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Topic: Mass medium

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In the News (Sun 21 Oct 18)

  The Internet as Mass Medium
There is much at stake in hanging on to traditional definitions of mass media, as shown in the considerable anxiety in recent years over the loss of the mass audience and its implications for the liberal pluralist state.
If the category of mass medium becomes too fuzzy to define, traditional effects researchers will be left without dependent variables, and critical scholars will have no means of discussing issues of social and political power.
For any medium to be considered a mass medium, and therefore economically viable to advertisers, a critical mass of adopters must be achieved.
fcim.vdu.lt /e-media/ivit/internet-mass.html   (4090 words)

The activities of a mass medium may be suspended by a decision of the founder, of the registration body or of the court for the period of up to three months in case the editorial board of the mass medium has violated the requirements of the present Law.
The activities of a mass medium may be terminated only by decision of the founder or of the court in the order of civil proceedings upon a suit of the registration body or of the prosecutor.
The editorial board of a registered mass medium may be established in the form of an enterprise in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on enterprises.
www.uta.edu /cpsees/Belamedia.htm   (5454 words)

 Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Mass Media
If an owner of a mass medium is not at the same time a mass medium publisher, rights, duties and responsibility of the owner shall be determined in a separate agreement.
Suspension or termination of issue (broadcasting) of a mass medium shall be possible at the decision made by owner or court.
Hindering mass medium distribution accomplished on legal basis by natural persons or legal entities as well as by government officials, illegal confiscation and extermination of circulation or its part shall not be admissible other than on the basis of decision in legal force.
www.uta.edu /cpsees/kazmedia.htm   (2785 words)

 Optical storage device with a stationary mass storage medium - Patent 5184322
The stationary mass storage medium permits rapid data transfer since delay due to rotation of the medium, as in a compact disk, is eliminated.
Using current optical mass storage devices, data transfer is delayed by: (1) the time required to find the correct location of the data on the disk, and (2) the time required for the disk to rotate while the data is transferred.
When a moving disk is used in an optical mass storage device, the location of the beginning of the data is randomly delayed by the current position of the disk in relation to the head.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5184322.html   (3847 words)

 The Law of The Republic of Tajikistan On the Press and Other Mass Media
Legal recognition of the rejection to register a mass medium or of the discontinuance of its activities as a transgression shall entail the cancellation of the decisions appealed.
The editor (editor-in-chief) shall be appointed or dismissed by the founder of the mass medium or shall be elected and relieved of the post in the manner specified in the charter of the editorial board.
The charter of the editorial board of a mass medium shall be adopted by the majority vote of the general meeting of journalists’ collective upon the presence of two thirds of the editorial staff and shall be approved by the mass medium founder.
foi.missouri.edu /internationalfoi/tajikistanmedialaw.html   (3485 words)

 Mass Medium New Scientist Article
How can these physicists claim they have discovered the origin of mass when their proposed mechanism fails to explain the very things that make it what it is? Well, as Bill Clinton might say, it all depends on what you mean by mass.
The result is a retarding force, which is proportional to the acceleration, as in Newton's second law, which defines inertial mass as the ratio of the force acting on an object to the acceleration produced.
It might be possible to cancel mass, creating an inertia-less drive that could accelerate a spaceship to nearly the speed of light in the blink of an eye.
www.calphysics.org /articles/newscientist.html   (2198 words)

 Mass media - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mass media can be one of the hardest forms of media to decipher what is true and what is not.
During the 20th century, the growth of mass media was driven by technology that allowed the massive duplication of material.
Podcasting is an asynchronous broadcast/narrowcast medium, with one of the main proponents being Adam Curry and his associates the Podshow.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mass_medium   (3845 words)

 Untitled Document
Mass medium editorial office is a natural person or creative group, which is a structural subdivision of a legal person and that maintains collection and preparation of materials for a mass medium on the basis of labor agreement or other contract relations;
Mass medium may be found in a form of a legal person as well as in a form of structural subdivision of a legal entity.
(4) Hindering mass medium distribution accomplished on legal basis by natural persons or legal entities as well as by government officials, illegal confiscation and extermination of circulation or its part shall not be admissible other than on the basis of court's decision in legal force.
www.policy.hu /padhy/kazak_legal.htm   (2894 words)

 RT - Republic of Tajikistan
The mass media shall be represented by editorial boards of the periodical press, television and radio by news agencies and other institutions engaged in the output of the mass media information.
The mass media shall implement their activities in the languages of the peoples they are providing services to or whose interests they express.
If a mass medium has not been issued or published for a term exceeding one year a new registration certificate shall be required to resume its activities.
www.osi.hu /ipf/fellows/Zaripova/PressLaw.htm   (3474 words)

