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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Mass media - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mass media is a term used to denote, as a class, that section of the media specifically conceived and designed to reach a very large audience (typically at least as large as the whole population of a nation state).
When members of the general public refer to "the media" they are usually referring to the mass media, or to the news media, which is a section of the mass media.
Media (the plural of medium) is a truncation of the term media of communication, referring to those organized means of dissemination of fact, opinion, entertainment, and other information, such as newspapers, magazines, cinema films, radio, television, the World Wide Web, billboards, books, CDs, DVDs, videocassettes, computer games and other forms of publishing.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mass_media   (1043 words)

 Media (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Media, plural of "medium"; a means (a container or a vehicle) of carrying or communicating information.
Media (star), a star also known as Delta Sagittarii.
Media (region), region occupied by the Medes people in present-day Iran.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Media   (137 words)

 Media types
The two media types are different enough to require different values for the common property; a document will typically need a larger font on a computer screen than on paper.
Media types are mutually exclusive in the sense that a user agent can only support one media type when rendering a document.
The 'tv' media type, for example, is a multimodal media type that renders both visually and aurally to a single canvas.
www.w3.org /TR/CSS21/media.html   (661 words)

 Rebuilding Media: The fate of media
Cauthorn has been in the middle of the transition from old media to new and is recognized as frank-talking critic when he believes newspapers stray for their mission.
Media companies such as The New York Times, Guardian, Newhouse, Ireland.com, Tribune, and others that are using their own registration schemes should join the Identity 2.0 effort and switch to an Open Source method.
Likewise, media companies that are thinking of implementing registration or tracking should get involved in it now; as should the World Association of Newspapers, Newspaper Association of American, (U.S.) National Association of Broadcasters, and other media organization that are attempting to help their member companies thrive online.
rebuildingmedia.corante.com   (7173 words)

 Media Borough   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Media is a place where it is customary to say "hello" as we pass each other on the sidewalk.
Media is the last suburban town in America with a trolley running down the main street.
The Borough was awarded a grant funding from the PA Department of Environmental Protection to install solar panels at the Armory as an alternative energy source.
www.mediaborough.com   (310 words)

 Finnish Media Landscape   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Alma Media is a 1997 merger between the Aamulehti Group, the country's second largest newspaper publisher, and the MTV Oy, the Finnish commercial television company.
The major media organisations concerning the press, radio and television are: Association of Finnish Broadcasters, Association of Finnish Periodicals, Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, Finnish Cable TV Association, Finnish Newspapers Association, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Telecommunications Administration Centre, Union of Journalists in Finland.
In the second largest media house, Alma Media, the biggest single owner is the Swedish Marieberg of the Bonnier Group.
www.ejc.nl /jr/emland/finland.html   (3223 words)

 MediaLiteracy.com: Gateway Site for Media Literacy Education
Media is arguably the most powerful cultural force on the planet.
Media products inform and entertain us, and help us stay connected to the larger world community.
Media Literacy Speakers Bureau™ is a searchable online database of keynoters, workshop leaders and curriculum consultants in media education.
www.medialiteracy.com   (352 words)

She boasts ten year's experience in corporate and technology public relations for a number of multinational accounts, and previously has served as director of operations for Dow Jones China.
Media has learned that Batey is to enter the JWT international network as an independent agency, ending months of speculation over the iconic agency’s future.
Hutchison Telecom is reviewing the media buying and planning of its 3 brand as part of efforts to re-energise the two-year-old third-generation mobile service.
www.media.com.hk /home/index.cfm   (902 words)

 International Federation of Journalists
The role of media in promoting better understanding between different cultures calls for a “robust and frank” dialogue among journalists and media professionals said the International Federation of Journalists today, commenting on the row over cartoons in Danish media which have sparked outrage in some parts of the Muslim world.
The IFJ is calling for media on all sides to avoid actions that might provoke community tensions both at home and abroad.
Media managements who are making ruthless cuts in editorial budgets that undermine quality in journalism contribute to an erosion of public trust in media and weaken the economic prospects of the industry, warned the International Federation of Journalists at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
www.ifj.org   (857 words)

 Media Guerrilla   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
It's funny, I'm developing a new-found appreciation for two sorts of people: first, the long-time bloggers, and by this I mean the really crusty, pre-"citizen media" types, the original webloggers, you know, the Xangans.
IMO, the need for transparency in practice bleeds through the entire media making business, it just seems of late that the PR industry has singly absorbed the brunt of this particular criticism, so in some small way I'm glad to see the magnifying glass is focusing elsewhere for a change.
In fact, I think this function of keeping a pulse on industry chatter, be it traditional media or otherwise, is hands-down, just critical to a program's overall health and strategic direction.
mmanuel.typepad.com /media_guerrilla   (1967 words)

