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Topic: Mechanical pencil

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Mechanical pencil with tapered supply chamber - Patent 5033894
A knock-out type mechanical pencil which comprises a lead containing tube in which the inner and outer walls thereof are so tapered that the lead inlet thereof is larger in diameter than the opposite end thereof.
Still another object of the invention is to provide a knock-out type mechanical pencil which can be easily fabricated and assembled in a simple construction capable of exact assembly such as by screwing a chuck to a lead containing tube.
A knock-out type mechanical pencil 10 of this invention comprises a lead containing tube 12 in a tubularly cylindrical body or an outer barrel 11.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5033894.html   (1393 words)

 Combination ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil - Patent 5584592
In some mechanical pencils the lead is inserted in the front end of the pencil, held in place by a slotted cylindrical clamp or an arrangement of jaws, and pushed forward by a rod or cup.
Another object is to provide a combination ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil being a single writing tool, in which a barrel holds different colored ballpoint pen cartridges and a mechanical pencil cartridge therein, so that any one of the cartridges can be maneuvered into position in the barrel for use.
An additional object is to provide a combination ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil having an eraser, being of the type to be used in conjunction with both the ink cartridges and the pencil cartridge.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5584592.html   (1718 words)

 Mechanical Pencil Sharpeners ~ 1884-1899
Many additional patents for pencil sharpeners were issued during 1885-99; we have not included these because we have not (yet) found evidence that corresponding machines were produced.
Patented 1860 by Henry C. Haskell, Marshall, MI The pencil was inserted into the cone with the red dot.
"[T]he cutter acts or cuts in a direction nearly if not transverse to the grain of the wood of the pencil, the consequence being that the fibers are torn or broken rather than smoothly cut, and the lead itself by the same action is cracked and broken.
www.officemuseum.com /sharpener_gallery_1800s.htm   (585 words)

 What is a Mechanical Pencil?
The first mechanical pencil was invented in Britain in the early 1820s, and patented by John Hawkins and Sampson Mordon in 1822.
Once the mechanical pencil is closed, lead can be pushed through the barrel in small increments -- as it is used -- by clicking the tip of the pen, depressing a ratchet button, or twisting the cone of the barrel, depending on the model.
The advantage of a mechanical pencil is that the lead is so thin that it's always sharp, allowing precise and uniform strokes without the hassle of constant sharpening.
www.wisegeek.com /what-is-a-mechanical-pencil.htm   (382 words)

 mechanical pencil
While a handful of mechanical pencil sharpeners were patented in the U.S. between 1860 and 1880, scores of...
Antique mechanical pencil sharpeners can be divided into three...
Mechanical pencil short lead is 0.9 millimeters in diameter, has "B" degrees and comes in red or blue....low price $1.39/TB.
www.about-office-supplies.com /57/mechanical-pencil.html   (342 words)

 produzione penne-mechanical pencil
Mechanical pencil is a particular kind of pencil wich is used very much.
Mechanical pencil is preferred for example for technical draw, because mechanical pencil are more sharp than traditional pencil.
Mechanical pencil that are producted, are made of several material.
www.produzione-penne.it /produzione-penne-mechanical-pencil.asp   (322 words)

 General Pencil Information
Pencils have a long and interesting history, and are the result of centuries of engineering and refinement.
Pencil collectors have varied interests, and as my specialized interests do not cover all aspects of pencil collecting, these pages are likely to be slanted in my favor until other collectors contribute their knowledge and points of view.
As a consequence, the histories of pencil companies; their beginnings, mergers, and declines, are of great interest to me and are helpful in determining the age of an old pencil.
www.pencilpages.com /intro.htm   (822 words)

 mechanical pencil
Master pen is a company involved in all kinds of pens, particularly, it is specializaed in mechanical pencil.
Mechanical pencil for every uses, mechanical pencil for office and mechanical pencil for technical draw.
For every request about mechanical pencil, is possible to contact the company, wich is able to answer to all customers' questions.
www.produzione-penne.it /mechanical-pencil.asp   (264 words)

 Instructables: mechanical, pencil
I modified beam's Mechanical Pencil Gun http://www.instructables.com/id/E46CF748H5EQZJIW1W/ to have an automatic feed with just two rubber bands, a mechanical pencil, and a bic pen, and some around the house appliances.
All you need is a BIC mechanical pencil and two rubber bands.
Pencils by BIC are perfectly suited to this (I haven't tried any other models yet).
www.instructables.com /tag/keyword:mechanical/pencil/rss.xml?sort=RANDOM   (250 words)

