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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Mate - LoveToKnow 1911
In the language of the sea, the mate is the companion or assistant of the master, or of any officer at the head of a division of the crew.
In the merchant service the mates are the officers who serve under the master, commonly called the captain, navigate the vessel under his direction, and replace him if he dies, or is disabled.
In a war-ship mates serve under the gunner, boatswain, carpenter, andc.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Mate   (116 words)

 Yerba mate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Drinking mate with friends from a shared hollow gourd (also called a mate in Spanish, or cabaça or cuia in Portuguese) with a metal straw (a bombilla in Spanish, bomba or canudo in Portuguese) is an extremely common social practice in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and southern Bolivia and Brazil.
Mate is often written maté in English to indicate that the pronunciation is not the same as the much more common English word "mate", by analogy with words of French origin such as "café" and other words whose é distinguishes their pronunciation from otherwise identically spelled English words, such as résumé and resume.
Studies of mate, though very limited, have shown preliminary evidence that the mate xanthine cocktail is different from other plants containing caffeine most significantly in its effects on muscle tissue, as opposed to those on the central nervous system, which are similar to those of other natural stimulants.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Yerba_mate   (1361 words)

 Yerba Mate - What is it?
Mate is as tea-like beverage consumed mainly in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Brazil.
The scientific name Ilex paraguarensis was given by the French naturalist and botanist Auguste de Saint Hilaire in 1822, the tree belongs to the family Aquifoliaceae and grows between the parallels 10° and 30° (South) in the Paraná and Paraguay rivers basins.
Mate has a characteristic mature flavor which is somewhat sweet, bitter, withered leaf like, and alfalfa-like, similar to that obtained from tea (Camellia sinensis)[1].
www.noborders.net /mate/what.html   (417 words)

 Ma-Tea.com: Low Prices on Yerba Mate Tea, Gourds, Bombillas and More.
An evergreen member of the holly family, yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is native to the rainforests of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil.
Mate is high in pantothenic acid, a B vitamin that plays a vital role in metabolism and energy production, and contains protein, carotene, vitamins A, C, E, B complex, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium, choline, as well as other nutrients.
A 1995 study from the Pasteur Institute found Mate to be a more potent antioxidant than vitamin C, and a test-tube study published by the University of Montreal's Department of Anatomy in 1995 shows that it can inhibit the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein, the carrier of bad cholesterol.
ma-tea.com /MATE_for_CARLOS.htm   (921 words)

 Mate (the Argentinian's National drink)
Mate is the name of a kind of beberage which is commonly drunk in Argentina.
Some mates are made with wood from typical trees of the region like caldén and algarrobo (carob tree).
Perhaps, it is the psychological attitude to link habits to the culture where they had grown and the fact of being far from the country what make them feel closer to their beloveds.
www.ecs.soton.ac.uk /~jca/mate.htm   (753 words)

 Database Entry: YERBA MATE - Ilex paraguariensis, Ilex paraguayiensis, YERBA MATE - Ilex paraguarensis, YERBA MATE - ...
Synonyms: Ilex paraguayensis, I. paraguensis, I. mate, I. domestica, I. sorbilis
Mate bars are as prevalent in South America as coffee bars are in North America and Europe; mate drinking has deep cultural roots.
Yerba mate's traditional use for the heart may be due to the phytochemical theophylline, also known as a pharmaceutical medication used to stimulate the heart muscle.
www.rain-tree.com /yerbamate.htm   (3489 words)

 Yerba - Herbal Index - herbindex.net
Mate is often written maté in English to distinguish the pronunciation and meaning from the English word mate, by analogy with words of French origin whose é distinguishes them from otherwise identically-spelt English words, such as "résumé" and "resume".
Then the mate is turned upside-down, and shaken vigorously but briefly (and with gradually decreasing force) in this inverted position so as to cause the finest, most powdery particles of the yerba to settle toward the preparer's palm and the top of the mate.
Mate is traditionally drunk in a particular social setting, such as family gatherings or with friends.
www.herbindex.net /yerba.html   (2509 words)

One guiding idea in MATE is that coding, markup, or annotation of spoken language dialogue and other spoken language corpora may be considered as being done at different annotation levels, such as orthographic transcription, prosody markup, or morpho-syntactic markup, as well as cross-level annotation, such as the markup of prosodic cues to speech acts.
MATE work on phonetic transcription will be specifically designed to support prosodic annotation rather than to solve the myriad of problems involved in the development of more general-purpose coding modules for basic phonemic and phonetic transcription.
MATE will not enforce any specific format onto non-speech data files, but suggests that video/audio follows current standards, and enforces the possibility to refer to video and audio by means of time in milliseconds.
mate.nis.sdu.dk /information/d12   (8980 words)

 Mate Gourd and Bombilla
The "matero" carries his gourd (mate) containing the yerba and the bombilla in one hand, while carrying a thermos of luke-warm water under his arm.
In general, mate is consumed in the morning or afternoon between meals.
Mate drinking is often a shared ritual spirited with friends and family.
www.yerbamatetea.com /yerbamateinfo.htm   (396 words)