The Arab media run cartoons depicting Jews and the symbols of the Jewish faith with imagery indistinguishable from that used in the Third Reich.
The real story about the state of the media isn’t what CBS aired, but what it didn’t air: The story of how broadcast TV without the web and without the public’s help there will continue to be shallow and shrinking and outmoded.
The irony is that CBS News’ story about the state of the media is the best illustration of the state of old media.
www.buzzmachine.com   (4965 words)

 Overviews - Media: InfoUSA
Both print and electronic media are described and issues are discussed.
Part II of a series of articles by Fredric A. Emmert exploring the media of the United States in the 1990s.
This is the third in a series of articles by Fredric A. Emmert exploring the media of the United States in the 1990s.
usinfo.state.gov /usa/infousa/media/mediaovr.htm   (390 words)

 Whispered Media
Fluffy, violent, alienating - the mass media is producing an increasingly spectacular, but mostly irrelevant and fragmented cacophony of decontextualized info-bits spiced with sexual insecurity and blatant propaganda for militarized, neo-imperialist adventures all over the world.
And, while the so-called mainstream media cloaks its political agenda with the reassuring pretension of "objectivity," this smiling veneer barely conceals their fundamental structural alignment with a self-seeking status quo that is elitist, greedy and lacks basic humanity.
To this end, Whispered Media was founded as a collective that promotes the use of video and other media tools in strengthening progressive grassroots movements.
www.whisperedmedia.org   (494 words)

 Programme MEDIA - Home page
MEDIA co-finances training initiatives for audiovisual industry professionals, the development of production projects (feature films, television drama, documentaries, animation and new media), as well as the distribution and promotion of European audiovisual works.
The proposal to extend the MEDIA Programmes was approved by the Council of Ministers on 26 April.
The budget allocated for MEDIA Training (2001-2006) is 59.4 M€ and that for MEDIA Plus is 453.6 M€, in line with the modifications made by the European Parliament, to take account not only of the additional year but also of the effects of enlargement from 2004.
europa.eu.int /comm/avpolicy/media/index_en.html   (863 words)

 Accuracy In Media - For Fairness, Accuracy and Balance in News Reporting.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The media double standard on the stories of two leak investigations is striking.
A lot of media attention was devoted to the former but not the latter.
Calvina Fay of the Drug Free America Foundation has pulled out as a speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which begins in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, because a "mini-debate" she was scheduled to appear in had been stacked against her.
www.aim.org   (685 words)

 Media In India | Indian Media
Presently, they are involved in promoting diverse media forms and messages, originating from different sources.
Their vision is to create multiple exchange nodes, so that a plural media environment emerges.
Cyber Media (India) Limited is a specialty media and services house with five subsidiaries and two associate companies which, as a group, are engaged in publishing, market research, content outsourcing, multimedia, gaming and media education.
indiafocus.indiainfo.com /media   (467 words)

 NewsWatch: A Consumer's Guide to the News
Accuracy in Media (AIM) Accuracy In Media is a non-profit, grassroots citizens watchdog of the news media that critiques botched and bungled news stories and sets the record straight on important issues that have received slanted coverage.
The Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research and educational organization that conducts scientific studies of the news and entertainment media.
The Media Center at the American Press Institute is funded by a grant from the Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation with the aim of helping the newspaper industry adapt to the new technological environment created by the Internet.
www.newswatch.org   (1890 words)

 Media - Wex
In fact, there are numerous state and federal statutes that seek to ensure the full extent of the guarantee of the First Amendment such as the Freedom of Information Act, and the Privacy Act.
Different branches of the media are regulated by differentbureaus.
The Mass Media Bureau (http://www.fcc.gov/mmb/) regulates amplitude and frequency modulation, low-power television, anddirect broadcast satellite.
www.law.cornell.edu /topics/media.html   (448 words)

 Media types
However, the two media are different enough to require different values for the common property; a document will typically need a larger font on a computer screen than on paper.
A user agent that claims to support a media type by name must implement all of the properties that apply to that media type.
Since properties generally apply to several media, the "Applies to media" section of each property definition lists media groups rather than individual media types.
www.w3.org /TR/REC-CSS2/media.html   (668 words)

 On the Media --February 3, 2005
The past year has been a tumultuous one for administrators of public broadcasting, and programmers have had to fend off accusations of political bias.
Acerbic columnist and take-no-prisoners critic; media and advertising big-shots cower at the rattle of his pen.
On the Media is funded by The Bydale Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Overbrook Foundation.
www.onthemedia.org   (991 words)

