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Topic: Matrix code

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Matrix code -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
A matrix code, also known as a 2D barcode, is a two-dimensional way of representing information.
It is similar to a linear (1-dimensional) (additional info and facts about barcode) barcode, but has more data representation capability.
Facilitates codes too small to be used in PDF417.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/m/ma/matrix_code.htm   (118 words)

 Encyclopedia: ZIP Code   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
ZIP Codes are numbered with the first digit representing a certain group of U.S. states, the second and third digits together representing a region in that group (or perhaps a large city), and the fourth and fifth digits representing more specific areas, such as small towns or regions of that city.
For example, ZIP codes beginning with 0 and 1 are in use in New York; beginning with 2 and 5, in the District of Columbia; and beginning with 7 and 8, in Texas.
For example, ZIP code 03750 is for Etna, NH, but Etna is not a municipality, it is actually a village district in the town of Hanover, New Hampshire (Zip Code 03755).
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/ZIP-Code   (8001 words)

 BarCode-1 2-Dimensional Bar Code Page
Code 1 was invented by Ted Williams in 1992 and is the earliest public domain matrix symbology.
Code 1 is currently used in the health care industry for medicine labels and the recycling industry to encode container content for sorting.
Code 49 was developed by David Allais in 1987 at the Intermec Corporation to fill a need to pack a lot of information into a very small symbol.
www.adams1.com /pub/russadam/stack.html   (4783 words)

 NASA GISS: Scattering -- T-Matrix Codes
The regular T-matrix codes for randomly oriented particles are based on the analytical orientation averaging procedure described in the paper M. Mishchenko, J.
The superposition bisphere and multi-sphere T-matrix codes are based on similar analytical approaches and are described in the papers M. Mishchenko and D. Mackowski, Opt.
These codes are based on the LAPACK version of the LU-factorization procedure, contain no proprietary components, and are equivalent to the old NAG-based codes in terms of efficiency and performance.
www.giss.nasa.gov /~crmim/t_matrix.html   (708 words)

 village voice > news > Reloaded Questions by Jane Dark
The Matrix took what makes cinema cinematic—the array of image manipulation we mean when we say "movie magic"—and pushed it forward a generation.
Marx thought so, though in his matrix the master class of machines was just called the master class, the enslaved humans just the workers, and battery power was called labor.
If the iconic image of the time was the programmer coding 26 hours and nodding under the workstation, its flip side was the itinerant data temp, hustling a week here and a project there, wherever some start-up needed an IPO crash crew.
www.villagevoice.com /issues/0320/dark.php   (1477 words)

 World Trade Center Attack Bible codes matrix -- of September 11, 2001
That said, the matrix has many complete sentences and statistical odds that is less than 1 chance in 10 to the 250th power.
The matrix-R-values in the matrix report are calculated in log base 10, by taking account the number of letters and letter distribution in the matrix.
To calculate the cumulative R-value for all terms in the matrix, we use the text R-value for the main term, since the matrix pivots on the main term.
ad2004.com /Biblecodes/Hebrewmatrix/WTCattack.html   (1163 words)

 Data Matrix Bar Code Fonts
Data Matrix is a very area efficient 2D (two dimensional) barcode symbology that uses a unique square module perimeter pattern that helps the barcode scanner determine the cell locations.
The source code for any encoder can be provided with the purchase of the Unlimited Developer License and a signed source code license agreement.
The Data Matrix DLL supplied also works as an ActiveX Control and may be used in this way when it is not necessary to use a font.
www.idautomation.com /fonts/datamatrix   (1903 words)

 Applications for Synrad's CO2 Laser Technology
Denso’s QR Code incorporates three position detection patterns for omni-directional, ultra-fast reading and is capable of handling numeric, alphanumeric, byte data, as well as Japanese kanji and kana characters.
The Data Matrix code was marked in a cycle time of 2.92 seconds; the QR Code marked in 3.25 seconds.
The 2D Data Matrix code, like other barcodes and bitmap images, is typically marked using a raster-scanning technique that "fills" or "colors-in" the image being marked.
www.synrad.com /newsletter/0401-2/0401-2.htm   (885 words)

 Falling Code - A Matrix Code Variant - visual basic, vb, vbscript
This is yet another piece of code that mimics the "falling code" used in The Matrix.
Unlike other versions of this code, mine uses pictureboxes to scroll the falling text, thus making it a little bit faster and smoother in the falling.
I tweaked the code a little bit, and now it runs more smmothly in fullscreen mode, the string are a lot longer (and i think they look better) and now the picturebox has been shrunk down, so even more lines of code fall per screen than used to.
www.planetsourcecode.com /vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId=22028&lngWId=1   (875 words)

