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Topic: Meander

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  Meander Valley Council - Home - Northern Tasmania
Meander Valley Council - Home - Northern Tasmania
Meander Valley is a large and diverse area in Northern Tasmania.
It includes the mountains of the Great Western Tiers, extensive forests and productive land, the historic towns and villages of Deloraine and Westbury, and Prospect Vale, an urban suburb of Launceston and is home to the Country Club Resort.
www.meander.tas.gov.au   (97 words)

  Meander - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A meander is a bend in a river, also known as an oxbow loop.
When a meander gets cut off from the main stream body, an oxbow lake is formed.
Due to the way a meander is formed, the river flows faster on the outside edges of the meander and slower along the inside edge.We see deposition on the inner edge because the river, now moving slowly, cannot hold the weight of the sediment it is carrying.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Meander   (351 words)

 Meander (architecture) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In art and architecture, a meander is a decorative border constructed from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated motif.
Meanders are common decorative elements in Greek art and Roman art.
The symbol of the meander is considered to be a Greek trademark and is commonly used as a symbol of Greek nationalism because it represents a link to an ancient past.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Meander_(architecture)   (234 words)

 Meander (mathematics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In mathematics, a meander or closed meander is a self-avoiding closed curve which intersects a line a number of times.
Two meanders are said to be equivalent if they are homeomorphic in the plane.
Two open meanders are said to be equivalent if they are homeomorphic in the plane.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Meander_(mathematics)   (400 words)

 Meander C Evidence
Area C is distinguished from either A or B by the presence of a number of fairly obvious meander scars along the west side of the main river channel, suggesting previous positions of the river while the meander loop was still open.
Between this old section of the main channel and the western arm of the meander loop is an elevated ridge of land that is roughly the same height as the land in the interior of the loop (ox-bow).
This may suggest that the east arm of the meander loop was migrating westward at the neck prior to cut-off, thus producing a contracting, not expanding, neck.
www.nysm.nysed.gov /research_collections/research/history/neck/reportc.html   (1267 words)

In what we do on foot, meandering implies an aimless wandering, with the pleasant connotation that the very aimlessness of the wander is something freely, even happily, chosen.
The meanders of water seem equally aimless, but are, it turns out, very regular in their irregularity -- although if you were walking along the bank of a meandering river, you might find that hard to believe.
Meanders then may be the norm, not the exception.
www.creativenonfiction.org /thejournal/articles/issue01/01jones_meander.htm   (831 words)

 Meander C
Because the canal itself was about to cut through a large meander of the original river to the north, a new channel had to be cut to keep the river connected.
It is supposed that by the beginning of the 18th century, this eastern arm of the meander had migrated westward to where it nearly joined the western arm, and at that time, it presented to navigators an obvious candidate for an easy cut-through channel.
It is further suggested that after the meander was cut off, the active part of the river continued to migrate, with the channel moving easterly toward the ox-bow from the west.
www.nysm.nysed.gov /research_collections/research/history/neck/meanderc.html   (415 words)

 incised meander - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about incised meander   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The cathedral city of Durham is situated inside an incised meander of the River Wear.
In a river, a deep steep-sided meander (bend) formed by the severe downwards erosion of an existing meander.
Such erosion is usually brought about by the rejuvenation of a river (for example, in response to a fall in sea level).
encyclopedia.farlex.com /incised+meander   (132 words)

 other labyrinths - meander
Also known as the "Greek Key," the meander pattern is a path basic to the Classical labyrinths.
To meander means to wander aimlessly, which suggests to some that the Greeks really didn't have the key.
Meander Pattern in Albany, California built by Alex Champion.
www.labyrinthsociety.org /html/other_labyrinths03.html   (127 words)

