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Topic: Medieval weapons

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  Medieval Weaponry
While the castle was, arguably, the most formidable weapon of medieval warfare, generally when we think of weapons we think of something much smaller, movable, and able to wreak havoc and death on an opponent.
During the 12th century, the three most prevalent weapons were the sword, the battle-axe and the spear (or lance), however, the crossbow rapidly gained popularity.
During the early 14th century, the course of weapons technology was forever changed with the introduction of gunpowder, which made possible the development of cannons and guns.
www.castles-of-britain.com /castle36.htm   (1294 words)

 Medieval Weapons Store
Medieval weapons are increasingly popular among collectors as well as anachronism enthusiasts who wish to re-create and act out events from medieval times.
All of our medieval weapons offer stainless steel stems that allow them to be wielded easily, or to last the test of time if placed on a medieval weapons collector’s wall as striking home décor items.
Medieval weapons online also offers a flened annealed chain mail hood and coif, that can be purchased as separate pieces for those medieval collectors who wield their medieval weapons with a bit of a darker side.
www.medieval-weapons-online.com   (664 words)

 Castle Defensive Weapons
Medieval knights, men-at-arms, squires and other soldiers usually comprised a castle garrison during the Middle Ages.
These weapons were not new, having been around since the early Middle Ages, but they were not used effectively until the 12th century.
Medieval fighters proficient with the crossbow often became prized members of a castle's garrison.
www.medieval-castles.net /castle_defenses/castle_army.htm   (380 words)

 Medieval Weapons for Beginners
Weapons have existed since the first hungry caveman picked up a large stick or stone with which to bludgeon his evening meal.
They needed to create weapons that were tough and resilient, effective at their gruesome task, and yet well-weighted and balanced enough that the warrior using the weapon in question would not tire too quickly.
In the Mercenaries Medieval Combat Guild, weapons are made primarily of closed-cell high-impact foam, surrounding a core of either plastic pipe or wood.
www.mercwars.com /weaponbegin.shtml   (311 words)

 Other Medieval Weapons Terminology - Spears, Axes, Lances, Maces, Halberds
However, the firing time on a crossbow was slow compared to the longbow, and for that reason and owing to the vastly higher expense during the period, the longbow remained the favored missile weapon of the 14th and 15th century in England and in France.
Longbows were the preferred weapon of the English after the middle 14th century, Edward III recognizing the power of massed artillery (archers) used in combination with dismounted cavalry and infantry.
The Medieval mace was an armour-fighting weapon, developing from a steel ball on a wooden handle, to an elaborately flanged, all steel, war club.
www.historicalweapons.com /otherweapons.html   (1468 words)

 Non-Gunpowder Artillery
While some of the the large pieces used in the late medieval era can be traced to tension and torsion powered machines used in ancient times, the rotating-beam engine (most famous of which is the trébuchet) is unique to medieval warfare.
Like modern artillery, medieval crew-operated weapons were of two general categories relating to tactical employment: indirect fire (throwing or lobbing) objects (projectiles) toward a target area, and directly shooting a missile (arrow/bolt or 'bullet') at a target.
The size of such weapons and logistical demands of providing the consumable projectiles to be shot emphasized the use of such machines mainly for siege operations - employed both by the besiegers and the defenders.
www.xenophongroup.com /montjoie/ngp_arty.htm   (2731 words)

 Medieval Weapons for Beginners
Weapons were known by a number of different names during the Middle Ages.
Daggers were seen as particularly vicious weapons, and their use by spies and assassins was high as a dagger is much more easily concealed than other weapons.
It was probably a weapon with a forked head, in which one "fork" was made of a curved, sharpened blade and the other "fork" was a long spike.
www.mercwars.com /weapongloss.shtml   (3517 words)

 Medieval Weapons
In the medieval period, as with any period in history, the weapons of the day were a product of the available technology and raw materials.
Arguably, one of the greatest weapons of the day was the castle, but when one thinks of weapons, the thought is usually of the more offensive devices.
Other close quarter combat weapons were the mace, a club of several feet in length with a large square or round block of wood or metal on the end that was sometimes covered with spikes to cause additional injury.
www.medieval-period.com /medievalweapons.html   (483 words)

