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Topic: Maximilian III of Austria

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  Maximilian III, Archduke of Austria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maximilian III, Archduke of Further Austria, also known as Maximilian der Deutschmeister (born October 12, 1558 in Wiener Neustadt; died November 2, 1618 in Vienna) was the third son of Emperor Maximilian II and Maria of Spain.
Archduke Maximilian was a grandson of Anna Jagellonica of Bohemia and Hungary, daughter and heiress of Ladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary, who himself was the eldest son of Casimir IV of Poland.
Maximilian's best known legacy is the baroque archducal hat, which is exhibited in the treasure chamber of the monastery of Klosterneuburg and was used for ceremonial purposes as late as 1835.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Maximilian_III_of_Austria   (423 words)

 Luminarium Encyclopedia: Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor.
MAXIMILIAN I, Roman emperor, son of the emperor Frederick III and Leonora, daughter of Edward, king of Portugal, was born at Vienna Neustadt on the 22nd of March 1459.
Maximilian was compelled to assent to the treaty of Arras in 1482 between the states of the Netherlands and Louis XI.
This treaty provided that Maximilian's daughter Margaret should marry Charles, the dauphin of France, and have for her dowry Artois and Franche-Comte, two of the provinces in dispute, while the claim of Louis on the duchy of Burgundy was tacitly admitted.
www.luminarium.org /encyclopedia/emperormaximilian.htm   (2396 words)

 Austria. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Austria is located at the crossroads of Europe; Vienna is at the gate of the Danubian plain, and the Brenner Pass in W Austria links Germany and Italy.
Austria captured world attention in 1986 when former UN secretary-general Kurt Waldheim was elected president despite allegations that he had been involved in atrocities as a German army staff officer in the Balkans during World War II.
Austria was quickly ostracized by other EU nations because of the Freedom party’s participation in the government, and Haider—who had not joined the government—subsequently resigned as party leader.
www.bartleby.com /65/au/Austria.html   (3380 words)

 Maximilian I of Mexico - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maximilian was born in Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria, the second son of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria and his wife Sophie Friederike Dorothee Wilhelmine, Princess of Bavaria.
Maximilian was born as His Imperial and Royal Highness Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph, Prince Imperial and Archduke of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia.
Maximilian landed at Veracruz on May 28, 1864; but from the very outset he found himself involved in serious difficulties since the Mexican liberals, led by Benito Juárez, refused to recognize his rule and there was continuous warfare between his French troops and the Mexican republicans.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Maximilian_of_Mexico   (1183 words)

 Austria - MSN Encarta
Under the terms of this treaty, which promulgated Austria’s sovereignty and neutrality, no limitation was placed on the army size, but its equipment was restricted to conventional weapons.
Austria is not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
At the end of the century Frankish leader Charlemagne devastated the territory of the Avars and established a series of outposts (military districts) of his empire in the country between the Enns and Raab rivers to serve as buffer territories against further encroachment from the east.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761575697_9/Austria.html   (1905 words)

Maximilian did not inherit the philosophical bent of his intellectual father, but possessed some talent as a writer, judging by his novels and his autobiography.
Maximilian I, who succeeded his father as king in 1493 and as emperor in 1508, was the first figure with genuine humanist concerns to ascend to the throne of Austria.
Maximilian did not keep his books in a particular place, like the princes of Italy and France in the early 15th century, but kept them in small and large leather chests, which accompanied him on his journeys during his months-long vacations at the summer palace.
www.libraries.gr /nonmembers/en/libraries_austrias.htm   (1080 words)

 Maximilian I
Maximilian I, Holy Roman emperor, son of the emperor Frederick III and Leonora, daughter of Edward, King of Portugal, was born at Vienna Neustadt on the 22nd of March 1459.
This treaty provided that Maximilian's daughter Margaret of Austria should marry Charles, the dauphin of France, and have for her dowry Artois and Franche-Comté, two of the provinces in dispute, while the claim of Louis on the Duchy of Burgundy was tacitly admitted.
It is at this period that Leopold von Ranke believes Maximilian to have entertained the idea of a universal monarchy; but whatever hopes he may have had were shattered by the death of his son Philip and the rupture of the treaty of Blois.
www.nndb.com /people/399/000096111   (2383 words)

 Austria - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-08)
In 1526, Austria, Bohemia, and Hungary were united under one crown (see Ferdinand I, emperor).
In the reign of Francis II, Austria was drawn (1792) into war with revolutionary France (see French Revolutionary Wars) and with Napoleon I.
OIAG and Telekom Austria Agree with Telecom Italia on Purchase of Stake in Mobilkom Austria and Telecom Italia's Exit from Telekom Austria.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-austria.html   (3529 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Austro-Hungarian Monarchy
The gradual advance of Christianity in Austria towards the east is shown in the shifting of the abode of the early rulers of the Babenberg (Bamberg) line from Melk, on the Kahlenberg, to Vienna.
The tutor and court preacher of Maximilian II, Ferdinand's eldest son, was Sebastian Pfauser, a man of Protestant tendencies.
Maximilian's position in the part of Hungary controlled by them was a difficult one, because rebels concealed their political schemes under the cloak of a struggle for relgious freedom.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/02121b.htm   (16949 words)

