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Topic: May 25

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  President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom Participate in Joint Press Availability
They say further that while the Iraqi army may be improving, there is absolutely no way to depend upon the police, who they say are corrupt and aligned with militias.
And I think that you may find that it is easier for Iraqis to do this themselves and take some of these measures necessary, than it is for us, although we would be there, obviously, in support of what they're doing.
And I think it's easy to go back over mistakes that we may have made, but the biggest reason why Iraq has been difficult is the determination of our opponents to defeat us.
www.whitehouse.gov /news/releases/2006/05/20060525-12.html   (7317 words)

 The Avalon Project:Madison Debates : May 14, May 25
The Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 reported by James Madison : May 14, May 25
[FN1]Monday May 14th 1787 was the day fixed for the meeting of the deputies in Convention for revising the federal system of Government.
Friday 25 of May, when the following members [FN2] appeared to wit: see Note A. viz, [FN3] From Massachusetts Rufus King.
www.yale.edu /lawweb/avalon/debates/514525.htm   (519 words)

  Saints of May 25
On May 25, these relics are carried in procession to the place where the saints received the crown of martyrdom.
Although he died on May 23, he was buried on May 25, which is celebrated as his feast day (Benedictines, Delaney, Gill).
He may sometimes be shown with a child near him or with the city of Florence behind him (or the Florentine lily on the morse of his cope).
www.saintpatrickdc.org /ss/0525.htm   (5456 words)

  Health Highlights: May 25, 2006 - Health and Medical Information produced by doctors - MedicineNet.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An Indonesian woman likely contracted bird flu from sick or dead chickens and then may have passed the virus on to members of her family, a World Health Organization (WHO) official said Thursday.
The HIV epidemic may have started when a person in rural Cameroon was bitten by a chimp or was cut while butchering a chimp and became infected with SIV, and then passed it on to another person, beginning the cycle of human transmission.
The study said about 25 percent of the children seen at the emergency departments had serious heart or blood pressure events, including chest pain, fainting, or palpitations, Bloomberg news reported.
www.medicinenet.com /script/main/art.asp?articlekey=62216   (1017 words)

 The Agonist: May 25 SARS Update
By May 25, news reports were estimating the cluster(s) involved at least 40 patients, 2 of whom have died.
While one species may be the reservoir, others can be what are known as 'amplification hosts', whereby they are infected by the reservoir species and then pass on the bug to humans.
ChannelNewsAsia, May 25: "The findings suggest that the form of the coronavirus that is suspected to have jumped from either the civet cat or the raccoon dog to humans was less lethal than the SARS coronavirus transmitted from human to human...
www.agonist.org /archives/002650.html   (1085 words)

 Genomics|Update|2006 May 25
(May 24) Medical News Today reports, “Building on previous evidence supporting the theory that the pathophysiology of Crohn's Disease is altered by genetic variation, recent studies have found that the combination of immune signals given by three variants of a single candidate gene affects the severity of the disease, particularly among Ashkenazi Jews.”
(May 23) News-Medical.Net reports, “A computer model simulation suggests that adding breast MRI screening may be cost-effective for women of certain ages who carry BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations, according to a study in the May 24/31 issue of JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association.”
News reports, “The discovery of a gene called MET may explain the development of osteosarcoma, a bone cancer found mainly in adolescents, according to a team of Italian scientists.
www.cdc.gov /genomics/update/yr2006/may25.htm   (1534 words)

 The Political Graveyard: May 25, 1783
Politicians who were born on May 25 (all years), or
Politicians who were married on May 25 (all years), or
Politicians who died on May 25 (all years), or
www.politicalgraveyard.com /chrono/1783/05-25.html   (301 words)

 TO INCLUDE/UNDERSTAND THE TSUNAMI OF MAY 25, 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The representation above is a "photograph" provided May 14, 2006, a date on which the most important fragments, whose fragment B indicated here, gain critical global attention for astronomical projections regarding their proximity to the Earth (red circle).
In comparison to the last images, the concentric wave may not be exclusively generated directly by the impact of the cometary fragment, but by the explosive eruption of underwater volcanoes on the mid-Atlantic dorsal having suffered the shock wave of the cometary fragment.
Accordingly, the meteorite fragment considered in the event of MAY 25, 2006 will strike the mid-Atlantic dorsal, but will not be able, in any case, to generate, by impact alone, the giant tsunami in my vision.
www.savelivesinmay.com /slimdocs/art-understanding-the-tsunami-en.htm   (4549 words)

