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Topic: Mayor-council government

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 Council-manager government - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The council-manager government is one of two main variations of representative municipal government in the United States.
In the council-manager form of government, an elected city council (typically between 5 and 11 people) is responsible for making policy, passing ordinances, voting appropriations, and having overall supervisory authority in the city government.
The council will hire a city manager or administrator who will be responsible for supervising government operations and implementing the policies adopted by the council. /wiki/Council-Manager_government   (584 words)

 Mayor-council government - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mayor-Council government is one of two variations of government most commonly used in modern representative municipal governments in the United States.
Likewise, the mayor prepares and administers the budget, although that budget often must be approved by the city council.
In the strong-mayor form the mayor is given almost total administrative authority, with the power to appoint and dismiss department heads without council approval. /wiki/Mayor-council_government   (252 words)

 Municipal Government
The council is the legislative agent; the proposals and appointments of the mayor are or may be subject to its approval.
The council usually consists of five to nine members including a mayor (or council president) who is either selected by the council or elected by the people as defined in the city charter.
A mayor elected at large and a council elected either by wards, at large, or by a combination of the two, characterize both the weak mayor-council and the strong mayor-council. /government/municipal.htm   (2009 words)

 Mayor-council government --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
As such, the mayor is almost invariably the chairman of the municipal council and of the council executive committee.
Mayoral and council elections alternate at two-year intervals, with the mayor and council members each serving four-year terms.
The mayor has largely ceremonial duties, and an executive committee of council members is directly responsible for the administration of the city. /ebi/article-9329499   (946 words)

 LWVCA: Cincinnati City Government
The mayor is the presiding officer at council meetings but not a member of council, has veto power over council-passed legislation with an override provision, assigns legislative matters to council committees, and appoints and removes council committee chairs and the vice-mayor without the advice and consent of council.
Mayor transmits to Council the annual budget estimate prepared by City Manager within 15 days of receipt; may include comments.
The City operates under the council-manager form of government which separates the legislative and administrative functions of government. /publications/Cinc_Mayor_Council.html   (753 words) > About Roswell Government
operates as a Mayor/Council form government with a City Administrator.
A full-time city administrator serves at the pleasure of Mayor and Council and is responsible for carrying out their policy directives and managing the day-to-day operations of the City.
The Mayor and Council are elected by the entire City and serve "at large" with post assignments rather than districts. /Departments.asp?Page=6   (246 words)

 City of Dover - City Government - City Council & Mayor - Form of Government
City Council Minutes City Council's Mission City Departments City Manager Commissions & Boards Minutes Committee Minutes Council & Committee Agendas Election Districts Form of Government Mayor's Mission Meeting Calendar Paperless Packets
Dover’s governing body is composed of a Mayor and nine Council Members, with one Council Member elected by Council to serve as Council President.
Under this system, the Mayor and Council, nominated and elected by district by non-partisan vote, are policy makers. /government/citycouncil/government   (333 words)

 City of Wichita - Mayor - Carlos Mayans Main
Mayor Mayans served five, two-year terms in the Kansas House of Representatives as chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee; Local Government Committee and Kansas’ Future Committee.
Mayor Carlos Mayans was elected to a four-year term in April 2003.
Mayor Mayans, a native of Cuba who was raised in Wichita, graduated from Kapaun Mount Carmel High School (1967). /Government/CityCouncil/Mayor   (316 words)

 Mayor & Council
The Mayor and five council members are elected by a citywide, at large vote, every four years.
The City Council is the legislative branch of city government.
The Council adopts ordinances and resolutions expressing the policy directives of the Council; adopts the city budget; and defines the functions, powers, and duties of the city officers and employees. /Dept/Gov/Gov.htm   (274 words)

 City of Chula Vista - Chula Vista City Government
The city council which is comprised of four council members and the mayor is the governing body of the city and possesses various legislative powers.
The city council appoints a city manager to serve as the chief administrator and invests in him or her with the responsibility for carrying out the city council's general policies.
The term of each member of the City Council is four years and commences on the first Tuesday of December of the year of the election and continues until a successor qualifies. /City_Services/Mayor_Council   (343 words)

