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Topic: Martin McGuinness

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Stratagem - Department of Education - Martin McGuinness MP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Martin McGuinness became Minister for Education on 2 December 1999 and is responsible for school funding and administration, the youth service, pre-school education, teachers, school standards and special education.
Martin McGuinness has proven himself to be a capable and competent minister, contrary to much speculation prior to and in the early days of his appointment.
McGuinness won the Mid-Ulster seat in the General Election in 2001 with a significantly increased personal majority of almost 10,000 votes over Ian McCrea of the DUP (son of Rev. William McCrea MLA who was defeated in South Antrim in the same election).
www2.stratagem-ni.com /biogs/martin.html   (604 words)

 CNN.com - Transcripts
MCGUINNESS: We were dealing with very devious people who had the capability to destroy me as a Republican and the fact to bring about a set of circumstances where I could lose my life as a result of my participation in these talks.
MCGUINNESS: At the end of the day the people who call it, are the people who have given us their support very loyally over the years and who have placed a lot of trust and faith in us.
MARTIN GALVIN, IRISH FREEDOM COMMITTEE: There's core support in the United States and growing support in the Republican grassroots who won't be dismissed by saying their micro groups or small groups hopefully they be able to say some point, I have been caught in another British trap.
edition.cnn.com /TRANSCRIPTS/0106/24/cp.00.html   (5133 words)

 Martin McGuinness: From Guns to Government - smh.com.au
Martin McGuinness was born in Derry city in 1950, left school at 15, was apprenticed to a butcher, joined the IRA (and for some years was contemporaneously engaged in two branches of the slaughter business).
McGuinness refused all co-operation with Clarke and Johnston, a journalist couple who are long-time Northern Ireland observers.
Once McGuinness didn't come to their party, the authors' remaining sources were unlikely to give him a positive spin.
www.smh.com.au /articles/2002/04/19/1019020704040.html   (794 words)

McGuinness and the IRA do not accept what Conservative backbenchers, the editorial board of the Times, and the British public hold to be self-evidently true, that the British Crown is the legitimate authority in Northern Ireland.
MARTIN McGuinness was born in 1950 in the Bogside district of Derry into a society condemned by its minority Unionist rulers to failure.
McGuinness, with his handsome looks and coy, boyish charm, came into his own as an IRA propagandist, giving tours behind the barricades to the world's media and holding daily press conferences where on one occasion he introduced journalists to the sniper who had just shot and killed a British soldier on the city's walls.
www.uhb.fr /Langues/CEI/mcguport.htm   (6371 words)

 Harvard Gazette: Sinn Fein negotiator speaks
McGuinness, who once told a court he was a proud member of the Irish Republican Army, is no stranger to struggle.
McGuinness blamed unionist reluctance to share power with Catholics for the suspension of the Good Friday agreement, but said the pact is the only way forward.
McGuinness said that commerce between Ireland and Northern Ireland is expanding, as the business community realizes the partition of the two countries doesn't make economic sense.
www.news.harvard.edu /gazette/2004/03.18/03-sinnfein.html   (1001 words)

 CAIN: People: Clarke, Liam. and Kathryn, Johnston. (2001) 'Martin McGuinness: From Guns to Government'
McGuinness summed up his future vision for the IRA in an interview with Emily O’Reilly in The Observer, when she asked him where they went from here: once decommissioning had been resolved; the assembly was up and running and the Good Friday Agreement had been fully implemented.
McGuinness’ great achievement is to have steered his movement through almost 30 years of largely fruitless violence; to emerge, not defeated as they might otherwise have been, but, with his hand on the tiller, as one of the most powerful forces in Irish politics.
McGuinness’ great contribution is that he knew, even quite early on, that the war could not, nor should it, go on forever; and that violence in its own right had no role to play.
cain.ulst.ac.uk /othelem/people/mcguinness/clarkejohnston01.htm   (6196 words)

 BSI Reports: Week 105: 29-30 Oct 2003
McGuinness knew he was not linked to British intelligence and described such claims as “sinister.” He also said he had received silent phone calls since the hearing on 6 October 2003, in London, dealing with the disclosure of documents.
Clarke claim Martin McGuinness was in command of the IRA in Derry on Bloody Sunday because the officer commanding (OC) was exhausted and left Mr.
McGuinness fired a Thompson sub machine gun at the door from inside the building at members of the crowd who were trying to escape the army by getting into the bookmakers.
www.birw.org /bsireports/100_120/report106.html   (7517 words)

 Telegraph | Arts | 'A natural Provo'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
MARTIN MCGUINNESS's colleagues in Sinn Fein have alleged that this biography is part of an attempt to demonise McGuinness and is based on hostile RUC and military intelligence sources.
Liam Clarke is the author of one of the first serious studies of the rise to power in the IRA of Martin McGuinness and others; and this biography contains insights gleaned from some of McGuinness's former IRA comrades.
Their book says that at school McGuinness supervised the physical chastisement of those who annoyed him in the playground, and this ability made him officer-grade material for the fledgling Provisional IRA in Derry.
www.telegraph.co.uk /arts/main.jhtml?xml=/arts/2001/12/08/bopatt.xml&sSheet=/arts/2001/12/20/ixbooksmain141201.html   (325 words)

