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Topic: May 2001

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  Hoosier Quarterly, may 2001
A decision was signed on April 11, 2001 to grant a 10-foot right-of-way 250-300 feet in length to bury an electric line along a roadbed across federal land.
The pre-decisional environmental assessment and legal notice were released March 18, 2001 on this proposal to exchange 120 acres of NFS land for 173.25 acres of private land in two parcels, a 37.25-tract and a 136-acre tract.
The decision notice, environmental assessment, and legal notice were released April 22, 2001 on this proposal to exchange 52 acres of NFS land for 62 acres of private land, both in Perry County.
www.fs.fed.us /r9/hoosier/project_docs/quarterlies/hoosier_may_2001.htm   (1707 words)

 May 2001
An unpublished disposition may not be cited for the purpose of providing notice to the court of the existence or absence of legal precedent.
Attorneys' fees may be recouped under the Hyde Amendment where a criminal prosecution is intended to harass and lacks sufficient foundation, but here the district court applied the wrong legal test for awarding the fees; in addition, fees awarded under the Hyde Amendment should not be capped at $75 per hour.
In limited circumstances, a creditor may move the bankruptcy court to pursue litigation on behalf of the estate even in the ab-sence of the trustee's approval.
www.usca-portal.com /2001/May2001.htm   (12458 words)

 XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes
It is a stable document and may be used as reference material or cited as a normative reference from another document.
Similarly, there ·may· be several literals for one of the date or time datatypes that denote the same value using different timezone indicators.
However, ·minimally conforming· processors ·may· set an application-defined limit on the maximum number of decimal digits they are prepared to support, in which case that application-defined maximum number ·must· be clearly documented.
www.w3.org /TR/2001/REC-xmlschema-2-20010502   (8534 words)

 Wikipedia:Announcements May 2001 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
We are going to move wikipedia to a newer server on May 3.
You can expect wikipedia to be unavailable for a period of about a half an hour, sometime between 11:00am and 2:00pm PST.
The outage is simply to protect the loss of any changes that might have been made during that time.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wikipedia:Announcements_May_2001   (268 words)

 What's New - May 2001
May 20, 2001: "Hour angle", "solar time", "declination", "right ascension" "ecliptic coordinates", "nutation in the obliquity of the ecliptic" ---- just a few of the many concepts a budding astronomy student must learn.
As a bonus, we'll throw in sunrise and sunset information and a plot of the "analemma" for your location (and even tell you what the heck it is).
May 6,2001: It's been one of those weeks with a not much to show for it.
www.delphiforfun.org /whatsnew/WhatsNew_May2001.htm   (629 words)

 May 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
May 8 Sadie has mastered drinking from a sippy cup unassisted as well as crawling with an object in her hand.
May 11 The girls and I flew down to Florida to spend a week with Grandma and Grandpa B and Great Grandma.
May 12 The girls and I ran errands with Grandma B. When we returned, a florist was delivering Mother's Day bouquets for Grandma, Great Grandma, and myself from Jim, Emma, and Sadie.
www.intergreen.com /family/may01.htm   (1572 words)

 May, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
May 10 - Some colorful birds called Lories are the newest family members at the zoo.
County Considers Pool As Solution To Beach Algae Rochester, NY - The water may have been crystal clear on Wednesday, but Greece resident Jackie Riley doesn't bring her 3-year-old son Michael to Ontario Beach Park to swim in the summer.
A crow collected in Yorktown, Westchester County on May 10 was infected with the mosquito-borne virus, according to results from the State Health Department's Wadsworth Center laboratories.
rochesterenvironment.com /may,_2001.htm   (4123 words)

 Impact! May 2001 -
Although Edwall doesn't believe the ranking is especially significant, she said that the high rate may be in small part the result of a form of seasonal affective disorder.
Severe depression may be genetic, but more widespread forms are related to stress, high expectations and poverty, experts say.
One result of not working with such adolescents early on is that their mental health problems are pushed aside until they become serious, which may result in negative behavior.
www.emprc.org /may01/illness.html   (803 words)

 May 2001
It may also suggest that genetic conservation programs should give serious thought to developing protocols for the long-term monitoring of additive genetic variance of major components of fitness and perhaps key behavioral traits.
One might also suggest that the findings show that direct intervention to preserve rare lineages may be required in such situations and that random mating cannot be trusted to fulfill the conservation objectives.
It may or may not increase the genetic diversity of the next generation, depending on gene frequencies (rare alleles will be selected against).
www.genecomp.com /May_2001.htm   (1981 words)

 May 2001
There may be others who would like to share information on this.
We are pleased to share with you each month the individuals selected as AFMS Club Rockhound of the Year by their club.
He says he may have to slow down a bit soon and cut down on night driving now that he is 91.
www.amfed.org /news/n2001_05.htm   (5730 words)