 Social status aside, we're all equal, mate - Words - Books - Entertainment
As a common noun, "mate" allows us to refer to particular others, that is, make a third-person reference ("a few mates came over for a drink").
All these versions of "mate" declare to the other that we two are equal before the law - young and old, city and country, rich and poor, man and woman (well, that might be stretching things a bit).
"Mate" is one of those words that have a resonating and unambiguous meaning when played out in times of adversity.
www.smh.com.au /news/words/social-status-aside-were-all-equal-mate/2005/10/27/1130382515971.html   (513 words)

The Voice Mate then says, "Repeat John Anderson." Hold down the Side Key and repeat "John Anderson." You then will hear, "Enter the telephone number and press YES." At this point, you enter the phone number by using the numeric keypad and press YES just as you are prompted.
When the Voice Mate door is opened on the Memo Pad, the bottom two rows of keys on the keypad become function keys for recording and editing.
This feature of the Voice Mate is designed to enter an individual appointment and then to program it in such a way to be reminded automatically in recurring or repeating periods of time.
www.superproducts.com /vmug.htm   (18427 words)

 Yerba Mate in Argentina   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The mate, which are green dried leaves and stemlets of the perennial tree Ilex paraguarensis which originates from Paraguay but is also grown extensively in northern Argentina.
In northern Argentina, mate is often sweetened, to the dismay of purists.
Yerba mate is supposed to have powers such as mental stimulation, fatigue reduction, stress reduction, insomnia elimination, appetite control, body immunization, blood detoxification, nervous system toning, restoration of hair color and preservation of youth.
www.zonalatina.com /Zldata109.htm   (471 words)

Her retort, "what should I be saying, 'mate'?" demonstrated this too was inappropriate, and the gap in the female Australian language was apparent.
His own theory is because an Australian male is driven to his mates as they are privately manipulated and motivated by their wives, and seek men out to 'air those unrealised fantasies of manhood which the domestic rut at home has now made impossible'.
Qualities such as giving everyone a "fair go", and sticking by your mates, be they be in a blue or be off their face.
www.australianbeers.com /culture/mateship.htm   (2824 words)

 What is Yerba Mate?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The gourd (mate) containing the brew is passed to each participant in a circle, who drains it through a metal straw (bombilla), before refilling it with hot water for the next participant.
Passing the mate around is a decorous ritual, a convivial part of life, not only in the countryside, but anywhere in the city.
It has become such a social symbol that not accepting a sip, provided you are in a typical 'mate setting', may be viewed strangely.
www.travelsur.net /mate.htm   (731 words)

 i-mate JAM Full Review at ZDNet UK Reviews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Measuring just 5.8cm wide by 10.8cm deep by 1.81cm high and weighing 160g the i-mate JAM is considerably smaller and lighter than Pocket PC Phone edition devices from O2 (the xda II at 7cm by 13cm by 1.9cm and 190g) and HP (the h6340 at 7.5cm by 11.9cm by 1.87cm, 190g).
On the i-mate JAM, all you need to do is tap an icon on the Today screen and the screen reorients, cycling through portrait, left-handed landscape, and right-handed landscape orientations.
At £399 (inc. VAT) without a contract, the i-mate JAM is a shade expensive, but it can be found on the Web (at Expansys) in the UK for as little as £164 (inc. VAT with an £88 monthly (ex.
reviews.zdnet.co.uk /hardware/handhelds/0,39023875,39175023,00.htm   (1090 words)

 Pocket PC Dubai - i-Mate Pocket PC Review
The i-mate is designed for mobile professionals; it is a fairly small Pocket PC Phone Edition, which includes SD I/O expansion slot for memory or add-on accessories for the i-mate.
By discovering services on i-mate devices were able to display two services only Inbox for exchanging business cards and SSA where you can use the i-mate as a modem to connect from a laptop or a desktop to GPRS, this can be easily established with a cable, Infrared and Bluetooth connection.
i-mate is really distinguished with its MMS capabilities, using MMS messaging is really fun and easy to use, and it can be accessed from the today screen as well.
www.pocketpcdubai.com /i-mate_PPC/i-mate_review.html   (2262 words)

 Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese: FAQs
Mated pairs not only raise and protect their young together, but also look out for one another over the course of their lives.
One mate will stay by the other's side if injured or dying, even if the rest of the flock is moving on.
The second possible explanation is that the goose you observed has lost his or her mate.
www.canadageese.org /faq4.html   (630 words)

MATE is a summer intensive, year long program for 5th through 12th grade teachers.
The program is designed to connect the resources of the University with the talents and vision of school districts, with the goal of addressing the needs of students in the area of mathematics.
MATE Establishes a collaboration of professionals interested in improving student achievement in mathematics.
www.alphacenter.ucr.edu /MATE.htm   (303 words)