 City of Evanston - Government - City Council - Mayor
Mayor Morton was elected Mayor in 1993, and re-elected in 1997 and 2001.
Mayor Morton's tenure as Mayor has been marked by responsiveness, integrity, and care.
She began as an educator at Foster School, and continued as a middle school teacher at Nichols and Chute, and principal of Haven Middle School. /government/mayor.shtml   (273 words)

 Town of Chapel Hill - Mayor & Council
The Mayor and Council normally hold public hearings on subdivision, zoning, special use and master land use plan proposals on the 3rd Monday of each month from January through June and from September through November.
The Town Council appoints several boards and commissions as well as various advisory committees and task forces which are created from time to time.
Regular Council meetings are cablecast live on Time Warner Cable of Chapel Hill Channel 18 at 7pm on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Mondays of most months and are rebroadcast at 9am the Tuesday morning after a Monday night meeting. /mayor_and_council_members.htm   (503 words)

 City of New Richmond -- Mayor - Council Government
The Common Council is the legilative branch of City Government.
The Common Council shall fix the salaries of all officers and employees of the City, and be charged with the official management of the City's financial affairs, its budget, its revenues and the raising of funds necessary for the operation of the City.
The Mayor shall be the chief executive officer. /index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={3782DB95-6204-4B55-8667-7FDE36CF85F5}   (218 words)

 City of Burlington NJ USA Mayor
The mayor may attend meetings of council and may take part in discussions of council but shall have no vote except in the case of a tie on the question of filling a vacancy in the council, in which case (s)he may cast the deciding vote.
The council may further, by a majority of the whole number of its members, designate any number of its members as an ad hoc committee to consult with the mayor or her/his designee to study any matter and to report to the council thereon.
All contact with the employees, and all actions and communications concerning the administration of the government and the provision of municipal services shall be through the mayor or her/his designee, except as otherwise provided by law. /Mayor.html   (1164 words)

 Mayor/Council Information
Mayor Joy Bertsinger was first elected to City Council in 1998 serving a term for January 1999 through December 2000.
Council Member Jackie Hall was elected to a four year term in the fall of 2004.
Council Member Tom Novak was elected to a four year term in the fall of 2004. /localgovt0030.asp   (296 words)

 Mayor and Council - Town of Normal, Illinois
The Mayor and Council are elected at large in nonpartisan elections.
Under this system, the Mayor and Council are responsible for enacting local laws, ordinances and resolutions as well as determining overall Town policies.
Normal operates under the Council/Manager form of government. /MayorAndCouncil/MayorAndCouncilOverview.htm   (431 words)

 Agency News
Denver became a City and County in 1902 and adopted a new Charter with a mayor-council government in 1904.
Council committees, each concerned with various areas of city government, meet frequently to discuss and prepare proposed laws.
Council members, who must be 25, U.S. citizens, and two-year Denver residents, are all elected at the same time every four years. /CityCouncil/63news.asp   (262 words) / News / Local / Randolph voters reject shift to mayor-council government
Opponents argue that a mayor and council would be too far removed from citizens, who would lose their say in local government.
Randolph voters narrowly rejected a plan to replace its town meeting form of government with a city-style format led by a mayor and council.
A year ago, in a question that was binding, they rejected a proposal for a new government that would have featured a mayor and a municipal manager. /news/local/articles/2005/04/10/randolph_voters_reject_shift_to_mayor_council_government   (548 words)

 Mayor and Council - Leesburg, Virginia (Government)
The Council is composed of a mayor and six councilmembers elected at large on a non-partisan basis.
The Town of Leesburg operates under the Council-Manager form of government.
Council meetings can be seen live on Leesburg Government Access Cable Channel 21. /government/council   (292 words)

