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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

 McDonnell Douglas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
McDonnell Douglas was a major American aerospace manufacturer, producing a number of famous commercial and military aircraft.
Following Boeing's 1996 acquisition of Rockwell's North American division, McDonnell Douglas and Boeing merged in 1997 in a $13 billion stock-swap to create The Boeing Company.
McDonnell was also developing jets, but being smaller they were prepared to be more radical, building on their successful FH-1 Phantom to become a major supplier to the Navy with the Banshee, Demon, and the Voodoo. /project/wikipedia/index.php/McDonnell_Douglas

 McDonnell Douglas DC-10 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The McDonnell Douglas DC-10 is a three-engined long-range airliner, with two engines mounted on underwing pylons and a third engine at the base of the vertical stabilizer.
McDonnell Douglas attempted to place the blame on the employee, whom they described as "illiterate", and deflected criticism of the aircraft design itself.
The DC-10 was McDonnell Douglas's first wide-bodied commercial airliner, built to a specification from American Airlines for a widebody aircraft smaller than the Boeing 747 but capable of flying similar long-range routes. /wiki/McDonnell_Douglas_DC-10

 McDonnell Douglas
Following the merger of the two companies, McDonnell Douglas was contracted to convert of its Saturn V third stages into the Skylab space station.
Both Douglas Aircraft, founded in 1928 by Donal Willie Douglas (1892-1981), and Douglas Aircraft, founded in 1939 by James Smith McDonnell (1899-1980), made important contributions to the U.S. space program.
An American aerospace company formed from the 1967 merger of McDonnell Aircraft Corporation and Douglas Aircraft. /encyclopedia/M/McDonnell_Douglas.html

 McDonnell Douglas
McDonnell Douglas agreed to the merger, and the aerospace industry was reduced to three major participants: Boeing, Lockheed, and Europe's Airbus.
The merger was essentially a takeover by McDonnell of the financially troubled Douglas, with James McDonnell as chairman.
McDonnell Douglas Corporation (MDC) was one of the most dominant aerospace companies in the world. /essay/Aerospace/McDac/Aero32.htm

 Los Angeles Business Journal: McDonnell scans partners for new plane - McDonnell Douglas Corp.'s new wide-body plane MD-12X
McDonnell Douglas, which operates Douglas Aircraft Co. in Long Beach, where the MD-11 is assembled, has acknowledged it is looking for a partner to share in the costs of the project but has declined to identify any companies.
McDonnell Douglas, based in St. Louis, is currently in the early stages of the program, writing what it calls its "business plan" for the project.
Since McDonnell Douglas has said it plans to make the new plane outside the Southland, the talks raise the possibility that some work -- and jobs -- on the new project may be recouped for this area. /p/articles/mi_m5072/is_n29_v_13/ai_11105054

 Boeing - McDonnell Douglas History, Skywarrior, A3D (A-3) (B-66), Carrier-based bomber
Both Douglas and McDonnell were of Scottish ancestry; both were graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and both spent time as chief engineers for the Glenn L. Martin Co. aircraft manufacturer.
"What's past is prologue," Shakespeare wrote, and it is in that sense, with a keen anticipation of the future, that by 1995 McDonnell Douglas had marked 75 years of service to the community, the nation and the world.
Separated by seven years in age, and by 2,000 miles, James Smith McDonnell and Donald Wills Douglas shared the same goals, the same motivation and the same belief in the future of aviation. /history/mdc

 The McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
McDonnell Douglas' experience was useful because of their extensive background in carrier-based fighter design.
For this reason, Mcdonnell Douglas became the primary contractor with Northrop being the major subcontractor.
The Mcdonnell Douglas F-18 flew for the first time on November 18th, 1987. /attila/adat1.html

 McDonnell Douglas,
Several hundred McDonnell Douglas workers are expected to relocate to Seattle in January to assist with engineering design and analysis on the 747.
The first joint Boeing-McDonnell Douglas project will be development of new versions of Boeing's 747 jumbo jet, the companies said.
LOUIS (AP) - Aerospace giants McDonnell Douglas Corp. and Boeing Co. have agreed to team up on future Boeing wide-body commercial airplane projects. /news/120496/mcdonnel.htm

