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Topic: Meat Inspection Act

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  Federal Meat Inspection Act
Inspection of carcasses, meat of which is intended for export.
The provisions of the meat inspection law may be extended to the inspection of reindeer.
The cost of inspection rendered on and after July 1, 1948, under the requirements of laws relating to Federal inspection of meat and meat food products shall be borne by the United States except the cost of overtime pursuant to section 394 of title 7.
www.fsis.usda.gov /Regulations_&_Policies/FMIA/index.asp   (5826 words)

 Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Meat Hygiene Manual of Procedures - Chapter 13
The Meat Inspection Service Agreement signed by the Minister of Agriculture on behalf of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the responsible Provincial Minister on behalf of the participating province constitutes the legal basis for the Department to carry out Domestic Inspection within a province.
Dressed carcasses, meat cuts and organs approved for human consumption in a domestic plant may be marked with the Canada Domestic Legend.
Dispositions in regard to antemortem and postmortem inspections and sanitary requirements shall be the same in domestic plants as in establishments registered under the Meat Inspection Act.
www.inspection.gc.ca /english/anima/meavia/mmopmmhv/chap13/13.1-9e.shtml   (1200 words)

 Illinois Department of Agriculture - Meat and Poultry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Inspection coverage includes all aspects of intrastate slaughter and processing from ante mortem (before death) inspection through slaughter and processing and to the retail level.
The Illinois Meat & Poultry Inspection Act is defined in the Illinois compiled statutes, Chapter 225 Paragraph 650/1 et seq.
Meat and/or poultry products that are sold retail must be prepared from meat that originated from an “approved source.” Evidence that a meat or poultry product comes from an approved source is the presence on the product of a state (in the shape of Illinois) or federal (circle) mark of inspection.
www.agr.state.il.us /AnimalHW/Meat&Pol.html   (1706 words)

 The Dispatch - Serving the Lexington, NC - News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Meat Inspection Act of 1906 was a United States federal law that authorized the Secretary of Agriculture to order meat inspections and condemn any meat product found unfit for human consumption.
Unlike previous laws ordering meat inspections which were enforced to assure European nations from banning pork trade, the law was strongly motivated to protect the American diet.
Despite betrayal of the secret to the meat packers, who worked three shifts a day for three weeks to clean the factories prior to the inspection, Neill and Reynolds were still revolted by the conditions at the factories, and at the lack of concern by plant managers.
www.the-dispatch.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Meat_Inspection_Act   (407 words)

The meat inspection program that developed early in the 20th century used organoleptic methods, based on sight, touch and smell.
Reducing microbiological contamination in meat and poultry is a priority for the meat and poultry industry.
The inspection system, coupled with the industry's commitment to producing the safest food possible, makes the U.S. meat and poultry supply is among the safest in the world.
www.meatsafety.org /inspection/inspection.htm   (757 words)

 Meat Inspection
Meat grading is a voluntary service (plants pay a fee for this service) while meat inspection is a mandatory service (plants do not pay except for overtime needs).
When meat is to be used by the farmer for his own use, for his family and for his nonpaying guests.
All meats are thoroughly inspected in the country of origin and representative samples (determined statistically) are tested at the port of entry for cleanliness, labeling, water content, wholesomeness, net weight, and fat percentage.
meat.tamu.edu /meatinsp.html   (1271 words)

 Meat Inspection Act
(c) the meat is stamped with an inspection legend or is labelled as prescribed, except as otherwise provided in the regulations.
26 (1) In a prosecution for a violation of this Act or the regulations, it is sufficient proof of the offence to establish that it was committed by an employee or agent of the accused whether or not the employee or agent is identified or has been prosecuted for the offence.
31 (1) Where the provisions of any Act or by-law or regulation of a regional municipality, town, municipality of a county or district or other local body are in conflict with this Act or the regulations, the provision of this Act and the regulations prevail to the extent of the conflict.
www.gov.ns.ca /legislature/legc/statutes/meatinsp.htm   (2908 words)

 Regulations - Meat Inspection Act - Meat Inspection Regulations
No person shall permit inedible offal, meat that is not food, condemned material or refuse to accumulate in a plant or on or near the premises of a plant except in containers that comply with these regulations.
Returned meat or meat product that has lost its identity, been contaminated, has been returned in an objectionable container, or is in any way unfit for food, shall be condemned and denatured.
Notwithstanding subsection (1), an inspector may leave a portion inspection legend stamp in the custody of the owner of a retail or processing meat plant who has been authorized by the Director to apply the inspection legend, and the owner shall thereafter be responsible for the security and maintenance of the inspection legend stamp.
www.gov.ns.ca /just/regulations/regs/mimeat.htm   (9219 words)

 Illinois Department of Agriculture - Meat and Poultry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Bureau of Meat and Poultry Inspection is responsible for administration of the Meat and Poultry Inspection Act which protects the consumer in relation to wholesomeness, deceptive advertising and proper labeling of meat and poultry products.
Meat and/or poultry products that are produced, under inspection, and properly labeled are eligible for sale in intrastate commerce.
Meat products are adulterated if they contain sodium benzoate or benzoic acid, except as permitted in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture, (USDA).
www.agr.state.il.us /AnimalHW/MP   (667 words)

