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Topic: Masters and Johnson

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  Masters & Johnson Sex Experts : Sex Therapists : Discovery Health
Masters and Johnson were a pioneering team of sex experts and sex therapists in the field of human sexuality; sex experts Masters and Johnson pioneered both in the domains of research and sex therapy.
William Howell Masters, a gynecologist, was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1915.
Virginia Eshelman Johnson, a psychologist, was born in Springfield, Montana in 1925.
health.discovery.com /centers/sex/sexpedia/mandj.html   (423 words)

 The Official Site of the Masters Tournament
Masters co-founder Clifford Roberts was born in Morning Sun, Iowa, a distance of just 79 miles from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the hometown of 2007 Masters champion Zach Johnson.
Johnson shot a 69-289 total, to become the first golfer to win outside the final pairing since 1990.
Johnson played two groups ahead of Woods and held the lead most of the second nine despite a short-lived Woods charge which included an eagle on the par 5 13th hole.
www.masters.org /en_US/news/articles/2007-04-08/200704101176219551921.html   (576 words)

  American Masters . Philip Johnson | PBS
Johnson was interested in their aesthetic embrace of structural elements.
A busy time for Johnson, the 1960s saw him make the Sheldon Art Gallery at the University of Nebraska, the New York State Theater in New York City, an addition to the Museum of Modern Art, and the New York State Pavilion at the World’s Fair.
Today, in his nineties, Johnson is one of the last of the modern architects and an important figure for the generations who grew up in the shadows of his buildings.
www.pbs.org /wnet/americanmasters/database/johnson_p.html   (603 words)

  Masters and Johnson Summary
Johnson was born Virginia Eshelman on February 11, 1925, in Springfield, Missouri, to Hershel Eshelman, a farmer, and Edna (Evans) Eshelman.
Masters was born on December 27, 1915, in Cleveland, Ohio, to Francis Wynne and Estabrooks (Taylor) Masters.
Masters and Johnson's 1970 study of treatment strategies for sexual dysfunction is criticized for a variety of problems in methodology, inadequate measurable definitions for many of the variables in the study, a low response rate in follow-up studies, and the inability of subsequent research teams to replicate the Masters and Johnson findings.
www.bookrags.com /Masters_and_Johnson   (8623 words)

 News | Gainesville.com | The Gainesville Sun | Gainesville, Fla.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Masters and Johnson's findings also revealed that men undergo a refractory period following orgasm during which they are not able to ejaculate again, whereas there is no refractory period in women: this makes women capable of multiple orgasm..
Masters and Johnson were the first to conduct research on the sexual responsivity of older adults, finding that given a state of reasonably good health and the availability of an interested and interesting partner, there was no absolute age at which sexual abilities disappeared.
She has criticised Masters and Johnson's argument that enough clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm should be provided by thrusting during intercourse, and the inference that the failure of this is a sign of female "sexual dysfunction".
www.gainesville.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Masters_and_Johnson   (1032 words)

 RDS - L'histoire du Masters
Il a réalisé un 33 sur le premier neuf et de 30 sur le deuxième. Il établit également un record du Masters avec 10 oiselets dans la même ronde.
- Le sextuple champion du Masters, Jack Nicklaus, à l'âge de 58 ans, a terminé au sixième rang à moins cinq à égalité avec David Toms, qui a égalé un record du tournoi avec une ronde finale de 64.
Woods devient le troisième golfeur de l’histoire du Masters à remporter quatre titres, les autres étant Arnold Palmer et Jack Nicklaus.
www.rds.ca /masters/chroniques/176342.html   (2437 words)

