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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  Mauser USA - For All Your Mauser M03 Rifles, Mauser M98 Rifles, and Mauser Rifle Gear
Welcome to Mauser USA, your direct connection to the Brand New Mauser M03 Rifles, Mauser M98 Rifles, and Mauser Gear, all imported and distributed by Briley Manufacturing.
The Mauser philosophy has always been unique and inimitable, and it remains so today.
As the United States importer, Briley delivers the legendary Mauser M03, Mauser M98, and Mauser Gear to you.
www.mauser-usa.net   (199 words)

  Mauser: Home
Reliable, state-of-the-art firearms technology underpins both the solid one-piece steel structures and the Mauser double square bridge, whilst the design and engineering are down to exceptional inventive talent.
The immortal Mauser M 98 is still produced from the original drawings, but can now also draw on the latest advances in production technology.
The new Mauser M 03 hunting bolt action rifle combines proven Mauser quality with functional innovation and is, quite simply, in a league of its own.
www.mauserwaffen.de /index.php?id=home&L=1   (143 words)

The Mauser is in a leather covered and red inlaid presentation case.
The story is, that it was given to a Prussian general who tried to influence the imperial commission to adapt a Mauser handgun.
Mauser pistol model 1910 - 1914, serial # 264063, cal. 6.35mm =.25 ACP, 3" barrel with fixed sights, circa 95% glossy bright blue and trigger in fire-blue.
www.horstheld.com /0-Mauser.htm   (490 words)

  Mauser Rifles and Pistols, Gun Books, Gunbooksales.com
Here is the first in-depth study of all the Swedish Mausers - the 6.5mm m/94 carbines, m/96 long rifles, m/38 short rifles, Swedish K98Ks (called the m/39 in 7.92x57mm, then, after rechambering to fire the 8x63mm machinegun cartridge, the m/40); sniper rifles, and other military adaptations such as grenade launchers and artillery simulators.
The writing team that brought you "The SKS Carbine" has done it again with the "Swedish Mauser Rifles." One the earliest military surplus imports into North America after World War II, more than 300,000 of these beautiful rifles are now in private American and Canadian hands and another 75,000+ in European gun racks.
Since WWII, Mauser has been reluctant to put all its eggs in the 98 basket, and numerous other avenues have been explored, while today, sporters built on refurbished military 98 actions are still in production.
www.gunbooksales.com /mauser.htm   (675 words)

 Mauser at AllExperts
Mauser is the common name of a German arms manufacturer, maker of a line of bolt-action rifles from the 1870s to present.
South African Mausers were highly effective against the British during the Second Boer War; these proved deadly at long ranges, prompting the British to design their own Mauser inspired high velocity cartridge and rifle.
Mauser also incorporated a new, third "safety" lug on the bolt body to protect the shooter in the event that one or more of the forward locking lugs failed.
en.allexperts.com /e/m/ma/mauser.htm   (3324 words)

 Modern Firearms - Rifle - Mauser model 98   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Mauser company, established by the two Mauser brothers, established its reputation in firearms making in the last decades of the XIX century, and continued to build a very well thought-out and skillfully built firearms until the end of the World War 2.
Some years after the WW2, the Mauser company was restored in the West Germany and continued to build firearms, but mostly a larger-caliber ones, like the aircraft cannons etc. But some of earlier Mauser works became the standards against which all others designs are judged, even after some 100 years after its introduction.
Mauser bolt is a simple, extremely strong and well thought out design.
world.guns.ru /rifle/rfl02-e.htm   (1209 words)

 Mauser and I Debate Guns
For instance, the case Mauser described was of a gun seller who sold 12 guns to a single buyer who in turn illegally distributed those guns to violent criminals.
Mauser argued that the relatively low incidence of gun violence in various other countries proves that gun ownership is too prevalent, and gun laws are too lax, in the U.S. My reply included the use of two quotes:
Of course, even if Mauser (and his allies) could prove that civil arms are useless in preventing genocide and totalitarianism, that wouldn't defeat the case for gun ownership.
www.freecolorado.com /2005/04/mauser.html   (5592 words)

 Mauser bolt action rifles
Mauser's first successful design was a single-shot, 11mm, bolt-action rifle that became the forerunner of many improved designs.
A new and improved Mauser model was adopted by Spain as the 7x57mm Modelo Espanol 1893, which began the evolution of the Mauser rifle to become the most desired military arm for half a century.
Peter Paul Mauser died in 1914 and did not see how devastating the German Mauser was in WW I. In 1903 an improved form of 7.92x57 ammunition was introduced.
www.chuckhawks.com /old_mausers.htm   (4081 words)

