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  Maser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The maser is based on the principle of stimulated emission proposed by Albert Einstein in 1917.
The dual noble gas maser [2] is an example of a masing medium which is nonpolar.
Masers are used predominantly as weaponry, both from spaceships and by ground troops in Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn universe, as well as appearing in his Commonwealth saga.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Maser   (1230 words)

 Astrophysical maser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1997, 1667-MHz maser emission from the OH molecule was observed from comet Hale-Bopp.
The 1720 MHz maser transition of the OH molecule is known to be associated with supernova remnants that interact with molecular clouds.
Astronomical masers remain an active field of research in radio astronomy and laboratory astrophysics due, in part, to the fact that they are valuable diagnostic tools for astrophysical environments which may otherwise elude rigorous quantitative study and because they may facilitate the study of conditions which are inaccessible in terrestrial laboratories.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Astrophysical_maser   (2339 words)

 AllRefer.com - maser (Physics) - Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The waves produced by the maser are coherent, that is, all of the same frequency, direction, and phase relationship, while the waves produced by most sources of electromagnetic radiation are emitted in all directions over a wide range of frequencies and have all possible phase relationships.
The principle of the maser was conceived of in the early 1950s, based on the developments of the quantum theory, and the first maser was operated in 1954 by C. Townes, J. Gordon, and H. Zeiger.
In the maser, electromagnetic radiation is produced by stimulated emission; an atom or molecule in an excited state (i.e., a state of increased energy) emits a photon of a specific frequency when struck by a second photon of the same frequency.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/M/maser.html   (560 words)

 interstellar maser
A maser formed through the interaction between high-energy starlight and a nearby region rich in molecules; the first was discovered in 1965.
Masers are also found near long-period variables (LPVs), and arise when the turbulent upper photosphere of a luminous star undergoing mass loss is exposed to the radiation from below.
Physically, this has been interpreted as a spherically symmetric circumstellar envelope with an inner maser region at rest relative to the star, and an outer masing region expanding away from the star at around 10 km/s; this gives rise to blue- and red-shifted peaks on either side of the one at rest.
www.daviddarling.info /encyclopedia/I/interstellar_maser.html   (635 words)

 What is a MASER?
A LASER is a MASER that works with higher frequency photons in the ultraviolet or visible light spectrum (photons are bundles of electromagnetic energy commonly thought of as "rays of light" which travel in oscillating waves of various wavelengths).
The first papers about the MASER were published in 1954 as a result of investigations carried out simultaneously and independently by Charles Townes and co-workers at Columbia University in New York and by Dr. Basov and Dr. Prochorov at the Lebedev Institute in Moscow.
In each frame, a molecule in the upper level of the MASER transition (that is, in the high energy, excited state) is indicated by a large red circle, while one in the lower level (low energy state) is indicated by a small blue circle.
einstein.stanford.edu /content/faqs/maser.html   (775 words)

 maser on Encyclopedia.com
MASER [maser], device for creation, amplification, and transmission of an intense, highly focused beam of high-frequency radio waves.
The name maser is an acronym for m icrowave a mplification by s timulated e mission of r adiation, microwaves being radio waves of short wavelength, or high frequency.
Riding the White Horse Pike: Author Jill Maser takes a look at the history of the former main route between Camden and the Jersey Shore in her new book.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/m/maser.asp   (642 words)

The principle of the maser was conceived of in the early 1950s, based on the developments of the
Masers have been developed to operate at many different wavelengths, so that the original designation “microwave”; is no longer strictly accurate.
In the maser, electromagnetic radiation is produced by stimulated emission; an atom or molecule in an excited state (i.e., a state of increased energy) emits a
www.factmonster.com /ce6/sci/A0832083.html   (523 words)

 H20 Maser Emission in W49
0 masers overlaid on the continuum with a velocity range between -260 km/s and +270 km/s, whose relative positions we estimate are accurate to ~0.01".
Masers have a population inversion which means that there are more electrons in the excited state than in the ground state.
Maser observations of W49N were done using the VLA in line mode using 2 intermediate frequencies (IF's), at 22 GHz at four different time periods–24 July 1998, 6 September 1998, 26 June 1999, 18 July 1999.
www.ifa.hawaii.edu /~mcgrath/W49final.html   (1219 words)

It was only because laboratory masers had already been invented (2) that the discoverers could understand the physical mechanism of the maser.
The maser and its younger optical cousin, the laser, remain prototypical examples of the powerful technologies inspired by quantum mechanics and 20th-century physics.
Today, masers are extending the reach of quantum mechanics to revolutionary new methods of computation and communication and are probing theories that seek to unify quantum mechanics with general relativity --the other major part of 20th-century physics.
www.scienceweek.com /2005/sw050930-6.htm   (1329 words)