 .: Ross Franklin's Portfolio :. Create Matrix Code   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
While this probably is not the easiest way to make matrix code, some of the steps are quite tedious.
Now select the rasterized text part of the code and use the Dodge tool to lighten up the ends of the strips so they are brighter at the bottom.
Make it the same green as the code is, and move it to the center of the background.
web.pdx.edu /~franklir/totorials-creatematrixcodeeffect.html   (1286 words)

 Computer Vision Laboratory - University of Central Florida
On directions to using the code please refer to the code documentation.
Note the code requires OpenCV and fltk (an open source window toolkit) to be installed on the target system.
Following is a test sample to demonstrate the use of this code to calculate the optical flow.
www.cs.ucf.edu /~vision/source.html   (520 words)

 Gentoo Matrix Code Wallpaper Tutorial   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Use the gradient tool to make a vertical gradient such that the Code Column will be be fully masked at the top and fully visible at the bottom (and partially visible in between).
This time, we are going to vary the location of the Code Columns, and most importantly vary the size (here we assume that the layer opacity is already varied, if you made brand new columns, make sure to vary their layer opacities!).
The point of this is that there will be gaps between your 160+ Code Columns and there's is nothing but the fl background between them.
www.aaronshi.com /linux/gentoomatrix   (1356 words)

 Matrix code
The above code was generated using an online matrix code generator and translates to the below text.
The online matrix code generator we used to generate the above example can be found here.
This term is also used to describe the scrolling green code text seen in the movie Matrix.
www.computerhope.com /jargon/m/matrcode.htm   (116 words)

The program was based off of source code for a screen saver found at www.elouai.com, and is entirely free.
The original author of the matrix screensaver that this project was based off of contacted me and let me know that his new website is www.elouai.com.
The producer of the 'Matrix Code Font' bundled with ZMatrix is now known as e-RBi, you can visit his website at e-rbi.com, or email him at contact@e-rbi.com.
zmatrix.sourceforge.net /#Download   (1879 words)

 Journey to the source, matrix code, matrix reloaded, matrix revolutions, decoding matrix trilogy movies, neo's ...
Journey to the source, matrix code, matrix reloaded, matrix revolutions, decoding matrix trilogy movies, neo's spiritual journey, upanishads, pradheep chhalliyil, matrix symbolism, hidden meanings, ending of movie, puranas, maya, illusion, don davis, indi
If matrix offered emotional happiness it would be in our mind for few days like we get emotional happiness in our lives.
I've read all of the matrix books and this book is the only one that does an outstanding job of interpreting the second and especially the 3rd in a credible and thoughtful manner.
www.matrixjourney.com   (409 words)

 Dapra: 2D Data Matrix Code Products for Machine Readable Identification
The two-dimensional 2D Data Matrix code consists of an arrangement of small dots or squares, marked as either a square or rectangle.
Invented by RVSI Acuity CiMatrix, the Data Matrix Code is a digital 2D, machine readable symbology that is capable of storing large amounts of information within a small physical space.
Data Matrix requires less contrast (as low as 20%) between the code and the marking surface than linear barcodes.
www.dapramarking.com /data-matrix.htm   (459 words)

 MacMerc.com: Adobe Photoshop Tip: Matrix Code Retooled
Download the Matrix Code Pattern unstuff it and remember where it is on your hard drive.
If your grid is set to the default, you should see that each character of the Matrix code fall in its own cell in the grid.
Command-Click the Live Matrix Code layer and the hit Option-Delete to fill the code shaped selection with green pixels on the Green Rain layer.
www.macmerc.com /articles/Graphics_Tips/175   (1006 words)

 Why was Seraph's code yellow? (Matrix Forum)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
In that case, Seraph, the Merovingian, the Keymaker and perhaps many others DO have a purpose, but that purpose is in the Matrix and perhaps not known to them.
Now this wouldn't explain how Seraph's code is golden meaning he's been in contact with the source but it would explain why he worked for Merv and how powerful he is. He probably double-crossed the Merovingian and started protecting the Oracle beating Agent Smith along his journey.
The light has become a more complex structure of code, but it is still bright because it is close to the origin of the Source.
www.matrix-explained.com /php/post-56973.html&sid=1d8e6b9ae14b8ccf7be5f0ff4bfe25e7   (1300 words)

 Matrix Falling Code Screensaver Emulator Information
Matrix Trilogy Screensaver, Version 2 Please send any suggestions, comments, etc..
It also reallocates the font sizes so that anyone who had a problem before with the font being too big and it was leaving artifacts, this should take care of it.
It's not from the cover of the matrix box, so much as it is the Katakana code itself.
www.angelfire.com /ultra/matrixscreensaver   (743 words)

 Nsite2 the reckoning . . . -- (my slogan)"Yeah it's that cool"
There are subways, nightclubs, skyscrapers, and dark alleys that all seem normal on the surface, but beneath this pedestrian exterior, a secret war is being waged for the survival of humanity and machine alike.
Code can be used to create both special Matrix items and special abilities.
In the MxO, Writing Code is an activity that players can perform in the Matrix and it is analogous to crafting in other MMP games.
www.freewebs.com /nsite2/tocoolforschool.htm   (2452 words)

