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Topic: Marriage counseling

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  Marriage counseling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Couple counseling is a type of psychological counseling where a couple meets with the psychologist, social worker or other type of mental health professional for counseling to address the dysfunction in their marriage or other type of relationship.
Some marriage counselors may meet with the partners separately before meeting with them together, or may even have individual counselors who meet with the partners and then have a group session with all the counselors and the partners.
Counseling or therapy that is reimbursed by health insurance in the United States, requires a diagnosis of mental illness.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Marriage_counseling   (685 words)

 Marriage counseling | AHealthyMe.com
Marriage counseling is a type of psychotherapy for a married couple or established partners that tries to resolve problems in the relationship.
Marriage counseling is based on research that shows that individuals and their problems are best handled within the context of their relationships.
Marriage counselors are trained in psychotherapy and family systems, and focus on understanding their clients' symptoms and the way their interactions contribute to problems in the relationship.
www.ahealthyme.com /article/gale/100083673   (547 words)

 Marriage Counseling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The structure of the counseling will consist of the 6 months of private counseling sessions meeting together for a 2 times a month the 1st 3 months, and 1 time a month for the 2nd 3 months of private counseling sessions (1 hour per session).
Pastor Carrow's approach to counseling is strategic (click here for more definition and understanding) and structural in nature, which means that all parties involved in the counseling will be expect to participate and contribute through all phases of the counseling.
The objective of the counseling is to position all parties involved in such a manner where they can again lead prosperous and productive lives.
www.pccchurch.org /marriage_couseling.htm   (593 words)

 How to Find a Good Marriage Counselor
There are many ineffective marriage counseling methods being used these days and I think you'd be more comfortable with a counselor who uses my direct method of dealing with the problem.
Marriage counseling is covered as treatment for the disorder, but not otherwise.
The value of marriage counseling is in what you achieve between sessions, not necessarily what you achieve during the session.
www.marriagebuilders.com /graphic/mbi7100_counselor.html   (3205 words)

 Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology: Marriage counseling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Marriage counseling that follows a systems approach stresses the interaction between partners as the origin of marital difficulties, rather than their actions or personality.
Marriage counseling in groups, which is becoming increasingly common, offers clients some of the same advantages that group therapy offers individuals.
Marriage counseling is usually practiced by licensed individuals with specialized training in psychology, psychiatry, and counseling, or by persons without such training, including members of the clergy.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_g2699/is_0002/ai_2699000209   (568 words)

 Toltex - Marriage Counseling
Marriage is one of the most treasured aspects of life, and one of the most fragile.
Sometimes the marriage is ending, and it is the kindest thing to find a way to honor one another and the years that did succeed, or find the best way to handle the divorce with the children in mind.
If you are struggling to make your marriage work, to get through a rough period, or looking as a couple to find your way into whatever comes next, consider scheduling a free consultation with us.
www.toltex.com /marriage-counseling.html   (537 words)

 Marriage counseling
You may have no idea why your marriage seems to be failing, and the good thing about marriage counseling is that it can help you to get to the source of the problem so that you can work on what is really causing these marital issues.
It is important that both parties are willing to try marriage counseling in order to save their marriage, and you should always sit down and discuss the matter before you make an appointment.
Marriage counseling is a type of group psychology method, but the group consists of the married couple and the counselor.
www.ottawamarriage.com /counseling.htm   (370 words)

 Marriage Counseling
Hi, I'm Dr. Ellen Kreidman and even though you did a search for marriage counseling, I'm going to convince you that no matter how far gone or hopeless you or your mate think your marriage is, going through marriage counseling is not even a close second to what I have to offer you.
When you attend traditional marriage counseling, the one that is able to express himself or herself more easily, is the one who has the upper hand.
She finally agreed to go to marriage counseling and we went to a highly recommended marriage counselor in our area.
www.lightyourfire.com /marriage-counseling.htm   (870 words)

 Marriage Repair - Intensive Weekend Retreat With Counseling Couple
Whether it is to renew and awaken your fading love, repair a marriage that is ready to fall apart, or make a major relationship decision, we help you to gain insights into your personal situation while teaching you healthy communication skills to keep your discussions focused and fair.
The objective of our marriage retreat is to support the two of you in your specific personal relationship goals, whatever they may be, while concurrently enhancing the relationship.
Whether in our counseling room or for a short stroll in our fields or forest, you will be trying, once more, to put life and love back into your world and perhaps your marriage.
www.marriagequest.org   (749 words)

