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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Matrix Science - Home
To assist you, the help text for Mascot forms a substantial knowledge base concerning protein identification by MS.
If you include results from Mascot in a publication, please cite either www.matrixscience.com or Electrophoresis, 20(18) 3551-67 (1999) (abstract).
Mascot incorporates code from Mowse, developed by Darryl Pappin and David Perkins when working at the former Imperial Cancer Research Fund, and licensed from its technology transfer subsidiary, Cancer Research Technology.
www.matrixscience.com   (211 words)

  Welcome to the MASCOT Coalition
MASCOT focuses on empowering New Mexicans, particularly minority and youth populations, to live a healthy, non-abusive lifestyle.
MASCOT continues their work to educate citizens about the dangers of tobacco smoke to smokers and nonsmokers alike.
In 1998, MASCOT members rallied to oppose the proposed Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) crafted by the tobacco industry as a result of the multi-state legal action brought by the 46-states' attorneys general.
www.mascotcoalition.org /about   (690 words)

  Mascot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A mascot is something—typically an animal or human character—used to represent a group with a common public identity, such as a school, professional sports team (the name often corresponds with the mascot), society or corporation.
Mascots are also popular with the military, both on a large scale such as the United States Marine Corps bulldog, or on the scale of individual units.
A mascot is not always an animal or person; for example, Stanford University's mascot is a color (cardinal), and its band's mascot is a tree.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mascot   (409 words)

 Mascot railway station, Sydney - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mascot (also known as Mascot Suburban to avoid confusion with the neighbouring airport stations) is the second station from the city on the Airport branch of the CityRail Airport and East Hills line in Sydney.
It is located in the business area of the suburb of Mascot and was opened with the rest of the Airport branch in May 2000.
At Mascot and the preceding station, Green Square, the two Airport line stations which are not actually at the airport, the fee is significantly less than it is at the two Airport stations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mascot_railway_station,_Sydney   (175 words)

Each mascot has either a guardian angel pin or a worry stone that you are free to borrow while on your adventure.
When your visit is over, you snail mail your mascot on to the next person on the itinerary and share your experiences and any photographs with your group via e-mail.
This mascot was named in honor of Marg..(turtleldr) because she coined the phrase turtle steps..
www.panicsupport4u.com /mascot.htm   (408 words)

 Wikipedia mascot - Meta
Suggested mascots This is en:Approval voting so you can add your name next to as many choices as you want.
I think the mascot should be one of those tripped-out deepsea fish with the glowing ball of light.
The mascot that I suggest is the serpent that watches a sine wave that represents the movement and at the same time it represents herself.
meta.wikimedia.org /wiki/Wikipedia_mascot   (3562 words)

 ESPN.com - Page2 - The seedier side of fur and fun
A mascot with the Atlanta Braves and the Harlem Globetrotters, he's endured more between-the-legs near-misses than he cares to remember -- along with a broken hand, pulled neck muscles, bruised ribs and muscle cramps worthy of the action on the field, never mind the sidelines.
The fan claimed he was hurt because he was paying attention to the mascot and not the game; a jury disagreed, and a circuit court judge ordered the fan to pay the Tigers $8,650 in legal fees.
Mascotting is a stinky, smelly job -- and by smelly, we mean skunk-repelling, weapons-grade funk.
espn.go.com /page2/s/hruby/030212.html   (2413 words)

 JMU - Duke Dog Mascot Mark
The Duke Dog mascot mark shall not be displayed in proximity to the James Madison logo, the Duke Dog logo, the Duke Dog secondary mark or the JMU letter mark.
Another logo or mark shall not be closer than the total height from top to bottom of the mascot mark.
The Duke Dog mascot mark shall not be used with any graphic other than the JMUSPORTS.com logo to create another athletics logo or mark.
www.jmu.edu /identity/duke_dog_mascot.shtml   (206 words)

 JS Online: Marquette mascot   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Wait, the new mascot should be a golden rock -- symbolizing the rock that the Marquette board has been hiding under, because they've turned a deaf ear to everything their alumni and home city have been asking for.
Mascot should be a gold brick as this decision is a s(t)inker.
Their new mascot should be known as "Goldie" and it should be a tall strip of various shades of gold (like from a paint store) and it would have little legs at the bottom where it could frolick and dance around the court.
www.jsonline.com /news/gen/may05/gold-forum.asp   (11675 words)

 Future Students   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The committee was charged with determining desired attributes in an athletic nickname and mascot and to come up with three names and graphic images to pass along to the President's Cabinet for consideration.
The Mascot Advisory Committee spent months working with a professional design firm — SME Design, one of the country's leading firms in creating sports brand identities — to suggest names, create designs and conduct survey and focus-group testing.
The committee's criteria included that the new mascot be animal-based, tough, unique, have regional ties, be collegiate, have graphic potential and be gender- and race-neutral.
www3.oakland.edu /oakland/aboutou/popups/history_mascot.htm   (354 words)