This enabled an empirical comparison to be made between the way mayoral, council, and city manager roles and relationships have and have not been perceived to have changed as a result of the adoption of the new governmental form.
Further, this research provides support for the argument of those who believe that a "convergence" is taking place between the strong mayor and council-manager forms of municipal government.
Findings indicated that significant perceptual change did occur, particularly in regard to the mayor's power and roles at city hall, council's relationship with the mayor and city manager, the city manager's policy role, and a change from a generally negative to a cautiously positive perception of relationships between council members themselves. /etdc/view?acc_num=ucin1069347376   (472 words)

 City of Oklahoma City Mayor&City Council
In this form of City government, an elected Mayor and City Council set policy and conduct City business.
The Mayor's Magazine and From City Hall are part of the lineup on City Channel 20, the City's government access cable channel.
A City Charter amendment in 1927 established the Council-Manager form of government. /council   (452 words)

 City Government
The other key elected members in our government are the seven members of the City Council, who make up the legislative branch of the City's government.
The Mayor is the head of the executive branch, similar to the governor's role at the state level and the President's role at the federal level.
The Deputy Mayor, meanwhile, serves in the capacity of the City's chief operating officer. /government   (168 words)

The mayor is typically not a member of the council and therefore cannot vote on legislation except to break a tie.
The mayor's primary responsibility is to ensure that the laws passed by the city council are implemented.
In these cities, the mayor appoints (and the council may approve), a chief administrative officer (CAO) to assist him or her in the day-to-day administration of the city. /ITXGU05A.HTM   (4269 words)

 Farmington City Government - Mayor and Council
The City Council exercises the legislative power of the City by which all matters of policy are determined as provided by the form of government.
The Council meets regularly to consider ordinances, resolutions, and other such actions as may be required by law and circumstance.
The City Council is the elected governing body of the City. /govHP.htm   (236 words)

 City of Duluth Mayors Office
The City of Duluth operates under a form of government known as the mayor-council form.
Mayor Herb Bergson was elected in 2003 and is currently serving his first term.
Terms of office of the mayor are for four (4) years. /city/government/mayor   (40 words)

 City of Phoenix, Arizona, Official Municipal Web site
The mayor and council members have equal voting power to make laws and set the policies that govern the city.
The mayor is elected at large, which means residents in all parts of the city may cast votes for mayor.
Council members are elected by voters in each of the eight separate districts that they represent. /CITYGOV/MAYORCOUNCIL   (109 words) City-manager bill put on hold for revision
Current state law allows municipalities to choose their own form of government from a list that includes mayor-council and council-manager.
A bill that would have required Utah cities with populations of at least 65,000 to operate under a government run by a city manager rather than a mayor-council form has been put on hold by its sponsor.
Under a council-manager form, the mayor is a voting member of the city council, and the chief executive is an unelected professional city manager. /dn/view/0,1249,635178202,00.html   (498 words)

 Welcome To Aiken.Net
Under the Council-Manager Plan, the City Council serves as the Board of Directors for the city, with the Mayor acting as Chairman of the Board and head of the legislative branch of the city government.
The City Council for the City of Aiken is made up of seven members, and these members are elected under the form of election typically referred to as the 4-2-1 plan: The Mayor is elected at large, and four members of the Council are elected from single-member districts.
In general, City Council supervises the operations of city government by establishing policies and programs and appropriating funds for each department, with direct operational supervision by the City Manager. /mayor_council   (362 words)

 Government - City Council
The mayor and city council appoints municipal court judges, the city solicitor and the city attorney.
The mayor and city council determine the policies of the city and enact local laws.
All meetings are presided over by the mayor, however, the mayor does not have a vote except in case of a tie. /main.government.citycouncil.html   (212 words)

 Office of The Mayor City of San Diego
When voters agreed to this new form of government in November 2004, they allowed 13 months for the transition from a city manager form of government to one that will have a "strong mayor" as the city's chief executive officer.
On January 1, the City of San Diego transitions to a "strong mayor" form of government.
My goal will be to recreate government, both in form and function, so that it matches this distinction. /mayor   (296 words)

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