 Masters and Johnson   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Masters and Johnson were quickly catapulted to celebrity status as their book became a best seller.
In the early 1990s, Masters and Johnson were divorced and their over 30-year collaboration in sex research and therapy came to an end.
Masters and Johnson noted that having several experiences of impotence could cause men to withdraw from sexual activity entirely in an attempt to avoid the frustration and embarrassment of being unable to achieve or maintain an erection.
www.wylde.com /masters_johnson.html   (1021 words)

 obits.com, The Internet Obituary Network, Obituary for Dr. William H. Masters   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Masters was appointed to the teaching staff of Washington University Medical School in 1947, where his revolutionary work in hormone replacement therapy as a counter agent for various imbalances and effects of aging was conducted.
Masters additionally became a self-appointed watchdog against abuses by therapists of patients, and was among the first to encourage such transgressors be charged with rape as well as medical malpractice.
Masters divorced was divorced from Virginia Johnson in 1993, after her retirement, and in 1994 chose himself to retire, leaving his long time home base in St. Louis to reside in Tucson, Arizona.
obits.com /masterswilliamh.html   (795 words)

 wbztv.com - Zach Johnson Wins The Masters
Johnson pulled away from Woods and the rest of the pack with three birdies in a crucial four-hole stretch along the back nine of Augusta National, closing with a 69 for a two-shot victory and only the second of his career.
Johnson, 31, is the least accomplished Masters champion since Larry Mize chipped in to beat Greg Norman in a playoff 20 years ago, but this was no fluke.
Johnson and three other players came after him, and Woods was the one who backed off with sloppy mistakes — a broken club and shots that either found the water or the bunker, too many putts that stayed out of the cup.
wbztv.com /topstories/topstories_story_098191623.html   (530 words)

 Masters champ Johnson returns to work - Boston.com
Johnson thought about skipping the Hilton Head tournament, which every Masters winner has done since Vijay Singh followed his Augusta National triumph with a trip to Harbour Town in 2000.
Johnson won't change his approach to the game -- or life -- no matter how the rest of the world views him.
Johnson barely could sleep Sunday night -- partly because of his thrilling win and partly because he and his wife, Kim, have a 3-month-old.
www.boston.com /sports/golf/articles/2007/04/11/masters_champ_johnson_returns_to_work   (713 words)

 Wired News: How 'Doing It' Is Done
The MRI scans were not detailed enough to distinguish between the vaginal wall, urethra, and clitoris of the women, so researchers were unable to verify the existence of the Gräfenberg spot (G-spot), the widening of the vaginal canal, or a reservoir of fluid that might indicate female ejaculation.
Masters and Johnson reported that the volume of the uterus increased 50 to 100 percent, and returned to normal size 10 to 20 minutes after orgasm.
Masters and Johnson could not be reached for comment on the Dutch study.
www.wired.com /news/technology/1,33174-1.html   (686 words)

 Masters, William (1915- ) Encyclopedia of Psychology - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Masters and Johnson were married in 1971 and became co-directors of the Masters and Johnson Institute in 1973.
Masters retired from private practice in gynecology in 1981, although he and his wife continued to operate the Masters and Johnson Institute, which moved to a new location that year.
Masters and Johnson were divorced in 1992, ending their work together at the Institute.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_g2699/is_0002/ai_2699000211   (617 words)

 Virginia E. Johnson
Virginia Eshelman Johnson was born on February 11, 1925 in Springfield, Missouri.
In collaboration with Masters, Virginia E. Johnson pioneered the study of human sexuality under laboratory conditions, scientifically analyzing the physiological changes that occur in the male and female bodies during sexual stimulation.
In 1959, Masters and Johnson began to apply the knowledge gained from their research by treating couples for sexual inadequacy.
beckerexhibits.wustl.edu /mowihsp/bios/johnson.htm   (242 words)

 The 2007 Masters Tournament - Audio Archive
Masters Interview: Johnson (04/08/2007) — Zach Johnson says he is honored by his victory during his final round interview of the Masters Tourament.
Masters Interview: Sabbatini (04/08/2007) — Rory Sabbatini says his goal was to improve in the majors, during a final round interview at the Masters Tournament.
Masters Week on XM 146: Tiger Woods (04/04/2007) — As XM 146 tees-off its "Masters Week" coverage, listen and XM talks with Tiger Woods about his Masters memories and the changes since he won his first green jacket in 1997.
www.golfsurround.com /masters/2007/multimedia/audio   (1288 words)