 Mechanical pencil with refill indicator
Mechanical pencils often provide no means of showing the amount of lead remaining in a cartridge.
This is particularly true of pencils that use an opaque barrel or housing.
This indicates to the user that it is time to replace the lead, though the pencil will continue to function for some period of time related to the amount of lead color B 130 remaining in cartridge tube 110.
www.priorartdatabase.com /IPCOM/000004405   (302 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Papermate Logo 4 Mechanical Pencil Black Barrel .5mm Lead at Epinions.com
Better yet, the tip of the pencil retracts when not in use to protect the most vulnerable part when in your bag, a benefit you don't realize is valuable until you've broken the tip off of your $8 architect's pencil.
The pencil is super easy to use and gives a nice, concise line that you would expect of a mechanical pencil.
In terms of the mechanical pencils I've had in my life, I have to say that the Sanford/Papermate Logo series have been the best ones with the exception of the late architectural mechanical pencil, lost in an unfortunate pencil versus textbook incident.
www.epinions.com /content_155697647236   (1201 words)

 masterpen: articoli scrivania, mechanical pencil, penne stilografiche, produzione penne, writing instruments, , ...
Mechanical pencil is a particular kind of pencil wich is used very much.
Mechanical pencil is preferred for example for technical draw, because mechanical pencil are more sharp than traditional pencil.
Is possible to use several kinds of mines in every mechanical pencil; in fact, mechanical pencil can have several kinds of mines.
www.produzione-penne.it   (750 words)

 mechanical pencil - Search Results - MSN Encarta   (Site not responding. Last check: )
- pencil with replaceable lead: a pencil with replaceable lead that may be advanced as needed
The mechanical pencil, patented in 1877, consists of a cylindrical piece of pencil lead inserted into a metal or plastic barrel against a movable rod...
Mechanics, branch of physics concerning the motions of objects and their response to forces.
encarta.msn.com /mechanical_pencil.html   (236 words)

 Mechanical Pencils
The Zebra mechanical pencil has a soft rubber grip for writing comfort and includes 0.5mm leads and an extra large eraser.
Mechanical Pencil, 0.7mm, Rubber Grip, Nonrefill., 5 Ct., Asst.
Each pencil comes with three full-length No. 2 fl leads for greater write-out than any ordinary wood case pencils.
www.artsupplyoutlet.com /mechanical-pencils.htm   (207 words)

 Mechanical Pencil on Alibaba.com - Find Mechanical Pencil manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, wholesalers, traders, ...
Mechanical Pencil on Alibaba.com - Find Mechanical Pencil manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, wholesalers, traders, distributors, importers and more.
Alibaba.com connects you directly to pre-qualified Mechanical Pencil manufacturers and exporters from China and around the world.
Alibaba.com membership is 100 percent free for buyers, and with it, you get access to the world's largest B2B marketplace of manufacturers and exporters in the world for Mechanical Pencil.
hotproducts.alibaba.com /manufacturers-exporters/Mechanical_Pencil.html   (413 words)

 penne stilografiche-mechanical pencil
penne stilografiche-mechanical pencil: articoli scrivania, mechanical pencil, penne stilografiche
Una classificazione si può ad esempio fare in base al materiale, troviamo per esempio penne stilografiche in plastica, in metallo, per passare a penne stilografiche più costose, come le penne stilografiche in argento o le penne stilografiche in oro.
Tra i vari produttori di penne stilografiche, proviamo ad analizzare una realtà italiana, quella cioè dell'azienda Master Pen, sita in provincia di Torino.
www.produzione-penne.it /penne-stilografiche-mechanical-pencil.asp   (404 words)

 Pencil Revolution
The problem with the usual wooden pencil, though, is twofold: (1) You have to have access to a sharpener at all times; and (2) it doesn’t stay in a typical planner pen loop, because it is a cylinder of uniform diameter.
I found the pencil to be of standard office-supply quality (bleh), but the built in sharpener was very sharp and brought pencils to a long point.
The reason the pencils come short (like a cosmetic pencil length) is that they don’t fit in your shirt pocket as a long pencil.
www.pencilrevolution.com /2005/12/pencil-illin   (2956 words)

 Caran d'Ache Office Metal Mechanical Pencil   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Each pencil is coated with several layers of enamel for beauty and durability.
Both the eraser and the spare supply of leads are accessed by simply removing the pushbutton at the top end of the pencil.
The sensitive automatic lead feed mechanism uses a virtually-unbreakable pushbutton, and the hardened-steel clip has been stress-tested through countless flex-tests.
www.swissknifeshop.com /Caran-dAche-Office-Metal-Mechanical-Pencil   (162 words)

 Mechanical Pencil   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This pencil was to be drawn to scale and include as much detail as possible as to how the inner workings operate.
I discovered the the standard fl Bic mechanical pencils were difficult to open, and when cut the inner workings were destroyed.
I cut the shaft of the pencil down the middle to allow the viewer to see into the workings of the pencil, it did not occur to me at the time that it was possible to make the shaft translucent so that the viewer could see into the pencil.
www.ecsel.psu.edu /~map370/animation   (413 words)