 Daniel Mauser Memorial Web Site
This site is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Conner Mauser.
The Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA) is the organization the Mausers have contributed to for over nine years and which built a school and library in Guatemala in Daniel's memory.
(CCAI) is the wonderful adoption agency that handled the Mauser's adoption of their new daughter, Madeline HaiXing Mauser.
www.danielmauser.com   (664 words)

 Spanish Mauser
The 7 x 57 mm Mauser rifle was the standard armament of the Spanish forces during the Spanish American War.
The Mauser 93 was the basis for the development of the American rifle Springfield M1903, and it was intended to be used by “first line” or regular troops.
The smoothness of operation of the Mauser, and the use of smokeless powder were the weapon's primary advantages.
www.spanamwar.com /spanishmauser.htm   (757 words)

The Boer Mauser has often been referred to as a Model 95, Model 96 or Model 97, depending on the date inscribed on the receiver.
The bolt face of the Boer Mauser is thus unusual and characteristic in that its bottom is square.
Except for some rifles from the last batches of Free State Mausers the bolt shaft on the Boer Mauser rifles is straight but on the carbines and sporting Mausers it is bent.
library.thinkquest.org /26852/logistics/mauser.htm   (2304 words)

 Mauser Model 98
Paul Mauser designed many classic firearms, but his Model 1898 is the unquestioned benchmark used to measure any bolt-action rifle.
As these Mausers were withdrawn from military service, many were sold as surplus where they found new life serving sportsmen.
Mauser offered these actions in short, standard and magnum lengths, while the receivers were designed around 14 different cartridges from 6.5x54 mm Mauser to.416 Rigby.
www.nrapublications.org /TAR/Mauser98.asp   (746 words)

 The 1893 Spanish Mauser Rifle
The 7 x 57 mm Mauser rifle was the standard armament of the Spanish forces during the Spanish American War.
The Mauser 93 was the basis for the development of the American rifle Springfield M1903, and it was intended to be used by “first line” or regular troops.
The smoothness of operation of the Mauser, and the use of smokeless powder were the weapon's primary advantages.
www.gunsworld.com /spain/spanishmauser_us.html   (656 words)

Mauser M2 Mauser, the oldest name in semi-automatic pistols, is proud to introduce a pistol designed for personal protection for home defense or as a concealed carry for the private citizen at an affordable price.
Mauser M2 pistols are modern semi-automatic handguns complying with the latest technical advances in firearms design.
The Mauser M2 is imported and distributed in North America exclusively by SIGARMS.
www.triplebreakproducts.com /SIG/mauser.htm   (412 words)

 Persian Mauser
The rough estimates of the number of Mausers manufactured for military use since the last days of the 19th century vary widely, but a conservative estimate is 100 million rifles.
The Mauser 1898, with an overall length of 1250 mm, was issued under the name G98 (for Gewehr 98, meaning rifle model 1898) for the German army.
The Mauser brothers would have been happy to hear that their rifle would be considered a 'weapon of the day' a century later.
www.aliparsa.com /brno/brno.html   (1700 words)

 Bob Tuley - Clean Your Mauser Boy
The Mauser and it's many variants are some of the most accurate, most dependable rifles ever produced.
Beginning in the 1800's the Mauser factory in Germany began producing bolt action rifles; state of the art technology of the day.
Rather than having hand-fit to the extreme degree as is required of a craftman producing a Mauser, the Springfield could be made much faster and by lesser trained assembly-line workers by leaving the final tuning to the foot soldier, which history has proven served us well.
www.bobtuley.com /mauser   (1072 words)

 K98k Mauser
The Mauser lineage began in 1811 with the establishment of an ordnance factory in Oberndorf, the Royal Wuerttemberg Rifle Factory, on the Nectar river in Germany.
In 1897 the Mauser brothers were given control of the factory, farming Waffenfabrik Mauser AG.
K98k Mausers are generally marked by a code and date on the top of the receiver.
www.angelfire.com /ak5/kensrifles/mauser.htm   (286 words)

 K98k Mauser Page
The 8mm Mauser (8x57 or 7,92x57) was the standard service cartridge of the German Army in World Wars I and II.
Ten years later, the 1898 Mauser was introduced with a stronger action but it still used the.318 bullet.
The 8mm Mauser is an excellent cartridge and the 98 Mauser is a strong, smooth functioning gun.
www.mausershooters.org /k98k/8_8mm.html   (535 words)