 Johnson masters Augusta - Sport - smh.com.au
Johnson came from two shots behind, storming to victory with six birdies in a three-under 69 to claim his maiden major championship title.
Woods, seeking his fifth Masters title and his third successive major, started the day one shot from the lead, but was not quite on his game, apart from a magnificent eagle at the par-five 13th.
Johnson, playing just his third Masters, broke clear of a logjam with three birdies in four holes starting at the 13th to take a three-shot lead with two holes left.
www.smh.com.au /news/sport/johnson-masters-augusta/2007/04/09/1175970977541.html   (864 words)

 Johnson Holds Off Tiger to Win Masters - Examiner.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Johnson pulled away from Woods and the rest of the pack with three birdies in a pivotal four-hole stretch, closing with a 3-under 69 for a two-shot victory over Woods, Retief Goosen and Rory Sabbatini.
Johnson and three other players came after him, and this time Woods was the one who backed off with sloppy mistakes - a broken club, shots that either found the water or the bunker and too many putts that stayed out of the cup.
Johnson, who laid up short of the 15th green, was walking to his third shot when he heard the roar and "I assumed Tiger made eagle" to pull within two shots.
www.examiner.com /a-663275~Johnson_Holds_Off_Tiger_to_Win_Masters.html?cid=rss-Sports   (1778 words)

 Musings: Impressive Johnson wins The Masters - AthlonSports.com
The key to Johnson’s victory was his ability to dominate the par-5s without going for a single one in two shots.
Johnson showed up for his third Masters, with a missed cut and a T32 in his two previous appearances, and won the thing.
Johnson vaulted from 68th in the standings to ninth on the strength of his Masters win.
www.athlonsports.com /golf/10689/musings-impressive-johnson-wins-the-masters   (978 words)

 Masters Champ Johnson Returns to Work - Central Florida News 13
Johnson's win is popular among PGA Tour pros "because he's a popular guy," Love said.
Johnson won't change his approach to the game _ or life _ no matter how the rest of the world views him.
Johnson barely could sleep Sunday night _ partly because of his thrilling win and partly because he and his wife, Kim, have a 3-month-old.
www.cfnews13.com /Sports/SportsHeadlines/2007/4/12/masters_champ_johnson_returns_to_work.html   (676 words)

 Masters and Johnson — Infoplease.com
Masters and Johnson were married from 1971 to 1993.
Johnson left the clinic before their divorce; Masters retired in 1994.
Master-slave dialectics in Charles Johnson's "The Education of Mingo".
www.infoplease.com /ce6/people/A0832164.html   (247 words)

 The Glamorous Six Masters
It was decided to try to anchor, but during the night her anchor chain broke and she stranded on the Scilly Islands.
The era of building the super sized six and seven masters was just ahead of this writer's time.
Recall mother took me to the launching of a four master, either the "Miriam Landis" in 1919 or the "Cecilia Cohen" in 1920.
www.afn.org /~stan/ships.html   (1111 words)

 Masters and Johnson. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Cleveland, and the psychologist Virginia Eshelman Johnson, 1925–, b.
Masters and Johnson were married from 1971 to 1993.
Johnson left the clinic before their divorce; Masters retired in 1994.
www.bartleby.com /65/ma/MastersN.html   (109 words)

Basically, what Masters and Johnson did was bring the topic of sexuality out of the gutter and into the mainstream, where people could be better educated (Masters, Johnson, and Kolodny, 1982).
Masters and Johnson were instrumental in helping change people's attitudes about discussing sexuality and in helping people understand what sexuality is really all about, from their perspective.
Masters, W. H., Johnson, V. E., and Kolodny, R. Masters and Johnson on sex and human loving.
www.mcm.edu /~dodd1/TWU/FS5023/Johnson&Masters.htm   (552 words)

