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Topic: Maureen Dowd

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  skippy the bush kangaroo
dowd than her wardrobe, but after all, it is she (and the times) who are cultivating the "what if betty friedan were a babe" persona for the marketing of her latest tome.
dowd was one of the first inside the nytimes to call judith miller out for miller's convoluted involvement in the plame-leaking scandal, and her sloppy, if not downright made-up, reporting on the lead up to the iraqi war.
dowd disagree with arianna huffington that perhaps judith miller was only a part of the process involved in delivering the new york times to the administration as a lapdogspokesorgan, and could ms.
xnerg.blogspot.com /2005/12/is-maureen-dowd-necessary-skippy.html   (1500 words)

 Yes, Maureen Dowd is necessary - Salon
Dowd insists she is not "peddling a theory or a slogan or a policy," rather presenting the "diligent notes...
But gender constructions are Dowd's playthings: She also suggests that Donald Rumsfeld is menopausal and that Al Gore is "practically lactating." Dowd subverts gender stereotyping by treating it as a laugh riot; surely her giggling does not disqualify her feminism.
Dowd has always been an equal-opportunity provocateur, winning a Pulitzer for her evisceration of the Clinton administration between flirtily poking the elder Bush with a stick and eating his son for breakfast.
dir.salon.com /story/mwt/feature/2005/11/08/dowd/index.html   (1028 words)

 Maureen Dowd: A Hermes Study in Bitterness - Bernard Chapin - MensNewsDaily.com™
Maureen Dowd is a name known to many men due to her status as one of the most prominent male bashers of our day.
Dowd is the perfect subject for this essay as she is the quintessential bitter, older woman.
Dowd, who claims to have an inkling of what goes on in the world, must have missed an early memo from Ti-Grace Atkinson declaring, “Feminism is the theory; lesbianism is the practice.” That its female devotees become less desirable to men would be regarded a welcome byproduct.
www.mensnewsdaily.com /archive/c-e/chapin/2005/chapin112105.htm   (2904 words)

 Maureen Dowd -- Topic Index -- TimesWatch.org
Maureen Dowd, of all people, rises to defend the historical honor of her paper by accusing George Bush in his acceptance speech of distorting words from a Times column penned in 1946.
Maureen Dowd, promoting "Bushworld," her new collection of columns: "…what an astonishing story it is that a group, a small group of neo-cons who had never been to war themselves, would take over the entire apparatus of the federal government and hijack the war on terror."
Maureen Dowd breezed by Iraqi jubilation in one snotty sentence: “We were always going to win the war with Iraq.” She’s back on Iraq, just in time to criticize the U.S. for not stopping the looting of Baghdad’s museums and libraries.
www.timeswatch.org /topicindex/D/dowd_maureen/welcome.asp   (948 words)

 The National Debate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Maureen Dowd's Errant Ellipsis and Tannenhaus Words of Wolfowitz which have touched off a Blogosphere feeding frenzy which has spilled over into the mainstream media.
Whether she intended to distort the president's remarks or not, the fact is that her use of an ellipsis was not in keeping with good journalistic practice and did have the effect of conveying a false impression.
Dowd either purposely distorted the words of the President to present him as inept and out of touch in the light of the al-Qaeda bombing in Riyadh or innocently failed to observe proper protocol in the use of an ellipsis when truncating a quotation.
www.thenationaldebate.com /blogger/articles/dowd2.htm   (2980 words)

 The New York Times dowdified 'reporting' and George Bush
In Dowd's surreal political world where make-believe substitutes for reality and bigotry passes for wisdom Gore became the martyr, a victim of the Bush family, that vicious political "cartel" as she once described it.
That Maureen Dowd enthusiastically cheered a decision that had "no foundation in law" because it supported her ideological choice for the White House reveals how far down the fascist road America's media elite has travelled.
Dowd's support for Gore's assault on constitutional niceties and the rule of law is really no surprise as this is the same penetrating intellect that called Florida's Cuban community a bunch of totalitarians because they resisted Elian's illegal return to Castro's paradise.
www.brookesnews.com /030706dowd.html   (929 words)

