder of the International Katarzyna Mycka Marimba Academy.
Eriko Daimo is a new rising marimba soloist, known for her dazzling virtuosity and captivating charisma.
Marimba One has assembled a team of master artisans who are redefining the expectations of what the instrument is capable of.
www.marimbaone.com /artists.html   (3115 words)

 marimba   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Marimba Desktop is a suite of products that work together to ensure you have the most recent software on your local computer.
One of the components of Marimba Desktop is the Tuner, which runs on your local computer and works with other components, such as the Transmitter, to make sure your software is up to date.
The Marimba Tuner and the channel are automatically set up to make sure the channel stays up to date on local computer by downloading updates at schedules intervals.
www.macrovision.com /company/news/newsletter/tips/marimba.shtml   (422 words)

 Marimba One Endorsements
Marimba One is an excellent instrument and it offers to a young musician like me possibilities to improve musically and technically.
Marimba One marimbas are the only make I enjoy playing and to me, the only choice.
Every aspect about other Marimba One marimbas that I've enjoyed hearing and playing in the past are equally true of the one I now own as far as tone quality, evenness of sound, beauty of construction, and pitch accuracy are concerned.
www.marimbaone.com /endorse.html   (2063 words)

 Nancy Zeltsman: Introduction to the Marimba
The first crude beginnings of the marimba were several slabs of wood placed on sticks set over a hole in the ground which served as a resonating chamber.
The xylophone is another close relative of the marimba — actually, a little bit closer relative than the vibraphone —; for, like the marimba, its keys are also made of wood and it has no sustain pedal or motorized "vibrato"-discs.
The marimba is primarily taught within this larger framework: "percussion." I studied piano from the age of five but switched to percussion at age 13.
www.nancyzeltsman.com /about.htm   (1290 words)

 Marimba   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Inspired by a performance by Luanne Warner, marimba, and Mary Chun, conductor with the San Francisco Concerto Orchestra of Tomas Svoboda's Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra.
Tonight we drove to San Rafael to hear Luanne perform a modern marimba concerto which proved to be a movingly beautiful performance.
Marimba bands are becoming popular in the Pacific Northwest.
www.scottkim.com /inversions/gallery/marimba.html   (292 words)

 Greg Latta's Marimba Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
On modern instruments the bars or "keys" are arranged much as they are on a piano: the bars for the sharps and flats (corresponding to the fl piano keys) are in a second row further from the player and slightly above the row of bars representing the natural notes (the white keys on a piano.
The marimba is played by striking the bars with mallets which come in a wide variety of shapes, coverings, weights, and sizes.
Because the marimba is played with mallets and is often arranged as a keyboard, it is often referred to as a "mallet percussion" or "keyboard percussion" instrument.
www.hereintown.net /~glatta/marimba/marimba.html   (908 words)

 marimba   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
marimba -- Physical model related to the striking of a wooden block.
Audio output is a tone related to the striking of a wooden block as found in a marimba.
Here is an example of the marimba opcode.
kevindumpscore.com /docs/csound-manual/marimba.html   (256 words)

 Marimba Muzuva--Bio
Hearing marimba music for the first time at a folk festival inspired Marimba Muzuva's founding members to research and build their own marimbas, becoming the first Canadian group to play this music.
In fact, it is impossible to hear the sound of the marimbas and NOT be transplanted to the sun and colour of distant land.
Marimba Muzuva means "Wooden Voices in the Sun", the title of their first CD.
www.marimbamagic.com /MUZUVA2/bio.htm   (314 words)

 Carbondale's Marimba Maestro
But Lucas’s marimba is the foundation on which the band’s instrumental compositions are based and the force behind its unique sound.
The 8-foot-long marimba, a xylophone-like African instrument whose name means "voice of wood," requires physical stamina and considerable arm strength to play, as well as good keyboard skills and an innate sense of rhythm.
Besides the marimba, the compositions he writes for the Dead Musicians’ Society employ a variety of unusual percussion instruments, such as log drum, tom tom, bamboo chimes, and rain stick.
www.siu.edu /~perspect/01_fall/lucas.html   (749 words)