 World Economic Outlook Database May 2001
Data include one-off receipts from the sale of mobile telephone licenses equivalent to 2.5 percent of GDP in 2000 for Germany, 0.6 percent of GDP in 2001 for France, 1.2 percent of GDP in 2000 for Italy, and 2.4 percent of GDP in 2000 for the United Kingdom.
Because of the margin of uncertainty that attaches to estimates of cyclical gaps and to tax and expenditure elasticities with respect to national income, indicators of structural budget positions should be interpreted as broad orders of magnitude.
Note that because the data table is formatted as a CSV Text Document, you may be prompted to set the file import options, which will ensure that the data is properly formatted when the file is retrieved into the spreadsheet or imported into the database table.
www.imf.org /external/pubs/ft/weo/2001/01/data   (3017 words)

 Workshop: DIPAC 2001 Proceedings
The DIPAC workshop is a forum for the exchange of the latest experiences, results and development in the field of acceleator beam instrumentation world-wide.
A total of 150 people attended the workshop on 13th - 15th May, 2001.
A guided visit to the ESRF storage ring, an industrial exhibition of 8 companies and an exhibition of BPM blocks were also organised at DIPAC 2001.
www.esrf.fr /conferences/DIPAC/DIPAC2001Proceedings.html   (128 words)

 China Wheat Update - May 2001
The weather in Northeast China was also warmer and drier than normal this spring, which may have delayed or prevented proper germination of the spring wheat crop.
Anhui and Jiangsu had mostly dry weather in May, but soil moisture remained adequate due to good rainfall in March and April.
In Heilongjiang, scattered showers in May provided beneficial moisture, but more rain is needed in other spring wheat production areas.
www.fas.usda.gov /pecad2/highlights/2001/05/China/Wheat05.htm   (534 words)

 May 2001
The April 2001 meeting of the Austin Bonsai Society was called to order by Vice-president Gloria Norberg on April 11, 2001.
A statewide contest is underway to choose a logo to be used for fund raising, advertising and on official documents.
Using a very fast growing and multiplying weed of the mustard family, Arabidopsis thaliana, cooperating researchers in may countries decoded the genome of this plant.
www.main.org /bonsai/2001/may2001.htm   (2435 words)

 Crypto-Gram: May 15, 2001
In fact, the target may be completely undefended, protected only by signage purchased at a hardware or department store.
It is a potential "red cape" waved at a hacking "bull." It may also tip the defender's hand by revealing his defenses.
An offensive grenade has a rather limited lethal radius, because it's meant to be used by attackers, who may be on the move or behind poor cover; in particular, it relies more on blast than on fragmentation.
www.schneier.com /crypto-gram-0105.html   (6145 words)

 Bush's Faustian Deal With the Taliban --May 22, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Women may not appear in public without being covered from head to toe with the oppressive shroud called the burkha, and they may not leave the house without being accompanied by a male family member.
They've not been permitted to attend school or be treated by male doctors, yet women have been banned from practicing medicine or any profession for that matter.
The Taliban may suddenly be the dream regime of our own war drug war zealots, but in the end this alliance will prove a costly failure.
www.robertscheer.com /1_natcolumn/01_columns/052201.htm   (682 words)

 No Such Weblog: May 2001 Archives
He found out that he had died in 1976 and that he may have previously been married to a woman named Mary.
He also discovered that he may be known as "Ricky Smith" or "Rickie Smith" -- aliases he shares with a couple of convicts doing hard time in Texas.
The Honeynet Project has an easy forensic challenge as May's Scan of the Month: Identify and recover a deleted rootkit from a compromised Linux system.
log.does-not-exist.org /archives/2001/05   (510 words)

 Online NewsHour: Energy Plan -- May 17, 2001
And I also was a little distressed to see them talk about energy security in terms of Richard Nixon's energy independence, rather than in terms of energy security expanding the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
We don't - we're not going to get any place from ANWR, although it may be perfectly appropriate to develop it.
But I think the most important thing is that it's a huge mistake, as we've learned from past energy programs, to propose investments in infrastructure, although we clearly do need infrastructure investment before we get places right.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/environment/jan-june01/energy_5-17.html   (2496 words)

 Encyclopedia of Music in Canada   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
For these topics brief definitions and explanations of technical terms are given and where necessary the world context is sketched, but EMC does not attempt to provide, for instance, an introduction to electronic composition in the world at large or to explain the mechanisms of different types of reed organs.
Even so, its 144 entries (160 in the French-language edition) were one indication of the staggering rate at which music had developed since the end of World War II, and of the keenly felt need for a survey and record -- indeed, a general stock-taking -- of music and musical life in Canada.
Music in Canada (1955) and Aspects of Music in Canada (1969, 1970) had been attempts to fill the need, and may be said to have succeeded the degree that essay-volumes could, but they also indicated that the growing mass of information in future could no longer be treated in essay form.
www.collectionscanada.ca /4/17/m17-210-e.html   (1019 words)

 Q&A - May 2001
Since we may go in and out of the same stock many times each day, we use minor intraday changes in our indicators for both entries and exits.
As far as taking profits is concerned, we use the same criteria, such as a rolling over of the Spoo (Standard and Poor's 500 futures) or a downturn in the trading sector index.
This means that we may be long 2,000 shares of GE and see a strong potential for a quick selloff, so we sell 4,000 shares to take the profit and take advantage of the probable downturn.
www.traders.com /Documentation/FEEDbk_docs/Archive/052001/Abstracts_new/QnA/QnA.html   (1001 words)

