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In the News (Sat 15 Dec 18)

 CNO testifies before House Armed Services Committee
Before receiving testimony, Hunter and other HASC members were unanimous in their praise of the Navy and Marine Corps' performance in the global war on terror and continuing transformation.
"I'm confident I speak for the entire committee in recognizing the sacrifices of the men and women of the Navy and Marine Corps as they continue to conquer the challenges of the 21st century," Hunter said.
England began the testimony by saying that today's Navy and Marine Corps team is the most capable that the United States has ever had, and that the men and women that make up that team "are indeed, our greatest asset." /navy/tester/10_09/national_news/33587-1.html   (634 words) -- Benefiting the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard
A field hearing was held on transition assistance for servicemembers returning from recent tours of duty.
"Thousands of families -- families whose loved ones are in a position of service -- sacrifice on a daily basis."   (98 words)

The committee directs that none of the funds authorized for the Marine Corps truck upgrade program and no more than 75 percent of the funds authorized for the FMTV program may be obligated until the USD(A&T) reports to the congressional defense committees on the results of these reviews and any recommendations he may have.
Accordingly, the committee directs the Secretary of the Army to maintain the 120 millimeter tank ammunition LAP operations at the Milan Army Ammunition Plant until after the 1995 round of base closures and the Secretary certifies to the congressional defense committees that it would be cost-effective to perform this function elsewhere.
The committee recommends the continuation of this practice and further recommends that the congressional defense committees be notified in advance of any technical changes or amendments to treaties that result in clarification of the definitions of understood meanings. /htdocs/teinfo/congress/sascfy95.txt.html   (19787 words)

 Military of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Under the United States Constitution, the President of the United States is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.
The United States Army is not as portable as the Marine Corps, but Army Chief of Staff General Peter Schoomaker announced a reorganization of the Army's active-duty units into 48 brigade groups with an emphasis on power projection.
United States military officers are appointed from a variety of sources, including the service academies, ROTC, and direct appointment from both civilian status and the enlisted ranks. /wiki/United_States_Armed_Services   (19787 words)

 U.S. House Committee on Armed Services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
U.S. House Armed Services Subcommittee on Projection Forces : Navy and Marine Corps programs (except strategic weapons, space, special operations and information technology programs), deep strike bombers and related systems, and strategic lift programs.
U.S. House Armed Services Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces : All Army and Air Force acquisition programs (except strategic weapons and lift programs, special operations and information technology accounts).
U.S. House Armed Services Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities : Department of Defense counter proliferation and counter terrorism programs and initiatives. /wiki/U.S._House_Committee_on_Armed_Services   (19787 words) - Experience
Manpower Information Systems (MIS) Analyst, United States Armed Services:
Served as a functional manager on field manpower information class 1 systems for the United States Marine Corps Asian-Pacific theater
Facilitated and reviewed methods of the auditing of personnel records; the collection of source documents for data entry; the analyzing of salaries, subsequently instituting the use of computer software programs reducing workloads by 20% /pb/wp_a36d2246.html   (19787 words)

 HyperWar: HR Cmte on Armed Svcs--Adequacy of USMC Security in Beirut
9, 14 and 15, 1983, and by the Committee on Armed Services on November 1 and 2, 1983.
Chairman, Committee on Armed Services, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. r.
HAIRMAN: Attached is a report of the Investigations Subcommittee entitled, "Adequacy of U.S. Marine Corps Security in Beirut." The report was approved by a majority vote of the subcommittee members. /hyperwar/AMH/XX/MidEast/Lebanon-1982-1984/HRASC-98.1-11   (19787 words)

 United States Navy - Current Testimony 2002
Statement of Rear Adm. Christopher Cole, U.S. Navy, Director of the Ashore Readiness Division (CNO N46), before the House Committee On Armed Services, Subcommittee on Military Installations And Facilities, United States House of Representatives Long Term Recapitalization and Force Protection — 10 April 2002
Statement of Rear Adm. Joseph J. Krol, Jr., Assistant Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Plans, Policy & Operations, Department of the Navy before the House Armed Service Special Oversight Panel on Terrorism on Navy and Marine Corps initiatives to improve anti- and counter-terrorism operations — 28 June 2002
Submitted statement of Rear Adm. Jay M. Cohen, U.S. Navy, Chief of Naval Research, before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Emerging Threats And Capabilities Subcommittee on Technology for Combating Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction — 10 April 2002 /navpalib/testimony/test2002.html   (19787 words)