 Medieval Period - Castles, Weapons, Torture Devices, and History.
The medieval time of history spans a period of more than 700 years, beginning around the year 800.
Overall, the medieval period can be divided into the Dark Ages, the High Middle Ages and the Later Middle Ages, the period which preceded the Renaissance.
Much was introduced in this period and while some of the developments which had their birth in this time fell by the wayside and have been forgotten or lost to history, much that we take for granted today has roots during this period of human development.
www.medieval-period.com   (517 words)

 News in Science - Medieval weapons of mass destruction - 11/09/2003   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Medieval recipes for gunpowder produce nearly the same firepower as today's manufactured equivalent, according to recent weapons tests, providing clues as to how the British fleet became one of the largest fighting forces in the world.
The medieval gunpowder was packed into a replica Loshult gun, a small canon-like gun from Sweden which dates from the 14th Century.
The newly made medieval gunpowder was able to fire a lead ball as far as 945 metres (and reaching speeds up to 200 m per second), compared to a distance of 1100 metres for the commercial gun powder.
www.abc.net.au /science/news/stories/s943726.htm   (491 words)

 Medieval Weapons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Skill in the use of Medieval weapons was necessary and a played a vital part in Medieval life.
The Medieval men-at-arms held weapons according to their status and position which was determined by the Feudal system.
The Medieval Knights attended the equivalent of a 'Knight School' serving seven years as a Page and a further seven years as a Squire in which he acquired the necessary strength and skills in the weapons of a Medieval Knight.
www.castles.me.uk /medieval-weapons.htm   (968 words)

 Swords,Medieval Weapons,Battle Maces,Daggers
Specializing in all types of swords including, medieval, fencing, tai chi, battle ready, movie sword replicas, samurai, Japanese, ninja, Viking, Scottish, practice sword and scimitars.
Medieval swords include period reproductions from large claymores to medieval daggers.
Our swords and Medieval daggers include daggers and knives based on styles of the Medieval and Middle Ages.
www.swordsdirect.com /medieval_weapons.html   (273 words)

 Medieval Weapons
They were very effective and they continued to be employed in medieval warfare as they were relatively light - and an skilled archer could fire up to 12 arrows per minute - which added to the effectiveness.
Since medieval warfare consisted more of battles against castles, then it is very conspicuous how siege weapons proved to be so effective.
As it can be noted by reading the previous paragraphs, newer weapons abruptly brought the end to traditional warfare - and it is speculated that newer battle techniques rushed the ending of the Dark Ages.
www.medieval-castles.org /index.php/medieval_weapons   (1439 words)

 Medieval Hunting - Weapons, Uses and Hunters
In the early Medieval Times, for the hunter who killed to survive, education had to be given first.
Weapons were different and even crossbows were frequently used.
Hunting of course was a major source of medieval entertainment.
www.medieval-castles.org /index.php/medieval_hunting_weapons_uses_and_hunter   (820 words)

 Middle Age Weapons - The Ballista, Onager, and more!
Whether you detest these medieval weapons or admire the brilliantly simple engineering, you are about to learn more about them.
Middle Age weapons come in a variety of forms and were used for different purposes.
Medieval siege weapons were only one group of Middle Age weapons.
www.medieval-castle-siege-weapons.com /middle-age-weapons.html   (534 words)

 Renaissance and Medieval Weaponry, Clothing, Shields, Chainmail
Medieval Weapon Art offers the most beauteous and marvelous collection of medieval clothing and Celtic jewelry.
Selection of SCA armor, medieval weaponry, functional medieval swords and shields - all under one roof.
Check out Medieval Weapon Art's extensive line of medieval décor and find that perfect medieval accent for your home.
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 List of medieval weapons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Medieval weapons varied from simple tools to complex engines of emerging medieval warfare technology.
While armor is not technically a weapon, its development was both driven by weapon technology and a driving force for that same technology in return.
Medieval fortifications also developed in connection with the weapons that opposed them.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_medieval_weapons   (105 words)

 Medieval Armor and Violence
The decorations did not help the weapons as killing devices but added to their cost and turned many of them into works of art.
Gilligan said that the Medieval rulers often had the same characteristics as today's violent crooks: they were short tempered violent, and touchy about their honor.
What this means in practice is that these men were sensitive to how they perceived others thought of them (they are sensitive of their `honor') and would fight any who slighted them (or who were perceived to have slighted them).
www.rattlesnake.com /notions/medieval-armor-violence.html   (452 words)