 Maureen Dowd's misguided new book. - By Katie Roiphe - Slate Magazine
But Dowd is pretending to cover cultural trends with journalistic accuracy, and it is this pretense that gives her arguments a shoddy feel.
Much of what Dowd observes in the piece is true—the nostalgic passion for the 1950s, the increasing number of educated women opting to be housewives or change their names when they marry, the success of books like The Rules.
Dowd herself criticizes the feminists of the 1970s for imagining a sea of identical, sexless women in navy blazers descending on the workplace.
www.slate.com /id/2129290   (1592 words)

 Amazon.com: Are Men Necessary?: Books: Maureen Dowd   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Dowd makes it plain that this is not a scholarly thesis, but rather a compendium of anecdotes and commentary, many culled from her own experience, about men and how we as women view them in the 21st century.
Dowd helps to create a more complete view of what women's experience in a man's world is like, while keeping her tongue planted firmly in cheek.
Dowd is criticized for bolstering her arguments with an endless litany of anecdotal stories taken from the public record.
www.amazon.com /Are-Men-Necessary-Maureen-Dowd/dp/0399153322   (2505 words)

 [No title]
Maureen Dowd is a twice-weekly Op-Ed columnist for
Dowd was born in January 1952 in Washington, D.C., the youngest of five children of an Irish-Catholic homemaker mother and a D.C. policeman father who was in charge of security at the U.S. Senate.
Dowd describes her approach to public figures as doing "cultural profiles" that seek to reveal fresh insight by asking about a person's favorite music, movies, literature and other personal interests or aversions.
www.discoverthenetwork.org /individualProfile.asp?indid=1715   (1210 words)

 mediabistro.com Content
column yesterday, Dowd tried a fix, inserting the complete text of the quote she had originally truncated in a new context, perhaps hoping that use of this full version of the quote will absolve her previous ellipsis.
Dowd, but her cropping of the quotation, which any reasonable reader can see doesn't in fact turn the meaning "upside down," is minor, even negligible, compared to the journalistic sins of Jayson Blair and Rick Bragg.
Dowd for such a silly reason, and an even greater shame if they were doing so based solely on "tips" provided by well-meaning but wrong-headed columnists writing for rival papers (no offense).
www.mediabistro.com /articles/cache/a349.asp   (1635 words)

 FT.com / Arts & Weekend - Lunch with the FT: Definite articles
For Dowd, it has been a tough morning and she picks at her salmon listlessly for the next two hours (I order the broccoli and cheddar omelette).
Dowd, who replaced Anna Quindlen 10 years ago as the lone female columnist on The New York Times’ editorial page, made her career in the 1980s and 1990s as a very clever writer who attacked almost anyone who rose to power in Washington DC, her home town.
Dowd thanks her mother first in the acknowledgments and offers tips from How to Catch and Keep a Man and some of the other self-help books she sent her unmarried daughter over the years.
www.ft.com /cms/s/11fa61b4-502f-11da-bbd7-0000779e2340.html   (1445 words)

 Maureen Dowd: Champion of Women's Rights? - The Debate
Maureen Dowd is the high priestess of the opinionocracy on the left and right who have little if any interest in anything but rationalizing their own view which is stereotypically ideological, narrow and totally lacking in thoughtful or balanced perspective.
Maureen Dowd is a narrow minded insult slinger (and I'M a liberal) but she's not a sexist.
Maureen Dowd always runs cold, and Wednesday's column wasn't one of her strongest efforts because none ever are.
blog.washingtonpost.com /thedebate/2005/10/maureen_dowd_ch.html   (10596 words)

