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Topic: Mediumship

In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Natural Mediumship Intensive with Dr. Lauren Thibodeau Set for Saturday, Oct. 7 in New York City
New York, NY (PRWEB) July 4, 2006 -- Psychic mediumship is all the rage these days, but according to Lauren Thibodeau, Ph.D. much of what's presented on television is completely off the mark.
While mediumship has a spiritual component for many people, it's also a very practical skill that doesn't require a religious or spiritual basis or belief system to be effective," Thibodeau added, noting that mediumship in some form or other dates back to ancient times.
Mediumship is no different; it also requires discipline," Thibodeau said, noting that she teaches ongoing evening classes, which resume in September, to offer further development opportunities to those in the New York City metro area.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/7/prweb406852.htm   (636 words)

 FST: Mediumship: What is Mediumship & Channeling?
Mediumship can be defined as follows: The process whereby a human instrument, known as a MEDIUM or CHANNEL, is used by one or more discarnate, spirit personalities for the purpose of:
Mediumship involves a cooperating effort between a person on the Earth plane (the medium or channel) and a person in Spirit (the communicator).
Because of its telepathic nature, mental mediumship is sometimes referred to as telepathic mediumship.
www.fst.org /mediumship.htm   (449 words)

 Free Online Web Cam Chat Room - Mediumship Chat | Webchat Community Directory
If you have interest in learning and sharing with like minded please join us as we are eager to learn and share with you.
Beyond The Visible is a self development forum where you can discuss any and all things spiritual, paranormal and other related topics.
We encourage the members to practice their own intuition and mediumship abilities where appropriate.
www.userplane.com /chatlite/directory/browse.cfm?search=Mediumship   (375 words)

Views on mediumship vary from those who will not accept that any communication with departed mortals is possible, to those who believe all they read.
The earliest study of mediumship was carried out about 150 years ago, by Allan Kardec in a work entitled The Spirits Book, and another The Mediums Book.
Jesus refers to Mr Padgett's mediumship and discusses possession.
www.new-birth.net /mediumship.htm   (1748 words)

 Spirit Mediumship
Likewise mediums, through autosuggestion in the trance state, assume the guise of the spirit communicators who have come to speak to the sitters in the seance circle.
Professional hypnotists have often claimed that all the phenomena of mediumship can be duplicated through their subjects by suggesting to them that they are under the control of discarnate entities.
A medium or a Spiritualist might counter such an assertion by saying that certain spirits may actually take possession of a hypnotic subject when they receive permission to do so, and that the subject may then truly be said to be in the control of the souls of the deceased.
www.unexplainedstuff.com /Mediums-and-Mystics/Spirit-Mediumship.html   (4791 words)

The reason for so many forms of mediumship is because our friends in the spirit world will use whatever means they can to get through and help us to understand the truth of everlasting life.
Mental mediumship is by far the most common and falls into two categories, perception and control.
Physical mediumship is now quite rare, possibly because it takes many years to develop.
www.s-upton.com /spm/mediumship.htm   (339 words)

 Excite UK - Society - Religion and Spirituality - Spiritualism - Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Psychic Development
Everything you need to know about mediumship and spirit channeling from loved-ones and other spirit forces.
An examination of physical mediumship and its implications to the Spirit.
Within these pages you will discover actual conversations with spirit, hints on how to communicate with spirit yourself, a message board, an opportunity to talk with others of like mind, and a newsletter.
www.excite.co.uk /directory/Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Spiritualism/Mediumship,_Clairvoyance,_Psychic_Development   (397 words)

A definition of Mediumship is contact and communication with Spirit, through various methods, including; intuitive, physical and trance.
The object to communicating with Spirit is to bring understanding that we continue existing after death, even if our bodies die; and to enable Spirit to let us know their feelings and to give messages to us.
Another kind of Physical Mediumship involves a person who can manifest Spirit through ectoplasm, which is to actually have the Spirit appear so that others can see them, and in some cases feel and talk with the apparition.
www.pathwaytospirit.co.uk /mediumship.htm   (454 words)

 Follow Up: How Not To Review Mediumship Research (Skeptical Inquirer May 2003)
Conclusion: Hyman makes a factually erroneous criticism when he reports that double-blind experiments were initiated only late in our research program, and therefore makes a serious interpretative mistake when he decides that all the early data can be dismissed because they were not conducted double-blind.
Conclusion: Hyman would rather dismiss the fact that the highly accurate ratings obtained in the single-blind published study for GD were indeed replicated in the double-blind published study, than to admit the possibility that individual differences in sitter characteristics are an important and genuine factor in mediumship research.
When the totality of the history, procedures, and findings to date are examined honestly and comprehensively--not selectively sampled to fit one's particular theoretical bias--something anomalous appears to be occurring in the mediumship research, at least with a select group of evidence-based mediums.
www.csicop.org /si/2003-05/follow-up-schwartz.html   (2406 words)

I believe all of us are capable of manifesting the gift of mediumship.
Our major impediment has been our culture’s prevailing belief that it is impossible to communicate with those who have crossed over.
I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to serve spirit in this manner.
www.karmickat.com /Mediumship.htm   (598 words)

The man who looks on at his hand doing a thing, but acquits himself of responsibility for the thing done, can hardly claim to be considered as a moral agent; and the step is short to instigating and repeating a like action in the future, without the excuse of an overmastering impulse.
To attend the séances of a professional medium is perhaps at worst to countenance a swindle; to watch the gradual development of innocent automatism into physical mediumship may be to assist at a process of moral degeneration" (Podmore, "Modern Spiritualism", II, 326 sqq.).
As Spiritism has been closely allied with the practices of "animal magnetism" and hypnotism, these several classes of phenomena have also been treated under the same general head in the discussions of theologians and in the decisions of ecclesiastical authority.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/14221a.htm   (3236 words)

Author Barbara Weisberg writes about the quaint Victorian town of Lily Dale -- home to a myriad of Spiritualists and psychics in upstate New York.
The Fox Sisters in the 19th Century and Mediumship Today
The author reflects upon today's fascination with mediumship as well as the notion of young women's connection with the occult when comparing it to trends found in the mid-19th century's spiritual movement.
www.merrynjose.com /artman/publish/cat_index_33.shtml   (234 words)

 SurvivalAfterDeath.org: News and articles on Mediumship, Psi and Survival every week
SurvivalAfterDeath.org: News and articles on Mediumship, Psi and Survival every week
Mediumship and the Case for Survival (Part 4) by D. Scott Rogo (July 1)
All other material reproduced here is the copyright of the respective authors.
www.survivalafterdeath.org   (562 words)

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