 Campaign information MASER 10
MASER is a sounding rocket program for microgravity research managed by the Swedish Space Corporation.
The MASER 10 mission is aimed at performing five experiments (in four experiment modules) in a microgravity environment.
On the 2 May at 07:00 the MASER 10, was launched to an apogee of 250 km.The experiments onboard spent six minutes in microgravity and worked perfectly during the flight.The payload consisted of two biological experiments and three experiments in the sphere of fluid physics.
www.ssc.se /?groupid=20041018114447733&pageid=2004122111174931   (172 words)

 The Hydrogen Maser Clock Project: High Precision Time Transfer to Test an H-Maser on Mir   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The space borne maser system is operated using an on-board computer that implements a number of automated procedures for controlling the maser and testing its operational parameters.
The H maser oscillator shown in cross-section in Figure 4, consists of a microwave resonant cavity assembly and storage bulb, an RF dissociator that creates a beam of hydrogen atoms that arestate selected and focused into the bulb by a hexapole permanent magnet, and vacuum pumps to remove expended hydrogen and other gases.
Hydrogen flow into the maser is controlled by permeation through a heated palladium silver diaphragm, sensing the pressure in the dissociator by means of a thermistor Pirani gauge, and regulating the diaphragm temperature.
www.cfa.harvard.edu /hmc/TimeTsfr.html   (2195 words)

 Maser Australia News
Maser has been granted Australian rights to distribute the Dialight range of LED Obstacle Lights used in the lighting of Broadcast Transmission Towers and Masts.
Maser exhibited at SMPTE 19-22 July 2005 in Sydney.
Maser continues to expand and grow its Cable operations with the opening of a new office in Brisbane.
www.maser.com.au /au/news.htm   (1623 words)

 Search for H2O Maser Emission
In the case of NGC 4258, the maser emission has also provided the means by which to measure a geometric distance (Herrnstein 1997), to pinpoint the location of the central engine, and to measure the position offset between the engine and the nozzle of the associated relativistic jet at 1.35 cm wavelength (Herrnstein et al.
Strong maser emission requires long gain paths in molecular gas, which presumably are not oriented along the line of sight in the putative face-on orientations of the compact disk and toroidal structures in Seyfert 1 nuclei.
If high-velocity maser emission is ultimately discovered in this galaxy, the inferred rotation speed and upper limits (or estimates) of velocity drift may be used to estimate the characteristic radius of the molecular disk in which the masers may lie, or limits thereon.
ecf.hq.eso.org /~ralbrech/sepdec97apjl/5156.html   (2520 words)

 Maser Family Crest
Maser is a name that came to England in the 11th century wave of migration that was set off by the Norman Conquest of 1066.
In continental Europe, the most ancient recorded family crest was discovered upon the monumental effigy of a Count of Wasserburg in the church of St. Emeran, at Ratisobon, Germany...
In the Maser coat of arms as in all coat of arms the crest is only one element of the full armorial achievement.
www.houseofnames.com /xq/asp.fc/qx/maser-family-crest.htm?a=54323-224   (446 words)

 Boston.com / Sports / Football / Patriots / For Maser, they toe line
After all, Maser was a former O-liner himself, having played as a three-year starter at guard at the University of Buffalo.
But Maser was able to land on his feet in Carolina, where he helped give fangs to a Panthers' rushing attack that averaged 99.1 yards per game in 2002 and this season improved to a gaudy 130.7 yards per game.
It is the same approach Maser has taken from the time Bicknell gave him his first big break by hiring him to coach the offensive line at Maine in 1979.
www.boston.com /sports/football/patriots/articles/2004/01/24/for_maser_they_toe_line?mode=PF   (1377 words)

 Hydrogen Maser arrives 2003/11/09   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
These are phase-locked to the microwave emission frequency of the hydrogen gas in the maser cavity of 1420 405 751.689 Hz.
The maser is essential for the operation of the telescope in the international networks of radio telescopes using the Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) technique for astronomy and geodesy.
The maser provides the clock signal that is recorded with the radio signal from the telescope, and allows the signals from each pair of telescopes in the network to be aligned to obtain interference fringes between the two signals.
www.hartrao.ac.za /news/031109hmaser   (317 words)

 Jim Maser to Join SpaceX as President and Chief Operating Officer
Maser has an exceptional track record of success in both the technical and business aspects of the launch vehicle industry.
Maser served first as Chief Systems Engineer and then as President and General Manager of Sea Launch, arguably the world's most successful commercial launch company.
He went on to serve as Chief Engineer of Delta III and was one of the key architects of the evolution of Delta II to Delta IV.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/03-17-2006/0004322458&EDATE=   (364 words)