 Separating fact from fiction - Countdown with Keith Olbermann - MSNBC.com
Maureen Dowd, columnist of “The New York Times,” and author of “Are Men Necessary?” and “Bushworld” joined ‘Countdown’ on Thursday to explain why she feels Oprah’s only correct option now is to remove her endorsement, figuratively and literally, from Frey's book and comment on the growing struggle over spying for the Bush Administration.
DOWD:  Well, it's simply already been proven not to be true.  The “Times” did a fantastic story, where they interviewed, you know, FBI agents involved in the case.  And already there have been a lot of domestic, domestic calls and innocent Americans swept up.
DOWD:  No, they're two entirely different things, because when Bill Clinton would deceive, he would throw in a semantic clue that let you know he was deceiving.  “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” we knew what he meant by that.  You know, I didn't break the laws of this country.
msnbc.msn.com /id/11060546   (1166 words)

 The National Debate: Where Policy, Politics and the Media Meet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
On May 14th, 2003, Maureen Dowd wrote a column called Osama's Offspring which, among other things, accused the Bush Administration of a "lulling triumphalism" in the wake of the lightening success of U.S. Forces in taking Iraq.
Dowd used this claim to assert that Bush had encourage Americans to relax their guard against al Qaeda and that therefore Bush was repsonsible for the deaths of eight Americans killed in an al Qaeda attack in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Dowd's name has already spawned a verb "dowdify" and a noun "dowdification" and her name has become synonomous with unreliability, trickery and deceit by opinion writers.
www.thenationaldebate.com /blogger/articles/dowd1.htm   (2848 words)

 Maureen Dowd | NewsBusters.org
The topic of Maureen Dowd's subscription-required column of this morning, Is Chivalry Shivved?, is the war of words between Hillary and John McCain, as the two top presidential contenders recently fired some early shots over the other's bow on the topic of responsibility for the N. Korean nuclear mess.
Dowd's ire is unmistakeable when it comes to Hillary's insufficient Bush bashing: "She has been like a silent-film star, lacking a voice in this chilling time when the Bush administration has Photoshopped the Constitution, portrayed critics as traitors, and spurred terrorism with a misconceived and mismanaged war in Iraq."
Dowd was prompted to ask after reading a recent Times' health section article about a new study on the “Macbeth effect," which concluded that people who washed their hands after contemplating an unethical act were less troubled by their thoughts than those who didn’t.
newsbusters.org /taxonomy/term/211   (2845 words)

 NPR : Maureen Dowd: 'Are Men Necessary?'
Maureen Dowd won a Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary in 1999.
Her caustic wit and commentary has brought Dowd both praise and criticism since she became a regular columnist for the Times in 1995.
In discussing the roles women and men play in relating to one another, the Washington-based columnist with a reputation for being intent on keeping her private life out of the public eye yields details about her own life that have usually been left out of consideration.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=4994492   (335 words)

 Columnist Biography: Maureen Dowd - New York Times
Maureen Dowd, winner of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary, became a columnist on The New York Times Op-Ed page in 1995 after having served as a correspondent in the paper's Washington bureau since 1986.
Dowd joined The New York Times as a metropolitan reporter in 1983.
Dowd received a B.A. degree in English literature from Catholic University (Washington, D.C.) in 1973.
www.nytimes.com /ref/opinion/DOWD-BIO.html   (133 words)

 SIVACRACY.NET: Maureen Dowd Wants To Know If The Feminist Movement Was A Cruel Hoax
Maureen Dowd asks: "So was the feminist movement some sort of cruel hoax?" Me, I’m asking the same thing about the New York Times’ reputation for quality journalism.
So per Dowd the early feminists were naive and misguided because they didn't value or recognize the importance of shopping and make-up and sexy shoes and cute boyfriends.
Dowd takes no responsibility for the present status of women; it's so much easier for her to blame the feminists, whom she can only ever criticize, never support.
www.nyu.edu /classes/siva/archives/002326.html   (1071 words)

 UrbanGrounds » Blog Archive » Maureen Dowd in Austin
Maureen Dowd—the Ny Times venomous, feminist columnist—will be in Austin tonight (LBJ Auditorium at 6:00 p.m.).
Dowd, but her professional and academic qualifications and achievements are substantial.
Dowd to denigrate Harriet Mieres as an “apple polisher” is insulting and hurts the cause of women who have worked hard to succeed on their own merits.
urbangrounds.com /2005/11/16/dowd-in-austin   (662 words)