 Media: SIGGRAPH 2005
This service is a comprehensive resource for event news and other trade show information, accessible to news media representatives in their bureaus or on assignment.
It sorts news releases, photos, advisories, electronic media kits and multimedia files by show, date, and company for maximum results.
Media may also register to receive a custom Business Wire Press Pass news feed via email or the web.
www.siggraph.org /s2005/main.php?f=media   (171 words)

 Reclaim the Media   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Reclaim the Media was proud to be part of a delegation of media activists from the greater Northwest, at the National Network of Grantmakers conference, Oct. 8-11 in Blaine, Washington.
The role of the media at that point is to present the relevant background, and to offer, in fact encourage, a forum of debate over this very dread decision to go to war...
In many cases, media coverage has adopted and perpetuated racist stereotypes, and avoided challenging or even recognizing prejudice in the actions and statements of government managers, media commentators, and members of the public.
www.reclaimthemedia.org   (2631 words)

 FCC, Media Bureau
The Media Bureau develops, recommends and administers the policy and licensing programs relating to electronic media, including cable television, broadcast television, and radio in the United States and its territories.
Media Bureau Grants Request for Extension of Time to File Comments in Response to Cable Industry Report on Downloadable Security.
Media Bureau Reminds Digital Television Licensees to File Report on Ancillary or Supplementary DTV Services on or Before December 1, 2005.
www.fcc.gov /mb   (427 words)

 Media Alliance - Promoting media excellence, ethics, diversity and accountablility in the interests of peace, justice, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
On November 1, 2005 Media Alliance, along with its coalition partners, filed legal petitions to revoke the licenses of four Clear Channel-operated stations on behalf of communities impacted by media bias and lack of local content.
Write to the FCC and ask that Clear Channel's KNEW license be revoked unless Clear Channel reinstates the position of community affairs director at all its Bay Area stations and increases relevant local programming at all stations to at least 50%.
One of the leading organizations in the U.S. working for media justice and press freedom, Media Alliance is celebrating our 30th year of trailblazing work in the realms of media training, media accountability, mediaworkers' rights and media policy.
www.media-alliance.org   (318 words)

 The Australian: MEDIA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
NEWS Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch assured investors yesterday that the media giant's lacklustre share price would improve after he delivered a solid first-half result driven by strong performances by the group's television platforms.
IT is early morning on a day in 1977 and a young Eddie McGuire tosses his school bag on to the floor of the train and presses his nose against the window.
WEE Chucky is clearly a desperate man. His circulation is falling, his staff are leaving in droves and he can't even lure people away from his rivals with offers of unimagined riches.
www.theaustralian.news.com.au /opindex/0,9320,media^^TEXT,00.html   (1095 words)

 HonestReporting: monitoring mideast media anti-Israel bias
HonestReporting was started at the initiative of the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah, and is now an independent non-profit organization (501c3) with its own board of directors.
We scrutinize the worldwide media for anti-Israel bias, then alert and enable subscribers to respond directly to the news agency concerned.
HonestReporting was started at the initiative of the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah, and is now an independent non-profilt organization (501c3) with its own board of directors.
www.honestreporting.com /default.asp   (435 words)

 Folio Magazine - Home
Joe Hanson, chairman of the Professional Media Group, selected for ABM honor.
Even for those who perennially claim the upcoming year will be "the best yet for media MandAs," 2005 was a pleasant surprise.
Even for those who perennially claim the upcoming year will be “the best yet for media M&As,” 2005 was a pleasant surprise.
www.foliomag.com   (96 words)

 Media Visions - Media & Education
In our new world of interactive media networks, we are are not functionally literate without a deep appreciation for the nature and power of our global interactivity.
The distance learning innovator and vangard media psychologist explores how we are influenced by interactivity itself.
is a world pioneer in distance learning and interactive media, a media psychologist, and director of the media studies program at Fielding Graduate Institute.
www.media-visions.com /education.html   (302 words)

 mediabistro.com: jobs and community for media and journalism professionals
The Spanish-language media company confirmed yesterday that it would put itself up for sale, igniting speculation about which media giant would jump into the auction and how high a price the company could fetch.
He was previously a senior director of new media at ABC Radio Networks.
CJR Daily: A Reuters and CNN.com report about the Brangelina phenomenon talked about the to the "crazed media" having "reached the point of insanity." But upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that when Reuters and CNN.com refer to the "media" they are not actually including themselves.
www.mediabistro.com   (2546 words)

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