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Topic: Martyrs Mirror

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Martyrs' Mirror   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
But the number of martyrs was increased by the studies he made in other works of church history, and by information he secured from archives, e.g., those of the cities of Dordrecht and Amsterdam.
The second edition of van Braght's Martyrs' mirror was published in 1685 at Amsterdam by Hieronymus Sweerts, Jan ten Hoorn, Jan Bouman, and Daniel van den Dalen.
The Ephrata edition was published by the Franconia Mennonite Conference (MC) with the definite purpose of strengthening the nonresistant faith of the church in the face of the rising threat of war.
www.gameo.org /encyclopedia/contents/m37858me.html   (1624 words)

 Martyrs Mirror Online - Hearts on Fire! Anabaptist Martyrs, AD 1524-1660
The book Martyrs Mirror consists primarily of final messages from Christians in jail, joyfully waiting to die for their faith.
Most of Martyrs Mirror describes the persecution and execution of thousands of Anabaptists in the Low Countries between 1524 and 1660 (plus Germans, Swiss, Austrians and other Europeans).
Though most of the persecution described in Martyrs Mirror was directed by a single international religious organization under state authority, the greatest danger to our souls today is not any particular denomination, but any religious tradition that intertwines itself with the world system and relies on state support.
www.homecomers.org /mirror/intro.htm   (678 words)

 Jay D Weaver's Thought for the Week - Martyrs Mirror; A Memorial to Faith - Story of Dirk Willems
This morning I would like to lift up a memorial to the faithful in the Christian church that has been considered by many in the Anabaptist tradition to be second only to the bible in its importance as a record of that faith.
That memorial is the book entitled “Martyrs Mirror.” The book was written by Thieleman J. van Bracht of Holland in 1660, and is still highly revered by the Amish and Mennonites.
The following is a quote from Martyrs Mirror: “In the year 1569 a pious, faithful brother and follower of Jesus Christ, named Dirk Willems, was apprehended at Asperen, in Holland, and had to endure severe tyranny from the papists.
www.jdweaver.com /essays/martmirr.htm   (573 words)

 Martyrs Mirror. . .Study Guide
Provides a historical overview of the legacy of nonresistance passed down by the Anabaptists who referred to themselves as “defenseless Christians.”; Follows the history of peacemaking among Mennonites in the twentieth century from their being the “quiet in the land” to their active witnessing and intervention in the interests of peacemaking.
Although their lives and their brief marriage ended when they were martyred in 1527, their legacy of radical faith helped to shape the Anabaptist movement for many years.
Suggests that the Martyrs Mirror be used as a tool for renewal by “looking at the martyrs, listening to their convictions and hearing their hymns.” Argues that we also must integrate a spirituality and social non-conformity which “bear the stamp of Jesus”; and inevitably lead to a collision with society and the powers that be.
www.mph.org /hp/studygds/MartyrsSG.htm   (2021 words)

 MennoLink Books and Music: Martyrs Mirror
MARTYRS MIRROR is a record of the path of the early martyrs.
Van Braght collected the accounts of martyrdom in MARTYRS MIRROR with the hope that they would inspire the reader to hold as tenaciously to the faith as did the martyrs of whom he wrote.
The first American edition of MARTYRS MIRROR was a translation from the Dutch into German and was printed at the Ephrata Cloisters, at Ephrata, Pennsylvania, in 1745.
www.mennolink.org /books/search.cgi?bk.tjvb.01.txt   (527 words)

 News Releases
The Mirror of the Martyrs, a historic art exhibit depicting persecutions of 16th- and 17th-century Anabaptists, will be on display Oct. 21-Nov. 21 in the Albrecht Gallery of Sauder Visual Arts Center at Bluffton College.
The exhibit was initially developed by the Martyrs Mirror Trust, administered jointly by the Mennonite Historical Library of Goshen (Ind.) College and the Kauffman Museum at Bethel College, North Newton, Kan.
The Mirror of the Martyrs exhibit raises a number of difficult questions in the minds of viewers, such as "What beliefs are worth dying for?
www.bluffton.edu /about/news/NewsReleases.asp?Show=101300_02   (365 words)

 Martyrs Mirror at Scroll Publishing Co.
Martyr’s Mirror was written and published in 1659 by a Dutch Mennonite, Thieleman J. van Braght.
Martyr’s Mirror contains classic accounts of more than 4,000 Christians who endured suffering, torture, and a martyr’s death because of their simple faith in the gospel of Christ.
In 1886, Martyrs Mirror was translated into English to challenge generations of Christians in North America.
www.scrollpublishing.com /store/MartyrsMirror.html   (347 words)

The martyr stories depicted in word and image were recorded and illustrated in the Martyrs Mirror of 1685.
The Mirror of the Martyrs exhibit consists of 160 lineal feet of panels and cases with life-size illustrations from the copper-plate etchings done in 1685 by Jan Luyken for the Martyrs Mirror (MM).
The Martyrs Mirror Trust is a non-profit organization established jointly by the Mennonite Historical Library of Goshen College and the Kauffman Museum of Bethel College, under the Mennonite Central Committee and supported by the gifts of more than 20 patrons.
www.goshen.edu /mhl/Martmirr   (683 words)

