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Topic: May 22

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  22@ Barcelona - El districte de la innovació
22@ Barcelona - El districte de la innovació
22@ Barcelona - El districte de la innovació - Inici
Del 18 al 22 de juliol se celebrarà a Barcelona l'ESOF2008, el punt de trobada més important de tota Europa per conèixer els avanços més recents en Ciència i Tecnologia i debatre sobre les seves implicacions en la nostra societat.
www.22barcelona.com   (333 words)

  May 22 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
May 22 is the 142nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (143rd in leap years).
May 21 - May 23 - April 22 - June 22 – listing of all days
This page was last modified 20:14, 6 July 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/May_22   (1292 words)

 22 May History: This Date
On May 19, Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner, an ardent abolitionist, began a two-day speech on the Senate floor in which he decried the "crime against Kansas" and blasted three of his colleagues by name, one of which—South Carolina Senator Andrew P. Butler—was elderly, sick, and absent from the proceedings.
On 22 January, 1998, Ted Kaczynski pleaded guilty and was spared the death penalty.
On 22 January 1998, Kaczynski pleaded guilty on all counts and was spared the death penalty.
www.safran-arts.com /42day/history/h4may/h4may22.html   (10991 words)

 eBay - may 22, Magazine Back Issues, Posters items on eBay.com
Life/ Issue May 22 1950 The Duke and Duchess of Windsor
ESPN May 22, 2006 2 volumns in Braille
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=may+22&newu=1&krd=1   (473 words)

 May 22 2004
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
A Memorial Service will be at 6:00 PM on Saturday, May 22, 2004 at Vista Ysleta United Methodist Church, 11860 Rojas.
Rader was a life member of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post #8919, life member of Ladies Auxiliary American Legion Post #58, member of the Cabane Post #605 for 35 years where she had served as President and past President Grande du Texas for a total of 8 years and a "Bingo Entrepreneur".
www.borderlandnews.com /obits/May2004/May22.html   (1578 words)

 Bush's Faustian Deal With the Taliban --May 22, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Women may not appear in public without being covered from head to toe with the oppressive shroud called the burkha, and they may not leave the house without being accompanied by a male family member.
The lot of males is better if they blindly accept the laws of an extreme religious theocracy that prescribes strict rules governing all behavior, from a ban on shaving to what crops may be grown.
The Taliban may suddenly be the dream regime of our own war drug war zealots, but in the end this alliance will prove a costly failure.
www.robertscheer.com /1_natcolumn/01_columns/052201.htm   (682 words)

 MAY 22,2000
She also reminded everyone that this does not mean a 7-Eleven or liquor store may open for the sale of alcohol.
Under the proposed ordinance there is an area that discusses non-profit organizations or corporations, a non-profit organization may not have more than one sign and it may not be more than 32 square feet.
Delsordo came to the podium to make sure everyone knew that the time he gives to different organizations is as a volunteer and he would not seek contract work from any of these organizations.
www.intercom.net /npo/cambridge/may2200.htm   (4783 words)

 May 22
The final examination, Monday June 30 at 11:00-1:30, will feature multiple-choice and identification questions on the material covered since the second midterm, and several essay questions (to be chosen out of six or more alternative questions) covering the material of the entire course.
Any student who, because of a disabling condition, may require some special arrangements in order to meet course requirements should contact the instructor as soon as possible so that the necessary accommodations can be made.
The course grade will be computed as follows: 40% from the midterm tests (that is, 20% from each); 10% from a documentary source analysis; 10% from class participation; and 40% from the final.
www2.tltc.ttu.edu /howe/WestCivSyll1.htm   (907 words)

 WTC Environmental Monitoring: May 22, 2002
Air Sampling for VOC's - Sampling for volatile organic compounds (VOC's) was conducted on May 22 in the direct area of the excavation at ground zero.
All samples taken on May 22 at EPA's Wash Tent (West and Murray Streets), Austin Tobin Plaza, and the North Tower and South Tower excavation areas showed no detectable levels of VOC's.
Air Sampling for Asbestos - Samples were collected on May 6 and May 7 at Intermediate School 143 (511 W. 182nd St., Manhattan), Public School 154 (333 East 135th St., Bronx), P.S. 274 (800 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn), P.S. 199 (3290 48th St., Queens) and P.S. 44 (80 Maple Parkway, Staten Island).
www.epa.gov /wtc/summaries/epa-osha052202.htm   (490 words)

