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Topic: May 2002

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  Amazon.com: DVD: May (2002)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
May succeeds to some extent, but ultimately her fragile mental state causes problems that threaten to send May into a downward spiral of bloody violence committed against anyone who ever wronged her.
May is the story of a pretty, but deeply disturbed girl who's lived an outcast her whole life.
May's backstory, for example, is set up in the very beginning of the film, but never really utilized beyond the presumable foundation for her condition.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00009MEC4?v=glance   (2535 words)

 BrinkLindsey.com: May 2002 Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
On that basis, I may be somewhat more optimistic than DeLong about the prospects for "fascism" -- although I'm certainly willing to concede that it's got enough kick left in it to cause enormous damage over the decades to come.
In his law review article, Eugene suggests that advocacy groups like the NRA and ACLU may be justified in their reliance on slippery-slope arguments to support extreme and apparently unreasonable positions.
Yes, the Reformers may have intended to clear the world for a newly incandescent faith, but what they ended up doing was making room for the relatively uninhibited play of passions, interests, and reason.
www.brinklindsey.com /archives/2002_05.php   (18262 words)

 Index for May 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Though it seems like summer is a long way off the 2002 stock car season will begin soon and when it does Randall Automotive will have their Penzol Special ready to roar around the track.
With determination farmers are planting the crop of 2002 but nature is showing extreme indifference to the process.
The garage and yard sale may be viewed as a commercial event but when you probe further it is part of a change to the lives of those holding the sale.
www.ftlcomm.com /ensign/access/monthlyLists/2002/may02.html   (3463 words)

 May (2002)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Goofs: Continuity: The blood smeared on May's chin changes between shots.
Discuss this movie with other users on IMDb message board for May (2002)
You may report errors and omissions on this page to the IMDb database managers.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0303361   (221 words)

 Newmark's Door: May 2002 Archives
James Lileks--scroll down a little to the May 29 entry--explains who really goes to see those horrible Jason the Slasher movies.
Two for the price of one: a moving story of what some people will endure to come to this country and how, when they get here, they enrich us.
Disney may be in deep doo-doo over Pooh.
newmarksdoor.typepad.com /mainblog/2002/05   (2003 words)

 Peter Kaminski: May 2002 Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
A May 10 report prepared for the Defense Department concluded that open source often results in more secure, less expensive applications and that, if anything, its use should be expanded....' -- from today's Washington Post, Open-Source Fight Flares At Pentagon.
Turns out even if you don't think killing cetaceans is bad for your karma, whale and dolphin meat is polluted and bad for your body anyway.
This year the theme is "Internet: A New Forum for Proclaiming the Gospel." I think it's cool that the Church is giving props to the Net.
peterkaminski.com /archives/2002_05.html   (1441 words)

 May 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Cambridge, Illinois ______ May 9, 2002______ Notice is hereby given that the County Board of Henry County will meet in REGULAR SESSION at the hour of 6:00 P.M.
The meeting was opened with a prayer by Chaplain Jim King after which the pledge of allegiance to the flag was given.
Member James Eccher moved to approve the agenda as amended by moving the GIS Overview Presentation by Lindi Kernan to the County Board Presentations as 2-A. Member Dennis Kenney seconded the motion.
www.henrycty.com /countyboard/brdminutes/year2002/may.html   (1913 words)

 NATO EADRCC: Exercise Taming the Dragon - Dalmatia 2002 - 21-24 May 2002
The exercise was primarily conducted as a PWP Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) and Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Unit (EADRU) activity.
The exercise was conducted in the area between the cities of Trogir, Ploce, Imotski and Sinj in the Southern coastal part of Croatia.
It was conducted from 21 to 24 May 2002, prior to the "wild fire season".
www.nato.int /eadrcc/tdragon/exercice2002.htm   (226 words)

 Off the Kuff: May 2002 Archives
You may think this is weaselly of us, but for an enterprise as large as ours, even if we never had to worry about getting sued, the sheer volume of tapes make storage an expensive nightmare.
I may happen to be incrementally closer to the nutball in question on the ideological panorama, but that doesn't shift the burden.
Some may dispute this phrasing of the issue, arguing that we are not talking about whether to forgive, but simply whether to allow the priest to continue his ministry.
www.offthekuff.com /mt/archives/2002_05.html   (17756 words)

 Physics Today May 2002
A close encounter with a supernova two million years ago might be responsible for a widespread extinction of mollusks.
What lends the new paper more than passing interest for non-astronomers is its conclusion that parts of Sco-Cen wandered so close to us a few million years ago that a number of its supernovae may have left noticeable physical and biological traces on Earth.
Benítez and company extrapolated the positions of Sco- Cen's present population of about 150 stars back in time as far as 10 million years and estimated the rate at which the association was producing supernovae during that period.
www.aip.org /pt/vol-55/iss-5/p19.html   (1731 words)