 Martyrs Mirror. . .Study Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The first part of Martyrs Mirror records accounts of believers’ baptisms and sufferings from the first through fifteenth centuries.
Here is the account of one of the more than 4,000 martyrs catalogued in Martyrs Mirror, the story of Dirk Willems.
Martyrs Mirror by Thieleman J. van Braght, is available from Giving and Sharing, PO Box 100, Neck City, MO 64849 for a suggested donation of $44.
www.giveshare.org /BibleStudy/191.martyrsmirror.html   (787 words)

 Amazon.de: Martyrs Mirror: The Story of Seventeen Centuries of Christian Martyrdom, from the Time of Christ to A.D. ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
"The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church!" This truism is very ably demonstrated by the author.
I rated Martyrs Mirror a 9 only because I can't justify putting it alongside the bible, so I placed it just beneath the only #10.
The Martyrs Mirror will alter the course of your life, whether you are religious or not.
www.amazon.de /Martyrs-Mirror-Seventeen-Centuries-D/dp/083611390X   (522 words)

 Martyrs Mirror - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Martyrs Mirror or The Bloody Theater, first published in 1660 in Dutch by Thieleman J. van Braght, documents the stories and testimonies of Christian martyrs, especially Anabaptists.
The book includes accounts of the martyrdom of the apostles and the stories of martyrs from previous centuries with beliefs similar to the Anabaptists.
Thirty of these plates survive and are part of the Mirror of the Martyrs exhibit.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Martyrs_Mirror   (147 words)

 Historical Committee & Archives of the Mennonite Church
Bloody and martyrs both refer to the suffering of Christians, and theater and mirror refer to the means by which the sufferings are portrayed.
The seeds from which the mirror metaphor in the title grew, lie in several statements of the Apocrypha and the New Testament.
Always the mirror is an instrument of revelation, sometimes the stress lies on the revelation, and sometimes the stress is on its indirectness.
www.mcusa-archives.org /MHB/Lowry.html   (1552 words)

 The Mirror of the Martyrs
The Mirror of the Martyrs exhibit is based on the publication of the second edition of the Martyrs Mirror of 1685.
Accompanied with selected martyr stories, both ancient and contemporary, they should be used to tell in fresh ways how Christians have witnessed to their faith under oppression and persecution.
Since 1990 the Mirror of the Martyrs has appeared in 55 locations in 21 states and 5 Canadian provinces.
www.bethelks.edu /kauffman/martyrs/creation.html   (657 words)

 The Den of the Martyrologist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
And that little decorative mirror is always foggy or dirty, scratched, pitted, etc. Plus, the angle that it hangs at kind of warps the mirror from the top down.
Either (1) all of the mirrors gave an accurate reflection if I take all of the images into account (because how could I possibly judge that one was actually giving the perfect, accurate, true reflection?), or (2) all of them were wrong.
For many people, their favorite mirror is a friend or a guy or girl they are trying to get a date with.
martyrologist.lifewithchrist.org /permalink/26028   (832 words)

 MennoLink Books and Music: Martyrs
The Mirror of the Martyrs exhibit developed after longtime Mennonite historians Robert S. Kreider and John S. Oyer became aware of 23 existing copper plates from etchings included in the 1685 publication of the Mennonite book Martyrs Mirror.
Mirror of the Martyrs reproduces 30 of these etchings and tells the courageous stories of these people of faith.
The storytelling perspective varies: sometimes from the martyr's point of view or that of a friend or relative, sometimes that of a child or bystander-or even the executioner or betrayer.
www.mennolink.org /books/martyrs.html   (1592 words)

 Martyrs Mirror Online - Hearts On Fire!
Martyrs Mirror, the classic 1660 Dutch religious history, memorializes the godly lives and glorious deaths of thousands of early Christians, especially European Anabaptist martyrs between 1524 and 1660.
The book shines a mirror on ordinary people who experienced a spiritual reality that few today can even imagine.
Like the more famous Foxe's Book of Martyrs, this compilation attempts to trace the history of those through the centuries, beginning with the martyrdom of Christ's apostles, who were willing to stand alone for a simple, obedient faith.
homecomers.org /mirror   (109 words)

 Martyrs Mirror: A Christian Book of Martyr Stories
Like John Fox's book of martyr stories, Martyrs Mirror tells the tales of those, beginning with Christ's apostles, who were willing to stand alone for a simple, obedient faith.
This classic 1660 Dutch book memorializes the godly lives and glorious deaths of European Anabaptist martyrs between 1524 and 1660 and thousands of other early Christians.
These stories shine a mirror on ordinary people who experienced a spiritual reality that few today can even imagine.
www.homecomers.org /mirror/contents.htm   (143 words)

 Amazon.com: Martyrs Mirror: Books: Thieleman J. Van Braght   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Bloody Theater or Martyr's Mirror of the Defenseless Christians by Thieleman Van Bragt
The number of martyrs are in in the multiples of thousands.
Martyr's Mirror is an excellent history of more than 4,000 martyrs, spanning from the time of Christ through the mid- 17th century.
www.amazon.com /Martyrs-Mirror-Thieleman-Van-Braght/dp/0836190874   (1413 words)