 Delaware Department of Agriculture
Apply meat and/or poultry inspection standards that are at least equal to those applied under the Federal Meat Inspection Act, and the Poultry Products Inspection Act.
In 1967, the first major amendment to the Federal Meat Inspection Act was passed (the Wholesome Meat Act).
Inspection begins with a review of a slaughtering or processing plant's plans for facilities, equipment, and procedures to assure the plant will have a safe and sanitary operation.
www.state.de.us /deptagri/foodprod/index.shtml   (473 words)

 Chapter 619 — Labeling and Inspection of Meat and Meat Food Products
The intent and purpose of ORS 576.024, 619.010 to 619.071, 619.370 and 619.993 is to give recognition to the Federal Meat Inspection Act presently being enforced in this state and at the same time recognize the responsibility of the State of Oregon to protect the public health of the citizens of this state.
The labeling requirements for meat or meat products shall be those prescribed in ORS chapter 616 and the labeling requirements as to weight or measure of meat or meat products shall be those prescribed in ORS chapter 618.
The repeal of section 2 of this 2001 Act does not affect the ability of the State Department of Agriculture to levy a civil penalty for a violation occurring prior to January 2, 2008, of a rule described under section 3 of this 2001 Act.
www.leg.state.or.us /ors/619.html   (5811 words)

This Act applies to plants within the province that may be designated in the regulations.
The minister may enter into agreements with a municipal authority that may be necessary or desirable for controlling the slaughter of animals or for the efficient administration of this Act within that municipality.
             (e)  providing for the inspection of plants, of animals before slaughter and of meat subsequent to slaughter, prescribing the fees to be paid by owners or operators of plants and establishments for all inspections, with power to prescribe different fees for different types and classes of inspection;
www.hoa.gov.nl.ca /hoa/statutes/m02.htm   (1207 words)

Inspection shall not be provided under this chapter at any establishment for: (1) the slaughter of livestock or poultry, or (2) the preparation of any livestock products or poultry products which are not intended for use as human food.
(b) For purposes of any inspection of products required by this chapter, inspectors authorized by the Secretary shall have access at all times, by day or night, to every part of every establishment required to have inspection under this chapter, whether the establishment is operated or not.
All official marks may be required by such representative to be removed from such article or animal before it is released unless it appears to the satisfaction of the Secretary that the article or animal is eligible to retain such marks.
www.delcode.state.de.us /title3/c087/index.htm   (3633 words)

 Food Safety Act -- Meat Inspection Regulation
"inspection legend stamp" means the stamp that an inspector imposes or causes to be imposed on a carcass at the time of inspection to indicate that the carcass is not contaminated and is fit for human consumption;
(2) Part 2 of the Act and this regulation, other than this section, sections 1 and 30 and the Schedule, do not apply to a slaughter establishment, located outside all meat inspection areas, that was operating but not licensed under the Meat Inspection Act immediately before the repeal of that Act.
1 A meat inspection area named in column 1 is comprised of the area described opposite in column 2 as modified from time to time under the Local Government Act, the Vancouver Charter, the Resort Municipality of Whistler Act, the School Act or another Act, as the case may be.
www.qp.gov.bc.ca /statreg/reg/F/349_2004.htm   (3807 words)

 Federal Meat Inspection Act
The Secretary shall enforce this provision through (1) the imposition of random inspections for such species verification and for residues, and (2) random sampling and testing of internal organs and fat of the carcasses for residues at the point of slaughter by the exporting country in accordance with methods approved by the Secretary.
The amount to be contributed to any State by the Secretary under this section from Federal funds for any year shall not exceed 50 per centum of the estimated total cost of the cooperative program; and the Federal funds shall be allocated among the States desiring to cooperate on an equitable basis.
Inspection services; refusal or withdrawal; hearing; business unfitness based upon certain convictions; other provisions for withdrawal of services unaffected; responsible connection with business; finality of Secretary's actions; judicial review; record.
www.fda.gov /opacom/laws/meat.htm   (4731 words)

 Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Prosecution Bulletin - Richmond company fined $3,000 for violating Meat Inspection Act   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
B.C., was fined $3,000 on March 27, 2003 for unlawfully removing a quantity of meat that had been detained, without the authority of an inspector.
Section 14 (2) of the Meat Inspection Act states that except with the authority of an inspector, no person shall remove, alter or interfere in any way with anything seized or detained under this Act by an inspector.
CFIA’s meat inspection programs contribute to human safety and health by permitting only wholesome, disease and contamination-free meat and meat products to enter the Canadian food system.
www.inspection.gc.ca /english/corpaffr/projud/2003/20030402e.shtml   (255 words)

 Meat Inspection Act (Ontario)
(c) the meat is stamped with an inspection legend or is labelled, as provided in the regulations.
(3) Subject to subsection (4), for the purpose of carrying out his or her duties under this Act, the Director or an inspector may enter any premises or building and may inspect the premises or building and any animal or meat therein.
 Where the provisions of any by-law of a local municipality are in conflict with this Act or the regulations, the provisions of this Act and the regulations prevail.
www.canlii.org /on/laws/sta/m-5/20050511/whole.html   (1941 words)