 TAHC -  EAGLE AIR Cargo Division McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF
McDonnell Douglas has gotten the short end of the stick in recent times, losing a much-sought-after Pentagon contract for the radar-evading joint strike fighter and seeing commercial jet orders drop.
McDonnell Douglas is headquartered in St. Louis with major facilities in St. Louis; Long Beach, California; Huntington Beach, California; and Mesa, Arizona.
McDonnell Douglas, with 63,000 employees, was created in 1967 by the merger of the McDonnell Company and Douglas Aircraft. /aea/dc10.html Print Page: Nation -- Feds Ready to Indict McDonnell Douglas for Illegal Exports to China
But investigators have said they have evidence that the Chinese intended all along to put the equipment to military use, and that McDonnell Douglas knew that the plant where the machines were supposed to be used was behind schedule and might not be built at all.
A chapter on the McDonnell Douglas sale was included in last May's report by a select congressional committee on transfers of American technology to China.
Federal prosecutors have told lawyers for McDonnell Douglas to expect a criminal indictment in connection with its 1994 export of machine tools to China unless the company agrees to a plea bargain later this month. /time/nation/printout/0,8816,32084,00.html

 McDonnell Douglas Intranet Profile
McDonnell Douglas's commercial aircraft manufacturing division, Douglas Aircraft, is using Netscape and the World Wide Web to build a system to distribute aircraft service bulletins to their customers around the world.
McDonnell Douglas also chose the Netscape Commerce Server because it provides security features that enable them to restrict access to service bulletins to authorized customers.
McDonnell Douglas had already set up a Web page to provide general information about the company and its products to all visitors. /comprod/at_work/customer_profiles/mcdonnell.html

 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is a longer version of the DC-10 with winglets (upturned wingtips) and a glass cockpit.
Production ceased after McDonnell-Douglas was acquired by Boeing.
Until the end of production in February 2001, the MD-11 was assembled at the Douglas Products Division of Boeing in Long Beach, California. /wiki/index.php/McDonnell_Douglas_MD-11

 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
Crashed 10/7/88 161214 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A-4-MC Hornet - to NASA as 842 in August 1987 161216 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A-4-MC Hornet - to NASA as 841 in October 1985 161250 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A-4-MC Hornet - to NASA as 843 in October 1987.
160780 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A-2-MC Hornet - to NASA as 840 in 1985 160781 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18B-2-MC Hornet - to NASA as 845 in July 1986 161213 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A-4-MC Hornet - to NASA as 844.
161353 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A-5-MC Hornet 161358/161359 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A-5-MC Hornet 161361/161367 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A-6-MC Hornet 161519 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A-6-MC Hornet 161520/161528 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A-7-MC Hornet - 161520 to NASA as 847 in September 1989. /~pettypi/elevon/baugher_us/f018.html

 FOIA Post (2004): Full Court Review Sought in McDonnell Douglas Unit Price Case
The case stems from a June 1998 contract entered into between the Air Force and McDonnell Douglas for maintenance of certain KC-10 and KDC-10 aircraft, which are used for aerial refueling of other military aircraft.
Instead, it focused on and completely rejected the Air Force's judgment that McDonnell Douglas was not likely to suffer competitive harm from disclosure of the option prices where price would be only one of many factors used to evaluate any possible future bid.
Regarding the CLINs that McDonnell Douglas contended were made up primarily of vendor costs, McDonnell Douglas argued that its competitors probably obtained "the same or nearly the same" quotes from the same vendors and that disclosure of these CLINs therefore would allow them to calculate its "Vendor Pricing Factor." Id. /oip/foiapost/2004foiapost31.htm

 United Press International: Partial defeat in McDonnell Douglas suit
McDonnell Douglas, a subsidiary of Boeing, objected to the Air Force telling competitor, Lockheed Martin Aircraft Center, the details in an Air Force contract to McDonnell Douglas for maintenance and repair of the KC-10 and KDC-10 aircraft, both advanced tankers for refueling warplanes.
In what the appeals panel called a 'reverse' Freedom of Information Act case, McDonnell Douglas appealed a decision by a federal judge to allow the information to be revealed to Lockheed.
McDonnell Douglas said revealing the information would put it at a competitive disadvantage. /view.cfm?StoryID=20040727-105740-6089r McDonnell Douglas MD-81/82/83/88
McDonnell Douglas renamed the DC-9-80 the MD-80 in 1983.
Following the 1997 merger of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas the future of the Douglas airliners were reviewed.
The popular MD-80 series is a stretched and improved development of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9. /info/stats.main?id=109

