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Topic: Mediated reality

In the News (Wed 26 Jun 19)

  Mediated Reality with implementations for everyday life
Mediated reality relates to Feiner's distinction of virtual reality and augmented reality as follows: ``whereas virtual reality brashly aims to replace the real world, augmented reality respectfully supplements it.'' [Feiner 02] whereas mediated reality modifies it.
Reality mediators that have the capability to measure and resynthesize electromagnetic energy that would otherwise pass through the center of projection of a lens of an eye of a user, such as shown in Figures 3, 4, and 5, are referred to as EyeTap [Mann 01] devices.
In particular, a new form of partial reality mediator having the appearance of a new kind of stylish eyeglasses, and suitable for use in ordinary life, was presented.
wearcam.org /presence_connect   (3613 words)

 Virtual Rape
The solution is based upon the historical mutability of real life rape constructions, the identification of an unnecessarily destructive rape construction in virtual reality, and the suggestion of a re-constructed version in that realm.
The concept of the social construction of reality is understood in the terms presented by Berger and Luckmann (1967) and Holzner (1972).
Recall Reid's (1995) observation that reality within a MUD is set into motion by the "user's willingness to treat the manifestations of his or her imaginings as if they were real" (pp.
jcmc.indiana.edu /vol2/issue4/mackinnon.html   (10284 words)

 Mediated Reality: University of Toronto RWM Project
One application of computer-mediated reality is to create, for each user of the apparatus, a possibly different interpretation of the same visual reality.
The true objects, when positioned inside the mediation zone established by the viewfinder, may also be visually enhanced as seen through the viewfinder.
He can see real objects outside the field of vision of the viewfinder (either through the remaining eye, or because the viewfinder permits one to see around it).
www.linuxjournal.com /node/3265/print   (4129 words)

 Material Hermeneutics
The former is supposed to be dominated by realism, the latter by relativism: the sciences reveal reality ‘as it really is’, the humanities develop interpretations.
Technologies co-constitute these relationships by shaping people's perceptions and interpretations (the ways in which reality can be present for humans) on the one hand and their actions and forms of engagement with reality (the ways in which humans can be present in their world) on the other.
Human interpretations of reality are not to be understood in terms of textual and linguistic structures only, but also as mediated by artifacts.
scholar.lib.vt.edu /ejournals/SPT/incoming/v6n3/Verbeck(ce)   (1900 words)

 Mediated Reality: University of Toronto RWM Project | Linux Journal
Mediated Reality (MR) differs from virtual reality (or augmented reality) in the sense that it allows us to filter out things we do not wish to have thrust upon us against our will.
In Figures 8 and 9, objects outside the viewfinder mediation zone are depicted in dashed lines, because they are not actually visible to the wearer.
Moreover, light rays entering the eye due to the real and virtual objects are placed on an equal footing.
www.linuxjournal.com /article/3265   (4158 words)

 Computer-mediated reality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Computer-mediated reality has been used to enhance visual perception as an aid to the visually impaired.
This example achieves a mediated reality by altering a video input stream light that would have normally reached the user's eyes, and computationally altering it to filter it into a more useful form.
The use of computer-mediated reality to diminish perception, by the removal or masking of visual data, has been used for architectural applications, and is an area of ongoing research (see for instance, here and here)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Computer_mediated_reality   (193 words)

 Reality Lost
Theories about reality's distortion, duplication, alienation and even sheer elimination abound, and often make one forget that while these theories, and the thinkers who bear them, are contemporary, the notions in question are far from it.
The initial representation (of himself) detaches the baby from reality, from the unity that is the world, and positions him in the symbolic realm.
In the realm of the real, there is no language because there is no need (Klages, 2001), but once the real is lost, he uses representation in order to call for what he needs.
www.drorism.com /realitylost.php   (2426 words)

 reality blurred > exposed > Judges of characters
The fervent participation of reality TV viewers in constructing and judging participant behavior should not, however, be seen as an indication of their wholesale belief in the “reality” of reality TV.
Indeed, because the fan understands that reality TV is not real and that all of its participants are edited to be extreme versions of themselves, it becomes even easier (and more pleasurable) to see the shows’ participants as characters.
Mark Andrejevic writes that “Reality TV, to the extent that it demonstrates the artificial character of mediated reality, highlights the reality of artifice in the mass media.” I would add that part of reality TV’s appeal is precisely this artifice.
www.realityblurred.com /exposed/issues/tv/characters/index.shtml   (2355 words)

 Turning pervasive computing into mediated spaces
Second, as their primary output, mediated spaces must build and continuously update a context that integrates what individuals are talking about and doing in the space with whatever computational representations exist in the devices of the space.
But mediated spaces are real physical spaces, and their focus is on the interpersonal interaction of the participants within them.
Given the large variety of devices and mediated spaces, it will become incumbent on devices to keep track of their own history--and to pass it on to their successors before they "die." This is important for authentication (knowing the pedigree or provenance of an artifact is an important authentication technique).
www.research.ibm.com /journal/sj/384/mark.html   (8376 words)