 New York State Writers Institute - Maureen Dowd
One measure of Dowd’s importance is that even people who profess to despise her seem to read her religiously—and to recycle her jokes at parties.
Dowd’s other prizes include the 1992 Breakthrough Award from "Women, Men and Media" at Columbia University in 1991, and a Matrix Award from New York Women in Communications in 1994.
Dowd was named one of Glamour’s Women of the Year for 1996 and won the Damon Runyon award in 2000 for outstanding contributions to journalism.
www.albany.edu /writers-inst/dowd_maureen.html   (483 words)

 New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Zev Chafets: The Times also has a columnist problem   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The words in italics were replaced in Dowd's column by three little dots.
If Dowd intentionally misrepresented the President's words, she is guilty of a journalistic offense much worse than Bragg's intern problem, or even Blair's fantasies.
Dowd is a major figure at The Times, a role model.
www.nydailynews.com /news/ideas_opinions/story/87255p-79552c.html   (656 words)

 American Politics Journal -- Maureen Dowd's FauxGate
Hillary's first dilemma of 2001 is that, having lived on a public dole all her adult life, she has none of the household traps -- dishes, bed linens, pots, pans, bathroom plungers, brooms, mops, dust rags -- that are the due of a virgin bride, or at least a bride rarely touched by human hands.
Dowd fell back to this point, trying to side step the fact she told me and others there was a registry for Hillary.
Dowd is also trying to pretend that she didn't substantiate Republican claims that Hillary herself established the registry.
www.americanpolitics.com /20020216Baker.html   (3184 words)

 The Anchoress » Maureen Dowd wrote the wrong book
Dowd, try to get it out of your system, at least long enough to write another 338 pages…but instead of writing your usual, way-overplayed and whiney tripe, I hope you will try to write the book you should have written this time around.
Dowd and Kelly were apparently friends, which tends to make me think that she may not be as totally awful as she seems….
On one, Maureen Dowd was giving one of her too-clever-by-half speeches.
theanchoressonline.com /2005/12/12/maureen-dowd-wrote-the-wrong-book   (1464 words)

 HARDBALL’S FOUL BALL? -- May 14, 2003
Columnist Maureen Dowd dishonestly quotes President Bush to make him look wrong about the dangers posed by Al Qaeda terrorists, notes a sharp-eyed reader.
In “Osama’s Offpsring,” Dowd uses the Al Qaeda bombings in Riyadh Monday night to accuse the Bush administration of carrying an attitude of “lulling triumphalism” over Al Qaeda.
Dowd dishonestly deleted that sentence and the first three words of the next one to make Bush “ say” Al Qaeda was no longer a threat.
www.timeswatch.org /articles/2003/0514.asp   (1209 words)

 UNCG: Maureen Dowd to Speak at UNCG Oct. 25   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
UNCG will host columnist, pundit and Pulitzer Prize-Winner Maureen Dowd in an event that is part of UNCG’s participation in the American Democracy Project and cosponsored by Jackson Library.
Dowd won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary in 1999 for her coverage of the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.
From 1986-95, Dowd was in the paper’s Washington bureau, covering four presidential campaigns and writing the column “On Washington” for The New York Times Magazine.
www.uncg.edu /ure/news/stories/2004/oct/MaureenDowd100504.htm   (383 words)

 The Immutable Laws of Maureen Dowd
MAUREEN DOWD'S New York Times columns used to be fun.
The First Law is the reason that Dowd used to be so much fun to read--it's the reason she won the 1999 Pulitzer for her columns on the Lewinsky scandal.
Likewise, in the "alpha girls" column, Dowd never considers that there could be sound reasons of state for snubbing Germany--for instance, a "forgive and forget" policy might encourage politicians in other countries to pander to crude anti-Americanism, a pandering that would have the effect of reinforcing and strengthening the sentiment among the general population.
www.weeklystandard.com /Content/Public/Articles/000/000/001/741snfel.asp   (608 words)

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