 Jefferson Iris with Meander White Opalescent
Jefferson Iris with Meander White Opalescent Master Berry Bowl was produced in 1903-1906 from a mould designed by Jefferson Glass Company.
Jefferson Iris with Meander Canary Opalescent Jelly Compote on Pedestal was produced in 1903-1906 from a mould designed by Jefferson Glass Company.
Jefferson Iris with Meander Canary Opalescent Swung Vase (made from the spooner) was produced in 1903-1906 from a mould designed by Jefferson Glass Company.
www.maxframe.com /GLASS/Jefferson/IrisWithMeander/WhiteOpalescent.htm   (416 words)

 Essay or Coursework - Water flows faster and is deeper on the outside edge of a meander curve
This is the general theory, water tries to go in straight lines and so when it comes across a meander it carries on going straight.
When this fastest flow reaches a meander it also travels in a straight line and so flows straight to the outside edge.
There is also another reason and this is that the river has a lot of momentum and so when it goes round a corner this momentum drags it wider and to the outside edge of the meander.
www.coursework.info /i/14690.html   (391 words)

 Midlands Meander
The Midlands Meander is what weavers, potters, woodcrafters, leather workers, artists, metalworkers, box makers, herb growers, cheese makers, beer brewers and pianos have in common.
As you tour the Midlands Meander you will also notice that this area is home to a number of the country’s most famous schools.
The geographic boundaries of the Midlands Meander extend from Hilton in the south to Hidcote in the north and span from the Dargle Valley in the west to Currys Post in the east.
www.drakensberg.net /midlands-meander.html   (649 words)

 The Valley Of the Meander
Sometimes it turns back, sometimes turns left and right, meandering like a snake, and finally reaches the sea.
Even the snakes and fish lose their way in this muddy and aimless flow; finding themselves on the shore and become a prey for storks.
This kind of flowing has created the "meandering" motif which then had spread all over the world.
www.meandertravel.com /kusadasi/meandervalley.htm   (381 words)

 ArtLex's Me-Mh page
Meanders are among the ten classes of patterns.
In the 1980s, Marden developed a fluid and expressive style that he said was influenced by nature, Eastern mysticism, and calligraphy.
A detail of Wall Chart exhibits the sort of meandering design Wilkinson drew all over this work -- "what appears to be an obsessivly elaborate improvisational drawing of intestines, Pre-Columbian motifs, a labyrinth of inner and outer space," said a critic on artseensoho.com.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/Me.html   (3916 words)

 Meander Review
Watching the video sample game on the Meander website, the authors are somehow able to (even in rubber gloves) always touch the ball so that it goes directly down the correct channel.
Meander rarely seemed to make it back to its box, and several people asked me about acquiring copies.
Because it is a bit of a pain to order and expensive to ship directly from the Netherlands, I've sent missives off to a couple of the online retailers to see about stocking a few copies.
www.thegamesjournal.com /reviews/Meander.shtml   (1119 words)

 On the eddy-Kuroshio interaction: Meander formation process
The simulation successfully reproduced the four phases of the interaction: (1) westward propagation of the eddy; (2) advection of the eddy by the Kuroshio; (3) meander formation; and (4) detachment of the eddy from the Kuroshio and their repetition.
During the growth of the meander, the necessary barotropic kinetic energy is produced through the shallowing of the thermocline of the anticyclonic eddy as it elongates and splits.
The growth of the meander ceases when the split anticyclonic eddies merge, the thermocline deepens, and the eddy detaches itself from the Kuroshio as a result of its own westward thrust.
www.agu.org /pubs/crossref/2003/2002JC001583.shtml   (484 words)

 A Musical Meander   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
A Musical Meander differs from its ancestors; as the name additionally implies, the program usually contains an interlude at some point during which music with origins other than the Western Classical tradition is played.
On other occasions the meander may be a long meander, when it might offer a discussion or interview regarding some particular musical issue, involving local or visiting experts.
The meander may also provide live music performed in the studio by local or visiting artists.
www4.semo.edu /krcu/meander.html   (271 words)

 The AmaJuba Birding Meander
The Amajuba Birding Meander region is renowned for its water birds.
One of the advantages of the Meander is that it lies on the crossroads between Gauteng and Durban, Durban and the Lowveld, and the Free State and Zululand.
The Meander has been developed to give birdwatchers easier access to most of the wonderful birds to be found in the region.
www.antbear.co.za /information/birding-meander.htm   (423 words)

