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Topic: Medicare (Australia)

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  Medicare (Australia) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Medicare is Australia's publicly-funded, universal health scheme, providing affordable treatment by doctors and in public hospitals for all citizens and permanent residents except for those on Norfolk Island.
Medicare, originally called Medibank, was introduced by the Labor Whitlam Government on 1 July 1975, at the commencement of the Health Insurance Act 1973.
Medicare benefits are available on a restricted basis for allied health services (such as physiotherapy or speech therapy) under the Enhanced Primary Care program, however most allied health and alternative medicine services are excluded from Medicare.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Medicare_(Australia)   (1903 words)

 Medicare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Medicare (Canada) is a comprehensive, universal (for all the citizens and permanent residents in the country) public health financing system.
Medicare (Australia) is a similar comprehensive public health program, administered by Medicare Australia.
Medicare (United States) is a publicly funded health insurance program generally for the elderly and disabled.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Medicare   (134 words)

 Medicare (USA) - Wikipedia
Generally, Medicare is available for people age 65 or older, younger people with disabilities, and people with End Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplant).
Medicare processes over one billion fee-for-service claims per year making it the nation’s largest purchaser of managed care [1].
Medicare is partially financed by a tax of 2.9% (1.45% withheld from the worker and a matching 1.45% paid by the employer) on wages or self-employed income to a specified maximum (currently there is no maximum).
no.wikipedia.org /wiki/Medicare_(USA)   (882 words)

 Medicare » Optometrists Association Australia
Medicare pays the optometrist 85 per cent of the fee that is set by the Government and that is accepted as full payment.
Medicare normally pays at least 85 per cent of this fee and the maximum you will ever have to pay for a normal consultation is $33.00 and up to $27.00 for contact lens consultations*.
Medicare pays for most consultations, however some consultations relating to the prescription of contact lenses are not covered.
www.optometrists.asn.au /eyevision/consumers/medicare   (560 words)

 Australia Travel Information
Australia is such a massive country even with a year of travelling I wasn't able to experience it all, I managed to visit 4 of the 8 states and territories Australia has to offer.
Australia features a wide range of climatic zones, from the tropical northern regions, through to arid expanses of the interior and temperate regions in the south.
Australia is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.
www.timsaxon.co.uk /australia.html   (1905 words)

 Untitled Document
Medicare was a universal health care system that allowed all Australians, irrespective of their income, access to a doctor.
As Medicare is a popular initiative among all Australians, irrespective of what political party they vote for, the Howard government attempted to destroy Medicare by starving it of finances.
Australia spends around 10% of our gross national product to pay for our health care system; this will increase to around 15% in the next few years if these changes are passed in the senate.
www.activate.8m.com /defend/reading.html   (3475 words)

 [No title]
Consistent with that aim, Medicare Australia and its employees commit to eliminating discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, sexual preference, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, family responsibilities, pregnancy, religion, political opinion, national extraction, trade union membership, non-trade union membership or social origin.
These arrangements seek to provide employees and Medicare Australia with greater flexibility in altering their working patterns and are not intended to lead to an increase in the total number of hours worked by employees.
Medicare Australia may at the completion of the trial period establish a further contract of employment based on the outcome of assessment.
www.workplace.gov.au /NR/rdonlyres/47BBB2A8-758F-43FB-B2D1-FDD40E5C40E5/0/MedicareAustCA20052008.doc   (15593 words)

 australia's health system- australia health insurance provider - choose medibank private for health cover in australia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Medicare is partially funded by a levy on income and for eligible people it provides access to free treatment as a public (Medicare) patient in a public hospital, and free or subsidised medical treatment by practitioners such as doctors, specialists and participating optometrists.
Some overseas visitors to Australia from certain countries with reciprocal health care agreements are entitled to limited access to Medicare, but only for immediately necessary treatment, and post arrival limits and other restrictions may apply.
All overseas students (except some Swedish and Norwegian students) coming to Australia are obliged, as a condition of their student visa, to have private health insurance.
medibank.com.au /productandservices/overseas/students/austhealth.asp   (842 words)

 U.S.-Australian Social Security Agreement
(Australia's Social Security program, which is separate from the SG program, is supported by general tax revenues not covered by the agreement.) Australian Social Security benefits covered by the agreement include the Social Security age pension, disability support pension for the severely disabled, pensions payable to widowed persons and carer payment.
Certificates of coverage issued by Australia should be retained by the employer in the United States in case of an audit by the IRS.
Medicare is the U.S. national health insurance system for people age 65 or older or who are disabled.
www.ssa.gov /international/Agreement_Pamphlets/austrlia.html   (4230 words)

 Australia Spouse Visa: Marriage visas, Australia Visa Rules   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Before being able to apply for a Spouse visa in Australia, the applicant must be legally married (or in a genuine de-facto relationship for at least 1 year).
If you are in Australia and hold a valid visa, you may be able to apply for a Bridging Visa A (BVA), Extended Eligibility Temporary visa (subclass 820) and a General Residence Spouse visa (subclass 801) on the basis of your Spouse relationship without having to leave Australia.
In Australia, you may mail your application to the nearest regional office of the Department or phone the general enquiry number 131881 to make an appointment.
www.bharatmatrimony.com /visarules/australia.shtml   (1440 words)