 Gunboards - Civilian Mauser hunting rifle?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It does not have a Mauser marked butt plate and the bolt handle and safety switch had been specially milled for the hensoldt scope that is on it.
Mauser pretty much built these to order and had lots of options available, ie sights, triggers, triggerguard, barrel, etc. Without looking in my books to check I seem to remember that they ended production at about 130,000 but that includes actions supplied to custom gunsmiths.
The fastest way to determine if a Mauser action was military or commercial is to see if it has the thumb cutout, for using stripper clips, on the left side of the reciever opening.
www.gunboards.com /forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2110   (2793 words)

 Mauser Surplus Rifles at Impact Guns Home
Covers in detail the meanings and significance of inscriptions, numbers, dates, codes, coat of arms and symbols found on Mauser military rifles from all over the world.
The design origin and manufacturing history of the original Oberndorf Mauser Sporter is covered in detail.
Rare PERSIAN MAUSER manufactured by Brno Arms Factory, Czechoslovakia in the 30's under Persian contract.
www.impactguns.com /store/mauser_surplus_rifles.html   (423 words)

 Firearms and Uniforms of the Wehrmacht   (Site not responding. Last check: )
All of this combined with the fact that the Mauser K98 is one of the best bolt actions designs of all time, makes the K98k one of the most collectable rifles of WWII, and perhaps of all time.
These were the Mauser plant at Obendorf, and the firm of J.P. Sauer and Sohn at Suhl.
Mauser, Obendorf was the only manufacturer to produce the K98 from 1934-1945.
www.wehrmacht-awards.com /uniforms_firearms/firearms/98k/k98index.htm   (1414 words)

 Mauser Conversions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is the first Mauser conversion that we are offering, it is a.45acp conversion using Colt 1911 style mags and mag release button.
The barrels are either the traditional Military profile type that allows you to use the front and rear barrel sights that came with the rifle or the no sight sporter barrel for use with scopes.
All Mauser actions can be fully returned to the original caliber with little trouble.
www.rhinelandarms.com /MAUSER/mauser_conversions.htm   (611 words)

 Czech VZ24 Mauser rifles   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Everybody, near enough, used a Mauser at one time or another - the list of countries that licensed or contracted Mauser production, or simply infringed on Mauser's patent (that would be us, with the '03 Springfield), is too much trouble for me to compile here.
The VZ24 is the standard-size Mauser action, with all important dimensions the same as the German, so all the lovely aftermarket goodies will fit, and there's plenty to choose from.
The real point of converting the Mauser would be to install a new barrel in a more desirable caliber, particularly.308 Winchester, which is mostly interchangeable with 7.62x51mm NATO, which is available cheap, in bulk, as military surplus.
www.iguanasoft.com /~jeffersonian/vz24.html   (670 words)

 9x57 Mauser
The 9mm Mauser is one of a number of cartridges based upon the old German infantry round, the 8x57mm Mauser adopted in 1888.
The 9mm Mauser is one of the rarest of all the pre-'64 Winchester variants.
The 9mm Mauser hasn’t 'gone off' or anything over the years, and is of course as good as it ever was.
www.african-hunter.com /9x57_mauser.htm   (2077 words)

 Converting A Military Mauser
Many post-war Mausers were attacked by would-be gunsmiths who merely shortened the fore-end, cut the barrel to a shorter length and mounted all manner of open sights and the occasional tip-off-mounted scope.
My 1909 Argentine Mauser was manufactured in Berlin by Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken, better known as DWM, under contract from the Argentine government and was originally chambered for the 7.65 military round.
The 1909 action is a 98 Mauser with a unique exception to Mauser military rifles and military rifles in general; the 1909 Argentine has a hinged floor plate, with a sporter-style release in the front of the trigger guard.
www.rifleshootermag.com /gunsmithing/RSgunsmith4   (1997 words)

 Mauser Illustrations
Small Ring Mauser - Receiver measures 1 1/4” on the front receiver ring and 7 5/8” center to center on the trigger guard screws.
Large Ring Mauser - Receiver measures 1 3/8” on the front receiver ring and 7 7/8” center to center on the trigger guard screws.
Yugo Mauser - Receiver measures 1 3/8" on the front receiver ring and 7 5/8" center to center on the action screws.
www.boydsgunstocks.com /receivers5.htm   (163 words)

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