 What is 'New Media'?. Rebuilding Media: The fate of media   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Human’s usage of it as a transportation medium is almost as old as humanity's use of land, dating from whenever the first human attempted to ride a floating log or to swim across a stream, river, or lake.
For almost all of recorded history, humans have used the medium of water and its vehicles for most of their long distance transportation needs, but have used the medium of land and its vehicles for most of their daily transportation needs.
Communications in the Mass Medium generally go from a one person (for examples, a leader, a king, priest, publisher, or broadcaster) to many people (the tribe, mass, audience, readership, listenership, viewership).
rebuildingmedia.corante.com /archives/2006/04/27/what_is_new_media.php   (4746 words)

 Cyborgs in Cyberspace
Simply stating that the Internet is mass medium does not allude to the complexities of mass communication and communication technologies.
First, mass communication is the process of transmitting information, ideas, and attitudes to a large, heterogeneous, audience through media developed for dissemination (Agee, et al, 1988, p.
We contend that the essential component of all mass communication is the fact that it is mediated and research concerning the Internet must consider this.
www3.niu.edu /acad/gunkel/cyborg.html/massmedium.html   (461 words)

 The Internet as Mass Medium: Morris and Ogan
With new technologies, the line between the various contexts begins to blur, and it is unclear that models based on mass media or face-to-face contexts are adequate" (Poole & Jackson, 1993, p.
Mass communications researchers will want to examine information-seeking and knowledge gaps as well as a range of uses-and-gratifications-based questions concerning the audience.
A much larger critical mass will be needed for such a group to maintain itself-perhaps as many as 100 or more.
jcmc.indiana.edu /vol1/issue4/morris.html   (4693 words)

 The One Thing You Should Know About 'New Media'
An automobile's medium is land, a ship's is water, and an airplane's is air.
Publishers and marketers who attempt to use the new medium for mass medium are misusing it.
A publisher who simply shovels his mass media newspaper's generic content online is transplanting the limitation of the analog printing press -- all users must receive the same content -- into a medium with no such limitation.
www.clickz.com /showPage.html?page=1468371   (1546 words)

 The Panorama: History of a Mass Medium. - book reviews ArtForum - Find Articles
Despite predecessors such as baroque theatrical stagecraft and the "Eidophusikon" invented by the scenic designer de Loutherbourg in the mid-eighteenth century, it was only with the onset of the Age of Revolution that the time was ripe for a new mass entertainment.
Although competing claims to its invention were made by Johann Adam Breysig, the first patent for a panorama was taken out in 1787 by Robert Barker, who also coined the word from the Greek pan (all) and horama (view).
More precisely, they fed the hunger for trompe l'oeil deceptions that made viewers yearn to be fooled about experiences they knew to be unreal, a dynamic that continues to drive the technological wizardry of our own entertainment industry.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0268/is_n7_v36/ai_20572943   (686 words)

 The Panorama Effect: A Mass Medium is Born
The Panorama Effect: A Mass Medium is Born
The origin of the panorama can be traced to 1787 and the Irishman Robert Barker who saw this medium as a "kind of pattern for organizing visual experience." It was adopted and independently produced by several European painters around this period.
Based on drawings supplied by army officers, panoramists such as Robert Burford used “prospect formats,” the eighteenth-century pictorial records of coastlines and land masses, for his painted panoramas of Benares, Delhi, and Hong-Kong.Companies specializing in immersive and interactive still and moving Internet images that teleport viewers into a multidimensional, 360 degree environment, emerged.
newman.baruch.cuny.edu /digital/2003/panorama/new_001.htm   (961 words)

 CIRCA Art Magazine - Winter 2001 - radio* + the mass medium message   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
This might mean we can get away from radio as simply a transmission medium where any kind of work (random noise, chat, music) can be broadcast in the same way, to an understanding of radio as something which we use to do things we can't do elsewhere...
But mediums then individualize their practice; they intensify the skills associated with them; and, importantly, they acquire histories.
For centuries it was only within and against the tradition encoded by a medium that innovation could be measured, just as it was in relation to its reservoir of meanings that new ranges of feelings could be tested.
www.recirca.com /backissues/c98/massmedium.shtml   (2773 words)

 Internet as a Mass Medium-Research Report
They state, "mass communications have overlooked not only the Internet but the entire field of computer-mediated communication".
Most of these fields' researches concluded that computer-mediated communication was in fact a mass medium.
For it is in my mind a mass medium, spreading information all over the globe.
oak.cats.ohiou.edu /~gc431997/tdgac.htm   (564 words)