 Medieval Clothes History - Renaissance clothes history
Medieval clothes history traditionally begins with the fall of the Western Roman Empire in AD 476.
The catalyst for the change in costume that marks the division between the early medieval period and the Romanesque period was the first of the Crusades, which began in 1095.
Throughout the medieval period the ankle was never exposed to view.
www.medievalweapon.com /medieval_clothes_history.html   (1440 words)

 Historical Weapons
Swords were one of the most important weapons ancient soldiers possessed but not the only weapon.
The mace is a secondary weapon used by knights in the event a knight's sword was lost, broken, or if battle was too close for swordplay.
Medieval weapons make a powerful impression as a home décor piece in any media room.
www.realarmorofgod.com /historical-weapons.html   (740 words)

 Medieval Weapons:EROL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
More widely used weapons included the mace and poleaxe which were very popular in hand-to-hand combat.
These Medieval Crossbows were used in open warfare as well as for hunting and were widely employed in England through the time of Elizabeth.
In fact, the large crossbow was more powerful than any longbow and whereas the lighter crossbows were quite effective for use in the field by armor clad soldiers, the large and giant crossbow were used in the attack and defense of fortified places such as castles.
www.time-line.co.uk /x3469.html   (1231 words)

 Meyr's Medieval Web: Weapons
The lance is second only to the sword as a knight's weapon, and is used in battle or tournaments.
This is a a cross between a battle-axe and a spear.
There is a point on the back of the weapon so if the enemy is missed on the forward stroke, he can be stabbed with a backward thrust.
www.animalpark.org /medieval/weapons.html   (192 words)

 Medieval Swords n' More - Medieval Weapons and Armor Reproductions
Armor Swords and weapons are sold only for collection and/or display purposes.
Any training or use of these swords and/or weapons should be done for demonstration of forms and while under the close supervision of an expert.
It is the customer or user's responsibility to inspect the Armor, Sword or Weapon before each use to ensure they are in proper condition.
www.medievalswordsnmore.com /store-policy.shtml   (656 words)

 Medieval swords and weapons, fantasy and samurai swords by Imperial Weapons
Arms supplier to the Knights of the modern realm and Samurai Warriors of the world, with medieval swords, weapons and armor for reenactment competition, fantasy swords and knives, and samurai - katana swords and armor for martial arts.
We at Imperial Weapons are always looking at ways to make your shopping with us easier, quicker, cheaper and just all around more enjoyable.
A replica of the practice swords used by schools of combat in the medieval period, such as the German Marxbrüder.
www.imperialweapons.com   (684 words)

 Medieval Weapons of Foot Soldiers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
He could have chosen a mace or an ax, but if he didn't know the strengths of his weapons it could be the end.
A battering ram was a destructive weapon that tore down castle walls, and had to be carried by many men.
Weapons were essential to the king's land, and to peoples lives.
www.kyrene.k12.az.us /schools/Brisas/sunda/ma/1michael.htm   (326 words)

 Medieval Weapons
Generally in such a weapon the spike of a pick will be paired with a hammer head at the other end to combine the bludgeoning ability of a mace with the piercing power of a spike.
Despite this, they are not especially effective as a weapon and can prove a danger to both yourself and your companions as well as your enemies.
One of a number of late medieval broad swords that returned to popularity among infantry notably when infantry began to reappear in a major way at the end of the middle ages.
www.tabula-rasa.info /JamesAdams/treasure_trove/medievalWeapons/medieval_weapons.htm   (383 words)

 Medieval Weapons
Inside a lone “Metalschmeide” (metal smith) produces and repairs medieval weapons for castles in Germany with the same techniques passed from generation to generation for over 500 years.
Unfortunately we were only allowed to purchase a few of these medieval weapons as this old time family craftsman does not desire or have the time to produce items in quantity.
craftsmen faithfully reproduce these functional ancient weapons of the Medieval Age and earlier with the same quality and many of the techniques that were used to produce the originals!
www.knightsedge.com /medieval-weapons.htm   (178 words)

 Medieval Weapons Wholesale,Ancient Weapons Wholesale,Medieval Weapons Supplier,Ancient Weapons Supplier,India
Axes are one of the oldest weapons, a status symbol and are simply great collector pieces.
Tomahawk is a light axe earlier used as a tool or weapon and decorative enough to embellish your place.
The harshest of all weapons, they mark the animal nature of the humans.
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