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Topic: Mars Rover

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  Mars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The presence of methane on Mars would be very intriguing, since as an unstable gas it indicates that there must be (or have been within the last few hundred years) a source of the gas on the planet.
Shortly after the landing of the Mars Exploration Rovers in 2004, it was announced by a large group of scientists that they had conclusive evidence that liquid water existed at one time on the surface of Mars.
The datum for Mars is defined by the fourth-degree and fourth-order spherical harmonic gravity field, with the zero altitude defined by the 610.5 Pa (6.105 mbar) atmospheric pressure surface (approximately 0.6% of Earth's) at a temperature of 273.16 K. This pressure and temperature correspond to the triple point of water.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mars_(planet)   (4463 words)

 Mars Exploration Rover - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
JPL succeeded on Thursday the 22nd in receiving a beep from the rover, indicating that it was in fault mode.
The fabric of the airbags was not attached directly to the rover; ropes that crisscross the bags held the fabric to the rover.
At night the rovers are heated by eight radioisotope heater units (RHU) which each continuously generate 1 W of thermal energy from the decay of radioisotopes, along with electrical heaters that operate only when necessary.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mars_Exploration_Rover_Mission   (5279 words)

 Mission to Mars
The protective device shielded the rover from intense frictional heat as it plunged through the martian atmosphere and was shed during the descent and landing sequence.
The Mars Rover mission’s atmospheric science team is studying cloud observations to deduce seasonal and time-of-day behavior of the clouds.
The rover team has decided that the farthest the rover can safely advance along the base of the cliff is close to the squarish white rock near the center of this image.
www.athena.cornell.edu /rovers   (561 words)

 Howstuffworks "How the Mars Exploration Rovers Work"
There is the fact that Mars is the only other planet in the solar system that is even vaguely Earth-like, and therefore the only other planet where life might have evolved (another possibility is the ice moon Europa orbiting Jupiter, but that is not a planet).
Mars is the only planet in the solar system that human beings have any hope of landing on, walking on and exploring in a traditional sense any time soon.
Mars is the only planet that might be terraformed and turned into an Earth-like planet.
science.howstuffworks.com /mars-rover.htm   (224 words)

 Spaceflight Now | Destination Mars | Mission Status Center
Rover planners commanded Opportunity to take a drive during the afternoon of sol 102 to the south, along the edge of the crater toward a dark rock in the vicinity.
Rover planners intended for Spirit to use its wheels to dig a trench at the MayFly spot, but hazard avoidance camera images of the area showed a potato-size rock that could have potentially fallen into the wheel hollow in the process.
Rover planners amended the plan for the sol so the rover would back up and reposition itself for a safe placement of the spectrometer after the rock abrasion tool completed the grind.
spaceflightnow.com /mars/mera/status.html   (8974 words)

 Sojourner Rover Making Tracks on Mars   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The rover was standing up high enough at this point to see some of the terrain beyond the walls of the crater we landed in.
Their best notion was that the rover's main memory was corrupted, causing the rover to reset every time it tried to access data in that memory.
While it's possible that the rover could get tangled in airbag material during its egress from the lander, the bigger concern seems to be that the airbag might contact one of the rover's delicate solar arrays, tearing it or otherwise causing damage.
home.earthlink.net /~sojourner_rover   (3572 words)

 Mars' watery past confirmed - Space.com - MSNBC.com
The landing site of the Mars rover Opportunity was once drenched with water, providing an environment that could have supported life, NASA scientists announced at a press conference Tuesday.
Craddock is an expert on Mars geology and is not involved in the rover mission.
Both rovers operate near the equator on opposite sides of the planet.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/4202901   (1658 words)

 New Scientist Breaking News - Mystery of Mars rover's 'carwash' rolls on
NASA's Mars rover Opportunity seems to have stumbled into something akin to a carwash that has left its solar panels much cleaner than those of its twin rover, Spirit.
The rovers landed on Mars in January 2004 with solar cells capable of providing more than 900 watt-hours of electricity per day.
Rover team leader Jim Erickson at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, told New Scientist that a process still not understood has repeatedly removed dust from the solar panels.
www.newscientist.com /article.ns?id=dn6824   (512 words)

 MarsNews.com :: NewsWire for the New Frontier
Unfortunately, the probes currently on Mars have no way of achieving any further interaction." An anonymous source at the Whitehouse told us that the recently announced moon base is intended as a stepping stone to get scientists close enough to work with the object.
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter fired its thrusters for nearly a minute Thursday to lower its orbit, a step toward the tricky aerobraking process during which the spacecraft will repeatedly dip into the upper atmosphere starting next week.
NASA’s Spirit Mars rover has wrapped up exploration of a baffling feature called "Home Plate" but now faces the onset of martian winter while dealing with dropping power levels and fighting a balky right front wheel.
www.marsnews.com   (1102 words)