 History of Austria
Maximilian, the eldest son of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III, was born in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.
Charles was the son of Philip I, king of Castile, and Joanna the Mad; maternal grandson of Ferdinand V of Castile and Isabella I; paternal grandson of the Habsburg Holy Roman emperor Maximilian I; and great-grandson of Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy.
Maximilian II Rudolf II Rudolf II, Holy Roman emperor (1576-1612), king of Hungary (1572-1608), and king of Bohemia (1575-1611), born in Vienna, the son and successor of Emperor Maximilian II.
www.geocities.com /historyofaustria/history.html   (20221 words)

 Virtual Vienna Net: Austria's History
Austria emerged from the Second World War and the sufferings associated with it as a state that feels secure in its existence and which plays a decisive role in Europe.
The Frankish ruler Charlemagne (747-814) established on the territory of present-day Austria the Carolingian March, or border province, between the rivers Enns, Raab and Drava.
Austria's emergence as a major power was mainly due to the brilliant military leader Prince Eugene of Savoy, who served under three emperors (Leopold I, Josef I and Karl VI) and proved to be not only an outstanding military commander but also a fine statesman.
www.virtualvienna.net /austria/about/austria_history.html   (1778 words)

 Kingdoms of Germany - Austria
Western Franks secede from the Germanic Empire, and Austria is controlled by the various Frankish rulers of the fledgling Holy Roman Empire.
HRE Leopold I. Austria permanently absorbs the County of Tyrol.
The heir to the throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, is assassinated by Serb nationalists.
www.kessler-web.co.uk /History/KingListsEurope/GermanyAustria.htm   (548 words)

 boys clothing: European royalty Austria
Austria was left with control of the German Confederation but suffered upheaval during the 1848 revolutions and eventual defeat in the 1866 Austro-Prussian War.
Prussia's defat of Austria led to the formation of the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary in 1867 under Emperor Franz Josef and exclusion from the new German Empire unified by Bismarck.
Austria's embrace of fascism meant that German troops met little opposition to the Anchluss in 1938 and incorporated Austria into the Third Reich.
histclo.com /royal/ost/royal-aus.htm   (3556 words)

The movie starts with Napoleon III of France being handed a note saying that the Confederate army was beaten by the Northern army at the Battle of Gettysburg in the American Civil War.
Maximilian is surprised to learn that the political situation is not at all calm in Mexico, as he was led to believe, but that Juarez has a 25,000 man army in the north and a 12,000 man army in the south.
Maximilian probably was a relatively decent fellow, but Brian Aherne as the emperor appears a little too angelic to be believed.
www.vernonjohns.org /snuffy1186/juarez.html   (1459 words)

  Eventually, Felipe’s son and Maximilian’s grandson Karl I (Karl V as emperor, Carlos I as king of Spain) found himself emperor and master of the Netherlands, Naples, Sicily and Spain, not to mention the transatlantic possessions of the Spanish crown.
RULERS OF Babenberg Margraves of Ostmark, Dukes of Austria from 1156
Habsburg Dukes of Austria, Archdukes of Austria from 1453
www-personal.umich.edu /~imladjov/AustrianRulers.htm   (1001 words)

Austria began as a frontier land of Charlemagne's empire and rose to be the chief German state, ruling many neighboring peoples.
Frederick's son Maximilian I, crowned emperor in 1493, married Mary, daughter of Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy and ruler of the Netherlands.
Maximilian's son Philip married Joan, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain.
horsecare.stablemade.com /_articles/austria-hungary.htm   (1194 words)

 Empire visual aesthetics of Manet's  Execution of Maximilian  - by Boje
In this depiction, the focus of the viewer is on the spiritual assent of Maximilian into the afterlife, the ships of empire, the heavenly assent of the emperor of Mexico into his crowning glory in the afterlife.
Ferdinand Maximilian (1832 - 1867), an Austrian Archduke and brother to the emperor of Austria, was installed in Mexico as a puppet emperor by Napoleon III in 1863.
Maximilian wanted to leave with the French troops, but his wife, Charlotte, daughter of the King of the Belgiums (Leopold I), and also first cousin to Queen Victoria, convinced Maximilian to stay, asserting that he had the support of the Mexican people, and to withdraw was dishonorable.
peaceaware.com /papers/Empire_Manet_Maximilian.htm   (6115 words)