 [No title]
While the dominance of images over reality in the mediational field of the Gulf War is in no way denied, writers adopting this quasi-empiricist framework are not willing to grant that the image has come to supplant the real, and suggest instead that we simply did not have access to the right kinds of information.
If it is perceived that we are losing touch with the real, that everything is now questionable simply because it is capable of being digitally (instead of simply analogically) encoded, rearranged and represented, it mistakenly implies that reality is not, and has not always been, socially mediated and made to mean.
To retheorize the psychosocial impact of electronically mediated representations of war it is far more productive to reject the belief that technologically generated spaces are inherently unreal, divorced from human subjectivity, and serve only to take us ever further away from the reality of death and destruction.
proxy.arts.uci.edu /~nideffer/BNAatWAR/BNAChap1.html   (5224 words)

 Demos | Blog | Mediated reality
This is perhaps a side-effect of the modern phenomenon of the televised debate.
Inevitably, only a small proportion of people will actually watch; the reality of the debate is then mediated through a highly partisan game of Chinese whispers by the media before reaching the large proportion of people who are interested.
A day later, a mediated version of the debate had developed which had far more force than the reality to which it bore so little resemblance; and it was through this version only that most voters could engage with the debate they never saw.
www.demos.co.uk /items/5174   (1129 words)

 Virtual culture
McLeod and Chaffee (1972) suggest that social reality is created when an individual gives information received through a mediated form of communication the same relative importance as that individual's direct observation of physical reality.
Decisions on which forms of mediated communications to take part in next will be made based on previous mediated communications.
Each new reality is accepted based on the protocols and rules that are set up for its existence.
www.fiu.edu /~mizrachs/virtcult.html   (1879 words)

 *Phyto Philosophic Society Room 3*
As humans we must come to realize that we are the creators of our own realities and as a whole the architects of human destiny.
We must come to realize that reality is not something we are born into which is inflicted upon us, but instead stems from us.
Large corporations have taken control of the mediated reality, thus disempowering the populace unconsciously into the support of self destructive realities for corporate profit.
oasisproject.us /ROOM3.html   (263 words)

Hearst’s power over the public’s perceived mediated reality was derived through “Yellow Journalism.” His papers’ editorial policy held truth and accuracy in low regard when reporting the news of the day.
We must know who we are and whom we want to be, to successfully navigate the swirling, swaying waters of this created mediated reality and avoid the pitfalls of Welles, Hearst, and Kane, who each became blinded to the impact of their actions upon others.
The truth of their mass mediated reality reads like a bizarre novel that most would have said could never really happen.
www.participate.net /node/605   (3705 words)

 Postmodernism Not What You Think
Reality is mediated in the televisual society to the extent that it becomes hard to distinguish what is real, and what is the message of the real that we receive from the televisual mediation.
This shift to mediated reality, so typical of the sound bites of today's economic and political reality, affects equally our social reality.
But in peacemaking also, there is a mediated reality in which what Lear describes as the pre-individual drive of mass pscyhology provokes violence in the name of the non-violent.
www.csudh.edu /dearhabermas/lemert01.htm   (712 words)

 WH: Re: Mediated reality patent dispute?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
'Mediated Reality' is too nebulous an > idea; there are a wide variety of ways to implement it.
Also, mediated > reality was the subject of a lot of speculation in both the technical press > and in SF circles, which would be enough to count as 'prior art' for the > idea as a whole but not for a given means of implementing it.
Ask the > professor what the patent is for, an he'll probably describe some specific > design for some part of a mediated reality system, not 'mediated reality' > in general.
wearables.blu.org /wear-hard/19999128.html   (310 words)

Virtual Reality researchers have largely demonstrated new working methods during the last years with ``proof-of concept'' prototypes in the context of virtual prototyping, interactive sculpting or painting tools.
Our approach is based on Mediated Reality, which refer to the concept of filtering our vision of reality, typically using a head-worn video mixing display (as opposed to a projection approach).
A large panel of domains can benefit from this concept: architecture, cosmetic, packaging, prototyping etc. For this we introduced a general framework of interactively mediated reality, and realized a first prototype that proposes new tools for modifying appearance or geometry of real mockups (i.e.
www.inria.fr /rapportsactivite/RA2004/artis/uid81.html   (581 words)

 igargoyle: Mediated Reality Archives
I think this is the kind of community resource that really helps people who are interested in working with mediated reality / augmented vision.
Mediated reality product, "See-Free" promises a solution to all those pesky billboards that clutter the landscape by masking them out.
Mediated Reality is one of those emerging technologies that is going to change our life, and to jump on it early is almost like being transformed into a superhero, or supervillan depending on your attitude.
igargoyle.com /archives/mediated_reality   (362 words)

 philosophy: Humanism and Absolutes
Correspondence is a connection made by an intelligent subject, and it is a relationship between the intended meaning (proposition) of an utterance/sentence (which cannot be isolated from the proposition--content is not validly separable from form) and a reality mediated by the subject via some sort of instrument, like an eyeball or an oscilloscope.
You are simply conflating the "corresponds to reality" (truth) with "coheres with ideality" (consistency) and pretending the true/false distinction is the same as the correct/incorrect distinction.
I have inserted "mediated/instrumented" in front of "reality" to account for "perspective", but whether this specific subjectively-manufactured mediation of reality leads to a belief, or lack thereof, in a proposition, is irrelevant to the correspondence of said proposition to that mediated reality.
community.livejournal.com /philosophy/1505009.html   (3962 words)