 New Scientist Breaking News - Mars rover finds crater a little depressing
The Mars rover Spirit has finally reached its destination, a 200-metre wide impact basin called Bonneville crater, after a month-long odyssey across the rock strewn plain of Gusev.
Opportunity, exploring the other side of Mars, is soon expected to get close up spectroscopic data on the mysterious "blueberries" in the rock and soil near its landing site.
The spherules are concentrated enough there to allow the rover's spectrometers to reveal their exact chemistry and mineralogy.
www.newscientist.com /article.ns?id=dn4770   (507 words)

 Cornell Mars rover news
Rover mission extended for 18 months--or as long as parts hold up
Rover Spirit heads for a Jan. 3 landing on the red planet (Dec. 11, 2003)
Mars Odyssey orbiter is the communications link for Rovers (2001)
www.news.cornell.edu /releases/rover/rovermenu.html   (531 words)

 CNN.com - New rover sees red planet with 3-D eyes - Jan. 5, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The $400 million rover, expected to send back its first color postcards from Mars within a day, also comes equipped with an unprecedented array of scientific instruments, which could help determine whether the cold, desert world once was a warm, wet planet.
Golombek and others on the rover team have adopted a Mars schedule, coordinating their waking and sleeping patterns with Martian days, which are nearly 40 minutes longer than those on Earth.
Each of the new rover, however, is built to explore nearly as much territory in several days as Sojourner covered in three months, about 100 yards.
www.cnn.com /2004/TECH/space/01/05/mars.rovers   (1012 words)

 BBC NEWS | Technology | Mars rover inspires toy robot
Drawing inspiration from the US space agency's Mars rover, scientists in the US are working on creating a robot that can teach children about science.
"The idea is to make a rover just like the Mars rover, but to make one that children can use to do science at home, just like the Mars rover is used to do science on Mars," said Illah Nourbakhsh, assistant professor of robotics at CMU.
The CMU team says that although the rover is intended as a toy for children, there is a serious side to its work.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/technology/2535917.stm   (402 words)

 TPS: Exploring Mars: The Mars Exploration Rovers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Much larger than their predecessor, Sojourner, These robotic geologists are equipped with a robotic arm, a drilling tool, three spectrometers, and four pairs of cameras that allow them to have a human-like, 3D view of the terrain.
Each rover can travel as far as 100 meters in one day to act as Mars scientists' eyes and hands, exploring an environment where humans can't yet go.
The rovers are NOT looking for life on Mars, only for clues to an environment that could have supported life.
www.planetary.org /mars/mer.html   (496 words)

 MARS Rover Virtual Reality Panoramic images - 360 degree QTVR Photos from panoramas.dk
This is the Spirit panoramic camera's "Lookout" panorama, acquired on the rover's 410th to 413th martian days, or sols (Feb. 27 to Mar. 2, 2005).
Also like all my Mars Quicktime VR there has been added artificial sky as this is nessecary to obtain a correct levelling of the horisont in a QTVR.
MARS Pathfinder 1997 panorama Did you know that NASA already in 1997 made a panorama from Mars.
www.panoramas.dk /fullscreen3/f2_mars.html   (884 words)

 SPACE.com -- Mars Rover Special Report
NASA’s revered Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, are both on a roll toward new scientific objectives, but two years into their mission, the twin robots are each showing their age.
The first geologists on Mars are not going to be humans of flesh and bone, but robot automatons of metal and wheels.
Long before the Mars Rover missions were readied for launch, NASA researcher worried behind the scenes about invisible microbes that could contaminate the spacecraft.
www.space.com /marsrover   (1130 words)

 More About the Mission   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In late May and then again in early June 2003, two separate Mars Rovers will be launched on a 7 1/2 month journey to the surface Mars.
The first Rover is expected to land on the Martian surface on January 2, 2004 and the second one on January 20, 2004.
Whereas the Pathfinder mission used a "base station" that contained several instruments, the Rovers, each having a mass of 150 kilograms, will carry all instrumentation with them and be able to venture up to 100 meters per day across the Martian terrain.
spacekids.hq.nasa.gov /2003/mission.htm   (393 words)

 NASA makes progress fixing Spirit rover - Return to the Red Planet - MSNBC.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Engineers brought stability to the rover by disabling its flash memory, which is similar to the memory digital cameras use to store pictures, said Orlando Figueroa, director of NASA’s Mars exploration program.
Mission members were able to stop the rover from rebooting its computer — which it had done roughly 130 times — and bypass the computer chips that make up its flash memory.
Together, the twin rovers make up a single $820 million mission to determine if Mars ever was a wetter world capable of sustaining life.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/3855168   (798 words)

