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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  U.S. Marine Corps: News & Videos about U.S. Marine Corps - CNN.com
The case against a Marine accused of murder in a 2005 incident involving the killings of Iraqi civilians in Haditha "is simply not strong enough to prove against a reasonable doubt," the investigating officer said Thursday.
Four Marines have been charged with murder in the 2005 killings of 24 Iraqi civilians, and four officers are accused of failing to investigate and report the deaths properly, the Marine Corps announced Thursday.
The Marine Corps is paying $100,000 apiece for a revamped military jeep that some critics call a rip-off of taxpayers, according to a news report Thursday.
topics.cnn.com /topics/u_s_marine_corps   (3065 words)

  Marine Corps - encyclopedia article - Citizendium
A Marine Corps is an amphibiously-capable infantry force, often employed by a navy as military police and for ground warfare capability.
The word marine (from the English adjective "marine", meaning "of the sea", from Latin language mare, meaning sea, via French adjective marin(e), "of the sea", are in principle land forces under the control of a navy.
The Corps of Colonial Marines was a British marine corps formed during the mid 1840s to serve in the remaining British American colonies (mainly the West Indies).
en.citizendium.org /wiki/Marine_Corps   (1624 words)

 UNSC Marine Corps - Halopedia - Halo Wiki with Halo 3 Walkthroughs, Weapons, and more!
The UN Marine Corps (the predecessors of the UNSC Marine Corps) was one of the primary combat groups fielded by the UN in the Interplanetary War.
The UNSC Marine Corps maintained a sizable presence of Reach when the Covenant stormed the planet, bypassing the defense fleet in orbit and landing large numbers of soldiers on the north and south poles.
Marine Infantry Division, some of whose elements were stationed in Mombasa, Kenya at the time, were able to battle against the Covenant as the Assault Carrier landed Phantoms, Orbital Insertion Pods, and used its Gravity Lift to directly deploy reinforcements.
halo.wikia.com /wiki/UNSC_Marine_Corps   (4243 words)

 PLA Marine Corps - SinoDefence.com
The Marine Corps has two parallel chain-of-command: while it reports operationally through the South Sea Fleet commander, the corps is administratively responsible to the PLAN headquarters in Beijing for training, equipment, planning, personnel and policy.
In its early years, the PLA Marine Corps was mainly responsible for protecting the Woody Island (referred to as Yongxing Island in Chinese) in the Paracel Islands (referred to as Xisha Island in Chinese) and some reefs in Spratly Islands (referred to as Nansha Island) in the South China Sea.
The armour elements in the Marine Corps was also enhanced with new amphibious tanks and armoured fighting vehicles being introduced to increase the corps’ capability to land on a heavily defended shore.
www.sinodefence.com /organisation/navy/marinecorps.asp   (1206 words)

  FOXNews.com - Marine Corps Meets 142 Percent of Recruiting Goal in April - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic ...
The Marine Corps far surpassed its recruiting goal last month and could eventually be more than a year ahead of schedule in its plan to grow the force to 202,000 members.
All military services met or exceeded their monthly recruiting goals in April, with the Marine Corps signing 142 percent of the number it was looking for, the Pentagon said.
The Marine Corps enlisted 2,233 recruits against a goal of 1,577.
www.foxnews.com /story/0,2933,355181,00.html   (597 words)

 United States Marine Corps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Marine Corps, with 180,000 active duty and 40,000 reserve Marines as of 2005, is the smallest of the United States' armed forces in the Department of Defense (the United States Coast Guard, about one fifth the size of the Marine Corps, is under the Department of Homeland Security).
The United States Marine Corps traces its institutional roots to the Continental Marines of the American Revolutionary War, formed at the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by a resolution of the Continental Congress on November 10, 1775, a date regarded and celebrated as the birthday of the Marine Corps.
Marine Corps bases are concentrated around the location of the Marine Expeditionary Forces (MEF), though reserve units are scattered throughout the United States.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_States_Marine_Corps   (8588 words)

 United States Marine Corps Customs and Traditions
The Official seal of the Corps, designed by General Shepherd, 20th Commandant, consists of the Marine Corps emblem in bronze with the eagle holding in his beak a scroll inscribed Semper Fidelis, a scarlet and blue background for the emblem, and the words, Department of the Navy and United States Marine Corps encircling the background.
The Marine Corps tradition of carrying this type of sword dates from Lieutenant O'Bannon's assault on Derna, Tripoli, in 1805 when he is said to have won the sword of the Governor of the town.
This privilege was bestowed on the Corps by the Secretary of the Navy on 9 August 1876.
marinecorpsbrotherhood.usmchq.com /custom2.html   (4886 words)

 History of the Marine Corps Flag   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Flag of the United States Marine Corps is scarlet with the Corps badge in gray and yellow.
The official battle color of the Corps is maintained by Marine Barracks, Washington, DC (“8th and I”), and carried by the Color Sergeant of the Marine Corps.
On 29 July 1936, a Marine Corps Board recommended that the Army system of attaching streamers to the staff of the organizational colors be adopted.
www.marinecorpspins.com /marine_flag_history.html   (735 words)