 Project-Team - artis
The goal is to use the immersive environment of the Platform for Virtual Reality (PRV) at INRIA Rhône-Alpes to understand the coordination between vision, movement and balance for the human.
The goal is twofold: benefit from the ease of use and versatility of numerical 3D models in conducting behavioral and neuromotor studies, and find objective criteria to evaluate the quality of a stereoscopic immersion in a virtual world.
Following a preliminary user experience (published in [12]), a new enhanced prototype and a completed formal evaluation have been concluded during November (this work will be submitted for publication in the next few months).
www.inria.fr /rapportsactivite/RA2003/artis2003/module22.html   (768 words)

 Perceptions in public relations
They're "mediated perceptions" because one or more third parties (mediators) are interposed between us and the people or events we're encountering.
However, the more she planned for it, and the more she talked it over with her advisers, the less "pure" it may be in terms of giving you a glimpse of what's really on her mind and in her heart.
They accept the mediated perceptions as they way things should be or as they used to be and complain that the site has deteriorated or failed to live up to what it's supposed to be.
www.nku.edu /~turney/prclass/readings/perceptions.html   (1082 words)

 Cyborg Bodies and Digitized Desires
It is a "powerful social and scientific reality." Haraway explains that, "(l)ike any important technology, a cyborg is simultaneously a myth and a tool, a representation and an instrument, a frozen moment and a motor of social and imaginative reality…The cyborg is the figure born of the interface of automaton and autonomy" (1).
the technologically and ideologically mediated experiences of humans have diluted their desire to a point that there is no such thing as individual expression of desire.
It is a playful interrogation of reality as it is altered by the interaction between man and machine.
reconstruction.eserver.org /043/attaway.htm   (3570 words)

 Image in public relations
And, just as movie makers want, and expect, audiences to perceive their sets as reality and to believe they're seeing Tombstone or Singapore or the command deck of a starship, public relations practitioners want their audiences to believe the images presented to them are real.
Originally, the degree of correspondence between an image and its underlying reality was the primary factor in distinguishing a good image from a bad image.
The further it was from reality, the worse it was.
www.nku.edu /~turney/prclass/readings/image.html   (984 words)

 Interactive Mediated Reality — Web Portal
Mediated reality describes the concept of filtering our vision of reality, typically using a head-mounted video mixing display.
We can redefine this idea in a more constructive context, applying dynamic changes to the appearance and geometry of objects in a real scene using computer graphics.
After describing a new generic framework for achieving this goal, we present a prototype system for painting, grabbing and glueing together real and virtual elements.
www.icg.tu-graz.ac.at /pub/InteractiveMediatedReality   (162 words)

 Augmented Reality Through Wearable Computing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
A text-based augmented reality, the Remembrance Agent, is presented to illustrate this approach.
Video cameras are used both to warp the visual input (mediated reality) and to sense the user's world for graphical overlay.
Using the input from these interface devices and sensors, a long term goal of this project is to model the user's actions, anticipate his or her needs, and perform a seemless interaction between the virtual and physical environments.
web.media.mit.edu /~testarne/TR397/main-tr397.html   (220 words)

 aether architecture
For this reason, I have decided not to draw plans and sections, as in a regular architecture project using representational methods, but to build prototypes, in a 1 to 1 scale, that are testing the possibilities of blurring the electronic media into the physical space.
This prototype could be considered as a compound of the previous work in many ways, where parts and results from previous prototypes are brought together.
It is called remote home, and tests the mediation of two small architectural spaces into each other.
www.aether.hu /mediatedspaces.htm   (979 words)

 OpenVIDIA : Parallel GPU Computer Vision
Mediated Reality, unlike virtual reality which blocks the user from seeing the real-world, allows the user to experience a computationally enhanced or mediated version of reality that mixes both real and virtual worlds.
This is often also refered to as augmented or mixed reality.
With the power of openVIDIA it becomes possible to experience real-time, seamless real--time mediated reality.
openvidia.sourceforge.net /features.shtml   (259 words)

 Mass Media 240 Outcomes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The realization that synthetic reality is by definition a distortion of what is real.
Understanding Kenneth Burke's observation that language is motive...and that language is a way of seeing and knowing...and that mediated language becomes ontological in its effects on the way we relate to one another.
We converse in a universe sludged by mediated phrases that construct the universe we inhabit. 
www.central.edu /homepages/feeneym/matrix/chilling_outcomes.htm   (368 words)

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