 Cheerleading: Ms. Pineapple's Cheer Page - Mascots Skits Pep Rally Tryouts   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mascots should try-out just as cheerleaders do-- in front of a panel of judges.
Some mascots perform with the cheerleaders at half-time or have their own dance/skit.
For my mascot tryout skit in 10th grade I used "The Wizard of Oz." I pretended to be a cheerleader and "got knocked out." I woke up in the Land of Oz and I walked along the yellow brick road.
www.mspineapple.com /mascots.html   (2024 words)

 The Bird vies for nation's best mascot title   (Site not responding. Last check: )
"Mascots are the heart and soul of every team," said Diana Don Colby at Capital One.
Now the competition really heats up as The Bird embarks on an 11-week national campaign to be named the supreme Capital One Mascot of the Year.
A panel of judges - including mascot guru and historian, Dr. Roy Yarbrough; former college mascot and current sports marketer from Richmond Sports Backers, Scott Schricker; and representatives from ESPN and Capital One - carefully analyzed each contender and scored them based on their (1) interaction with fans, (2) sportsmanship and (3) community service.
www.usafa.af.mil /uploads/keep90days/bestMascot041001.htm   (357 words)

 National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media
To reduce the victims of genocide to a mascot is unthinking, at least, and immoral at worst.
In schools across the country the mascot issues is being debated and these debates are being led by young Native people finding a new found pride in reclaiming themselves.
For Native leadership and allies working on the mascot issue, the call nationwide is to work towards the elimination of the misrepresentation and abuses of Indian images, names and spiritual way of life by the year 2000.
www.aimovement.org /ncrsm   (934 words)

 The Mascot Organization
These opportunities are emailed to all mascots in our database who meet the requirements of the tour.
The camps are great opportunities to network with other mascots and learn about the business of sports mascots.
We fulfill mascot needs in all 50 states so let us know you might actually find more work in another city.
www.mascot.org /performerFAQ.html   (933 words)

 Mascot Task Force
The Mascot Task Force agrees and understands that this issue is not a life or death matter.
Last spring, in the court-mandated UIW diversity training for all employees, then university counsel, Robert Kunzct, stated to faculty that a person’s feeling harassed by the mascot might be a legitimate complaint, but that complaints of harassment must be judged as such both subjectively and objectively.
The Mascot Task Force, appointed by the Faculty Senate, and made up of student representatives, athletes, faculty, and administration, is asking that the UIW Community positively contribute ideas for a new mascot.
www.uiw.edu /mascot   (2432 words)

 Matrix Science - Help - Mascot Search Overview
Mascot is a powerful search engine which uses mass spectrometry data to identify proteins from primary sequence databases.
While a number of similar programs available, Mascot is unique in that it integrates all of the proven methods of searching.
During a Mascot search, the nucleic acid sequences are translated in all six reading frames.
www.matrixscience.com /search_intro.html   (633 words)

 Mascots, Character Costumes: International Mascot
International Mascot Corporation (IMC) is a world wide leader in the design and manufacture of high quality mascot costumes.
IMC produces three styles of mascots; Conventional Plush Meet and Greet Mascots, Walkabout Inflatable Costumes and Aquatic Costumes designed exclusively for use in water.
Free mascot design service - IMC is committed to making sure the design meets with your expectations.
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Mascot&bdcr=4&bdcu=http://www.imcmascots.com/&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-A38EA612-B21B-98DE-4CFB-6F567A265C41-ym   (306 words)

 All About Testudo, University of Maryland
estudo, the official mascot of the University of Maryland, is not your ordinary Diamondback terrapin.
While the origin of the terrapin as school mascot is well known, why the mascot was named Testudo is more mysterious.
George O. Weber, Director of Physical Plant at College Park, and Class President for the Class of 1933 was determined to protect the campus mascot.
www.umd.edu /testudo.html   (904 words)

 Lexington Legends Official Site
Position: Mascot for the Lexington Legends; companion of Big L. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Elle was an exceptional softball player in Texas, earning high school and collegiate accolades for her outstanding play.
She was a big fan of the Houston Colt 45’s, and an even bigger fan of their all-star slugger, Big L. Elle was at every Colt 45’s game, and was even in the stands to catch Big L’s 500th homerun ball.
Should you have any questions or concerns regarding how to reserve a Legends mascot for your upcoming event, contact Tiffany King at (859) 252-4487 or by email at community@lexingtonlegends.com.
www.lexingtonlegends.com /mascot   (1063 words)