 Encyclopedia: Marriage counseling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Snail mail is a derogatory retronym (named after the snail with its proverbially slow speed) used to refer to letters and missives carried by conventional postal delivery services, and refers to the inevitable lag-time between dispatch of a letter and its receipt relative to the virtually instantaneous despatch and...
Jump to: navigation, search Pastoral counseling is a branch of counseling in which ordained ministers, rabbis, priests and others provide therapy services.
Jump to: navigation, search Marriage is a legal, social, and religious relationship between individuals which has formed the foundation of the family for most societies.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Marriage-counseling   (1052 words)

 Muslims and Marriage Counseling: Explanations and Challenges
If the couple survives the second stage and remain in counseling, the counselor asks each of them if they are still committed to maintaining their marriage.
Siddiqui explains that when most Muslim couples seek marriage counseling, it's because they want a resolution to their disagreements, whether they are minor or even if they involve abuse like domestic violence.
The difference in approach when it comes to Islamic marriage counseling versus the mainstream one is that the former makes a serious effort to find what is positive in the couple's relationship before dismissing it as a divorce case.
www.soundvision.com /Info/marriage/conflict/counseling.asp   (1247 words)

 Life Repair - Scientology Marriage Counseling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Many couples in trouble go to marriage counseling but oftentimes the methods are in definite.
Marriage Counseling is revolutionary because it's based on the fundamental principles of life and is the first and only approach that uses exact technology.
Scientology Marriage Counseling is the most effective approach to marital counseling ever known.
www.liferepair.info /marriage_counseling.php   (419 words)

 Marriage counselors, relationship counselors, individual counselors, christian counselors and parenting counselors by ...
Whether you are someone with anger and control issues, a person with eating problems, or a recently divorced man or woman, you don’t have to continue to live with the pain.
Phone Counseling is helping to set people free from the struggles of life that cause isolation, fear, and pain.
Counseline’s Christian Marriage Counseling clients that have gone through our Marriage Intensive report that the concentrated counseling has interrupted their despair and produced hope and new life for their marriages in a short time.
www.counseline.org   (373 words)

 Marriage Counselling-Joan Spencer & Associates:Learn about Marriage Counselling
To provide a confidential, sensitive, caring, professional and comprehensive Marriage and Relationship counselling program and pre-marriage course that covers related counselling areas, in an environment that encourages growth and self awareness in relationships between our clients, their partners, and their families.
Our approach to Marriage Counselling and Relationship Counselling has a focus on the family because we have found that marriage problems and relationship problems need to be addressed in the context of family and family of origin relationships.
Counselling is needed when the individual's personal resources are not sufficient to resolve a problem.
www.jspencer.com.au   (1293 words)

 All Answers..   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
MFCC’s are trained to understand problems from both individual and family systems perspectives; develop intervention skills; incorporate cultural, age-specific, and gender-respectful understanding in theory and practice; and handle clinical, ethical, legal and general professional aspects of their practice.
A marriage and family therapist has earned a master’s degree in social work with a particular emphasis on relationships.
Marriage and family therapy applies therapeutic techniques and focuses on issues of human development, communication skills, and interpersonal relationships.
www.free-marriage-counseling.info   (634 words)

 Marriage counseling and marriage counselors - GotTrouble.com
Marriage counseling can help couples who wish to restore a broken relationship and often hope that therapy will lead them back to marital bliss.
The critical decision to save the marriage is up to the couple.
Find out if both partners must be present in marriage counseling.
gottrouble.com /legal/family/marriage_counseling.html   (101 words)

 Marriage Resources - Home
We have discovered that those who have adequate premarriage counseling, experience fewer problems and far less "surprises" in their marriage.
You are in one of the most unusual times in your life because everyone would like to buy you a special gift for this special wedding occasion.
Marriage Resources is the leading producer in pre-marriage counseling and marriage helps materials in the nation.
www.marriage-resources.com   (175 words)

 Marriage counseling -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
When one of the partners refuses to go to marriage counseling it is usually a sign that that party is considering (The legal dissolution of a marriage) divorce.
Marriage counseling can be seen as a type of (Negotiation to resolve differences conducted by some impartial party) mediation aimed at (Any of various forms of mediation whereby disputes may be settled short of arbitration) conciliation.
Sherman, R., & Fredman, N. Handbook of structural techniques in marriage and family therapy.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/m/ma/marriage_counseling.htm   (262 words)

 Marriage Counseling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Your husband feels that your marriage might not last while you did not even know that there was anything wrong and felt you had a great relationship.
There seems to be quite a difference between you and your husband in the way that you see the marriage.
Your husband must have his reasons why he thinks the marriage won't last and you must have your reasons to feel that it is a great relationship.
www.wholefamily.com /aboutyourmarriage/communicating/q_and_a/choose_therapist.html   (514 words)