And the public comments of Martin McGuinness after the legislation was published prove it, SDLP Leader Mark Durkan MP stated.
And when the SDLP criticised the legislation for letting state killers off the hook, Martin McGuinness said that he did "not envisage that any people who were involved in the murders of nationalists...
McGuinness: Victims and relatives of victims know, for example in the case of the Bloody Sunday families, the British Army was effectively marched up to Buckingham Palace and were decorated by the British Queen for their activities in Derry on that day.
www.sdlp.ie /prdurkanmcguinessheartsandmindsotrs.shtm   (872 words)

 FORUM: Will Britain Ever Keep Faith?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Since Martin was elected to the Ard Comhairle (National Executive) of Sinn Féin, he has played a major role in promoting and supporting the strategy of the current peace process.
Martin has represented the Party in high level discussions with political leaders in Europe as well as America.
Martin McGuinness was elected as a Sinn Féin negotiator in the forum elections in May 1996.
ksgnotes1.harvard.edu /ksginfo/enews.nsf/details/D0379277C3D6CA7D85256E4D006BBACF   (297 words)

 Sinn Fein: Martin McGuinness MP Mid Ulster
In 1982 Martin McGuinness was elected to the short-lived Stormont assembly.
Martin Mc Guinness was elected as a Sinn Féin Negotiator in the Forum elections in May 1996.
In 1997 Martin was elected MP for the Mid-Ulster constituency and re-elected again in 2001.
www.sinnfeinonline.com /representatives/386   (297 words)

 Guardian | Spy says McGuinness did not fire on Bloody Sunday
A key IRA informer, in hiding for nearly 20 years, will risk his life to tell the Bloody Sunday inquiry that former IRA commander Martin McGuinness did not fire any shots on the day of the fateful civil rights march that ended in the deaths of 14 civilians.
Last week, after news emerged that he was to give evidence to the inquiry, McGuinness admitted for the first time that he had been second-in-command of the Provisional IRA in the lead up to Bloody Sunday.
McGuinness should fry for some of the things he has done, but I can't stand by and see an inquiry that is trying its best to get at the truth about the murder of those people on Bloody Sunday be muddied by the Ministry of Defence.
www.guardian.co.uk /print/0,3858,4181865-102285,00.html   (767 words)

 Martin Mc Guinness
Today Martin McGuinness is a leading Sinn Fein member and active constituency representative but eleven years ago he was performing a different role.
Mr McGuinness admits that he was second-in-command in the IRA in Londonderry at the time of Bloody Sunday on 30 January 1972, when paratroopers fired on a civil rights march killing 13 people.
Last year McGuinness was denounced by Mr Merlyn Rees - a former Home Secretary - as a terrorist and 'The Observer' alleged that he was "widely held to have headed the IRA Londonderry Brigade." (Observer 17.4.83).
www.sfiraexposed.8m.net /martin.htm   (285 words)

 Telegraph | News | McGuinness's IRA questions
Martin McGuinness is to face questions in the Northern Ireland Assembly about a bombing that killed nine civilians in 1972 following allegations that a Roman Catholic priest was implicated in the atrocity.
Mr McGuinness, the Sinn Fein MP and education minister in the Northern Ireland Executive, has admitted to being the IRA's second-in-command in Londonderry on Bloody Sunday in January 1972, when 13 civilians were shot dead by paratroopers.
However, Mr McGuinness also asserted that his role was to "ensure that the units met regularly, that the organisation was properly structured and that discipline was maintained".
www.telegraph.co.uk /news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2002/09/20/nira20.xml   (581 words)

 Is Martin McGuinnes a British Agent? The new revelations considered. - Indymedia Ireland
Martin Ingram's recent revelations are contained in an article at cryptome (http://cryptome.org/ingram-spies.htm), an interview with Radio Free Eireann in New York (http://archive.wbai.org/files/mp3/060114_133008rfeirean...n.MP3) and a long discussion at the slugger o'toole website (http://www.sluggerotoole.com/index.php/weblog/comments/...1/P0/).
Martin doesnt like anyone coming near his holiday home (he actually phoned the gards to move on 2 local youngsters he saw fishing one day) and the garda are only too happy as well to move on any nosey parkers who might wonder how on earth he was able to afford it.
Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness are not spies, or else the British security forces were prepared to allow the IRA to kill and blow to smithereens so many hundreds of soldiers, police, politicians, civilians, over the past thirty years.
www.indymedia.ie /article/74119   (4250 words)

 Martin McGuinness Wiretap Transcripts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
MARTIN MCGUINNESS SPEAKS TO A KATHLEEN SNU and tells her he has been very busy but that he hoped to get down to her within the next couple of weeks.
Liam Clarke was interviewed concerning Martin Ingram by the Metropolitan Police under police caution in the presence of his solicitor on 20th July 2000 at Musgrave Street RUC station in Belfast.
As unionists had always suspected, Mr McGuinness, the target of the bugging and who thinks his reputation has been most damaged by the revelations and has complained to Downing Street, also had the cosiest relationship with Mo Mowlam, when she was Northern Ireland secretary.
cryptome.sabotage.org /mcguinness-taps.htm   (6068 words)

