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Topic: Market psychology

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  An Interesting Career in Psychology: International Market Research Consultant
So many social psychologists have stumbled into market research (not knowing that the field existed during graduate school) that it would have to be called a mainstream, alternative career path for social psychologists.
A number of market researchers make the move into nonresearch marketing positions to broaden their overall corporate experience and to open up other career-path possibilities.
Staying in market research literally means that the highest level position that one will attain is head of market research.
www.apa.org /science/ic-garfein.html   (799 words)

 Fool.com: Trust and Market Psychology (Lunchtime News) September 10, 1998
While the market participants do their daily voting, you should be doing your weighing, thinking about the value of actual businesses and checking the tape only periodically to see if you can find a pleasing disparity between what the votes and the scales say.
The markets are experiencing at least a momentary shift in psychology as investors who saw relatively benign conditions that made them highly confident of future corporate earnings now demand a much greater risk premium in order to own stocks rather than risk-free debt.
Teen casual apparel marketer dELiA*s Inc. (Nasdaq: DLIA) was ripped for a $7 1/16 loss to $6 13/16 after reporting a fiscal Q2 loss of $0.01 a share, down from a profit of $0.03 for the year-ago period and compared with analysts' expectations of breakeven results.
www.fool.com /lunchnews/1998/lunchnews980910.htm   (1654 words)

 Brett Steenbarger Trading Psychology Weblog
The broad market was neutral, with the Adjusted TICK at -42, but there was buying in the large caps, with the Institutional Composite at +183.
Monday's market traded in a narrow range through the day, ending near the day's average price of ES 1301 and taking us into a neutral short-term trend mode.
That buying was evident in the broad market, with the Adjusted TICK at +343, and it extended for the sixth consecutive session to the large caps, with the Institutional Composite at +116.
www.brettsteenbarger.com /weblog.htm   (8500 words)

 Investor Psychology At Market Bottoms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
A recession usually accompanies any bear market, and if you've followed our columns for the last six months, you know, despite government figures to the contrary, we've been in a recession for many months.
But, because investors have been traumatically silenced by their psychological vulnerabilities, and because cognitive and emotional distortions are common at market bottoms, there is little motivation to think long-term about our portfolios.
To act in a contrarian way when the market reaches its bottom requires that we resume our belief that we can if fact affects our financial future by investing in the market.
www.thebullandbear.com /articles/2001/1201-psychology.html   (1054 words)

 Stock Market Psychology
The highest volume of trading is often seen at market tops and bottoms as a large portion of this irrational crowd buy at the top when the they are most jubilant and sell at the bottom when the crowd is in the full grips of fear.
As a trader in the markets you are, of course, one of the crowd.
Though these stock market timing and charting techniques are very helpful for some traders, they require experience and knowledge of market behavior that comes with practice.
www.themarkettimers.com /market-psychology.htm   (687 words)

 Market psychology shows improvement | Global Stock Watch
Market psychology has improved, which is attributable to the passage of corporate governance legislation, aggressive prosecution of lawbreakers, and the SEC requirement for corporate CEOs to vouch for the accuracy for their financial statements.
In addition, the longer-term momentum indicator remains favorable, as measured by the MACD (weekly) suggesting the market is inexpensive on a longer-term basis.
The resilience of the market will be tested when the 3Q pre-announcement season begins in September and when crucial economic reports on the labor and manufacturing sectors are delivered.
www.ameinfo.com /16087.html   (1034 words)

 Trader's Roundtable :: View topic - How does market psychology affect trading?
William Eckhardt touches on this topic in New Market Wizards, and explains: "The problem in a nutshell is that human nature does not operate to maximize gain but rather to maximize the chance for a gain.
And yes — ideally, the system is supposed to take the psychology part out of it, and it can...as long as you are psychologically able to trade the system.
It’s been said many times that the behavior of markets is the sum of the psychology of its participants.
www.tradingblox.com /forum/viewtopic.php?p=72   (552 words)

 The Mortgage Reports Blog: Market Psychology
Of course, markets are using the information to shore up the "Inflation is Dead" mentality that seems to settling over the markets.
As an example, Monday morning, markets were predicting with 90% certainty that the Fed would increase the Fed Funds Rate to 5.50% by the end of 2006.
I am not saying that markets are now leaning too far away from inflation, but it's important to recognize that we are all just one jobs report away from some nasty whip-saw action in mortgage rates.
www.themortgagereports.com /market_psychology/index.html   (4111 words)

 Market Psychology CD
His primary market experience is in foreign exchange, currency options and money markets.
Gerald has made a study of market and individuals psychology and how it can be put to the traders advantage.
Secondly, you can watch and listen to the full, two part, structured presentation where the topics from the interview are expanded on and explained fully with slides and audio at full quality.
www.clickevents.co.uk /market_psychologycd.htm   (730 words)