His story is briefly given in the Martyr’s Mirror and in a martyr ballad in the Ausbund.
Be challenged as you read selected stories that are retold from the Martyrs Mirror of men and women who stood firm in their faith despite intense persecution and even death.
Vivid martyr scenes are followed by rare paintings that ridicule Menno and the Mennonites.
www.masthof.com /pages/anabaptism.html   (1865 words)

 Living for Christ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
One of these martyrs, John Hooper, when it was suggested to him that he renounce his beliefs in order to live longer, replied:
Though Martyrs Mirror was written in the 17th century, what van Braght wrote about serving Christ in the world of his day is even truer now:
How great the step that is between their walk and that of the holy martyrs, who delivered up, not only their carnal desires, but also their bodies and lives, unto death for the Lord's sake!...
members.aol.com /jasonte2/martyrs.htm   (1367 words)

 M.B. Herald, Vol. 35, No. 8: A Christian Mind
Thieleman van Braght titled his 1660 book recounting the stories of Anabaptist martyrs The Bloody Theatre (although the book is today more commonly known as The Martyrs' Mirror).
"The Mirror of the Martyrs" is a travelling exhibit of woodcut illustrations by Jan Luyken, taken from the 1685 edition of The Martyrs' Mirror.
There were more than 4000 Anabaptist martyrs in the sixteenth century, outnumbering any other group of martyrs in that period.
old.mbconf.ca /mb/mbh3508/unger.htm   (982 words)

 Martyrs Mirror | The Anabaptist Network   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Anabaptist Martyrs History - photos and brief summaries of stories from the Martyrs Mirror
Martyrs Mirror Images - reproductions of all the Jan Luiken etchings from the 1685 edition
The Mirror of the Martyrs Exhibit - information about the Martyrs Mirror traveling exhibit, with monthly martyr story
www.anabaptistnetwork.com /node/63   (131 words)

 Mennonite Publishing Network
Classic graphic accounts of more than 4,000 Christians who endured suffering, torture, and a martyr’s death because of their simple faith in the gospel of Christ.
Written and published in 1659 by a Dutch Mennonite, Thieleman J. van Braght, to strengthen the faith of his fellow believers, and translated into German in 1748 at the time of the French and Indian War for the same reason.
To read several stories from the Martyrs Mirror, go to the Mennonite Church Historical Committee's "Stories" page.
www.mph.org /hp/books/martyrsm.htm   (284 words)

 Anabaptists - From mutual aid to global action | Give Orange
A woodcut in the 17th-century Anabaptist Martyrs Mirror shows Dirk Willems, an early Dutch Mennonite, saving the life of a "thief-catcher" who has fallen through the ice on a lake.
After his act of mercy, Willems was nonetheless recaptured (over the protests, the Mirror notes, of his rescued pursuer) and burned at the stake.
It celebrates their sense that to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ, one must serve others as he did and taught.
giveorange.org /node/676   (1450 words)

 Martyrs Mirror (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The full title of the book was "The Bloody Theater or Martyrs Mirror of the Defenseless Christians who baptized only upon confession of faith, and who suffered and died for the testimony of Jesus, their Saviour, from the time of Christ to the year A.D. 1660" as listed on the title page.
The book also includes accounts of the martyrdom of the apostles and the stories of those pre-Anabaptist Martyrs that Anabaptists identifed with.
30 of these plates survive to this day and are part of the Mirror of the Martyrs exhibit.
martyrs-mirror.iqnaut.net.cob-web.org:8888   (170 words)

 Christian martyrs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The word 'martyr' comes from the Greek word translated "witness".
When he refused to worship the Roman gods, he was executed.
In subsequent centuries, especially during periods of widespread inquisition and Protestant Reformation, many Christians were martyred on charges of heresy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Christian_martyrs   (378 words)

 Martyrs Mirror Term Papers, Essay Research Paper Help, Essays on Martyrs Mirror
Since 1998, our Martyrs Mirror experts have helped students worldwide by providing the most extensive, lowest-priced service for Martyrs Mirror writing and research.
We are available to write Martyrs Mirror term papers for research—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—on topics at every level of education.
Copyright © 1999-2006 Martyrs Mirrors Essays, Term Papers, Book Reports, and Research Papers from www.essaytown.com All rights reserved.
www.essaytown.com /topics/martyrs_mirror_essays_papers.html   (803 words)

 BC :: Mennonite Library and Archives - Martyrs Mirror Images   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This is intended as a reference set of the Jan Luiken (1649-1712) etchings in the Martyrs Mirror.
According to Oyer and Kreider, 30 of the original plates have survived, 23 owned by the Martyrs Mirror Trust and the other 7 in private hands.
An online English text of the Martyrs Mirror can be found at this link (I suspect this text is not totally complete, since I was unable to find some of the confessions of faith that are at the beginning of the book).
www.bethelks.edu /services/mla/images/martyrsmirror   (1983 words)

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