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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Wonderland Review | McFly | Reviews @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
McFly have improved tremendously and this album shows their compatiblity with a more serious spark that were lacking in their young-at-heart first album.
McFly's new album has been great the sound is new and more mature from the boys plus dougie sings more which sorta brings a new level to the album as he has a great voice.
McFly are really going from strength to strength they will be apearing in Lidnsey Lohan's new movie in may called Lust My Luck where I understand they have big parts.
www.ultimate-guitar.com /reviews/compact_discs/mcfly/wonderland   (3883 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Room on the 3rd Floor: McFly: Music
McFly's Room On the 3rd Floor represents the triumphant welding of a major label's big-budget pop spend and bona-fide talent--a calculated attempt to win over kids who have grown cynical about the manufactured pop industry and crave something more real.
McFly describe heartbreak, crushes and everyday life with twangy guitar music and witty, honest lyrics (written by the boys themselves).
mcfly's first attempt at breaking the pop scene did them well as it went to number one in the first week it was out which knocked off the beatles as they were put into the guiness...
www.amazon.co.uk /Room-3rd-Floor-McFly/dp/B0002EB48Q   (1735 words)

 McFly – Listen free at Last.fm
McFly’s debut album, Room on the 3rd Floor, debuted at #1 in the UK album chart and is certified as double platinum.
McFly are also the youngest band ever to have an album debut at #1.
McFly released their All The Greatest Hits compilation album on November 5, 2007, which charted at #4 in the UK.
www.last.fm /music/McFly   (859 words)

 Searching mcfly guitar tabs & lyrics | TabCrawler.Com
Five Colours In Her Hair (ver 2) Bass Tab - Mcfly (Bass Tab)
She Falls Asleep Part 1 Tab - Mcfly (Guitar Tab)
We Are The Young Tab - Mcfly (Guitar Tab)
www.tabcrawler.com /search.php?q=mcfly   (648 words)

 The Sun Online - Bizarre: McFly: Is it all over?
McFLY frontman DANNY JONES has asked to leave the band to go solo — casting doubts over their future.
I think he is too good for McFly and he will never get the chance to use his talent to its full potential with them.
Without Danny, McFly are not complete, no matter how bad he thinks the band's future is, he should know that there are millions of us out there who still love McFly and will continue to love them.
www.thesun.co.uk /article/0,,4-2006040690,00.html   (946 words)

  McFly - The Official Website   (Site not responding. Last check: )
McFly’s new single is 'Baby's Coming Back' ot May 7th and also features ‘Transylvania’.
McFly have added 9 extra dates to their Up Close And Personal Tour.
McFly have confirmed they will be performing their own headline concert at Milton Keynes Campbell Park on July 22nd.
www.mcflyofficial.com /home   (196 words)

  McFly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
McFly are an English pop rock band consisting of Danny Jones (born March 12, 1986), Dougie Poynter (born November 30, 1987), Tom Fletcher (born July 17, 1985) and Harry Judd (born December 23, 1985).
McFly also recorded the 2004 number-one hit "Mr Brightside", originally by The Killers, which is featured on the "I Wanna Hold You" single, and "I Predict A Riot", originally by The Kaiser Chiefs, which they performed at Radio 1's Live Lounge session and is also featured on the "Ultraviolet" single.
McFly held a concert at the London Hammersmith Apollo on May 19, 2005 which was used in the film.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/McFly   (1461 words)

 Marty McFly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Martin Seamus "Marty" McFly is a fictional character, the lead character in the Back to the Future motion picture trilogy, played by actor Michael J. Fox in the three films and voiced by David Kaufman in the animated series.
He is the youngest of three children to George and Lorraine McFly.
His great great grandfather Seamus McFly tells Marty the story of his brother, also named Martin, who was stabbed in Virginia City whilst trying to prove he was not a coward.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Marty_McFly   (2109 words)

 McFly, NEC Arena   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Chart-topping boy band McFly have announced a debut concert at The NEC Arena on Thursday 15 September 2005.
Mcfly Im ur upmost biggest fan my alarm in the morning is set to its all about u Tell Harry he's the cuteist and i luv him to bits...
Mcfly are great band if i would have to choose beteen them i would pick Mcfly.
www.britevents.com /event.asp?id=2997&title=McFly   (1132 words)