 Multimedia Standards & The Next Mass Medium
The Next Mass Medium will be the most massive mass medium we have ever seen.
The Next Mass Medium will also have this property, enabling anyone to create expressions which can potentially be seen by everyone on Earth.
And finally, The Next Mass Medium will be a commercial medium in which financial instruments move through the network just like other goods and services.
www.crockford.com /wrrrld/standard.html   (1188 words)

 Podcasting Is Not the Next Mass Medium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
This won't develop a mass audience, but it might siphon some audience away from other media.
And as a mass medium, Podcasting will be one of them.
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis Media Inc. is prohibited.
www.publish.com /article2/0,1759,1828748,00.asp   (1123 words)

 The Last mass medium? - newspaper advertising Brandweek - Find Articles
There is actually something satisfying for publishers in Karmazin's threatened jihad: The newspaper industry may have seen its obit written with the advent of every new medium, but it's still a viable competitor.
Indeed, when contrasting newspapers national reach and older demographic with TV's serious fragmentation problems and its often younger, less affluent viewer, you have to wonder--if you're selling Maxwell House coffee or Heinz ketchup or something equally omnipresent--where the smart ad dollar should go.
Are newspapers, the first truly mass medium, also the last?
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0BDW/is_18_42/ai_74358806   (791 words)

 News Analysis: A Mass Medium for Main Street
Just where the combined AOL Time Warner is headed is hard to predict, but the emphasis is certain to be the same -- a mass-market consumer service that is easy to use and hides the intimidating technology.
"It's not about technology, it's about making this a mass medium and becoming part of the everyday habits of ordinary consumers," Mr.
The proposed merger is also a big gamble for both companies, as well as an admission by each that they need one other.
partners.nytimes.com /library/financial/011100time-online.html   (1428 words)

 Newspapers Online
This shows how alluring the jumping can be, but the readers get very frustrated when they feel lost; they miss the control they are used to having with conventional printed media.
It will be difficult to keep what is good about newspapers and throw out or modify what doesn't work well in the new medium.
If the electronic newspaper is to be a mass medium, it has to be friendly too.
www.well.com /~mmcadams/online.newspapers.html   (2410 words)

 Ironstar Mass Medium Inc - Professional Web Design, Web Application Development, Consultants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).
With over 5 years in Business we offer a wide range of services and solutions to suit the needs of your business.
With the online market playing a pivotal role for a lot of business's today, providing your customers with the ability to conduct transactions online provides them with the ease and convenience of ordering online while providing you with an efficient medium that is open twenty four hours a day.
www.ironstar.ca   (93 words)

 The Panorama
As such it represents the first true mass medium."
The clearest view which it discloses, however, is that of a chasm—the amnesiac cavity in the common understanding of the history of public visual arts which marks the place of the panorama.
Review of The Panorama: History of a Mass Medium in Iconomania: studies in visual culture (http://www.humnet.ucla.edu/Icono/rapotter/panoram.htm) 1998.
www.humnet.ucla.edu /humnet/arthist/icono/rapotter/panoram.htm   (1945 words)

 NONE: ONLINE-ADS>> Mass Medium? Targeting?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
"It's a mass medium without the mass, and it's a targeting medium that can't
So if it's not mass and can't target...what constitutes a "mass medium"?
Then again, does the market have to be "mass" if you have and leverage the
www.o-a.com /archive/1998/June/0075.html   (297 words)

 Internet now 'mass medium' - Mar. 31, 1998
NEW YORK (CNNfn) - The Internet has become accepted as a mass medium and America Online Inc. can capitalize on its growth so long as the online service provider continues its focus on the software rather than access services, President Robert Pittman said Tuesday.
AOL has a 44 percent unaided brand awareness, far outpacing its closest competitors, Pittman said.
     "To me, when you have unaided brand awareness above 30 percent, you have a mass market brand," Pittman said.
money.cnn.com /1998/03/31/technology/aol   (417 words)

 PC/TV - The New Mass Medium: Industry Research Report
PC/TV - The New Mass Medium: Industry Research Report
Consumer time spent on the Internet will continually grow and compete with conventional TV.
The Internet will become a major advertising medium and venue for e-commerce.
www.mindbranch.com /products/R120-04.html   (562 words)

 NONE: Re: ONLINE-ADS>> Mass Medium? Targeting?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The internet is certainly a mass medium, but I must jump in (again)
kind of targetting, the media stops being "mass" because of the huge
this really is a "mass medium" that allows "targetting."
www.o-a.com /archive/1998/June/0076.html   (653 words)

 Interactive Entertainment Now A Mass Medium - Technology News by TechWeb
Interactive Entertainment Now A Mass Medium - Technology News by TechWeb
Interactive entertainment has graduated to mass medium status, said industry executives speaking at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Atlanta Thursday.
Sorry, y our browser does not support iframes
www.techweb.com /wire/story/TWB19980528S0012   (518 words)

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