 SPACE.com -- That's the Spirit! Mars Rover Lands Safely on Mars
Signals received from Spirit indicated that the spacecraft was alive on the ground and bouncing in its airbags, perhaps bounding across the rocky terrain for several miles.
The two specially-equipped robots were hurled toward Mars to gain new insights regarding the history of environments on the planet -- perhaps hospitable to life in the past or possibly today.
The second rover, Opportunity, is zeroing in on its attempted Mars landing on January 24 at approximately 9:05 pm Pacific Standard Time.
www.space.com /missionlaunches/spirit_lands_040103.html   (817 words)

 Sun News - Features - Java Technology and the Mission to Mars   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Those panoramas are being created by combining images from two different cameras onboard the Rover, so with the two lenses they get two images - just like you've got two eyes - so you can do a stereoscopic mapping where your brain is able to figure out how far away things are.
Java 3D and Java Advanced Imaging technology are also key to the software JPL is using to render and interpret realtime images captured by the Rover.
Mars mission controllers, Stan Thompson, foreground, and Bill Currie, prepare for the long evening ahead in the Mars Mission Control Room.
www.sun.com /aboutsun/media/features/mars.html   (2026 words)

 Home Page
The rovers will explore several kilometers of the alien planet's rocky terrain recording images and analyzing a variety sensor data.
The goal of these meetings was to refine a nine week (45 hour) unit of study that would be academically rigorous in math and science while also being engaging and fun for students.
Steven Dworetzky, author of the Mars Rover Project curriculum support materials and, Ken Berry of Cal State University hosted the workshops.
www.mars-rover.com   (380 words)

 NASA Mars Rover Sunset: A Moment Frozen in Time | SpaceRef - Your Space Reference
On May 19th, 2005, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit captured this stunning view as the Sun sank below the rim of Gusev crater on Mars.
Because Mars is farther from the Sun than the Earth is, the Sun appears only about two-thirds the size that it appears in a sunset seen from the Earth.
The floor of Gusev crater is visible in the distance, and the Sun is setting behind the wall of Gusev some 80 km (50 miles) in the distance.
www.spaceref.com /news/viewsr.html?pid=16976   (460 words)

 Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Home
After reaching the top of "Husband Hill," NASA's Mars rover finds that sizing up the terrain depends on the point of view.
Unlike its older sibling, Spirit, Opportunity didn't have to wait for evidence of water's influence on the alien landscape.
With this anniversary in mind, it's time to celebrate the rover's acommplishments.
marsrovers.nasa.gov /home/index.html   (204 words)

 NOVA | Mars | PBS
Everybody knows that liquid water is necessary for life, at least as we know it.
Create a parachute strong and light enough to safely slow the rovers in their descent toward Mars.
Watch an animation of one rover's fantastic journey from Earth to Mars.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/nova/mars   (179 words)

 maestro - Maestro Mars Data Updates   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Maestro team is pleased to present you these updates with images from the Spirit rover at Gusev crater and the Opportunity rover at Meridiani Planum, Mars.
Get Spirit dataset 2: The Spirit rover successfully egresses off of the lander and begins exploring the Martian surface taking the highest resolution images of Mars in history.
Get Spirit dataset 1: The first images from the Spirit rover at Gusev Crater, Mars, taken while the rover was first standing up, preparing for egress off of the lander.
mars.telascience.org /update   (495 words)

 APOD: 2004 February 6 - Magnified Mars   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
But the picture is one of the first microscopic images of another planet, captured by the Opportunity rover on its tenth sol on the martian surface at Meridiani Planum.
Searching for evidence of past water on Mars, researchers note that both volcanic and
antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov /apod/ap040206.html   (198 words)

 Mars Exploration: Home
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter yesterday began a crucial six-month campaign to gradually shrink its orbit into the best geometry for the mission's science work.
NASA's long-lived Mars rovers demand lots of care as they age and the Martian winter approaches.
John Callas, newly named project manager for NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission, is coordinating the work to meet these challenges.
mars.jpl.nasa.gov   (375 words)

 Mars Pathfinder Home
Prior to the Mars landing on July 4, 1997.
Will look for evidence of past and present water on Mars.
Go to the main JPL Mars Pathfinder site for the latest information.
mars.jpl.nasa.gov /MPF/index1.html   (122 words)

 EPC > Anaglyphs > Be on Mars > Mars Rovers (3D)
EPC > Anaglyphs > Be on Mars > Mars Rovers (3D)
he Mars Exploration Rovers began exploring the Red Planet in January 2004.
While Rover Spirit makes tracks in Gusev Crater, Opportunity explores the dark surface of Meridiani Planum.
dualmoments.com /marsrovers   (143 words)

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