 McFly copyrights   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The following is an explanation of how I have chosen to apply the GFDL to McFly.
In the case of the McFLY Encyclopedia, I consider the entire website to be the Document.
McFly is released solely under Version 1.2 of the GFDL.
www.mcfly.org /McFly_copyrights   (451 words)

 Ratman Danny Jones - News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Being in McFly, each member will tell you, is less about the haircuts and more about getting up on stage, and with their own tour pencilled in for the end of the year, McFly will be taking their live experience to plenty more fans before the year’s out.
McFly are finally here - amped up, fired up, scuzzed up and as at home on the stage as they will be on bedroom walls.
While the final member only joined the band in August, the McFly story dates back to 2001 when Tom saw an advertisement in NME - a band were after one final member, and he fancied his chances.
www45.brinkster.com /rdjsite/pages/mcfly.html   (3082 words)

McFly's style has been dubbed by themselves and others in the music business as "Nu-Pop" but possibly more commonly considered pop or pop rock.
McFly are often considered similar in style to the now defunct Busted, with whom they shared a record label and were generally considered to be friends.
McFly's first single, "5 Colours In Her Hair", entered the UK singles chart at Number One in April 2004 and stayed there for two weeks.
www.solarnavigator.net /music/mcfly.htm   (997 words)

 McFly - Virgin Radio
McFly has annouced tickets for 3 venues accross the UK, including Acton, London and Suffolk.
McFly have parted ways with their record label.
McFly are a British pop rock band who first found fame in 2004.
www.virginradio.co.uk /music/artists/mcfly   (270 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Motion in the Ocean (Bonus Track): McFly: Music
Click here to read McFly's Christmas wishlist, and discover what each band member would love to find under their tree this year.
I can imagine that McFly unplugged would be very good indeed - but they need to employ a full-time keyboarde player as the contribution from the kindly gent at the back was enormous.
I think the first McFly album is a classic where British pop music is concerned, appealing to fans of the Beach Boys, Monkees and early Beatles.
www.amazon.co.uk /Motion-Ocean-Bonus-Track-McFly/dp/B000J3FC06   (1367 words)

 stv - Music - McFly: Greatest Hits review
The super-bumper-fan edition looks like a splendid CV of McFly's achievements since their introductory Five Colours In Her Hair, however, the run-of-the-mill version is a mere 14 tracks with five of the band's singles (or second A-sides) left off.
Comparisons are always going to be made to Busted, the Beach Boys and anyone else who tries to add a bit of fun to their strumming, but the evidence on this album shows that they have a lot more to the repertoire than most will give them credit for.
There is, of course, the controversy of their Don't Stop Me Now cover and the two new tracks are slow, tender and emotional (and neither is up to the standard of She Falls Asleep) but this is definitely a CD worth buying.
www.stv.tv /out/music/album_reviews/McFly_x_All_The_Greatest_Hits   (444 words)

 McFly-Malaysia.com || Official McFly Malaysian Website || Version: 6.0
McFLY article from the Sun mention its all about their latest video Transylvania out in April.
McFLY attend the 2007 Childline concert at The Point theatre on 28 January 2007 (yesterday) in Dublin, Ireland.
Tom McFLY said that next monday they are going to Uganda, Africa again and the same place they visited a few years ago for Comic Relief.
mcflymalaysia.blogspot.com   (553 words)

 meet mcfly on 43 Things   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I would love to meet mcfly, i love danny he's just the best.
Before i ever listened to any McFly songs i was always feeling down, and whenever i feel down i always put their songs on coz they always make me happy!!!!
McFly are sooo hot espsecialy Dougie and Danny,i would love to meet them, to get to know them more and see what they get up to in their free time, and to spend loads of time with them!!!!!
www.43things.com /things/view/192730   (680 words)

 MCFLY MALAYSIA #11 - Same Old Brand New McFly 2008
Even their cooking skills were on show recently, when they appeared on an episode of Gordon Ramsay's The F Word.' And Danny admits that they would never have been in the position they are now had the record label not helped them make so much money in the first place.
Mcfly posted a new blog yesterday on 22nd May 2008 on myspace.
Alan Sugar would be so proud: the McFly lads have had enough and said "you're McFired" to their record label.
www.mcfly-malaysia.com /news.htm   (2550 words)