ASVAB - March 10, 2005 OHHS Library Juniors and seniors are invited and encouraged to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) on March 10th in
ASVAB I do not really have much to say about the ASVAB and the Marine Corps.
Battery (ASVAB) is the test used by the United States Military to determine eligibility to join, and job qualifications.   (5287 words)

 Chairman of Armed Services Committee, other senators visit Camp Commando
Senator Carl Levin, the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, spoke with those from Michigan.
Senator Robert also is a member of the Armed Services Committee.
Each senator received a situational brief from Lieutenant General James Conway, the commanding general of I Marine Expeditionary Force, before meeting with leathernecks from the states they represent in Congress. /military/library/news/2003/02/mil-030227-usmc02.htm   (373 words)

 Jack Reed, Senator from Rhode Island
Senator Reed introduced legislation to name the Post Office at 57 Rolfe Square in Cranston, Rhode Island the “Holly A. Charette Post Office” in honor of United States Marine Corps Lance Corporal Holly Charette, a Cranston resident, who was killed June 23, 2005 while serving in Iraq
A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report requested by Senators Reed and Sarbanes found that the process by which the federal agency responsible for receiving, investigating and resolving complaints of discrimination under the Fair Housing Act is inadequate.
Congress is set to approve $13.25 million in requests by Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) for economic development initiatives and infrastructure improvements in Rhode Island.   (349 words)

 Official Biography for Arnold L. Punaro
He served as Staff Director of the Senate Armed Services Committee from 1987 to 1995 and Staff Director for the Minority of the Senate Armed Services Committee from 1983 to 1986, and 1995 to 1997.
He currently serves on the adjunct faculty at the Marine Corps University and on the Secretary of Defense Reserve Forces Policy Board.
As a general officer, he has previously served as Deputy Commanding General (Mobilization) for the Marine Corps Combat Development Command (2000-2001), as the Commanding General of the 4th Marine Division (1997-2000); the Commanding General, Marine Corps Reserve Support Command in Kansas City (1995-1997), and as Deputy Commander, Marine Forces Reserve (1994-1995). /genbios2.nsf/a5ae181248621dd2852567fb00498c98/0ee37f4f4140bcac8525680800702ea7?OpenDocument   (591 words)

 National Association for Uniformed Services
NAUS is the only military association to represent all grades, ranks, components and branches of the uniformed services: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Public Health Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, their families and survivors.
NAUS was founded in 1968 to support legislation to uphold the security of the United States, sustain the morale of the Armed Forces, and provide fair and equitable consideration for all members of the uniformed services: active, Reserve, National Guard, veteran, retired and their spouses, widows and widowers.
He has extensive experience in joint assignments with the other military services, including a 2-year assignment with the Navy/Marine Corps amphibious forces in the Pacific. /MatzPR.htm   (591 words)

 Air Force Medals\Ribbons
Instituted 1961 to all services for participation in military operations not covered by a specific war medal from 1958 to present.
Army Medals\Ribbons ¤ Navy Medals\Ribbons ¤ Air Force Medals\Ribbons ¤ Marine Medals\Ribbons ¤ Coast Guard Medals\Ribbons ¤ Merchant Marine Medals\Ribbons ¤ Commemorative Medals\Ribbons ¤ Specialty Medals\Ribbons ¤ Foreign Medals\Ribbons ¤ assorted
Military and Army Navy Surplus Home - About Flying Tigers Army Navy- Patches - Medals and Ribbons- Insignia- Flight Jackets - Combat Boots - T-Shirts - Site Map - Links /c3-12-p-187-id-12-itemid-178.html   (85 words) Books: Us Marine Corps 1941-45 (Elite, No 59)
While the US Marine Corps was one of the smallest of American armed services in World War II (only the Coast Guard was smaller), its contribution to the final victory cannot be overstated.
While the US Marine Corps was one of the smallest of American armed services in World War II, its contribution to the final victory cannot be overstated.
The US Marine Corps may have only comprised 5 percent of America’s armed forces, but it suffered 10 percent of all World War II combat casualties. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1855324970?v=glance   (85 words)