 How to Add Lead to a Mechanical Pencil - WikiHow
Mechanical pencils are not difficult to add lead to.
Some more expensive mechanical pencils have a detachable end where the eraser and the clip (used to hold the pencil in a pocket) can both be removed and you have direct access to the storage for lead.
You could buy a new pencil, because they're pretty cheap now-a-days, (and a pencil without lead or an eraser is just a cheap piece of plastic) or you could try replacing the eraser.
www.wikihow.com /Add-Lead-to-a-Mechanical-Pencil   (464 words)

 pencil, pencil Manufacturers Directory Suppliers Exporters, Factory, Company Taiwan China
All you will need is a number #2 pencil and some paper, pencil drawing of roses, wholesale pencil, eye pencil, printed pencil, pencil pouch, portrait in pencil, colored pencil art, coloring pencil, purple pencil, flower pencil drawing, free pencil, novelty pencil, cheap pencil
The word pencil comes from the Latin word penicillus which means "little tail", pencil sharpeners, pencil post bed, animal pencil, pencil grip, imprinted pencil, carpenter pencil, custom pencil,, pencil artist, pencil fight, styptic pencil, pencil eraser, color pencil drawing
The UK Coloured Pencil Society was founded to promote this innovative and versatile medium, as well as support and educate all artists who use them, pencil drawing sketch, pencil torch, sky pencil holly, grease pencil, bulk pencil, pencil clipart, personalized pen and pencil, pencil bag exporter
www.pens-manufacturers.com /pencil.html   (570 words)

 Dave's Mechanical Pencils: Staedtler Triplus Micro 774 Mechanical Pencil Review
This is becoming more common in woodcase pencils, but is a bit rarer in mechanical pencils.
In my review of the 2011 I said, “If you are a pencil person, you need this pencil.” Well it’s true for the 2011 and it’s even more so for the Triplus Micro – go get one today.
Personally I changed to mechanical pencil a few years ago, and thats the term now used in most catalogues, ads, etc here in NZ.
davesmechanicalpencils.blogspot.com /2006/09/staedtler-triplus-micro-774-mechanical.html   (1330 words)

 The quest for the best in mechanical pencils | Ask MetaFilter
Whether one truly needs a mechanical pencil that is as adjustable as a Ohto Super Promecha is an entirely separate issue...
I've heard mechanical pencils compared to bras: when you find one you really like, you need to buy five, because by the next time around they won't be making it anymore.
There are many artists that use mechanical pencils for drawing, and an art store should have the full range of hard and soft lead for your pencil.
ask.metafilter.com /50062/The-quest-for-the-best-in-mechanical-pencils   (2623 words)

 Halfbakery: An even more mechanical mechanical pencil
This is not endearing to the mechanical pencil, which is by nature a tidy and delicate creature.
To a mechanical pencil, any piece of lead less than a centimeter is detritus.
I am looking for a pencil which is solid, but forgiving… a pencil which will support my lead, and not go to pieces when it falls.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/An_20even_20more_20mechanical_20mechanical_20pencil   (478 words)

 Mechanical Drafting Pencils from Alvin and Mars
High quality Mechanical Pencils and Drafting Pencils from Alvin and Staedtler.
Other features include pushbutton lead advance, plastic barrel with rubberized non-slip finger grip and a 4mm long stainless steel lead sleeve that supports the lead and provides drawing accuracy even with thick straightedges.
Pencils feature a 4mm fixed sleeve for template work and an adjustable metal pocket sleeve.
www.draftingsales.com /Supplies_Mechanical_Drafting_Pencils.html   (206 words)

 notblogging.notwriting.com: Technology Sucks: An Ode to the Lowly Pencil
After working with at least a dozen brands of pencils, I’ve discovered that the two best are the Mirado Black Warrior (John Steinbeck’s choice because it was round and therefore easier on the fingers during long writing sessions) and the Staedtler ‘Noris ergosoft’ (an ergonomic, triangular-shaped pencil).
I enjoy writing in pencil for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that when I sit down, I don’t get error messages or interruptions from anti-virus software asking me if I want to allow such-and-such file to download to my computer.
The nicest type of pencil with which to write is definitely a mechanical pencil.
notblogging.notwriting.com /archives/2005/05/technology_the.html   (794 words)

 mechanical pencil 5 mm - Shopping.com
BIC America Mechanical Pencil 0.7 Mm Rubber Grip Nonrefill.
The BIC Matic Grip Pencil is a top advance mechanical pencil with a grip that makes writing more...
Dr. Grip Mechanical Pencils feature a revolutionary wide contoured that reduces required gripping...
www.shopping.com /xGS-mechanical_pencil_5_mm   (540 words)

 Ohto Super Promecha Drafting Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The latest in a line of precision pencils from Japan, the Ohto ProMecha 1500S series is a professional drafting/drawing pencil that?s in a league of its own.
The pencil is very solid and the materails are good enough to outlast any of my previous pencil collections.
You can easily drop your pencil sometime when you are not aware because the weight centers on the lower part of the pencil.
www.jetpens.com /product_info.php/cPath/45_154/products_id/563   (797 words)

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