 School trip! :D - McFly Official Forum
McFly Official Forum » General » General McFly Chat » School trip!
yeahhhhhh i went to the sunderland empire after mcfly had been with the school, and they still had 'mcfly' and 'danny'; and things on the rooms, and on these bit hanging wadrobe things and i treid to steal the harry one (the sign not the wadrobe) but the woman was like NOOOOOZZZZ.
And i was front row at a kate nash gig in portsmouth where mcfly played...
mcfly.forums.umusic.co.uk /t/28161.aspx   (644 words)

 McFly <McFly>
In the three and a half years since McFly released their debut single, “Five Colours In Her Hair”, the band have enjoyed a soaraway success, achieving SEVEN Number 1 singles and TWO Number 1 albums.
BBC Switch caught up with McFly when they dropped in on Radio 1 at the weekend to play the world exclusive of their new single ‘One For The Radio’.
Mcfly were in with Radio 1 yesterday to give them the world exclusive of their brilliant new single ‘One For The Radio’.
www.bebo.com /Profile.jsp?MemberId=4679788845   (554 words)

 BBC - Suffolk Music - McFly @ The Regent, Ipswich
An estimated 1,700 screaming fans greeted McFly (and boy band V) when they performed at The Regent, in Ipswich, on Saturday 9th of October.
By the time McFly's Danny Jones (guitar/vocals), Tom Fletcher (guitar/vocals), Dougie Poynter (bass, vocals) and Harry Judd (drums) took to the stage at 9pm much of the audience were cheerfully hysterical.
McFly is the best band in the hole world Dougie is so Hot,love him and harry and tom and danny you guys are the best!!
www.bbc.co.uk /suffolk/entertainment/music/mcfly/mcfly_ipswich_regent.shtml   (1341 words)

 Tiscali Showcase - McFly
Please visit our Accessibility Page for a list of the Access Keys you can use to find your way around the site, skip directly to the main navigation, to the page content, or to more links within music.
McFly release a new double a-sided single "Sorry's Not Good Enough" / "Friday Night" on 18th December.
McFly have been celebrating the success of their latest single "Star Girl" which catapulted the band to the top of the singles chart...making it their SIXTH number one single!
www.tiscali.co.uk /music/showcase/mcfly.html   (317 words)

 hit40uk | Lucio's Blog | One For The Radio
McFly have decided they want to leave Island and set up their own record label so they can release the music they want to without anyone telling them what to do!
mcfly are amazing best band ever not ashamed to say i love them this new song is ammense cant wait to hear the new album if this is anything to go by they never fail to amaze :D love them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love McFly and i love their new song 'One for the radio' but I cant wait for their album i have a feeling its gunna be the best so far as it 100% by them
www.hit40uk.com /blog/articles/21338.html   (817 words)

 McFly - Music Shop - Virgin Radio
McFly really have done something different with this song, their progression from the cheesy guitar pop into more mature pop is obvious in both the main single 'the heart never lies' and the slightly grungy 'ignorance'.
All the tracks combine to give mcfly a new direction after their greatest hits album, they will hopefully continue on.
As one of Mcfly's older fans (in her late 20's), I have always loved McFly's 60's Rock n Roll edge, however on this single they move into new territory.
www.virginradio.co.uk /music/artists/mcfly/shop/CDs/61140.html   (558 words)

 McFly MP3 Downloads - McFly Music Downloads - McFly Music Videos - McFly Pictures - MP3.com
Similar to fellow British pop act Busted, London-based McFly came together and quickly won over the youth masses with their boyish charm and lively tales of adolescence.
McFly issued their follow-up record, Wonderland, in the U.K. in August 2005; filmed during a show in Manchester, the subsequent Wonderland Tour 2005 DVD appeared that fall.
First glances at London's McFly could cause one to believe the fresh-faced quartet is something of another boy band-esque group that happens to play its own instruments.
www.mp3.com /artist/mcfly/summary   (495 words)

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