 Marine Corps News, pay, benefits, careers, entertainment, photos - Marine Corps Times HOME
Marines charged in slaying of nurse in court
“Despite the title of Marine, we are all soldiers.
The Corps is offering up to $90,000 in SRBs in fiscal 2009, but boatspace caps will limit re-up numbers.
www.marinecorpstimes.com   (444 words)

 US Marine Flag Store USA - buy US Marine flags for less
The standard carried by the Marines during the 1830s and 1840s consisted of a white field with gold fringe, and bore an elaborate design of an anchor and eagle in the center.
During the Mexican and Civil Wars, Marines in the field apparently carried a flag similar to the national flag, comprised of red and white stripes and a union.
On 29 July 1936, a Marine Corps Board recommended that the Army system of attaching streamers to the staff of the organizational colors be adopted.
www.marineflag.com   (519 words)

 U.S. Marines Activities: News & Videos about U.S. Marines Activities - CNN.com
A Marine accused of killing his soldier wife was advised of murder and arson charges against him in a brief hearing before a judge on Tuesday.
The ATM card of slain Marine Maria Lauterbach was found in a Durham, North Carolina, bus station over the weekend and the truck of the Marine suspected of killing her was reported in the area, police said Monday.
A Marine was sentenced to 18 months confinement Wednesday in connection with the April death of a 52-year-old Iraqi man in the village of Hamdaniya, a military spokesman said.
topics.cnn.com /topics/u_s_marines_activities   (3844 words)

 MARINE CORPS ONLINE - Marine Corp Gifts
The Marine Corps serves as a versatile combat element, and is adapted to a wide variety of combat operations.
The maneuver warfare doctrine upon which the Corps is organized and the nature of the operations of which the Corps has traditionally been a part causes it to place a premium on decentralized decision-making and the individual abilities of leaders at all levels.
The Korean War saw the Marine Corps expand from 75,000 regulars to a force, by the end of the conflict in 1953, of 261,000 Marines, most of whom were Reservists.
www.hitechcj.com /marinecorpsgifts/marine_corps_history.html   (2121 words)

 United States Marine Corps Museum
It's called the "Crossroads of the Marine Corps," and during its 80 year tenure on the approximately 100 square miles of land located along the western bank of the Potomac River, Marine Corps Base Quantico has been a training site for Marines and a birthing place of Marine Corps concepts.
Quantico was the birthplace for the first Marine Corps newspaper, the Quantico Sentry; the Advanced Base Force, which was the predecessor of today's Fleet Marine Forces; and a doctrine that gave the guidelines for training the first Naval gunfire specialists.
In 1987, the Marine Corps Development and Education Command here was changed to the Marine Corps Combat Development Command, signifying Quantico's role in the 21st century Marine Corps.
www.visitmarinecorpsmuseum.com /marinehistory.html   (1447 words)

 Marine Corps Gazette - The Professional Journal of U.S. Marines
View the comments of the Marine Corps' Division Commanders as they discuss current operations and their challenges.
Marines with Company L, 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 5 aren’t afraid to get their feet wet in an effort to deter insurgent activity.
Lance Cpl. Brennan R. Beall never thought when he joined the Marine Corps as an administrative clerk he’d be a gunner for convoys, but he’s enjoying every part of his new role.
www.mca-marines.org /gazette   (455 words)

 The Marine Corps War Memorial
The Marine Corps War Memorial stands as a symbol of this grateful Nation's esteem for the honored dead of the U.S. Marine Corps.
While the statue depicts one of the most famous incidents of World War II, the memorial is dedicated to all Marines who have given their lives in the defense of the United States since 1775.
The U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial and the Netherlands Carillon are administered by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.
www.nps.gov /gwmp/usmc.htm   (734 words)

 The Marine Corps | US Marine Corps
Marines are a rapid-response force, able to deploy troops to anywhere on the globe on short notice.
As such, the Marines are intended for short-term strikes, leaving the longer missions to the larger and slower-moving Army.
The number of women in the Marines is growing rapidly, and, though they are not eligible for combat positions (the infantry, artillery, or armor crews), all other roles are open to them.
www.princetonreview.com /cte/articles/military/marineoverview.asp   (1121 words)

The Marine Corps is committed to achieving excellence in intelligence capability - tailored to meet the needs of the National Military Strategy and the complexity and rigors of supporting deployed expeditionary forces.
The Marine Corps has a strong tradition of conducting successful operations "in every clime and place." The Intelligence mission is to provide commanders at every level with seamless, tailored, timely, and mission-essential intelligence and to ensure this intelligence is integrated into the operational planning process.
Because Marine forces are employed primarily at the operational and tactical levels of war, Marine Corps intelligence activities are oriented toward that level of support.
www.intelligence.gov /1-members_marines.shtml   (545 words)

 U.S. Government Bookstore: Browse by Subject: Marine Corps
Intended to educate and train Marines on active duty in the uses of military and Marine Corps history.
The title was the motto of the Marine corps in the 1812 era.
Chronicles the role of the United States Marines in the defense of the Pusan Perimeter and their part in the expansion of United Nations forces in the Korean War.
bookstore.gpo.gov /subjects/sb-237.jsp   (1596 words)