 Werblog: May 2002 Archives
This report may have some useful numbers on the growth of WiFi and wireless LANs.
In fact, I'll be speaking at Connectivity 2002 in Boston tomorrow.
Sales of digital TV sets increased 84 percent from the first quarter of 2001 to the first quarter of 2002, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (I first saw this figure in Mark Anderson's Strategic News Service.) The industry projects 2 million sets sold in 2002, and 4 million in 2003.
werbach.com /blog/archives/2002/05   (2716 words)

 Dreaded Purple Master: May 2002
In one case sections of a nine year-old girl's gut were clamped together by a pair of magnets she had swallowed, causing...
You may remember my response to the Yale graduate who wrote a long letter to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution complaining that her degree wasn't helping her get a job.
Subtlety of expression is still possible in a daily comic strip, as a glance at "For Better Or For Worse", "9 Chickweed Lane", "Stone Soup" and "Rose is Rose" will show, if you can find a newspaper in which they are printed large enough to tell.
dpm.blogspot.com /2002_05_01_dpm_archive.html   (9754 words)

 May 2002
A slight year-to-year improvement in yield, from 4.51 to 4.66 tons per hectare is expected to be responsible for the increase, since harvested area is forecast to be similar to the previous year at 10.7 million hectares.
Heavy rain in late-April may have caused minor planting delays, and local flooding could occur if above-normal rainfall continues through May. On the North China Plain, the main (summer) corn crop will be planted in June following the winter wheat harvest.
Corn planting for Argentina’s 2002/03 crop will begin in September 2002 and is expected to be 50 percent complete by the third week in October.
www.fas.usda.gov /wap/circular/2002/02-05/Key_briefs.htm   (2472 words)

 Budget update, May 2002
This second issue of our systemwide budget update for faculty and staff is devoted to the May Revision, the annual event in which the governor proposes a revised State budget for the coming year based on new revenue estimates.
Governor's Revised Budget Proposes Targeted Cuts at UC Gov. Gray Davis' May Revision to his 2002-03 budget proposal calls for broad reductions in state spending to address a shortfall of almost $24 billion in the state of California's nearly $80 billion General Fund budget.
The May Revision proposed a variety of solutions for closing the gap, including $7.5 billion in spending reductions affecting numerous state programs.
www.ucop.edu /news/budget/issue2.htm   (1479 words)

 May 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Democrat and Chronicle: Seminar updates woes plaguing Ontario (May 4, 2002) — Although industrial waste and untreated sewage entering Lake Ontario have been dramatically reduced in the past 20 years, the effects of that pollution -- and new threats to the lake -- continue.
A May 6 draft proposal by County Executive Jack Doyle calls for a two-phase expansion: a $39 million first phase that would include 300 new parking spaces and more room for elephants, and a second phase that isn't yet spelled out.
Pesticides and Children a Dangerous Mix ALBANY, May 24, 2002 - As Memorial Day approaches, ushering in the season for outdoor activities, New York State Health Commissioner Antonia C. Novello, M.D., M.P.H., Dr.P.H., is urging New Yorkers to protect their children from being harmed by pesticides.
www.rochesterenvironment.com /may_2002.htm   (6715 words)

 FactoryFarm.org: Archived News: May 2002
The MSMS is calling for a moratorium on all new concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), or animal factories in Michigan.
The group passed a strongly worded resolution at its House of Delegates meeting over the May 4th and 5th weekend.
A press confence in New York City on May 9 introduced members of the media to the issues of industry versus sustainable food, and why sustainable tastes better.
www.factoryfarm.org /news/archives/2002-05.php   (614 words)

 May 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
From the efforts to organize student registration in August, to the execution of the AfterProm party in May, and all the newsletters, mailing, and events in-between, the thirty-five board members have put in many hours behind the scenes to make BHS a positive place to learn and work.
The school year may be winding down, but the student performers and faculty artisans in the Fine Arts Department are gearing up for some fourth quarter performances.
Questions may be directed to Diane Holesinger at 847: 340-2992 and leaving a voice mail.
www.bhspto.org /Newsletters/news_2002_05.htm   (1420 words)

 D-Lib Magazine (May 2002)
ASISandT 2002 International Paper Contest on International Digital Libraries and Information Science and Technology Advances in Developing Countries, for the 2002 Annual Meeting, 18 - 21 November 2002, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
PORTALS 2002: An Institutional Imperative, 1 July 2002, Nottingham, United Kingdom.
SCI 2002: The 6th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, 14 - 18 July 2002, Orlando, Florida, USA.
www.dlib.org /dlib/may02/05contents.html   (1233 words)

 Classical Values :: May 2002 Archives
A dwindling number of states criminalize sodomy, but about half of those have no requirement that the parties be of the same sex, and some even criminalize anal (and yes, even oral!) intercourse between husband and wife.
If we consider the numbers -- heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals by at least ten to one (and the figure may be twenty to one) -- then the majority of sodomites in the United States are heterosexual.
UPDATE (May 13, 2004): I feel the same way about the beheading of Nick Berg as I do about Daniel Pearl, and I decided to make that video available, too.
www.classicalvalues.com /archives/2002_05.html   (1798 words)

