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Topic: Marxism

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In the News (Mon 15 Apr 19)

  Marxism, by Andy Blunden
Marxism is the movement founded by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels which fights for the self-emancipation of the working class, subjecting all forms of domination by the bourgeoisie, its institutions and its ideology, to theoretical and practical critique.
Marxism shares with other progressive social movements an uncompromising hostility to all forms of domination — sexism, racism, and so on, but what marks Marxism out from other progressive movements is that Marxists struggle always to overcome the manifold forms of domination and exploitation in and through the self-emancipation of the working class.
Marxism has its origins in the struggle for this perspective, in opposition to anarchism which seeks to undermine all forms of authority and seeks destruction of the capitalist state without promoting and preparing the working class for the seizure and holding of public political power.
www.marxists.org /reference/subject/philosophy/help/marxism.htm   (0 words)

  Marxism, by David L. Prychitko: The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics: Library of Economics and Liberty
Marxism, by David L. Prychitko: The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics: Library of Economics and Liberty
Adam Smith, for instance, flirted with a labor theory of value in his classic defense of capitalism, The Wealth of Nations (1776), while David Ricardo later systematized it in his Principles of Political Economy (1817), a text studied by generations of free-market economists.
Most troubling to present-day Marxism is the ongoing collapse of socialism.
www.econlib.org /library/Enc/Marxism.html   (1901 words)

 Marxism 2007 - a festival of resistance
At Marxism 2007 you can join with thousands of people including campaigners, writers and trade unionists to discuss what’s happening in the world and debate our alternatives to global capitalism, war and injustice.
Marxism 2007 features 200 forums on everything from imperialism and climate change to Latin America and revolution today, alongside film screenings, theatre, gigs and exhibitions.
Marxism 2007 is not just about meetings and debates – it’s a huge festival with music, theatre,
www.marxismfestival.org.uk   (415 words)

 Women & Marxism
While middle class feminists regard the oppression of women as an inherent biological trait of men, Marxism explains that the root of women's oppression lies not in biology, but in social conditions.
Marxism sees the liberation of working class women as a part of the struggle for the liberation of the working class as a whole.
Marxism has always been at the forefront of the cause of women's emancipation.
www.marxist.com /womenandmarxism.htm   (0 words)

 Marxism FAQ
Please check if your question is answered here, and if itis not, send an email to info@newyouth.com and we will try and get it answered and posted ASAP.
Due to the large number of questions and answers, the Marxism FAQ has been divided into several sections.
Principles of Communism (1st Marxism FAQ - by Engels in 1847!)
www.newyouth.com /archives/theory/marxismfaq.asp   (0 words)

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