 Australia Overland - Medicare Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Medicare is Australia's health insurance scheme; it was introduced to provide affordable treatment for all permanent residents of Australia and is funded through income tax.
Medicare is required by law to send cheques made payable to the doctor to your address.
Medicare provides you with cover for basic care; you must take out adequate Travel Insurance for all emergency situations that may arise.
www.ozoverland.com /advice/medicare.shtml   (644 words)

 DoctorConnect - Medicare provider numbers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Medicare provider numbers are issued by Medicare Australia, formerly known as the Health Insurance Commission (HIC), after an OTD has been offered a medical job in Australia.
For further information on applying for a Medicare provider number, you can ring Medicare Australia 132 150 (within Australia) and say that you wish to apply for a Medicare provider number in the particular State or Territory in which you will be practising.
If you are a specialist and require access to Medicare rebates that attract a higher 'specialist' payment under Medicare, you will also need to apply to Medicare Australia for recognition as a specialist for Medicare billing purposes.
www.doctorconnect.gov.au /internet/otd/publishing.nsf/Content/work-Medicare-provider-nos   (343 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Medicare (Australia) is a National Health Service, this is, a comprehensive, 1 universal (for all the 5 residents in the 5 country) public health system.
Medicare (Canada) is a similar 0 comprehensive public health 6 scheme.
Medicare (United States) is a publicly funded health 8 insurance scheme for 4 the elderly and 9 disabled only.
www.thehealthinsurance.net /medicare_.htm   (121 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Medicare (Australia) is a National Health Service, this is, a comprehensive, universal 2 (for all the 5 residents in the country) 3 public health system.
Medicare (Canada) is a similar 1 comprehensive public health 5 scheme.
Medicare (United States) is a publicly funded 2 health insurance scheme 0 for the elderly and 7 disabled only.
www.thedentalinsurance.com /medicare_.htm   (121 words)

 Big cut in free GP visits tipped - theage.com.au
Professor Deeble, an ANU academic, said the proposals would return Australia to the pre-Medicare "two-tier" system, in which most Australians covered their own health care through private insurance, but there was a safety net for the elderly and the poor.
The Medicare changes, which will be announced in the next few weeks, include proposals to pay incentives to doctors to bulk-bill pensioners and health-care-card holders, and to allow doctors to directly bill the Government for the $25 rebate but charge the patient a co-payment on top of this.
Before Medicare, Australia had had "fringe problems" with people who did not fall into the safety net but who could not afford insurance or to pay out-of-pocket costs, he said.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2003/04/10/1049567807843.html   (372 words)

 Health Care Information for Visitors to Australia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Medicare office locations and enrolment forms are also available from the Medicare Australia web site.
Medicare office locations are available from the Medicare Australia website (Once on the Medicare Australia website a list of office locations can be accessed by clicking on 'Public', then 'Medicare', then 'Office Locations').
Foreign students studying in Australia are generally required to have health insurance cover, With the exception of students from Sweden and Norway, they are required to take out Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), a special low-cost health insurance offered by a number of firms specifically for overseas students studying in Australia.
health.gov.au /internet/wcms/publishing.nsf/Content/ozhealth-visitors   (1643 words)

 Australian IT - Medicare pilot in slow lane (Karen Dearne, FEBRUARY 21, 2006)
MEDICARE Australia has issued only 2450 Medicare smartcards out of an anticipated 40,000 since the national rollout began in Tasmania early last year.
Medicare Australia e-business manager David Trabinger has reported that 3619 Tasmanians (this number included family members who may be listed on one card) had expressed interest in taking up a smartcard.
But Medicare smartcards are not supposed to be used outside the health system, or for general identification purposes.
australianit.news.com.au /articles/0,7204,18215977^15306^^nbv^15306,00.html?from=rss   (466 words)

 Medicare Australia Your Health - What we do
Medicare Australia is a dynamic, innovative and customer-focused organisation delivering government health programs to the Australian community.
Medicare Australia is contributing to the quality of health care in Australia through efficient payments and its expertise in health information and electronic business.
Over the past twenty-five years, Medicare Australia has become one of Australia's most trusted, dependable and experienced Australian Government agencies with almost 4,500 staff across Australia in national and state headquarters and 234 Medicare offices.
www.acir.gov.au /yourhealth/what_we_do   (160 words)

 health : Melbourne Indymedia
Defend and Extend Medicare continues to push that access to health care is a right and should be enshrined in the constitution through a referendum at the next election.
Defend and Extend Medicare are to hold a rally outside the State Library in the city on Wednesday May 12, at 5:30PM.
Those who support the Defend and Extend Medicare campaign are encouraged to hand politicians who support the destruction of Medicare their electoral death warrant by registering as a Medicare defender and extender.
melbourne.indymedia.org /features/health   (1848 words)