 Rediscovering George Washington . Letter to Comte de Moustier, May 25, 1789 | PBS
What circumstances there may be existing between our two nations, to which you allude on account of their peculiarity, I know not.
The impossibility that one man should be able to [insert: per]form all the great business of the State; I take to have been the reason for instituting the great Departments, and appointing officers therein, to assist the Supreme [4] Magistrate in discharging the duties of his trust.
And, perhaps, I may be allowed to say of myself, that the Supreme Magistrate of no State can have a greater variety of important business to perform in person, than I have at this moment.
www.pbs.org /georgewashington/collection/pres_1789may25.html   (751 words)

  May 25 information - Search.com
North America > United States > New Jersey > Localities > C > Cape May > Travel and Tourism > Lodging > Bed and Breakfast">Regional >...
North America > United States > New Jersey > Localities > C > Cape May > Travel and Tourism > Lodging > Bed and Breakfast > Associations or Directories">Regional >...
May 25 is the 145th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (146th in leap years).
www.search.com /reference/May_25   (1611 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: May 25   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Emperor Sukō (崇光天皇) (May 25, 1334 - January 31, 1398) was the third of Ashikaga Pretenders during the Period of the Northern and Southern Courts.
Mahmud Begada (May 25, 1458 –; 1511) also known as Sultan Mahmud I was the great-grandson of Ahmed Shah, the founder of the Muslim Ahmadshahi Kingdom, and of the City of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, India.
Jessi Colter was born Mirriam Johnson on May 25, 1943.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/May-25   (8762 words)

 May 25 - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
mai fr:25 mai fy:25 maaie ga:25 Bealtaine gl:25 de maio ko:5월 25일 hr:25.
Mee li:25 mei hu:Május 25 mk:25 мај ms:25 Mei nl:25 mei ja:5月25日 no:25.
mai oc:25 de mai pl:25 maja pt:25 de Maio ro:25 mai ru:25 мая sco:25 Mey sq:25 Maj scn:25 di maiu simple:May 25 sk:25.
www.voyager.in /May_25   (1529 words)

 DefenseLink: Contracts for Tuesday, May 25, 2004
J.E. Dunn Construction, Kansas City, Mo., was awarded on May 21, 2004, a $24,965,928 firm-fixed-price contract for construction of the Lewis and Clark Center.
Miltec Corp.*, Huntsville, Ala., was awarded on May 24, 2004, a $4,000,000 increment as part of a $12,382,520 firm-fixed-price contract for an Army counterspace technology testbed.
Westar Aerospace and Defense Group Inc.*, Saint Charles, Mo., was awarded on May 24, 2004, a $3,637,000 increment as part of a $9,999,994 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for an advanced technology prioritization application program.
www.defenselink.mil /contracts/contract.aspx?contractid=2770   (506 words)

 Obituaries: May 25, 2005
Visitation will be held today, May 25, 2005, from 2 to 4 p.m.
Memorial contributions may be directed to the Boyne City Elementary Library.
Donations may be sent in his honor to Breath of Life Ministries, PO Box 202995, Austin, TX 78720-2995.
www.record-eagle.com /2005/may/25obits.htm   (1308 words)

 DAWN - Business; May 25, 2006
KARACHI, May 24: Stocks on Wednesday rebounded from the recent lows on active short-covering at the blue chip counters aided by market talk that the next budget is expected to be more corporate-friendly, with a number of tax relieves for investors....
PARIS, May 24: Former Mexican finance minister Angel Gurria took the helm of the OECD on Wednesday as ministers concluded their talks at the organisation’s annual conference with an upbeat assessment of the world economy....
KARACHI, May 24: A record cargo volume of 117,606 tons comprising 84,483 tons of import and 33,123 tons of export tonnage was handled at port on Tuesday, said a PQA press release on Wednesday....
www.dawn.com /2006/05/25/ebr.htm   (577 words)