 [No title]
These masers appear to be the result of shock waves propagating perpendicular to the line of sight, hitting adjacent molecular clouds (Frail et al.
The failure to meet the maser conditions in the shocked gas is due to the low column density in the relevant temperature region.
Finally, the presence of the 1720 maser is an important indicator of the presence of a C-type shock.
www.bardstown.com /~lockettp/posterbf.html   (1345 words)

 maser articles on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
maser MASER [maser], device for creation, amplification, and transmission of an intense, highly focused beam of high-frequency radio waves.
The name maser is an acronym for m icrowave a mplification by s timulated e mission of r adiation, microwaves being radio waves of short wavelength, or high
The laser is sometimes referred to as an optical maser.
www.encyclopedia.com /articles/08151.html   (477 words)

 Maser New Zealand - Wireless, Broadcast, Cable, Defence and Telecommunications Products
Maser Communications NZ Ltd is the leading cable distributor to the Oceania region and an industry specialist in data, fibre optic, industrial, broadcast, audio/video, and electrical/electronic cables and equipment.
Maser is a New Zealand and Australian stocking Distributor for many of the world's leading wire and cable manufacturers.
Maser welcomes two new members to their team, Sam Sykes who joins Maser Communications (NZ) Ltd as Account Manager - Industrial and Wholesale for Auckland/Northland and Brendan O'Shea as Sales-Technical Support....
www.maser.co.nz   (155 words)

 Invention of the Maser and Laser
Charles Townes and his colleagues were the first to build a "maser," which operated in the microwave frequency range.
Radiating at a wavelength of a little over one centimeter, the power of this first maser was tiny, some ten nanowatts.
But the energy was concentrated in a spectacularly sharp line in the emission spectrum--in other words, the radiation was exceedingly uniform, consisting of a single wavelength with little contamination from other wavelengths.
focus.aps.org /story/v15/st4   (747 words)

 Auto-Tuning Hydrogen Maser WebCam
The tuning is accomplished by varying the voltage to a varactor diode inside the cavity (the variable capacitance slightly changes the cavity Q).
A full-range change of the DAC changes the maser output frequency by about 2.7e-12 so a 1% DAC change is 2.7e-14, a 0.1% change is 2.7e-15, and a one bit DAC change is 6.6e-16.
This explains why the mid-term stability of this maser is not as good when in cavity tuned mode.
www.leapsecond.com /webcam   (554 words)

 Maser New Zealand News
Maser NZ, with its association with Alkris Antennas Ltd, now offers a full range of antennas and design service for any MATV project - from small apartment blocks to the largest high rise, covering terrestrial and satellite systems.
Maser launched in September a new outbound roaming test service for mobile network operators.
The SIGOS GlobalRoamer service is hosted by the Maser Group in both New Zealand and Australia, and is part of an international network which will be operational in 33 countries and over 80 networks currently.
www.maser.co.nz /news.htm   (1002 words)

 Welcome to Maser & Amundson
Maser and Amundson, P.A. is a team-oriented full service law firm with seven attorneys practicing in the areas of elder law, estate and disability planning, litigation, conservatorship, corporate and probate law, wrongful death and nursing home litigation, and is uniquely qualified to serve your legal needs.
Maser and Amundson attorneys excel in their chosen fields, and the firm benefits from talented and experienced personnel at all levels.
Our goal is to serve our clients' legal needs in an atmosphere of both professionalism and compassion.
www.maserlaw.com   (84 words)

 Maser UK: Broadcast Cable, Fibre Optic Cable, Audio/Video Connectors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Maser Communications has been chosen by Belden as their UK partner and specialist "Master distributor" for the supply of their extensive range of cables to the Broadcast and Pro-Audio/Video markets in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
Maser's mission is to supply professional quality products within a timely fashion and at competitive pricing and to provide comprehensive technical support.
Maser (UK) is offering a special " World Cup" deal on new orders for however long England is in the tournament.....[More]
www.masercable.co.uk   (228 words)

"Maser" stands for "microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation." Masers (and their optical counterpart, lasers) involve the interaction between an electromagnetic wave of a certain wavelength and an atom or a molecule in a suitable (excited) energetic state.
The passage of the wave triggers the atom/molecule to give up energy in the form of more radiation of exactly the same wavelength.
This reinforces the passing wave, which can then interact with more excited atoms to build up a well-directed, intense pulse of monochromatic (single-wavelength) radiation Several types of interstellar maser have been identified but, as yet, no optical or infrared astrophysical lasers.
www.daviddarling.info /encyclopedia/M/maser.html   (184 words)

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