 May 22, 1998
Participants receiving the President’s Student Service Awards may provide service to their communities through: a service-learning program sponsored by a school, college, or university; a program sponsored by a community-based organization; or through their own initiative as individual community service volunteers.
The forms were mailed May 15 to the regional superintendents for distribution (except for those in Cook County, which were mailed directly to the district superintendents).
It is, however, in a school district’s best interest to become involved with the early intervention system within its geographic region as soon as possible, especially since they may become responsible for children in their district once they turn age 5.
www.isbe.state.il.us /isbesites/bulletins/admn/Issue98/98A-18.html   (3814 words)

 May 22
Or may had an incredible idea for making life better, and felt an energy you never had before?
Now, once a hurricane reaches land, it may go on for days bringing wind and rain far inland.
It may be "downgraded" to a tropical storm, but it’s still essentially the same storm system.
www.standrewstulsa.org /sermon_050522.htm   (1080 words)

 May 22, 2001
A Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights was held on Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 8:00 p.m.
Under Health, Commissioner Link reported that a meeting was held on May 9 and a schedule was announced for the television and VCR to be used for teaching the Food Handler’s Course.
The annual Bike Safety Program began on May 14 and will run through Labor Day whereby each day an officer on patrol will stop a child wearing his or her helmet and a letter of congratulations will be sent to the parents.
www.hasbrouck-heights.nj.us /mc-min/2001/5-22.html   (2400 words)

 The March For Justice
The views and opinions of authors expressed on MarchForJustice.com do not necessarily state or reflect those of The March For Justice.
Some March For Justice Web pages may provide links to other Internet sites for the convenience of users.
The March For Justice is not responsible for the availability or content of these external sites, nor does The March For Justice endorse, warrant or guarantee the products, services or information described or offered at these other Internet sites.
www.marchforjustice.com /5.22.php   (118 words)

 Transcript for May 22 - Meet the Press, online at MSNBC - MSNBC.com
RUSSERT:  Tom DeLay--you raised him; he was at a dinner on May 12 being honored by Republicans and conservatives.  He had this to say about you, Howard Dean.  Let's watch.
RUSSERT:  But the sense was, Governor, that the Democrats thought that the election in 2004 may have turned on cultural and moral values, and they were afraid to stand up and be seen taking a stance against, quote...
DEAN:  We may very well end up supporting him.  We need to work some things out because it's very important for us not to split the votes in some of the other offices as well.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/7924139   (3783 words)

 Jihad Watch: DC: Fundraising for Hamas Fundraiser
On Sunday, May 22, a fundraising dinner to support Abdulhalim Ashqar, charged with raising funds for HAMAS, and aspiring assassin Ahmed Abu Ali, will be held at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel in Tysons Corner.
Comments that are off-topic, offensive, slanderous, or otherwise annoying may be summarily deleted.
As you may well know yourself D.C. it is next to impossible for a biker group to secure reservations at such a Hotel Establishment, wonder if the big three would be allowed to hold a conference there?
www.jihadwatch.org /archives/006287.php   (398 words)

 Sidley Austin | Client Resources | May 22, 2002 - Asian Edition
On May 17, 2002, the CFTC and the US Securities and Exchange Commission signed a "Statement of Intent Concerning Cooperation, Consultation and the Exchange of Information" with the Japanese Financial Services Agency, establishing a framework for information sharing and cooperation in cross-border securities and futures trading civil and criminal investigations.
It has been reported that on May 16, 2002, Robert Herz, the chairman-designate of the Financial Accounting Standards Board ("FASB") supported FASB’s strategy to issue principles-based standards for the preparation of financial statements.
When preparing financial statements, companies would ensure that their reporting embodies the substance of their activities and does not merely conform to the literal letter of applicable accounting rules.
www.sidley.com /news/pub.asp?PubID=1632455282002   (557 words)

 NucNews - May 22, 2001
Exposure to depleted uranium on the battlefield may cause a doubling of the usual risk of death from lung cancer among a small group of soldiers in extreme circumstances, according to a Royal Society report published today (22 May).
Bosnia may be ready for a reduction in peacekeeping troops and Kosovo could be headed that way in elections ahead, he said.
UNITED NATIONS, May 21 -- The United States is proposing that wealthy governments and global funding institutions, such as the World Bank, provide financial assistance to Iraq's neighbors if they suffer reprisals for helping rein in Baghdad's illicit trade in oil and weapons, according to a confidential U.S. paper presented to key Security Council members.
nucnews.net /nucnews/2001nn/0105nn/010522nn.htm   (20759 words)

 Cafe con Leche News Saturday, May 22, 2004
They may use the license to force people to make the searches transparent.
DELETE and WebDAV methods are not supported in 1.0 but may be added in the future.) You can submit to XML-RPC and SOAP as well as HTTP servers.
It would still be possible to feed unexpected input to the server by using a different server or a client that doesn't enforce the constraints.
www.cafeconleche.org /oldnews/news2004May22.html   (1475 words)