 DAWN - Front Page; May 25, 2003
WASHINGTON, May 24: The United States might be willing to reward India and Pakistan if they agree to end their disputes peacefully, diplomatic sources told Dawn....
LHOKSEUMAWE (Indonesia), May 24: The Indonesian military said on Saturday it is investigating reports its soldiers had killed civilians during an operation to crush separatist rebels in Aceh province....
KABUL, May 24: International peacekeeping troops were hurt by stone-throwing protesters as a demonstration against the killing of four Afghan soldiers by US embassy guards turned violent on Saturday, witnesses said....
www.dawn.com /2003/05/25   (514 words)

 Le Jour après le 25 mai 2006
The devastated survivors will be more numerous still.  The economic losses will be enormous, well beyond the scales of destruction hitherto tested by our civilization.  North America and Europe will not be saved, but will be affected in less dramatic proportions.  By extension, other remote countries will be also affected.
Imagine that the individual that received this ‘World message’, as well as the date of MAY 25, 2006, also received a scientific solution to the UFO mystery and of the fundamental motivation of the extraterrestrial visitors.
According to them, a méga-tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean I had experienced in a lucid dream three years ago, would occur around MAY 25, 2006.  Perhaps two or three days before or after.
exodus2006.com /cometfrags/Eric-Julien-25-MAY.htm   (1380 words)

 Western Resistance: Pakistan: "Hudood" Ordinances (Islamic Rape/Adultery Laws) May Be Repealed
We mentioned on April 6 that in 1979, under the Islamification process instigated by the dictator General Zia ul-Haq, a controversial set of laws was introduced, called the Hudood Ordinances.
This is the clause which has created the biggest confusion surrounding the Hudood Ordinances, as by reporting a rape, a Muslimah is therefore confessing to zina, and is thus liable to hadd (stoning).
The testimony of women is not considered for hadd punishment even though she may be the victim, as in cases of rape.
www.westernresistance.com /blog/archives/002215.html   (1495 words)

 DefenseLink: Contracts for Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Lockheed Martin Corp., Orlando, Fla., was awarded on May 23, 2005, a $35,789,104 firm-fixed-price contract for night sensor assembly parts for the AH-64 Aircraft.
This was a sole source contract initiated on May 26, 2004.
Alcoa Wheel and Forged Products, Cleveland, Ohio, was awarded on May 23, 2005, a delivery order amount of $9,600,000 as part of a $19,200,000 firm-fixed-price contract for blank road wheels for the M1A1 Tank.
www.defenselink.mil /Contracts/Contract.aspx?ContractID=3016   (715 words)

 Port 25: The Open Source Community at Microsoft
I have the privilege of interacting almost every day with technical and business experts who are creating the future of software—including both core engineering teams at Microsoft and thought leaders across a broad spectrum of open source communities...
Port 25 is home to the open source community at Microsoft.
Miguel is also responsible for starting two Open Source project you may have heard of: GNOME...
port25.technet.com   (1500 words)

 Phish calls it quits? | MetaFilter
I'm shocked by this announcement, although the sparse summer tour and the sub-par shows in Vegas this spring did already hint that the hiatus only fixed things for a limited time.
One of the musical projects I'm involved with is a glorified cover band, and much of that band's (no self-link as there's no link to speak of) material is in the jam-band vein.
Phish songs are always a hit with the crowds there, and as silly as we sometimes feel about playing songs about possums or olfactory hues, it's fun music to play.
www.metafilter.com /comments.mefi/33305   (566 words)

 Letters: May 25, 2006 - Examiner.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The recent hearing conducted by Judge Albert Matricciani is, I believe, a necessary first step to understanding the mechanics of this BGE vehicle that filled with our citizens and speeding rapidly toward a cliff.
A further hearing near the end of May should shed light on why the figure of 72 percent is so important and if that importance rests with the demands of Florida Power and Light and its desire to purchase our local utility.
John Ottenheimer of Baltimore wrote in a May 23 letter that “expelling students masks the need to confront the important issues facing young adults and their futures.
www.examiner.com /a-118439~Letters__May_25__2006.html?setEdition=Houston   (1046 words)