 Australia Now - Health Care in Australia
Medicare Australia is the agency within the Department of Human Services which is responsible for processing and paying Medicare benefits for approved services.
Australia works with international organisations, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), health ministries in other countries, and with independent research institutes to prevent and control the spread of disease, in setting international health standards and in supporting health promotion activities.
Medicare Australia works with the World Bank, AusAid, and the World Health Organisation to provide international consultancy services in a range of areas including: the development and management of secure online health business solutions; health system financing; health insurance administration, health information systems, pharmaceutical systems design and operations, and training and institutional development.
www.dfat.gov.au /facts/health_care.html   (1246 words)

 Australian Healthcare Association - NEWS
Medicare Australia will perform all the functions and continue to deliver all the services that were the responsibility of HIC.
Medicare Australia will honour any cheques issued by HIC, and any agreements entered into with HIC will continue to apply.
The move to Medicare Australia is part of the Minister for Human Services Joe Hockey's vision for the future of the six agencies that operate under his department.
www.aushealthcare.com.au /news/news_details.asp?nid=6278   (273 words)

 Medicare Australia Your Health - Our services for you
Medicare Australia's role in the Bowel Cancer Screening Pilot Program is to assist in the administration of aspects of the Pilot including:
Medicare Australia, which administers major government health programs such as Medicare, is working in partnership with the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing to implement the Bowel Cancer Screening Pilot Program
To send invitations to take part in the Pilot, names were selected from either Medicare Australia's Medicare enrolment records or the Department of Veterans' Affairs enrolment file, as permitted by a legal instrument allowing access to these details.
www.medicare.gov.au /yourhealth/our_services/bowel_cancer_screening_register.htm   (435 words)

 Birrell, B. - People and Place Vol. 5 No. 1
Meanwhile the number of doctors arriving in Australia as permanent residents continued to rise, from 445 in 1993-94 to 558 in 1994-95 and 626 in 1995-96.
Medical students who began their training as full-fee overseas students are also debarred from billing on Medicare for ten years after registration if this occurs after 1 January 1997, even if they become permanent residents or citizens of Australia (as through marriage to an Australian resident).
Australia is moving towards the two-tier medical workforce evident in the US where OTDs do much of the public, ‘area of need’ work and local graduates handle the better remunerated private work.
elecpress.monash.edu.au /pnp/free/pnpv5n1/doctor.htm   (5043 words)

 Midwifery in Australia
Australia has 6 states and 1 territory all of which have their own Nursing registration boards.
Midwifery education is moving to the tertiary (university level) sector in all states, in some states the move is complete, in others it is offered as a hospital based course of one year, as well as the university course.
These funds are quite expensive and the rate of private insurance in Australia has been dropping steadily over the last few years under the Labor government, which had a commitment to public health and the provision of health services and medicare.
www.efn.org /~djz/birth/midwifefaq/australia.html   (2033 words)

 - Working / Living in Australia
In Australia, to work as a nurse you need to be in good health and have a certain level of education and experience.
To determine whether you can work in Australia as a nurse, you will need to be assessed by either the Australian Nursing Council (ANC) or the nurse regulatory body in the State or Territory in which you wish to work.
In Australia, most income including salary or wages and government benefits are paid directly into a bank account.
www.ccmrecruitment.com /austravel.0.html   (1084 words)

 Audiologist and Audiometrist Provider Numbers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
For recognition of new practices or alterations to addresses of current practices, Medicare Australia needs to be contacted.
Medicare Australia transmits this information to health funds once a month so you do not need to inform us of any changes.
If you are a provider who does not wish to register with Medicare Australia, you may be recognised by HBA/Mutual Community if you are a member of the Hearing Aid Council of Australia, the Audiological Society of Australia, The Australian College of Audiology or Audiometrists Society of Australia and you are in private practice.
www.hbaproviders.com.au /stellent/groups/public/documents/published/prov_audiologistandaudiometris.hcsp   (137 words)

 business.nsw.gov.au   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Medicare is the name given to the Australian public health system.
If your country of origin has an RHCA with Australia this means you get access to free or low-cost doctors and hospital treatment in public hospitals while you are in Australia.
In Australia, 100 per cent family cover for two adults and two children costs about A$1,830 per annum - this is a lot more affordable than the US where the same cover costs A$18,059.
www.business.nsw.gov.au /living.asp?cid=27   (546 words)

 PRINT 21 Online - Australia & New Zealand
Medicare Australia schedules all Essential Printing job runs to occur after the completion of overnight mainframe batch processing.
Medicare Australia currently relies heavily on its Category 2 printed output, and wishes to examine the use of alternate information delivery methods.
Medicare Australia must be assured that Potential Suppliers have satisfactory legal, financial, commercial and technical capacity and infrastructure to provide the Goods or Services proposed in their Submissions.
www.print21online.com /index.cfm?art=1260&comid=1   (1190 words)

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