 Coins Article - The Journal of Antiques & Collectibles
Maximilian was willing to go to Mexico as was his archduchess Charlotte, who would become the Empress Carlotta (also spelled Carlota), which was the Spanish form of Charlotte.
Napoleon III did not miss the fact that she was of the royal house of Orleans and Saxe Coberg und Gotha and thus was related to the ancient throne of France, as well as the thrones of Britain, Belgium, Denmark, and Greece, as well as Spain through her Burbon cousins.
Maximilian and Carlotta adopted the grandson of the former, and short-reigned emperor of Mexico (1822-1823), Augustine Iturbide.
www.journalofantiques.com /May06/coins.html   (2099 words)

 Manet and the Execution of Maximilian | Home
Maximilian, a member of the Hapsburg family of Austria, had been installed in power in Mexico by Napoleon III of France in an attempt to recover unpaid debts and establish a European presence there.
This endeavor failed miserably, ending with the execution of Maximilian and two of his generals by firing squad on June 19, 1867.
Manet and the Execution of Maximilian unites these five works for the first time in the United States and features selected additional works that illuminate the fascinating development of this series.
moma.org /exhibitions/2006/Manet/index.htm   (256 words)

 Columbia Encyclopedia- Austria - AOL Research & Learn
The treaties of Campo Formio (1797) and Lunéville (1801) preluded the dissolution (1806) of the Holy Roman Empire, and in 1804, Francis II took the title Francis I, emperor of Austria.
His rout at Austerlitz (1805) led to the severe Treaty of Pressburg (see Pressburg, Treaty of).
The electoral results complicated the formation of a stable new government, which was only achieved in Feb., 2000, when Wolfgang Schüssel of the People's party became chancellor of a People's party–Freedom party coalition.
reference.aol.com /columbia/_a/austria/20051205185609990006   (3399 words)

 artnet.com: Resource Library: Gras, Caspar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-08)
After training with his father, a goldsmith, and from 1600 to 1602 as an apprentice embosser at the court of Archduke Maximilian III in Bad Mergentheim, he followed his patron and teacher, Hubert Gerhard, to Innsbruck, where he remained a member of Gerhard’s workshop until 1606.
The life-size kneeling statue of Maximilian III and the standing St George, together with the elaborate naturalistic decorations of the baldachino-like base, were designed by Gras and cast by his frequent collaborator, Heinrich Reinhart (c.
It is surmounted by the equestrian statue of Archduke Leopold V (d 1632), the first Baroque statue of this kind in Austria, while various river deities and allegorical figures are set around the base and bowl.
www.artnet.com /library/03/0340/T034099.asp   (330 words)

 Maximilian Munch ( - ) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Edouard Manet - The Execution of Maximilian c.
Hans Springinklee, The Capture of a Town: From The Triumph of Maximilian I, 16th century
The museum, which opened in 1876 to house the Prussian king's collection of paintings and sculpture, is currently closed for renovations as part of a larger...
wwar.com /masters/m/munch-maximilian.html   (1337 words)

 Schulers Books (Maximilian in Mexico - 1/35)
His approval of five articles on the French Intervention and the reign of Maximilian, which appeared in the "Century Magazine" in 1897, and his earnest request that they "be published in a more permanent form, led to the presentation of this volume to the public.
With deepest appreciation of the important part played by this Mexican patriot in checking the aggressive policy of Europe upon this continent, the author here inscribes his name.
In offering these pages to the public, my aim is not to write a historical sketch of the reign of Maximilian of Austria, nor is it to give a description of the political crisis through which Mexico passed during that period.
www.schulers.com /books/sa/m/Maximilian_in_Mexico   (813 words)

 MATHEW BRADY GALLERY, NY - Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-08)
Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph, Archduke of Austria, became Emperor of Mexico when Napoleon III sought to extend French imperial power.
Assured a French army, and believing that his appointment had a popular base, the idealistic young aristocrat and his wife, Carlota, were crowned in Mexico City on June 10, 1864.
Almost immediately, Maximilian's policies antagonized his backers, as he upheld Benito Juarez's land reforms, educated the Indians and the poor, and encouraged Confederates to immigrate to Mexico.
www.npg.si.edu /exh/brady/gallery/04gal.html   (201 words)

1c) FRANZ JOSEPH Karl, Emperor of Austria 2 Dec 1848 (Schönbrunn 18 Aug 1830-Schönbrunn 21 Nov 1916); m.Vienna 24 Apr 1854 Elisabeth Dss in Bavaria (Munich 24 Dec 1837-assassinated at Geneva 10 Sep 1898).
1e) KARL, Emperor of Austria on the death of his great-uncle, Emperor Franz Josef, in 1916, until he fled the country in 1918/9; b.Persenbeug 17 Aug 1887, d.Funchal, Madeira 1 Apr 1922; m.Schwarzau am Steinfelde 21 Oct 1911 Zita Pss of Bourbon-Parma (Villa Pianore 9 May 1892-Zizers 14 Mar 1989).
The son seems to be incorrect information that has now turned up in a couple different sources.
pages.prodigy.net /ptheroff/gotha/austria.html   (9213 words)

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