 Mate: Interesting Thing of the Day
The word mate itself comes from the Quechua word matí, which refers to a certain type of gourd (Lagenaria vulgaris) which, when dried and hollowed, is used as the serving vessel for the beverage.
To prepare mate, one must begin with a properly “cured” gourd—one that has been soaked or cleaned in one of several ways to remove the residual oils that could adversely affect the flavor.
Mate is a mild stimulant—when brewed, it has about half as much caffeine as coffee.
itotd.com /articles/444/mate   (1568 words)

 KD4UDY's Meter Mate Amateur Radio SWR Graph Software
Meter Mate is a companion utility for your directional watt meter that allows you to calculate the SWR reading when the forward and reflected power readings are measured.
Meter Mate is a software utility for the ham shack that calculates SWR and creates SWR curve graphs for antenna systems operating within the amateur radio bands.
Meter Mate is designed to emulate a watt meter that utilizes meter elements to measure forward and reflected power in an Amateur Radio antenna system.
www.kd4udy.com /MeterMate   (991 words)

 El Mate
Cargue con yerba el mate (recipiente utilizado para cebar mate) hasta 2/3 partes de la capacidad.
Vuelva el mate a su posición normal muy lentamente teniendo cuidado que la yerba haya quedado hacia un costado del mate.
A medida que comienza a aparecer los palitos de yerba flotando (mate lavado) el buen cebador reemplaza parte de la yerba.
www.argentour.com /mate/mate.htm   (1300 words)

 Yerba Mate - The ancient drink of health and friendship
Yerba Mate (pronounced "yerba mahtay") is a medicinal and cultural drink of ancient origins.
More than a drink, Yerba Mate has become a cultural phenomenon throughout South America.
In Buenos Aires, where people carry their Mate with them throughout the day, the site of an obese person is rare.
www.noborders.net /mate   (288 words)

 Pitching Practice Target - Pitcher's Mate
Pitcher's Mate is the pitching target that will make your practice time pay off, whether you're a baseball or a softball pitcher.
The unique design of Pitcher's Mate features a life-size reversible batter and a four zone strike target that lets the balls pass through and collect on the other side.
Pitcher's Mate is praised by baseball and softball coaches, parents and players!
www.pitchers-mate.com   (405 words)

 Flexible, portable mast climbing ladder made of nylon webbing which attaches to any sail tra
I appreciate your interest in the Mast Mate Climbing System, an efficient single-handed mast ladder and the practical Tool Bag Work belt.
The Mast Mate attaches firmly to the sail track at every step and the belt allows freedom of movement with security.
After my Mast Mate arrived I installed the sail slide and determined that I would go to the marina the following afternoon to try it out.
www.mastmate.com   (409 words)

 Mate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mate de coca, a beverage made from coca
Running mate, a fellow candidate for the same party in one election
Mate (colloquialism), colloquialism used to refer to a friend commonly used in the Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mate   (198 words)

 Engadget   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
i-mate is positioning both of these devices as mid-range, suggesting that they might be looking at non-HTC handsets to bring Windows Mobile on the cheap while their HTCs will stay positioned at the top.
Notably, i-mate doesn't appear to be relying on HTC (who has that little Q-killer of their own brewin') for the design here, and while their in-house designers might take a little while to warm up, a bit of diversity in the market never killed anyone.
The peeps at i-mate have quite a thing for HTC handsets, so it wouldn't be much of a surprise for them to release a version, and all the specs look just the same (and beautiful) as before.
www.engadget.com /search/?q=i-mate   (2557 words)

 Yerba Mate - natural, organic energy alternative to coffee and tea - Pixie Mate
Mate is the gentle hum of an awakened mind and a vibrant body.
Yerba Mate is energy that's balanced, not frantic.
With a llama-load of antioxidants that would make broccoli wilt, mate leaf trickles grinning into your system.
www.pixiemate.com   (122 words)

 Mate in Washington, DC - AOL City Guide
Via Mate, Fraga-Rosenfeld spotlights yerba mate tea, a slightly bitter brew sought for its ounce of energy rush.
Mate's fl, white and red interior merges metro with retro.
Mate needs to chill out, this place is not all that exclusive.
cityguide.aol.com /washington/restaurants/mate/v-287537   (422 words)

 Missouri Association of Teachers of English Homepage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
MATE is Missouri's state affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English.
We are a professional organization which maintains a close working relationship with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
Through MATE's publications and conferences, English teachers across the state are able to share their professional interests and concerns.
www.umsl.edu /services/gwp/mateweb/mate.home.html   (97 words)

 Mate Factor Energizing Yerba Mate Tea Bags
All our Yerba Mate herbal teas are served in generous double size tea bags for a robust, stimulating cup.
Because it is healthy, high in antioxidants and energizing without the jittery side effects, yerba mate is an excellent everyday solution for more energy.
Yerba Mate tea is nature's most pleasant and healthiest energizer.
www.matefactor.com /TeaBags.htm   (110 words)

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