 Alternative Medicine—The Sensuality Solution
It seems that Masters and Johnson had a bias that distorted their findings—the conviction that men and women are similar sexually.
Masters and Johnson established beyond scientific doubt that women are as sexually responsive as men.
But because Masters and Johnson’s female subjects consistently had orgasms during intercourse (even in a laboratory setting!), the famed sex researchers based their conclusions on this small subset of women and assumed an unrealistically narrow view of women’s sexuality.
www.alternativemedicine.com /common/news/store_news.asp?task=store_news&SID_store_news=115&storeID=02AD61F001A74B5887D3BD11F6C28169&RedirShopperID=   (2439 words)

 JULIAN P. JOHNSON: Path of the Masters   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Johnson, a native Kentuckian and distinguished surgeon, left his medical practice in California and traveled to Beas, India, in order to serve his guru, Sawan Singh From 1933 to 1939, Johnson devoted much of his time to writing about his master and his experiences in the Radha Soami path.
Johnson's first work, With a Great Master in India, was a compilation of letters he had written to Americans about his first eighteen months in India studying under the master.
During the heat of the debate Johnson either tripped or was pushed and hit his head on a rock.
www.angelfire.com /electronic/awakening101/jpjohnson.html   (712 words)

 Target: Masters and Johnson | TIME
"Masters and Johnson's research is so flawed by methodological errors and slipshod reporting that it fails to meet customary standards—and their own—for evaluation research," say Zilbergeld and Evans.
Many of Masters and Johnson's patients tended to be highly motivated and prescreened through referrals by psychiatrists and psychologists; hence they were probably likely to respond to treatment.
Masters and Johnson never divulged how many applicants they considered and how many they rejected, nor how many were accepted and then later quit or were asked to leave.
www.time.com /time/magazine/article/0,9171,924383,00.html   (686 words)

 AEGiS-LT: New AIDS Research Under Fire: Masters & Johnson Study: Revealing the Facts . . . or Promoting 'Senseless ...
Joining Krim in her rebuttal to the Masters, Johnson and Kolodny findings, Dr. Michael Grieco, chief of infectious diseases and epidemiology at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center here, said that "glancing through this book, there is not anything new that I could see" in it.
Masters, however, decried the scientific journal route, saying it was too time-consuming, and contending that journal articles did not provide enough space to encompass the three researchers' information.
Johnson, for her part, bristled at the suggestion that the book was written with commercial intent.
www.aegis.com /news/lt/1988/LT880303.html   (1402 words)

 ABC Sport - Golf - American Johnson claims Masters
American Zach Johnson held off a late challenge by Tiger Woods to claim his first major title by two shots at the US Masters this morning.
Johnson, whose only previous PGA Tour victory came at the 2004 BellSouth Classic, reeled off three birdies in four holes from the 13th to take control.
One of six players tied for the lead early on in a wildly fluctuating final round, Johnson set the tone by chipping in for birdie on the eighth before tightening his grip after the turn.
www.abc.net.au /sport/content/200704/s1892491.htm   (743 words)

 USATODAY.com - Johnson firm on no-women policy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Johnson has been under fire for 10 months by Martha Burk, chairwoman of the National Association of Women's Organizations, for not allowing women to become members of Augusta National.
Johnson explained that the golf tournament is public, but the club is private, and he sees no conflict in that.
Johnson released the primary sponsors, including IBM and Coca-Cola, from their obligations during CBS' telecast of the event.
www.usatoday.com /sports/golf/masters/2003-04-09-johnson-policy_x.htm   (484 words)

 Wednesday interview with Masters Chairman Hootie Johnson   (Site not responding. Last check: )
HOOTIE JOHNSON: Well, we think a piece of clothing or souvenir here is kind of special to the people that have been here, and while our merchandise sales are important to us, we don't feel the need to go on the Internet and trivialize the merchandise.
HOOTIE JOHNSON: The decisions we made this year on the champions and those that we asked to step aside, we made those decisions based on what we thought was in the best interests of the tournament.
HOOTIE JOHNSON: Well, I think that we've had considerable reaction that people were glad that we were heightening the debate on the concern for the game and the way it was going.
www.golf.com /gdc/news/article.asp?id=1457   (3324 words)

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