 May 22, 1967
In announcing the subject of the patriots awards, the Foundation hopes to stimulate the thought of servicemen on the idea of Freedom and to call attention to the obligation which all citizens have in protecting and maintaining it.
Personal experiences may be used as illustrations in the basic discussion of freedom.
It may not be possible to acknowledge each entry and only those persons designated for award by the National Awards Jury will be individually notified of the results.
www.25thida.com /TLN/tln2-20.htm   (8693 words)

 MLB - MAY 22   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The A's and Twins had a couple of benches-clearing incidents on May 20, not surprising given some of the comments in two Bay Area newspapers and both the Twin Cities papers.
For a while on May 18, it looked like the A's charter flight home would resemble one they took a year ago to the day.
Opponents are hitting.221 off him, and he has struck out 22 in 23 innings.
www.bilfay.com /mlb_-_may_22.htm   (18645 words)

 SPACE.com -- NASA Delays First Post-Columbia Launch
“The May 15 launch date was just a target and we always knew that we would have to revisit it,” Parsons said, adding that the shuttle will be launched when it is ready and not on a deadline.
of May,” he said, adding that a flight readiness review meeting is scheduled for May 10.
Among those changes — and one reason for Discovery’s initial May 15 to June 3 launch window - is a flight rule calling for a daylight launch and well-lit conditions external fuel tank separation.
www.space.com /missionlaunches/050420_sts114_delay.html   (679 words)

 The Political Graveyard: Politicians who died on May 22
Users are advised to check with other sources before relying on any information here.
Links to this or any other Political Graveyard page are welcome, but specific page addresses may sometimes change as the site develops.
The site opened on July 1, 1996; the last full revision was done on September 1, 2003.
politicalgraveyard.com /chrono/died-may-22.html   (274 words)

 May 22, 2000
Robinson was quoted in Media Flash (May 8) to say his newspaper's relationship with government 'is far more hostile and vindictive' than ever before.
Australian fresh food retailer Lenard's is raising $150,000 during the month of May and donating 100% of the funds raised to the Make-A-Wish Foundation which grants cherished wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.
Interested applicants are invited to forward an application letter (quote ref no:131) and current resume, by Friday, May 19, 2000 to: The Recruitment Co-ordinator, Private Bag 11, Oakleigh, Vic, 3166.
pandora.nla.gov.au /pan/23766/20021115/www.long.com.au/may_22,_2000.htm   (7322 words)

 May 22, 2000
The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday, May 22, 2000.
Geraldine said Tim was injured and he is requesting the town to pay his insurance.
He may be off 8 – 10 weeks before he is fully recovered.
home.bluemarble.net /~ellettsville/clerk/2000/may22.htm   (1211 words)

 May 22, 1998   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Library Web Databases and E-Journals workshops, through May 26, noon, 88 Snell Library.
Lexis-Nexis workshops, through May 28, noon, 88 Snell Library.
The Choral Society is now accepting new members for its spring quarter program.
www.voice.neu.edu /980522/BreakingNews.html   (1964 words)

 APOD: May 22, 1999 - M42: A Mosaic of Orion's Great Nebula   (Site not responding. Last check: )
APOD: May 22, 1999 - M42: A Mosaic of Orion's Great Nebula
Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
The Orion Nebula is about 1500 light years distant, located in the same spiral arm of our Galaxy as the Sun.
antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov /apod/ap990522.html   (177 words)

 ISN 2003/05: By Thread
Ending: Thu May 29 2003 - 22:39:40 PDT
Last message date: Thu May 29 2003 - 22:39:40 PDT
This archive was generated by hypermail 2b30 : Fri May 30 2003 - 01:44:10 PDT
lists.jammed.com /ISN/2003/05   (1114 words)

 This Week in Free Energy™ -- May 22, 2005
This Week in Free Energy™ -- May 22, 2005
PureEnergySystems.com > News > This Week in Free Energy™ > May. 22, 2005
This Week in Free Energy; May 1, 2005: exploring and reporting on energy systems that tap into the inexhaustible, ubiquitous, and clean sources of energy generation, such as solar, wind, tide, and geothermal, but also exploring those non-conventional avenues such as zero point energy, radiant energy, cold fusion, and magnet motors.
pesn.com /ThisWeekinFreeEnergy/reports/2005/050522.htm   (463 words)

 May 22
This letter is to notify you about the upcoming Plaza reunion set for July 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2006.
We, the Alumni Association, are planning to have registration on Thursday, July 20 and the banquet on Friday, July 21, 2005.
Centennial / Pictures / Alumni Letter / Events / Hotel/Motel / Campgrounds / History
www.plaza.k12.nd.us /forms/letter.htm   (140 words)

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