 Bar code reading, bar code - Bar Code Primer - Introduction to Barcoding - Worth Data USA
Fixed bar code readers are mounted at each dock door for automated pallet tracking.
Bar Code Reader- Intermec has a large selection of handheld bar code scanners to help you track inventory.
Bar Code Reading Made EZ Because reading bar codes should be easy Microscan is a technology leader in bar code scanning that ensures our products are quality driven but still as
bar-code.allinfosites.com /q/bar-code-bar-code-reading.htm   (709 words)

 Matrix Multiply Code
To reduce the demands on the instruction cache, we arrange the code into several independent sections, the first handling the matrix core and the remainder handling the fringes.
We group these sections into three software pipelined code variants: two two-stage pipes with stages [load-multiply, accumulate] and [load, multiply-accumulate], and a three-stage pipe with stages [load, multiply, accumulate].
Because of the separation between matrix dimension and matrix stride, we can implement higher levels of cache blocking as calls to lower level routines with appropriately sized sub-matrices.
www.cs.berkeley.edu /~richie/phipac/paper/node14.html   (504 words)

Matrix glyphs include reversed letters, numbers, and Japanese katakana characters.
Matrix 3D Screensaver for Windows: "Inside the Matrix" from Astro Gemini Software, a miraculous gate to numerous worlds of the Matrix.
it is one of the best matrix code replica, thanks for the free distribution.
www.handyent.com /matrix   (172 words)

 : What is the matrix screensaver, review at WorldSSP.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Then you are gonna love this screensaver that emulates the green Matrix code you can see on Tank's screens in the movie.
Matrix Reloaded Screensaver 1.0The Matrix Reloaded screensaver is a freeware openGL matrix screen saver that truly captivates the spirit of The Matrix movie, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions sequels.
Matrix Screensaver is a simple screensaver that simulates the movement of The Matrix code on your monitor.
www.worldssp.net /webinfo_m.asp?proid=2890   (410 words)

 Matrix Code Screensaver free download You know Neo, Trinity and Morpheous from The Matrix Movies. Now you can have them ...
Matrix Code Screensaver has a fully animated cartoon style matrix feel to it.
This is a Matrix Code screensaver download, so be sure and tell your friends to stop on by and download this free Matrix Code screensaver.
We would like to thank the Matrix makers for all the hard work they have put into their movies and we wish them the best of luck.
www.3d2f.com /programs/23-535-matrix-code-screensaver-download.shtml   (1919 words)

 Animal Logic: Film - The Matrix   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The Matrix code was designed around a paradox: it had to be familiar enough to reflect a modern computer code yet original enough to appear futuristic.
In the film's title sequence, this code trickles down the screen like rain on a neon lit window.
The vertical format gave the impression of space through which the letters could fall and visual effects supervisor Lynne Cartwright used waterfalls and raindrops as references for the cascading code.
www.animallogic.com /film/matrix/thematrix.html   (129 words)

 Matrix fan site .com - Screensavers
MVR screensaver - 2,31 Mb Interactive 3d screensaver, scrolling code and images, requires at least a second generation graphics card (ATI 8500/GeForce 3) and DirectX 9.
MVR pure code screensaver - 2,26 Mb Same as above, scrolling code only, requires at least a second generation graphics card (ATI 8500/GeForce 3) and DirectX 9.
ZMatrix desktop enhancer/screensaver - 1,97 Mb Generates scrolling code that blends with your desktop wallpaper.
www.matrixfansite.com /screen/screen.htm   (183 words)

 Jen's Matrix - Downloads
The matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
The matrix cannot tell you who you are.
A deja vu is usually a glitch in the matrix.
www.scary-monsters.com /downloads.html   (502 words)

 Matrix Code - Music
I dont no if ppl have suggested this b4 but, even though the site has gotten heap bettersince i was last here, i think it needs music on it, like the matrix theme, the soundtrack or something like that.
Well if this is music for the matrix soundtrack or just music in general I don't think there was ever one made on this site.
In other words, if we were to use music from The Matrix (or any of the following movies), we'd have to pay a buttload of $, which I doubt anyone here would be anxious to do.
www.matrixmania.com /showthread.php?p=165596#post165596   (633 words)

 Kelly Software - the best Matrix Screen Saver - and it's free
This is a new Version which I thought about renaming to "Matrix Reloaded", because it seems to fit that I have added a lot of features and improvements.
The mini-slideshow now runs with a lower priority, so the matrix code animation doesn't slow as much on older machines.
The Matrix code scrensaver is not only the best one around that i have found, its looks authentic, especially with my 3 monitors showing it.
www.kellysoftware.com /ssaver/Matrix_ks.asp   (979 words)

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