 "U.S. Commerce Department Imposes a $2.12 Million Civil Penalty on McDonnell Douglas for Alleged Export Control Violations," Trade, November 19, 2001; Volume 1, Issue 3 from Holland & Knight LLP
McDonnell Douglas was charged with submitting license applications containing false and misleading statements about the end-use and end-user of machine tools exported to China between 1994 and 1995; and with violating the conditions of its export licenses.
In addition to the civil penalty, the Order and settlement agreement require that McDonnell Douglas' parent company, The Boeing Company, assume responsibility and liability for all exports under the Commerce Department's jurisdiction made or to be made by McDonnell Douglas.
The penalty is the maximum fine possible for the alleged violations and is the second-largest civil fine ever imposed by the Commerce Department in an export control case. /Publications/Newsletters.asp?ID=224&Article=1269

The report says McDonnell Douglas got a license to export advanced machine tools to China on the condition that the equipment only be used to build commercial aircraft.
A spokesman for McDonnell Douglas, Larry McCracken, says his company obeyed the law and informed the U-S Government when some of its exports went to unlicensed locations.
A report by Time Magazine says the McDonnell Douglas company sent advanced machine tools to China that were used to make anti-ship missiles. /wmd/library/news/china/1999/991008-mcdonnell.htm

 McDonnell Douglas Press Releases 96-307
Strode joined McDonnell Douglas in 1987 and held positions of increasing responsibility in the development, manufacture and testing of Delta launch vehicles, Space Station and other space and aircraft programs.
MCDONNELL DOUGLAS PROMOTES SCOTT STRODE TO HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Dec. 6, 1996 -- McDonnell Douglas has promoted Scott C. Strode, 33, to general manager of its Pueblo, Colo., manufacturing and assembly plant, effective Dec. 9.
In announcing Strode's appointment, Jay L. Witzling, division director of McDonnell Douglas' Delta II and Titan programs, said, "Scott has established an outstanding record in his prior positions at McDonnell Douglas. /cgi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi/010100A/http/

 CNN - McDonnell Douglas, Chinese government firm charged in military technology deal - October 19, 1999
McDonnell Douglas has claimed the system worked, that when company officials learned of the diversion they informed the U.S. government.
At issue is the 1994 sale by McDonnell Douglas of machine tools that use sophisticated, precision engineering technology to shape parts for the U.S. B-1 Bomber and the Peacekeeper missile.
The federal grand jury argued McDonnell Douglas should have known the machinery was going to be diverted. /US/9910/19/china.indictment.03

 McDonnell Douglas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
McDonnell Douglas was a major American aerospace manufacturer, producing a number of famous commercial and military aircraft.
Following Boeing's 1996 acquisition of Rockwell's North American division, McDonnell Douglas and Boeing merged in 1997 in a $13 billion stock-swap to create The Boeing Company.
McDonnell Douglas' final aircraft was launched in 1988. /wiki/McDonnell_Douglas   (829 words)

 Stretching the McDonnell Douglas Software Training Budget: Striking a Balance Between In-House and Outsourcing
McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, in the light of downsizing, streamlining, and consolidation, has taken an innovative approach to software process education.
George O'Mary, McDonnell Douglas Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Karen Powel, McDonnell Douglas Huntington Beach, CA 92647 /persagen/DLAbsToc.jsp?resourcePath=/dl/proceedings/&toc=comp/proceedings/csee/1996/7249/00/7249toc.xml&DOI=10.1109/CSEE.1996.491373   (829 words)

 Business Wire: Planning Sciences Names McDonnell Douglas Lates... @ HighBeam Research
McDonnell Douglas Corporation is one of the nation's largest defense contractors, the world's leading producer of military aircraft, the third-largest commercial aircraft maker in the world and the fourth-largest NASA contractor.
Planning Sciences Inc., the world leader in enterprise decision support solutions, today announced that McDonnell Douglas commercial aircraft division (Douglas Aircraft Company) has chosen Gentia for internal business analysis.
Since its founding in 1920, Douglas Aircraft Company has delivered more than 45,000 airplanes, including a long line of Douglas Commercial (DC) and McDonnell Douglas (MD) models. /library/doc0.asp?docid=1G1:19055575&refid=ink_tptd_g1   (829 words) Books: McDonnell Douglas MD-80 & MD-90 (Airliner Color History)
"McDonnell Douglas MD-80 and MD-90" is a very nice book that describes thoroughly the last single-aisle family built by McDonnell-Douglas and a must have item for those that are interested in the airliner industry.
McDonnell Douglas' MD-80 began life in the late 1970s as a stretched out, re-engined version of the DC-9.
During the annual Douglas Aircraft Company stockholders' meeting held during April 1966, just days before Boeing announced the first order for its 747, an official of the California-based company confidently stated that it was in 'one of the most satisfactory phases of its 47 years' history.' Read the first page /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0760306982?v=glance   (829 words)

