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Topic: Marka, Oslo

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Det skjer i Oslo - Populære oppføringer
Annet om Oslo : Barn -unge og barnslige voksne
Hva skjer i Oslo - Du kan søke etter arrangementer eller velge en dag i kalenderen
Søk i hva skjer oversikten eller velg en dag
www.detskjerioslo.no /Linker/Pop   (89 words)

Oslo is the capital city of Norway, and has 512,589 inhabitants as of January 1, 2002, which is 11.3% of the total population in Norway.
Oslo was destroyed by fire in 1624, was rebuilt by king Christian IV of Norway and given the name Christiania (later Kristiania).
Oslo's prominence in the political, cultural and economical life of Norway has been and still is a source of considerable controversy and friction.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/os/Oslo,_Norway.html   (701 words)

 GoNorway search results -
Welcome to Oslo County, it is one out of 19 countys in Norway with a area of 454 km2 and a population of approximately 522.500.
Oslo was founded in the mid-11th century by a Viking king, and became the capital around 1300 under Haakon V. In the course of its history, the city burned down several times; it was destroyed by fire in 1824.
Oslo was also greatly affected by the Lutheran Protestant Reformation of 1537, with religious conflicts, political separation from the Catholic Church and the foundation of a Protestant National Church.
www.gonorway.no /norway/county.php?ID=7635e63854d6d80   (1802 words)

Oslo is the capital city of Norway, and has 517,401 inhabitants as of January 1, 2003, which is 11.4% of the total population in Norway.
The total area of Oslo is 454.0 km², of which 115 km²; is built-up and 7 km²; is agricultural.
It has been regarded as the capital city since the reign of Håkon V (1299-1319), who was the first king to reside permanently in the city and also started the construction of the Akershus castle.
www.gamesinathens.com /olympics/o/os/oslo.shtml   (770 words)

 Oslo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
A large part of the population of Oslo are used to live in green surroundings and the awareness of the greeenstructure being threatened has just been wakened the last 20 years.
Biodiversity in Oslo is located in the forest (Marka), within the greenstructure of the built up area, in the building zone in general and in and around sweet and salt water.
Oslo is still a very green city but there is now a rising awareness of the functions of these small open spaces.
www.map21ltd.com /COSTC11/Oslo.htm   (4012 words)

 Marka, Oslo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Marka is the name of a part of Oslo, Norway, consisting of the mostly unpopulated wood-covered areas surrounding the city.
Marka is a major recreational area for the population of Oslo, and development in the area is for the most part prohibited.
Marka is the administrative name for the part of it that lies inside the city limits.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Marka,_Oslo   (214 words)

 Oslo - Gurupedia
The urban municipality (bykommune) of Oslo and county (fylke) is the same entity, covering an area of 454.0 km², of which 115 km² is built-up and 7 km² is agricultural.
Oslo was destroyed by fire in 1624, and was rebuilt at a new site across the bay, near Akershus castle, by king Christian IV of Norway and given the name Christiania (later Kristiania).
The city of Oslo constitutes a county of Norway.
www.gurupedia.com /o/os/oslo.htm   (904 words)

 Wikinfo | Oslo
Oslo is the capital city of Norway, and
The rural/recreational areas (Marka), having 1,636 inhabitants as of January 1, 2004, and covering an area of 301.1 km²;.
Images, some of which are used under the doctrine of Fair use or used with permission, may not be available.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Oslo   (834 words)

 Oslo Features | Fodor's Online Travel Guide
The Oslo fjord and its islands, the forested woodlands called the marka, and as many as 18 hours of daylight in summer all make the Norwegian capital an irresistible place for outdoor activities.
A national fishing license and a local fee are required to fish in the Oslo fjord and the surrounding lakes.
Besserudtjernet (Holmenkollen, Oslo, Norway.) is a small summer lake at the foot of the Holmenkollen ski jump.
www.fodors.com /miniguides/mgresults.cfm?destination=oslo@114&cur_section=fea&feature=30006   (1164 words)

 Sanctuary - Downtown Ice Skating - Are Flågan - 47/193 - World Wide Panorama
Oslo is in many ways a unique capital city.
In fact, the city limit is effectively drawn negatively by what we call "Markagrensen", meaning the border to these areas, and Oslo as a city thus defines itself equally by the many forests and lakes that surround it.
A free public ice-skating rink, situated right in the middle of downtown Oslo, serves as a reminder of the happy reversals whereby one develops and finds sanctuary in the midst of a hectic urban life.
geoimages.berkeley.edu /wwp1204/html/AreFlagan.html   (348 words)

 Oslo : Planning a Trip : Neighborhoods in Brief | Frommers.com
Central Oslo is the heart of the city -- the most crowded and traffic-congested, but also the most convenient place to stay.
Lying in east Oslo is trendy Grünerløkka, which most of its inhabitants refer to affectionately as "Løkka." This once-run-down sector of Oslo traditionally was known as the worker's district.
Marka, Oslo's forest, is a sprawling recreation area with hiking, bicycle riding, skiing, fishing, wild-berry picking, jogging trails, and more.
www.frommers.com /destinations/oslo/0060025074.html   (1098 words)

 Oslomarka - om marka - Aktiv I Oslo - hytter - servering - overnatting i Oslomarka
Aktiv I Oslo har informasjon om fritidsaktiviteter og ferietilbud for barn, unge og barnefamilier.
Marka er et eldorado for alle typer friluftsliv, enten du vil gå på ski, sykle på skogsbilveier, gå turer på gjenngrodde stier, klatre, gå på skøyter på vannene eller fiske, jakte og sanke bær og sopp så er Oslomarka stedet.
Mulighetene i marka er så mange et det er umulig å ramse dem opp alle sammen.
www.aktivioslo.no /oslomarka.php   (427 words)

The city's location between the fjord and the "Marka", Oslo's forests, make it an exciting place for outdoor leisure, hence many activities are open-air activities.
Oslo has some 50 museums and a number of galleries.
People who are visiting Oslo for the first time tend to be overwhelmed by the number and variety of restaurants and entertainment options.
www.ekebergcamping.no /asp-english/aktiviteter-sommer.asp   (869 words)

 [No title]
The main objective of the City of Oslo forest (17.500 hectares) is to establish an "outdoor recreation forest".
The Municipality of Oslo (City of Oslo) became a forest owner in 1886 when Consul Thomas Heftye, a wealthy landowner, bequeathed an area of 0.3 hectares of forest on the Tryvann hill to the city.
And that is the case with the City of Oslo Forest, though some private owners are very sympathetic to conservation and public use of the forest.
www.helse-og-velferdsetaten.oslo.kommune.no /dok/internett/mrh/rapporter/Reforesting.doc   (2624 words)

The capitol of Norway, and has in excess of approximately 522,000 inhabitants.
Oslo is one of the oldest Scandinavian capitals, Oslo has never been on the mainstream European tourist circuit.
Oslo is made for walking - in fact, you can walk from the Central Station all the way to the Royal Palace in a straight line.
www.gonorway.no /go/color/oslo.html   (1064 words)

 Marka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The currency Marka, see Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark.
Marka is also a port in Somalia, the main city in the Lower Shabele region.
Marka Airport is an airport in Amman, Jordan
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Marka   (116 words)

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