 Splendid: Departments: LiveLine: The Marimba Music of Akira Miyoshi
Giannascoli specializes in new music from Japan; his performances Saturday of five of Miyoshi's works featuring marimba were nothing less than astonishing, both in terms of artistry and virtuosity.
The marimba clearly leads the proceedings, with the strings responding to its florid solos with rhythmically charged tutti sections.
Marimba, percussion, flute, clarinet and double bass negotiate a complex notation, often featuring indeterminate rhythmic devices.
www.splendidmagazine.com /departments/liveline/marimba/default.html   (772 words)

 Marimba Restaurant and Live Music City Centre Restaurant Tiscover Welcome food grand tradition Ba
Marimba has become synonymous with good food and great music.
But one senses that they are trying to go the proverbial extra mile with an assortment appealing to more than just the senses of taste and hearing.
There is something to be said for making an evening out a treasure and Marimba seems to have the ideal recipe - one that allows their patrons to spend the evening in their company rather than having to go elswhere to complete their evening....."
www.marimbasa.co.za   (144 words)

 Bass Marimba - Max Krimmel
These instruments, which have roots in traditional balafons, look like a warped marimba, the ends lift up, the center is depressed.
Like many of the traditional marimbas from Latin America and Africa this bass is built to buzz.
An opening was made in the bottom of each tube, 1" diameter for the upper notes, 1 3/4" diameter on the lowest note with in-between sizes for the middle resonators.
www.maxkrimmel.com /Marimba/Bass/BassMarimba.html   (1990 words)

 Marimba : Welcome to Marimba
The Marimba Restaurant seems to have the right formula to bring these two features together in a relaxed yet sophisticated way.
The restaurant is a top class venue that also features fantastic music as opposed to a music venue which also happens to serve food.
Marimba has extended it’s whisky selection to over 28 single malts from Scotland and Ireland.
www.marimbasa.com   (375 words)

Marimba's products allow customers to reduce total cost of ownership and improve quality of service by streamlining the distribution and management of applications and content.
Marimba's technology is fundamentally better than the competition.
Marimba's change and configuration management solutions help IT departments effectively manage software on clients and servers.
www.marimba.com /products   (122 words)

 Wired 4.11: Tuning in to Marimba
Instead of trying to bring the PC into the TV, Marimba wants to deliver a rich multimedia experience to the desktop, including news, entertainment, and advertising.
Marimba's first product, scheduled to be announced in early October, is the punnily named Castanet, which aims to push Java toward its full potential.
Marimba's Palo Alto, California, headquarters is located on the kind of street where Silicon Valley bumps up against old-time California, where the stores hawking café au lait have evicted the old five-and-dimes.
www.wired.com /wired/archive/4.11/es_marimba.html   (740 words)

The marimbas are now an integral part of school music in Victoria and a regular feature at folk music and community festivals.
The modern ones tend to be tuned to A-440, equal-tempered, although the traditional marimbas on which they are based employ a variety of pitch references and scales.
The Australian marimbas evolved into a three and a half octave instrument which covers the range of the Zimbabwean tenor and soprano, with a few extra notes in the high end.
www.vosa.org /paul/sales_folder/marimba_rigby.htm   (560 words)

 Singing Wood Marimba Centre
The Singing Wood Marimba Centre is the physical expression of my own personal love of marimba playing.
Its mission is to make the joy of marimba playing accessible to all who are drawn to it.
I connected powerfully with the Zimbabwean Shona marimba idiom when I moved to Santa Cruz in 1997 and was privileged to perform with the Santa Cruz -based Kuzanga Marimba ensemble for two years.
www.singingwoodmarimba.com /InJoy.php   (181 words)

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