 #487: 11-19-97 - Mcdonnell Douglas Settles Allegations of Mischarging
The Department accused McDonnell Douglas of overcharging the Department of Defense for the repair of equipment the company used to manufacture C-17 aircraft, which is an Air Force cargo plane.
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- McDonnell Douglas Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, will pay the United States $2 million to settle allegations it overcharged the government to repair equipment used to manufacture aircraft under a military contract, the Department of Justice announced today.
Assistant Attorney General Frank W. Hunger of the Civil Division said the agreement settles a lawsuit originally filed by Douglas Oberman, a former McDonnell Douglas employee, under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act. /opa/pr/1997/November97/487civ.htm.html   (829 words)

From the war years where diverse aircraft such as the DC-5, Dauntless Dive Bomber, and C-47's were designed and built to win; to the jet age of the F-4, DC-8 and Delta rockets, McDonnell Douglas continued to raise the bar in civil and combat aviation.
The First 25 Years at McDonnell Douglas takes you on a compelling trip through the history of modern aviation.
This well documented DVD also includes never before seen combat footage from the archival vaults at McDonnell Douglas. /pages/ProductDetail.asp?action=add&count=1&item=530   (829 words)

 Access Headlines: McDonnell Douglas joins NCSA Industrial Partners Program
"McDonnell Douglas' commitment to developing next-generation technologies is impressive and important to our country's overall competitive effort," said John Stevenson, NCSA corporate officer and head of the Industrial Program.
The initial 12-month agreement adds McDonnell Douglas Corp. to a group of 16 industry leading corporations who are partnering with NCSA to help increase U.S. industrial competitiveness.
"McDonnell Douglas is pleased about the opportunities that membership in the highly successful NCSA Industrial Program will bring," said Allen Atkins, vice president of product application technologies for McDonnell Douglas. /News/Access/Releases/97Releases/970116.McDD.html   (829 words)

 FTC: Joint Statement (Boeing/McDonnell Douglas)
Though both Boeing and McDonnell Douglas develop fighter aircraft, there are no current or future procurements of fighter aircraft by the Department of Defense in which the two firms would likely compete.
While McDonnell Douglas's prospects for future commercial aircraft sales are virtually non-existent, its commercial aircraft production assets are likely to remain in the market for the near future as a result of a modest backlog of aircraft orders.
Staff deposed McDonnell Douglas and Boeing officials responsible for marketing commercial aircraft, assessing their firms' financial conditions, and negotiating the proposed acquisition. /opa/1997/07/boeingsta.htm   (829 words) Boeing -- McDonnell Douglas Merger
Top officials of Boeing Co. and McDonnell Douglas Corp. were at Washington's Mayflower Hotel when they received word that the European Commission had endorsed the merger of their two firms, once fierce rivals in the defense, space and commercial airplane businesses.
For his part, Van Miert backed off his original demand that Boeing put McDonnell Douglas's commercial aircraft division up for sale for six months to see if a firm other than Boeing was willing to buy and operate it.
The divestiture idea was being pushed hard by Airbus executives, who feared that Boeing would gain added leverage in converting old McDonnell Douglas customers to Boeing customers in the future. /wp-srv/business/longterm/boeing/boeing.htm   (829 words)

 Scott's Helicopter Photo Album
Boeing and McDonnell Douglas merged in 1997, and in 1999 Boeing sold off the MD commercial helicopter line to MD Helicopters Inc., a European subsidiary of RDM Holding, Inc., which continues to manufacture the aircraft in Mesa.
The company was renamed McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company, moving to Mesa, Arizona.
In 1984, Hughes Helicopters (originally owned by the legendary Howard Hughes, who developed and built the OH-6) was bought out by McDonnell Douglas. /Hollywood/2307/photos.html   (829 words)

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