 Latest U.S. Marine Corps News - Examiner.com
U.S. Marines are trading gunfire and artillery shells with Taliban militants in the volatile southern province of Helmand, the world's largest poppy growing region.
Prosecutors are appealing the dismissal of charges against a Marine officer accused of failing to investigate the killings of 24 Iraqis.
Marine in Iraq case jailed for refusing to testify
www.examiner.com /Subject-U.S._Marine_Corps.html   (552 words)

The Marine Corps shall develop, in coordination with the Starfleet Command, those phases of operations that pertain to the tactics, techniques, and equipment used by landing forces.
The Marine Corps is responsible, in accordance with integrated joint mobilization plans, for the expansion of peacetime components of the Marine Corps to meet the needs of war.
The Starfleet Command Marine Corps, SCMC, is the Marine Corps of the 23rd and 24th centuries which is based on the 20th century Marine Corps.
www.ufphq.com /mc_handbook.htm   (6695 words)

 ABC 7 News - Marine Corps Says It's Nearing Charges in Haditha Killing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Military prosecutors are close to charging some of the Marines involved in the deaths of 24 civilians in the Iraqi town of Haditha last year, the Marine Corps said Tuesday.
It is the first time the Corps has said it will file charges in the deaths, which included unarmed women and children and followed the killing of a Marine by a roadside bomb in the town.
In a separate case involving Camp Pendleton Marines, an eight-man squad was accused of kidnapping and murdering an Iraqi man in the town of Hamdania.
www.wjla.com /news/stories/1206/377910.html   (525 words)

 US Marines - United States Marine Corps - USMC Manuals
To understand the Marine Corps' philosophy of warfighting, we first need an appreciation for the nature of war itself?its moral and physical characteristics and demands.
A common view among Marines of the nature of war is a necessary base for the development of a cohesive doctrine.
Part II sets forth Marine Corps doctrine, tactics, and techniques for counterinsurgency operations, with emphasis on the planning and conduct of internal defense assistance operations by Marine Corps forces.
www.marines.cc /content/view/82/56   (2759 words)

 Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society - About the Society
The mission of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is to provide, in partnership with the Navy and Marine Corps, financial, educational, and other assistance to members of the Naval Services of the United States, eligible family members, and survivors when in need; and to receive and manage funds to administer these programs.
The Society enjoys an active partnership with the Navy and Marine Corps and benefits extensively from the active involvement of the command structure at the bases where the Society maintains a presence.
The work of the Society is supported by an annual fund drive conducted by the Navy and Marine Corps, and by a direct mail campaign of the Navy and Marine Corps retired community.
www.nmcrs.org /about.html   (584 words)

 Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS)
Military Life Marines are renowned for their dedication to their country and their exemplary performance in tough situations.
With the Marine Corps’ active engagement in the Global War on Terrorism, we owe it to them to provide the programs and services that make their daily lives a little easier.
More » Family Life Being married to a Marine is said to be the toughest job in the Corps.
www.usmc-mccs.org   (292 words)

 Marine Corps Association
Marine Corps Gazette is the professional journal for all Marines, regardless of their occupational community.
The awards for the Marine Corps Officer, Enlisted and Civilian Logisticians of the Year and the Marine Corps Logistics Unit of the Year for 2007 will be presented during this dinner.
Marine Corps Gazette is the professional journal for all Marines.
www.mca-marines.org   (1737 words)

 Home - MCSF
Our mission is to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships for higher education to deserving sons and daughters of Marines and children of former Marines, with particular attention being given to children whose parent was killed or wounded in action.
The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation (MCSF) has embarked on a historic fundraising campaign.
We also award $30,000 in scholarship assistance to every child of a Marine, or of a Navy Corpsman serving with the Marines, whose parent is killed in the Global War on Terror.
www.marine-scholars.org   (215 words)

 Marine Corps Marathon
Join Miles and Molly, the MCM Mascots, as well as Marines and the Fredericksburg community for the Semper Fred Fun Run, a two mile run/walk for families and fitness enthusiasts for all ages.
Beginning  just minutes after the Marine Corps Historic Half, participants will enjoy an out-and-back course and are invited to take in the amusement and excitement of race day activities.
The collected information will be used to provide a record of all participates in the annual Marine Corps Marathon for use in organizing the event.
www.marinemarathon.com /register/marine_corps_marathon.htm   (648 words)

 Marine Corps League :: National Headquarters
To the 70,000 plus members of the Marine Corps League: Please accept my sincere thanks and deep appreciation for having given me the opportunity to serve you as your National Commandant during the past two years.
MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va.: Heavy smoke, the putrid stench of war and the crackling of a burning vehicle were flooding his senses.
Marines don’t leave Marines behind - the Marine Corps League didn’t leave this Marine behind and we thank Alessandra Kellerman and her organization - Homefront Hugs for bringing him to our attention.
www.mcleague.com /mdp   (865 words)

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