 Meat inspection requirements may change
The Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1967 and the Poultry Products Inspection Act of 1968 both require processors to comply with or exceed federal inspection procedures, yet those products are not eligible to be shipped between states, a fact Conrad said limits competition and small producer’s ability to compete.
Those plants are having a difficult time competing on a level playing field with federally inspected plants and, as a result, are closing their doors with alarming regularity and few new plants are being opened to replace them due to the special skills required, high capital investment costs and low margins.
Current regulations governing inspection allow meat from 34 foreign countries to be shipped throughout the U.S. because USDA has certified that the inspection programs in these foreign countries are equivalent to the Federal program.
www.wlj.net /editorial/062606_meat_inspection_requirements_may_change.htm   (692 words)

 Meat Inspection Act (Ontario), R.S.O. 1990, c. M.5   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Note:  Effective June 1, 2005, this Act is repealed by the Statutes of Ontario, 2001, chapter 20, section 59.
“meat product” means any product processed or derived in whole or in part from meat and intended to be used as food for human consumption; (“produit carné”)
         (c)    the meat is stamped with an inspection legend or is labelled, as provided in the regulations.
www.e-laws.gov.on.ca /DBLaws/RepealedStatutes/English/90m05_e.htm   (1954 words)

 MEAT INSPECTION IN MANITOBA - Provincial and Federal Legislation - Manitoba Agriculture and Food
This regulatory function is carried out through registration and inspection of establishments for interprovincial and international trade, and in the inspection and grade-monitoring of products in registered and non-registered processing establishments, at importers’ premises and in retail establishments.
The Food and Drugs Act is a consumer protection statute dealing with health and safety and economic fraud with respect to food, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices.
It provides for the licensing of dealers in agricultural products, the inspection, grading, labelling and packaging of regulated products, the registration of establishments and standards governing the construction, maintenance and operation of establishments as well as mechanisms to settle disputes over transactions between fresh fruit and vegetable dealers.
www.gov.mb.ca /agriculture/livestock/abattoir/bac10s02.html   (676 words)

 Inspection Act
The Meat Inspection Act was also passed because of a book written by Upton Sinclair called The Jungle.
The Meat Inspection Act was actually passed on the very same day in 1906 together these laws regulated the content and inspection of food, prohibited the use...
The Meat Inspection Act of 1906 was still coming into effect in the 1980s when food products were required to have nutrition labels.
www.megaessays.com /essay_search/Inspection_Act.html   (662 words)

 Meat Inspection Act, [R.S., 1985, c. 25 (1st Supp.)]
The meat inspection legend shall be a national trade-mark, and the exclusive property in and, subject to this Act, the right to the use of that trade-mark is hereby declared to be vested in Her Majesty in right of Canada.
(2) Any meat product or other thing seized and detained pursuant to subsection (1) may be stored by an inspector or any person designated by the inspector in the place where it was seized or may, at the inspector’s discretion, be removed to any other place for storage.
A prosecution for an offence under this Act may be instituted, carried on, heard and determined in the place where the offence was committed or the subject-matter of the prosecution arose, where the accused was apprehended or where the accused happens to be or is carrying on business.
www.canlii.org /ca/sta/m-3.2/whole.html   (2853 words)

 Meat Inspection Act
Meat Shop and Smokehouse was built around 1868, and was used to process meat for the several communal kitchens in the village of Homestead.
Most butchering was done in the fall and winter, and meat was smoked in the smokehouse in order to...
Memorabilia related to Meat Inspection Act is at auction on eBay.
www.u-s-history.com /pages/h918.html   (252 words)

 MEATNEWS.COM: INSPECTION HARMONIZATION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Meat and poultry products can only be exported to the United States from countries with inspection systems that are “equivalent to that of the United States, and only if the exported products are safe, otherwise unadulterated, and properly labeled.”
FSIS regulations require that foreign inspection systems schedule supervisory visits to certified establishments “not less frequent[ly] than one such visit per month.” However, FSIS has noted that this requirement results in more frequent establishment visits than are required by the parallel component of the domestic inspection system.
Several countries that export meat or poultry to the United States have requested that FSIS permit them to schedule their supervisory visits in a manner similar to what is done in the United States.
www.meatnews.com /index.cfm?fuseaction=article&artNum=8109   (532 words)

 Meat and Poultry Inspection Accountability Act
H. To expand the enforcement options under the Federal Meat Inspection Act and the Poultry Products Inspection Act to include the imposition of civil money penalties, and to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to expand enforcement options to include such penalties with respect to meat and poultry.
To expand the enforcement options under the Federal Meat Inspection Act and the Poultry Products Inspection Act to include the imposition of civil money penalties, and to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to expand enforcement options to include such penalties with respect to meat and poultry.
This Act may be cited as the `Meat and Poultry Inspection Accountability Act'.
www.theorator.com /bills108/hr1003.html   (723 words)

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