 Meander Geometry Trends of Urbanized Beal Slough in Lincoln, Nebraska   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Meander Geometry Trends of Urbanized Beal Slough in Lincoln, Nebraska
We have determined the meander wavelength/bankfull-dominant discharge width ratios and the meander radius/bankfull-dominant discharge width ratios in relation to the longitudinal course on a selected urban reach of Beal Slough in Lincoln, Nebraska.
During the geomorphic assessment of this reach, which was an integral part of designing the stream interventions, the specific locations of prominent meander fronts were located.
www.pubs.asce.org /WWWdisplay.cgi?0410818   (151 words)

 Meander Inn Bed & Breakfast - Nellysford, Virginia - BBOnline.com / Introduction
This 85 years old Victorian farmhouse country inn is situated on 40 acres of horses grazed pasture and woods skirted by hiking trails and traversed by the...
Nestled in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, in the peaceful surroundings of the Rockfish Valley, The Meander Inn opens its doors to guests looking to relax, refresh and regroup in the comfort of country farm-style living.
The Meander Inn offers beautiful grounds with river, in a lush setting perfect for any wedding or your next private event.
www.bbonline.com /va/meanderinn   (404 words)

 Canadian Geographic Magazine: Maps, Travel, Photography, Geography Contests, and Canadian Geographic Magazine ...
The bends, known as meanders, reflect the way in which a river minimizes resistance to flow and spreads energy as evenly as possible along its course.
Velocity is lowest along the bed and walls of streams or rivers because it is there that water encounters the most friction, and therefore the flow is reduced.
Thus, a meandering pattern is created along the course of the river, with shallow water and point bars on the inside bends and steep banks on the outside.
www.canadiangeographic.ca /landforms/meanders.asp   (373 words)

 Issue of August 12, 2003
A person who is "meandering" is strolling along in a very leisurely fashion, gawking at the scenery, stopping or changing course frequently, and, most importantly, showing absolutely no sign of urgency about getting wherever it is that they are supposedly going.
Commonly applied to a person, the verb "meander" means to wander aimlessly, or, if there is a destination in mind, to get there by a very circuitous route.
By the 17th century, we were using "meander" as a verb to describe the action of a person who takes a long, long time to get there.
www.word-detective.com /081203.html   (6025 words)

 Jefferson Iris with Meander Canary Opalescent
Jefferson Iris with Meander Canary Opalescent Master Berry Bowl was produced in 1903-1906 from a mould designed by Jefferson Glass Company.
Jefferson Iris with Meander Canary Opalescent Plate (made from 4.5" berry bowl and flattened out) was thought to be produced in 1903-1906 from a mould designed by Jefferson Glass Company.
Jefferson Iris with Meander Canary Opalescent Swung Vase (whimsey made from the Spooner mould) was produced in 1903-1906 from a mould designed by Jefferson Glass Company.
www.maxframe.com /GLASS/Jefferson/IrisWithMeander/CanaryOpalescent.htm   (492 words)

 North Dakota Streams: Meander   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The waters of the Sheyenne River are shown flowing through a stream meander and toward the bottom of the image.
Higher water velocities on the outside (left side) of this stream meander have induced bank erosion, forming an oversteepened slope (cutbank).
The net consequence of erosion on the outside of the meander and deposition on in the inside is the shift or migration of the meander loop in the direction of the cutbank.
www.ndsu.nodak.edu /nd_geology/nd_streams/meander1.htm   (126 words)

 Meander Inn - Specials - Virginia B&B - Shenandoah Valley Lodging Virginia
Packages must be paid in full on arrival at The Meander Inn.
A non refundable deposit of 50% shall be made at the time of the reservation.
The Meander Inn offers this and more, take advantage of our specials and prepared to be pampered.
www.meanderinn.com /specials.htm   (416 words)

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