 Jonathan Dimbleby interview with Martin McGuinness broadcast 27 March -- An Phoblacht Abú (The Republic Forever)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
McGuinness says the IRA would be criminals if they’d shot the murderers of Robert McCartney and what you have to contemplate is, what does that do for Martin McGuinness’ attempts to pursue the peace process, to convince an organisation like the IRA that it should contribute to that peace process.
I believe it’s my job as a politician to prevent it happening and to contribute to a political process which will and I think this is a critically important point, because what this peace process has done over the last number of years, is something that wasn’t done in the previous 20 years.
MARTIN McGUINNESS > >Well a number of people have come forward they have >given statements to solicitors and some of them have >been passed on to the Ombudsman, which I think is >absolutely correct.
www.voy.com /187668/204.html   (5265 words)

 The Militant - 9/25/95 -- `British Gov't Is Not Able To Break Us'
Sinn Fein Leader Martin Mcguinness Discusses ...
NEW YORK - Speaking to an enthusiastic and mainly young audience in Woodside, Queens, September 8, Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness said that despite attempts by the British government to stymie the peace process in Ireland, "We are in a highly advantageous position.
McGuinness said this demand, which "requires the actual surrender of the IRA and, by extension, of the nationalist people," is not acceptable.
McGuinness replied, "While workers in Britain may need a Labour government, we in Ireland don't." He pointed out that some of the worst Northern Ireland Secretaries were part of Labour governments and noted that the current Labour Party leader Tony Blair refuses to meet with Sinn Fein.
www.themilitant.com /1995/5935/5935_5.html   (1095 words)

Martin McGuinness' itinerary included meetings in line with his position as Minister for Education and our next stop was at the Rice High School in Harlem, on the corner of Malcom X Boulevard and Lennox Avenue.
McGuinness spoke of his support for equality of opportunity for all pupils, regardless of gender and informed Vevere of his allocation of funds for integrated schooling.
McGuinness later met with Irish Ambassador, Seán Ó hUigín, while Gerry Adams' last public engagement was a dinner to honour John Cardinal O'Connor of New York, who is renowned for his support for the needy and homeless of New York.
republican-news.org /archive/2000/January20/20usa.html   (962 words)

 BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Profile: Martin McGuinness
Mr McGuinness says that he turned to republicanism after witnessing the 1960s government repression of the nationalist community and its failure to prevent the escalating violence that destroyed the civil rights movement.
During the 1990s Martin McGuinness was involved in secret exchanges of information with the British Government, via intermediaries.
Mr McGuinness has a ready answer for this - one he used to cheering at a Sinn Fein rally in October 2002 when devolution collapsed amid allegations of IRA spying.
newsrss.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/northern_ireland/1303355.stm   (799 words)

 Burning Bush - Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness . . . . Men of Peace or Propagators of Murder -- Which?
Adams and McGuinness the Men of Peace are myths, a massive propaganda lie issuing forth from an organisation that is a master not only of murder and terror but of lies and prevarications -- the Irish Republican movement.
He subsequently has denied that he was in the IRA but has never challenged the documentary evidence produced by writers of note, who have not only claimed that he was in the IRA but have stated that he was the so-called "Chief of Staff" of the IRA for a time.
It is of Martin McGuinness at an IRA press conference in Dublin in 1972.
www.ivanfoster.org /page.asp?pageid=ira&printerFriendly=true   (2313 words)

 Irish Echo Online - News
Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness, the education minister in the suspended Northern Ireland assembly, has threatened legal action over a BBC program that quoted a man identified as Freddie Scappaticci, believed to be the supertout Stakeknife, claiming that McGuinness was involved in the murder of an informer in 1986.
McGuinness has admitted that he was second-in-command of the Provisional IRA in Derry in 1972.
According to the report, McGuinness played a key role in convincing Hegarty?s mother that her son would be safe.
www.irishecho.com /search/searchstory.cfm?id=13350&issueid=315   (646 words)

 Sinn Fein leader seeks support in SF   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Martin McGuinness, the chief negotiator in the upcoming talks with the British government, swept through town Saturday as part of a whirlwind tour put on by the leadership of Sinn Fein to raise both political and financial support for the party, which has been called the political wing of the Irish Republican Army.
McGuinness was welcomed by city dignitaries such as Mayor Willie Brown, District Attorney Terence Hallinan, supervisors Tom Ammiano, Sue Bierman and Leland Yee, as well State Senator Tom Hayden, D-Los Angeles.
Security for McGuinness' visit was tight, with a half-dozen uniformed police officers in attendance and numerous plainclothed officers stationed throughout the center -- ironic for a man who has been arrested twice for membership in the IRA.
www.journalism.sfsu.edu /www/pubs/gater/fall97/sept9/McGinnis.html   (694 words)

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