 Marriage Counseling Marriage Counselors  Couples Counseling Family Counseling - Find a Marriage Counselor on ...
In a recent study according to the Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, after receiving treatment, almost 90% of clients report an improvement in their emotional health, and nearly two-thirds report an improvement in their overall physical health.
A majority of clients report an improvement in their functioning at work, and over three-fourths of those receiving marital/couples or family therapy report an improvement in the couple relationship.
When a child is the identified patient, parents report that their child's behavior improved in 73.7% of the cases, their ability to get along with other children significantly improved and there was improved performance in school.
www.findingstone.com /find-a-therapist/regions/usa/marriagecounseling.htm   (277 words)

 Marriage & Family Savers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This ministry headquartered in the Hudson Valley, with offices in Newburgh, New York, is non-denominational and open to everyone seeking to prepare for marriage, save a troubled marriage, or "divorce-proof" a good one, through seminars, counseling and marriage and pre-marriage assessments conducted by founders Bill and Penny Banuchi.
Marriage Counseling is also available in Newburgh or Port Jervis, or by telephone using our toll-free number.
With the recommendation of their pastor, and the participation of their church, couples are trained during a six hour Saturday workshop to administer marriage and pre-marriage assessments and work with younger couples in a casual counseling relationship.
www.marriageandfamily.org   (372 words)

 Marriage counseling, couples therapy and individual psychotherapy San Francisco.
Marriage counseling, couples therapy and individual psychotherapy San Francisco.
Counseling (psychotherapy) provides an opportunity to explore freely any personal problem or concern within a marital, a couple relationship, a family, a group, or individually.
Self-defeating behaviors, and problems with relationships may be due to anxiety, depression, unfavorable family history, early experiences of loss or neglect, addictions, negative thought patterns, low self-esteem and more.
www.psychotherapysf.com   (419 words)

 MARRIAGE SUCCESS TRAINING Premarital Prep Education Class - Seminar Workshop - Better than counseling
A quality marriage prep program like MST is the single most important investment you can make in the long-term success of your relationship according to the latest marriage research.
Marriage preparation programs that teach specific skills cut the divorce rate by more than thirty percent.
Most couples, though, discover that it's not couples counseling that they need: What they need are the strategies and tools to manage the normal challenges that all couples encounter in their relationships and marriages.
www.stayhitched.com   (1171 words)

 Marriage counseling,counseling for all topics in Denver area,the best counselors.
Marriage counseling,counseling for all topics in Denver area,the best counselors.
Affordable Counseling Connection is a referral network for skilled and compassionate therapists who provide affordable sliding-scale services to persons in the Denver metro area.
Find out more about our counselors by clicking on the pictures to the left, asking us a question by email, or by requesting a free, no obligation, phone consultation with one of our therapists.
www.affordablecounselingconnection.com   (356 words)

 Marriage Builders ® - Successful Marriage Advice
has saved thousands of marriages from the pain of unresolved conflict and the disaster of divorce.
His successful approach to building marriages can help you build yours.
If your marriage is suffering from infidelity, we have answers to your questions that can lead you to recovery.
www.marriagebuilders.com   (212 words)

 Marriage Counseling
To this end, we provide you with a comprehensive library of articles on the issues you may be facing in your marriage - issues such as relationship skills, why relationships fail, communication skills to improve your marriage, and how to stop your divorce.
There are a great number of activities that you can do together to save a marriage, but the most important thing to remember is that hey should be activities that you both enjoy.
Marriage enrichment is all about making a marriage more fulfilling and rewarding for both partners.
www.ottawamarriage.com   (332 words)

 The Marriage Builders® Counseling & Coaching Center
The counseling and coaching services described on this page will assist you in overcoming marital conflict and restoring love to your marriage.
But the question that you may be asking is, how does marriage counseling and coaching by telephone compare with in-office face-to-face visits?
Counseling & Coaching Center is handled by its Director, Steven W. Harley.
www.marriagebuilders.com /graphic/mbi7000_counsel.html   (159 words)

 Marriage Counseling
Like the techniques employed to help the ill or injured, SCIENTOLOGY Marriage Counseling is an assist.
There has never before been such a direct and successful means of repairing a marriage so that open communication is restored and the upsets of the past are fully handled.
The procedure is explained to both marriage partners so they understand how untold transgressions can destroy a marriage.
www.smi.org /route/page20.htm   (241 words)

 Marriage Counseling
We strongly suggest that a couple enter into their marriage with as much information as is reasonably possible about themselves as individuals, their respective families, their individual and joint hopes, dreams, desires and forth prior to marriage.
We have learned that it is very important that we give couples the opportunity to be very, very clear about what they are doing as they are entering into marriage and the foundations upon which they are establishing their marriage.
Please recall that in marriage, one no longer answers to one's parents but to one's own self, one's spouse and their relationship.
www.whiterobedmonks.org /counseling.html   (540 words)

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