 JPL.NASA.GOV: News Releases
The spot, approximately the size and shape of West Virginia, is just southeast of the bright region called Xanadu and is visible to multiple instruments on the Cassini spacecraft.
The 483-kilometer-wide (300-mile) region may be a "hot" spot -- an area possibly warmed by a recent asteroid impact or by a mixture of water ice and ammonia from a warm interior, oozing out of an ice volcano onto colder surrounding terrain.
"This bright patch may be due to an impact event, landslide, cryovolcanism or atmospheric processes.
www.jpl.nasa.gov /news/news.cfm?release=2005-086   (691 words)

 Vivendi Universal Announces an Offer to Purchase for Cash Any and All Outstanding
Holders who validly deliver Consents pursuant to the Offer may revoke such Consents prior to the time at which the Supplemental Indenture relating to the series of Notes to which those Consents relate becomes effective, which will be the date on which such Supplemental Indenture is executed.
The Company, in its sole discretion, may waive any of the conditions of the Offer in whole or in part, at any time or from time to time.
The Offer is being made solely pursuant to an Offer to Purchase and Consent Solicitation dated May 25, 2004 (the "Offer to Purchase"), which more fully sets forth and governs the terms and conditions of the Offer.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-25-2004/0002180871&EDATE=   (934 words)

 NAPSNet Daily Report, Thursday, May 25, 2000
It said, "the Taiwan leader called the One China principle a question in his speech, which has the same nature as the 'two-states' remark and the 'two Chinese nations.'" It warned Chen, however, that the "One China" principle was not a question but a basic premise for the reunification of China.
However, the debate over weapons systems was limited to the kind of systems to be sold to Taiwan, and all the weapons systems were defensive with a heavy emphasis on anti-missile defense.
China may be able to overwhelm any missile defense system with a mass attack of hundreds of missiles.
www.nautilus.org /archives/napsnet/dr/0005/MAY25.html   (992 words)

 Democracy Now! | Headlines for May 25, 2005
The month of May is on pace to be one of the deadliest months for the U.S. in over a year -- 58 U.S. soldiers have died since the new Iraqi government was formed on April 28.
Meanwhile a new report from the World Policy Institute has found that the U.S. is routinely funneling military aid and arms to undemocratic nations.
In 2003 more than half of the top 25 recipients of U.S. arms transfers in the developing world were defined as undemocratic by the State Department.
www.democracynow.org /article.pl?sid=05/05/25/1414203   (1370 words)

 Wedding Invitations 25 Free Quality Discount Wedding Invitations 1866 MY WEDDING
Depending on which shipping method you choose, you could receive them as quickly as 4 business days, or as long as 10 business days, unless it is a specialty product that requires your approval of a proof (appx 21 days).
Wedding invitation and social orders receive a discount of 25 free wedding invitations and enclosures with a purchase of 50 or more (see more about the "25 free" offer).
Some questions concerning orders already within the secure billing process may have to be addressed during business hours, however, 9a-6p PST Monday-Friday; but we can certainly let you know by calling 1-800-200-9935.
www.weddinginvitations.be   (772 words)

 FLAIR HOTEL: 25 Jahre
Was für unsere Gäste gilt, das gilt auch für die Mitglieder unserer Vereinigung: Unter dem Dach der Flair Hotels arbeiten wir partnerschaftlich zusammen - jedes Hotel behält seine Eigenständigkeit und profitiert von den Vorteilen einer starken Marke.
Nach diesem Motto wurde vor 25 Jahren die Vereinigung der Flair Hotels gegründet - und an diesem Anspruch muss sich bis heute jedes Flair Hotel messen lassen.
Das hat uns in 25 Jahren und im Dienst unserer Gäste zu dem gemacht, was wir heute sind: Eine der führenden Hotel-Kooperationen in Europa mit über 150 Partnern und einem einzigartigem menschlichen Flair.
www.flairhotel.com   (267 words)

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