 United States Coast Guard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
One of the seven uniformed services of the United States, and the smallest armed service of the United States, it has a broad and important role in homeland security, law enforcement, search and rescue, marine environmental pollution response and the maintenance of intercoastal and offshore aids to navigation (ATON).
The legal basis for the Coast Guard is Title 14 of the United States Code, which states: "The Coast Guard as established January 28, 1915, shall be a military service and a branch of the armed forces of the United States at all times." During wartime, the Coast Guard reports to the Department of Defense.
The order stated the Ensign would be "16 perpendicular stripes, alternate red and white, the union of the ensign to be the arms of the United States in a dark blue on a white field." (There were 16 states in the United States at the time). /wiki/United_States_Coast_Guard   (6560 words)

 us armed forces army navy seal marine tanks air force
us armed forces army navy seal marine tanks air force
"I make this page remembering the friends I have had and those I never knew who gave their lives in peace time and war serving in the armed services.
The Air Force was a good place to get started but all of our services will teach you respect, loyalty, and integrity. /Pentagon/Bunker/3550   (354 words)

On June 12, 1775, a group of Maine mariners, armed with pitchforks and axes, used an unarmed lumber schooner to surprise and capture a fully armed British warship off the coast of Maine.
This web-site has been put together in hopes of educating the general public as to the important services rendered to our country all these many years by those who have served in both the U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Maritime Services.
Of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, Army and Merchant Marine, the mariners are believed to be the oldest. /usmerchantmarinevets   (306 words)

 Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Organizations
The Aircrew Association The ACA exists to foster comradeship amongst those who, having been awarded an official flying badge, have qualified to operate military aircraft and are serving or have served, as military aircrew in the armed services of those nations allied to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.
Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation CANSO, founded in 1998 as a not-for-profit organization, is the trade association and the global voice of air navigation services companies and organizations when many governments were in the process of moving the responsibility for the provision of air navigation services from civil service departments to outside organizations.
Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators Established to maintain the highest standards of air safety through the promotion of good airmanship among pilots and navigators, to maintain a liaison with all Authorities connected with licensing, training and legislation affecting pilot or navigator whether private, professional, civil or military. /organ.htm   (306 words)

On June 12, 1775, a group of Maine mariners, armed with pitchforks and axes, used an unarmed lumber schooner to surprise and capture a fully armed British warship off the coast of Maine.
This web-site has been put together in hopes of educating the general public as to the important services rendered to our country all these many years by those who have served in both the U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Maritime Services.
Of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, Army and Merchant Marine, the mariners are believed to be the oldest. /usmerchantmarinevets   (306 words)

 Tonga Defence Services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Tonga Defence Services (TDS) is the 450-person armed force of Tonga.
As of July 2004, the Royal Tonga Marines were augmenting the 1st Marine Expeditionary Forces (MEF) in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq.
The TDS is partially supported by defence cooperation agreements with both Australia and New Zealand, which support the TDS with small in-country detachments of military technicians. /wiki/Tonga_Defense_Services   (559 words) - Armed Forces Week - Home Page
Milwaukee Armed Forces Week is a joint effort of the Milwaukee Armed Services Committee, comprised of members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, as well as Milwaukee area citizens.
Its mission is to increase public understanding of the role of the military in a democratic society as well as honor and acknowledge the people of the Armed Forces of the United States.
The public is invited to several exciting events in celebration of Armed Forces Week 2005: A Grateful Nation Salutes its Defenders.   (559 words)