 Old Shaw Farm: Market psychology
My sale radar predicted that she was not going to buy anything, but as I was explaining to her about the salad turnips, I saw one of my regular turnip customers enter the market and make a bee line for my stand.
You're "simple" observations, are the stuff of big, fancy academic "disciplines," such as marketing, in which I have spent most of my career.
Intelligent common sense observations such as yours, typically disguised with complex mumbo-jumbo terms (outside of the hard sciences, the main role of academia is to disguise common sense behind complex terminology, so that only the high-priests can engage in the discourse...am I being too much of a cynic here...?) are the basis of these disciplines.
www.oldshawfarm.com /archives/000120.html   (621 words)

 Psychology Careers: Job Prospects Perennially Poor for BAs, Research PhDs
The post-doc in Psychology would be tantamount to Major League Baseball developing an articulation agreement with a new AAAA ("quadruple-A") farm system to house a growing number of ball players who are ready for the major leagues but for whom there are no openings.
Failing to win tenure is tantamount to automatic dismissal and sends the professor back into the job market with the added stink of having been "passed over." Thus for four-to-seven years after becoming an assistant professor, he or she must endure more scrutiny and vulnerability to win job security and membership in the club.
Market forces are compelling psychologists to re-define their place within a crowded mental health delivery system.
www.fireflysun.com /book/careers_in_psychology.php   (7922 words)

 Market Psychology Blog: Behavioral finance and beyond
Rumor is that Indian markets will open to foreign individuals by the end of the year.
I contacted a dozen brokerage firms in India and some foreign firms doing business in India (such as HSBC and ING), and none would allow me to invest in Indian shares, except for two enterprising men who were particularly keen for me to tell them how much money I was going to "give" them.
One of the true "blessing-curses" that comes with having a Ph.D. in psychology is the introspection, that instinct to revisit decisions to determine the deeper, underlying factors behind them.
www.marketpsych.com /blog/blogger.html   (3596 words)

 Investments Resource Guide--College of St. Catherine Libraries
Brief overview of U.S. Bond Markets, including broad statistics, full-test research reports and articles and Associated Press releases.
Includes downloadable market statistics as well as various full-text publications.
Describes the economies and stock markets of the world.
www.stkate.edu /library/guides/invest.html   (931 words)

 The Key to Real Estate Cycles: Mass Psychology Creates Market Cycles
In fact, the presence of mass market psychology repeatedly compel us to do just the opposite of what we should do in order to maximize economic pleasure (make investment profits) and minimize economic pain (avoid investment losses or lost profits).
That is, during upturns in real estate cycles, optimistic psychology takes a hold of the market and this induces more and more people to adopt optimistic beliefs and expectations.
Knowing that markets will do everything possible to prove the greatest number of people wrong, these overly optimistic expectations are what lay the groundwork for a downturn – or bust – in the real estate cycle.
www.sandiegorealestatereport.com /masspsychology.htm   (864 words)

 STOCKMARKETWIZ.COM Stock Market Current Trends & Market Psychology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
For those of you that I have helped with the markets & who have made donations, again thanks.
www.stars2stocks.homestead.com /Marketrules2.html   (747 words)

 Mastering the Trade (ISBN 0071459588):   Very Well Said™
Once the psychology discussion is over, he goes over many setup examples focusing on when to get in, where to place stops, and how to use the setups in different markets (stocks, futures, currencies).
Understanding the psychology of the markets and dealing in probabilities is dealt with in detail.
The reader is led through Carter's market preparation, intraday analysis, and trade execution including full disclosure of each indicator and the parameters he applies to them to provide the statistical edge necessary for consistent profits.
www.verywellsaid.com /titles/m/mastering-the-trade-0071459588.php   (6406 words)

 Malone College : Psychology job market?
Since an undergraduate major in psychology can lead to many different career paths, the answer to this question is a bit complicated.
Some segments of the market are stronger than others (for instance, the need for licensed clinical psychologists specializing in geriatric psychology or neuropsychology is anticipated to be very strong for the foreseeable future).
For individuals who seek to enter social service occupations that do not require advanced degrees, the market is very strong, but the pay scale is typically somewhat lower than the average salary scale for college graduates.
www.malone.edu /5730   (177 words)

 Investor Home - Psychology
Many researchers believe that the study of psychology and other social sciences can shed considerable light on the efficiency of financial markets as well as explain many stock market anomalies, market bubbles, and crashes.
As an example, Professor Shiller found that at the peak of the Japanese market, 14% of Japanese investors expected a crash, but after it did crash, 32% expected a crash (Source: WSJ 6/13/97).
I do not dismiss the behavioral aspects that Joe [Lakonishok] and others have argued which is to say that there are all kinds of reasons from cognitive psychology that suggest that a real dog is likely to get underpriced, and maybe people know it's underpriced and they still don't want to hold it.
www.investorhome.com /psych.htm   (2155 words)