 PostalWatch News Archive - May 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Deputy Postmaster General John Nolan met May 3 with 34 representatives of large mailers in Washington, D.C., to gauge their reaction to having the next postage rate hike doled out over a multiyear period instead of having it take effect all at once.
The committee, which is pursuing postal reform, will hear from various postal stakeholders including representatives of postal employees, a wide range of mailers, the president of the American Association of Publishers, representatives from all four unions that represent the postal service, rural letter carriers, a representative of the National Association of Mail Handlers and others.
May 11, 2001 – USPS COO Jack Potter Rumored to be Next PMG - PostCom is reporting “The word on the street--and it's very strong--that Jack Potter, the present chief operating officer of the U.S. Postal Service, will be named by the Governors as the next Postmaster General of the United States.”
www.postalwatch.org /news_2001_05.htm   (10110 words)

 May 30, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Broadcasters cheered the move, saying May 28 that they received notice of the copyright law re-think in a letter from the government ministries of Industry and Heritage.
But now it looks like they might not have had clear ownership of the land in the first place, putting network companies that have already laid their networks there in an awkward legal position.
Details on the cause of the problems were initially scarce, but the company confirmed that troubles in its frame relay network--one of several common technologies for transmitting data over telecommunications lines--were the source of the outages.
www.planetworks.ca /News/Archive2001/News20010530.asp   (1840 words)

 Teal Sunglasses: May 2001 Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
there may be some frivolous lawsuits, but the ADA generates oodles of those anyway, with or without this ruling.
It may seem like a semantics, but philosophically, thse changes are key: no longer is this team managed by Bob Rouse, Tony Granato and Mike Vernon: now, it's Owen Nolan and Steve Shields and Jeff Friesen.
What Ricci does may be satisfying, and it's definitely necessary to successful hockey, but I wouldn't call it fun.
www.plaidworks.org /chuqui/blog/2001_05.html   (5350 words)

 May 2001
For you folks out there who still aren't sure what Paranormal Romance is, we've asked the experts, yep that's right the folks who write it, to define the sub-genre.
The fourth annual Celebrate Romance conference kicked off a new millennium in Atlanta, GA, giving romance readers what they love best.....a chance to hobnob, up close and personal, with some of their favorite romance authors.
If you missed this year's conference, or just wish to reminisce, we are pleased to be able to share the adventure with you.
www.writerspace.com /ParanormalRomance/May2001.htm   (340 words)

 May 2001
For Winona Campus Users that will be here on Saturday, May 19th.: If you would like to work on Documents that are currently saved to any of the drives on REX2 copy them to your local computer on Friday afternoon.
So you'll be able to work on them Saturday and pleas copy them back to the Rex drives on Monday after the upgrades.
After May 12th we will assume you have backed up your appropriate personal files to your personal storage space on the network.
www2.smumn.edu /helpdesk/oldNewsletter/May   (419 words)

 May 2001
This may explain why she reacted to Angel the way she did at the end of The Thin Dead Line, it certainly did not help that one of her closest friends had nearly died.
He may be a poser but he's certainly ripped it up with the best of them anyway, and he's definitively got the authority to claim to know Evil when he sees it.
It may be that he has been victimized for centuries (millenia?) - hauling this hellgod around while he tries to make right all of the crud that she does.
www.atpobtvs.com /existentialscoobies/archives/may_p.html   (21608 words)

 April-May 2001
Volunteers are needed to identify and count birds at backyard feeders, in their yards, and on public lands in Baltimore City and County.
The purpose of the course is to familiarize participants with the tools and basic techniques of bird watching so that when they complete the program, they will have enough knowledge to continue on their own.
Beginning in May, the functions of the Membership Secretary will be taken over by a group of three people - Catherine Bishop, Dot Gustafson, and Georgia McDonald, and I'm sure they'll appreciate your support too.
www.baltimorebirdclub.org /cn/cn0104.html   (6174 words)

 BabyCenter | Community: BBS - May 2001 babies
Meet other parents whose children were born in May 2001 and share parenting stories as your children grow.
She and her husband have one son (their May pride and joy) and enjoy their tropical island lifestyle.
April 2001 babies • August 2001 babies • December 2001 babies • February 2001 babies • January 2001 babies • July 2001 babies • June 2001 babies • March 2001 babies • May 2001 babies • November 2001 babies • October 2001 babies • September 2001 babies
parentcenter.bbs.babycenter.com /board/bbshome/bbs-birthclubs/birthclubs2001/11310?_requestid=260020   (554 words)

 May 2001
The website will be updated on a regular basis from now until the final 10th Annual 2001 Jarts Tournament results are posted.
They are our official sponsors for the 2001 Tournament.
Charlie Larger is also working hard for us to come up with the design of this year's t-shirts.
www.jarts.com /may2001.html   (488 words)

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