Presently, many teams have begun to view their mascot as a great asset, both in-house and in their communities.
They are also discovering that their mascot can be a significant profit center for the team.
A mascot can be booked for public and private appearances, allowing for even more revenue opportunities.
www.mascots.com /mascot.html   (379 words)

 mascot   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A school mascot serves as a great motivator and generates unity among students and staff.
Since 1939, when the Redskin mascot was established, Naperville Central High School has taken great pride in its mascot.
Students voted to retain the mascot by a 10-1 ratio.
www.ncusd203.org /central/html/who/mascot.html   (367 words)

 Traditions hurricanesports.com - University of Miami Official Athletic Site
Folklore maintains that the Ibis, a symbol of knowledge found in the Everglades and Egypt, is the last sign of wildlife to take shelter before a hurricane and the first to reappear after the storm.
The local marsh bird was considered UM's first unofficial mascot when the school yearbook adopted the name "Ibis" in 1926.
The next year, student John Stormont performed at games in an Ibis costume that was glued, sewn and pinned together and was the forerunner of today's bird.
hurricanesports.collegesports.com /trads/mifl-mascot.html   (150 words)

 MASCOT - CardBASE Multi-Application Smart Card Management Solution   (Site not responding. Last check: )
CardBASE MASCOT is a complete multi-application smart card management solution, essential for the control and management of complex multi-application smart card programs.
MASCOT is an integrated solution aimed at the customised bulk issuance and lifecycle management of smart cards in a single or multi application environment.
MASCOT is designed to handle single or multiple card issuers from within an individual administrative unit.
www.cardbase.com /products/mascot.htm   (269 words)

 The Dartmouth Online   (Site not responding. Last check: )
However, Keggy is now possibly the most talked about and well-received "mascot" on campus.
Duquette, the Jacko's editor emeritus, and Plehal, who is also a member of The Dartmouth staff, said that they thought up Keggy as a lighthearted, fun poke at the SA mascot search.
Keggy the Keg made his debut as mascot this past Saturday at the Dartmouth Homecoming football game againt Columbia.
www.thedartmouth.com /article.php?aid=2003110401060   (733 words)

 Maryland American Singer Club of Today
She selflessly shared with us her great experience and expertise as a breeder and judge of American Singer Canaries and gave many an eager novice a perfect start in the fancy.
MASCOT is Chapter 28 of the national American Singer Club (ASC) and is dedicated to the careful breeding of the American Singer Canary for the improvement of song.
Once again MASCOT demonstrates the innovative thinking of its members by organizing and hosting (under the leadership of Paula Hatcher) the first American Music Singer Competition.
www.geocities.com /Heartland/3575/mascot.html   (927 words)

 Reveille - Texas Aggie Traditions
The following football season she was named the official mascot when she led the band onto the field during their half-time performance.
When Reveille I died on January 18, 1944, she was given a formal military funeral on the gridiron of Kyle Field.
She was then buried at the north entrance to the field, as all Reveilles are, facing the scoreboard so that she can always watch the Aggies outscore their opponent.
aggietraditions.tamu.edu /reveille.shtml   (324 words)

 Otaku Mascot - Tutorial 2   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The second time we click on our mascot, control jumps to frame 5 again but it remembers that it has looped to frame 9 once already and the maximum loop count is set to 1 so now it won't jump to frame 9.
Since that is no longer the last animation in the mascot, we need a frame that tells the mascot to always go back to frame 1 when the Shifty animation finishes.
You should now understand the basics of creating a mascot with multiple Click Animations and, hopefully, you'll see how this can be extended to have as many Click Animations as you like.
otakuworld.com /mascot/tutorial/tutorial2.html   (971 words)

 Mascot Design Samples
Our mascot illustrators and mascot designers have years of experience of character design and mascot design.
Our mascot designers have created animated cartoon characters within games and computer based training applications, and other presentations.
Simpson University Red Hawks Mascot Simpson University selected Logo Design Works to create their sports mascot.
www.logodesignworks.com /mascot-samples.htm   (156 words)

 Jacksonville University Official Athletic Site
Nellie the Dolphin, who turned 50 years old on Feb. 27, 2003, was awarded that distinction and made an honorary JU Dolphin more than three decades ago by then president Dr. Robert Spiro.
Spiro and JU Student Government Association President Nancy Sanford made the trip to the oceanarium park just south of St. Augustine in the fall of 1970 to officially “adopt” Nellie as JU’s mascot.
However, Jacksonville University is the first of the four teams to select "Dolphins" as its official nickname and mascot.
judolphins.collegesports.com /mascot/jack-mascot.html   (741 words)

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