 May 2002 Planet Gallery
Four of them (Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury) formed an eye-catching knot during the first week of May. On May 10th and 11th, Venus and Mars drew so close together that they resembled a bright double star.
L Kangas: "Photo taken on May 4, 2002 at 9:26 p.m.
On May 1st, Anthony Arrigo of Utah captured this image of the five brightest planets.
science.nasa.gov /spaceweather/planets/gallery_may02.html   (768 words)

 Blog, Jvstin Style: May 2002 Archives
The weather here has been more variable than you might expect, or think, from all of the movies and tv shows.
May seems to be a transitional month, and the weather at 9 am and 2 pm can be startlingly different.
I've passed the written driving test here, almost by accident, but for the nonce only have been riding in cars that Bonnie or her mother have drove, or walked.
www.skyseastone.net /jvstin/unjvst/2002_05.html   (1121 words)

 May 2002 news archive: Digital Photography Review
This new camera has certainly generated quite a bit of interest but as of yet it appears this camera may only be released in the US and Asia (not Europe).
Another interesting fact in their press release is that the D100 is due for release (in Japan at least) on 22nd June 2002.
The court has set Friday, June 28, 2002, for a final hearing on the sale." They go on to say, "This is an important milestone in our plan to emerge from Chapter 11.
www.dpreview.com /news/0205/archive.asp   (2643 words)

 FDA Drug Approvals List May 2002
An approvable letter indicates that FDA is prepared to approve the application upon the satisfaction of conditions specified in the approvable letter.
Drug products which are the subject of approvable letters may not be legally marketed until the firm has satisfied the identified deficiencies, as well as any other requirements that may be imposed by FDA, and has been notified in writing that the application has been approved.
Such drug products that are the subjects of tentative approvals may not be legally marketed until the market exclusivity and/or patent term of the listed reference drug product has expired.
www.fda.gov /cder/da/da0502.htm   (995 words)

 No Such Weblog: May 2002 Archives
Most importantly, the GA is _not_ acting as a homogeneous body when it comes to substantial topics: We are a mix of constituency members and interested individuals, of stakeholders and slashdotters.
We may even want to take into account outside support for substantial statements (Jamie tried this; similarly, it may be interesting to shop for support for a uniform deletions policy or certain transfer policies at nsihorrorstories.com).
What the resolutions discussed here are about is not a _decision_ within a homogeneous body, but a demonstration of support (and, possibly, objection!) from those who want to demonstrate that support (or objection).
log.does-not-exist.org /archives/2002/05   (907 words)

 Rare Planet Alignment in April and May 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Several planets are assembling toward a rare alignment later this month, when five of them will crowd into a patch of sky small enough that all will be visible in a single glance.
Victor, of the Abrams Planetarium, suggests even the most casual skywatchers make a concerted effort to go out and look up this spring, since planet gatherings will be few and far between in the next few years.
The most compact gathering of Venus, Mars and Saturn that will be visible in the western evening sky from May 3-10 this year is just one of only five such planet trios easily visible in a dark sky between the years 1980 and 2050.
www.space.com /scienceastronomy/solarsystem/planets_align_020402-1.html   (1213 words)

 Condensates get longer lives (May 2002) - News - PhysicsWeb
Wolfgang Ketterle and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say that their achievement solves the biggest problem in the development of a continuous-wave atom laser.
Physicists could probe fundamental properties of matter and light with such devices, which could also be used for applications including atom lithography and atomic clocks (A Chikkatur et al 2002 Science to appear).
A Bose-Einstein condensate is an ultra-cold cloud of gas atoms that are all in the same quantum state, and can therefore be described by the same wavefunction.
physicsweb.org /article/news/6/5/11   (533 words)

 May 23, 2002
It's been a while since my last update, so a few birthday wishes are in order.
So there!) Happy 23rd to Shawna on May 4th, and don't worry, you'll get the photos from your party before I leave.
Happy quarter-century to Laurie on May 18th, happy 22nd to Elena coming up on June 3rd (we'll have to celebrate before I leave), and happy birthday to my li'l cousins Kim and Andrew on the 30th and 31st of May respectively, and to Suanne on June 2nd.
www.geocities.com /segacs2/html/may_23__2002.html   (462 words)

 May 2002
The location is familiar, the dates are the same, but this year's Infocomm will be markedly different.
Infocomm 2002, ICIA's annual extravaganza of education and product demos, will run from June 12-14 in Las Vegas......
Once exotic and remarkable, wireless audio has long been accepted into the standard toolbox of audio professionals.
videosystems.com /issue_20020501   (518 words)

 Silver surface boosts superconductivity (May 2002) - News - PhysicsWeb
The ‘proximity effect’ in superconductors is well known: when a superconductor is placed in contact with an ordinary metal, its superconductivity can be suppressed.
Robert Dynes of the University of California at San Diego and colleagues found that the transition temperature of a superconducting lead film increased when it was coated with silver.
Superconductors are materials that lose their electrical resistance below a certain ‘transition temperature’.
physicsweb.org /article/news/6/5/1   (643 words)

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