 US Navy Armed Guard WWII Veterans (armedguard)
The Merchant Crew took the same risks and many of them had been rejected by the military services or were requested to stay in the Merchant Marine where they were badly needed.
We urge all Mariner Vets, Armed Guard Vets and their friends to telephone their Congressman to become a cosponsor of HJR 38 and their 2 U.S. Senators to cosponsor SJR 10.
Those seamen who had served on Merchant ships were issued by the Armed Force that was in charge of the Merchant Service during WWII, the United States Coast Guard, and those seamen who had served on ships of the Army, or Navy, Transport Services were issued Honorable Discharges from these respective services.   (559 words)

 Marine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Marine (armed services), a soldier serving aboard a ship and/or whose primary function is to assault the land from the sea in amphibious warfare.
Space marine, in science fiction, a soldier who serves aboard a spacecraft and/or who is trained to fight in space or in planetary attacks
Marine (ocean), an umbrella term for things relating to the sea or ocean /wiki/Marine   (170 words)

"US Marine Corps units have been using our bag in combat for approximately four months and we have received very positive reports from Navy Corpsmen who work side by side with US Marines providing combat medical aid," commented Colonel Jeffrey Powers.
Under the leadership of Colonel Jeffrey A. Powers, USMC (Retired), HST seeks to assemble a portfolio of technology and services through alliances with established defense-related companies and through internal development that can be brought to market in a cost-efficient and timely manner.
The Company has also entered into an alliance with Recon Mountaineer, LLC, (an Oceanside, CA.-based designer and manufacturer of military combat gear for the United States Armed Forces). /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=41499   (573 words) -- Benefiting the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard
What are the armed services doing to help both a deployed mother and her children?
Frequent troop deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan have stretched the Army so thin that many combat units are spending more than one of every two years on foreign battlefields.
Your military service has earned you valuable benefits.   (573 words)

 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Take Joint Training to New Heights
CHERRY POINT, N.C. (NNS) -- Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were tested June 12-21 at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point to see if the different services’ vehicles can work together in joint settings.
Forward Look was designed to test the interoperability of UAVs Shadow, Predator and Scan Eagle, which are operated by three different branches of the Armed Services -- Army, Navy and Air Force.
All of the services, now, have their own air vehicles. /search/display.asp?story_id=13836   (527 words)

 Rise of Domestic Terrorism and Its Relation to United States Armed Forces
A report published by the Anti-Defamation League in October, 1994 stated, that at that time, there were no fewer than 13 states in which armed right-wing, and/or racist militias were operating, including: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia.
Discussion: Recent events of domestic terrorism which have been either perpetrated by active duty United States military personnel, or have been indirectly linked to active duty and ex-military persons, have caused significant concern and alarm over the extent to which extremists and hate-groups are present in the military services.
A survey of approximately 175 mid-grade military officers, predominantly United States Marine Corps Majors, was conducted to determine the perceptions and attitudes common among such a cohort regarding the threats posed to "civilian and military authority" by contemporary extremist and terrorist groups. /irp/eprint/presley.htm   (527 words)

 British Armed Forces and National Services
He is an avid reader and also collects books on military subjects, loves music especially jazz, classical and the tunes of the 50's and still finds time to be a member of Laleham Archery Club, Royal Marine Association, Royal British Legion and Western Front Association.
Edgar and his wife enjoy travelling both in UK and abroad, 2005 they are off to Singapore and Australia for a reunion of friends and Service Personnel.
Bill was born in Luton, a light industrial town in Bedfordshire England in 1928, when Luton was known as the home of Vauxhall Cars and a third division football club. /ns/nat_soldierstales.htm   (527 words)

Marines who served in or were attached to another branch of the U.S. military services and received a decoration, unit award, or service award of comparable criteria to one issued by the naval service may wear the award on Marine Corps uniforms, unless otherwise prohibited by these regulations.
Marines who receive awards from other services, or departments of the United States Government; or from foreign governments or other agencies may wear such awards on the Marine Corps uniform only as authorized herein.
Marines are awarded the Armed Forces Reserve Medal with the bronze Hour Glass device upon completion of 10 years of service. /mcub/library/MCUR/URCH5.htm   (527 words)

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