 Money and Investing Personality Test - Market Psychology Consulting
We employ research from the cutting edge of behavioral finance and business psychology to maximize client value.
Weblog is an up-to-date discussion of investor psychology - how to manage your mind in the markets and where to look for psychology-based market opportunities.
We are the first consultants focusing modern psychological change techniques against emotional and decision making errors that reduce profitability in the financial industry.
www.marketpsych.com   (400 words)

 TheStreet.com: What a Week: Bad News, What Bad News? Market Psychology Shifts
But the steep early drop would prove to be the nadir of the market's recent woes.
In fact, the end of the week had market watchers recalling past instances when equities bottomed in October.
But that development was all but an afterthought amid the ebullience over what had transpired Wednesday and Thursday -- the ability to overlook "bad" news being another indicator of the extent to which market psychology shifted this week.
www.thestreet.com /markets/aarontaskfree/1136675.html   (1091 words)

 Fair Investment Company Bookshop
Drawing on the expertise of the very professionals whose decisions help shape the market, Thomas Oberlechner describes the highly interdependent relationship between financial decision makers and news providers, showing that the assumption that the foreign exchange market is purely economic and rational has to be replaced by a more complex market psychology.
THOMAS OBERLECHNER is Professor of Psychology at Webster University.
His research on psychological aspects of financial markets has appeared in numerous academic journals in psychology and finance.
books.global-investor.com /books/20111.htm?ginPtrCode=10308   (406 words)

 Market Harmonics: Elliott Wave & Market Sentiment Research - Online Forex Trading & Support
"...the market has its law, just as is true of other things throughout the universe.
In the Research area, Market Harmonics has specialized in tracking market sentiment as the key to successful and profitable trading.
Through our Market Harmonics FX service, users can directly trade the global currency market – fast becoming one of the hottest areas of online trading.
www.market-harmonics.com   (462 words)

 HES: QUERY -- 19th C market psychology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The most obvious case is perhaps Thorstein Veblen who was interested in the psychology of William James and others (including Freud).
Another person who tried to analyse labor unrest in term of instinct theory was Carlton Parker (writing in around 1915-1917, and Parker had been turned onto this material by William Ogburn, later a well known sociologist at Columbia and Chicago, and a Columbia PhD in Sociology.
F. Mills, a student of both Parker's amd Mitchell's, has spoken of his experience between 1915 and 1917 as follows: When I was studying at California and later at Columbia, there was a feeling that exciting new prospects for economics had been revealed by recent work in psychology.
www.eh.net /pipermail/hes/2001-July/002229.html   (283 words)

 Ask Uncle Bill: Market Psychology or The Wall Of Worry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The crushing market reversal of 2000-2001 is a huge anchor holding down the market.
So the market should go down because there are a lot of things to worry about.
The market may be right where it was but the economy is not.
askunclebill.typepad.com /my_weblog/2006/03/market_psycholo.html   (961 words)

 Seminar of Market Psychology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The Journal of Psychology and Financial Markets, leaders in many fields will be brought together to address the implications of current work on individual and group emotion, cognition, and action behavior in markets.
They include specialists in personality, social and clinical psychology; psychiatry; organizational behavior; accounting; marketing; sociology; anthropology; behavioral economics; finance and the multidisciplinary study of judgment and decision making.
Another benefit will be the opportunity for behavioral scientists to expand the scope of their studies via use of the enormous databases that document behavior in markets.
www.investmentresearch.org /smr.htm   (297 words)

 Deep Market Advanced Stock Market Analysis » Psychology/Sentiment
Stock market analysis using artificial intelligence, machine learning data mining techniques.
How much of today’s stock market conventional wisdom is actually self-fulfilling prophecies.
The study of price action in charts is an activity that permeates all aspects of the markets - stocks - bonds - commodities.
www.deepmarket.com /category/psychologysentiment   (290 words)

 Steve Hochberg - Elliott Wave Principle, market psychology
It reveals that mass psychology swings from pessimism to optimism and back in a natural sequence, creating specific and measurable patterns.
Elliott wave analysis measures investor psychology, which is the real engine behind markets.
When people are optimistic about the future of a given issue, they bid the price up.
www.researchconnect.com /researchers/expert_271.asp   (129 words)

 Windsor Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Grandmill claimed had an "over 15 year history" of 100% to 240% average annual returns per market.
This is one of those rare classic books that the public would not allow to stay out of print.
All three Soybean markets are discussed; Beans, Meal and Oil.
www.windsorpublishing.com /catalog/default.php?cPath=11&PHPSESSID=17ba...   (444 words)

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