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Topic: Medusoid Mycelium

In the News (Sun 27 May 18)

  Mycelium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus consisting of a mass of branching, threadlike hyphae that exists...
The Medusoid Mycelium has a unique conducive strategy of waxing and waning: first a brief dormant cycle in which the mycelium is nearly invisible, and then a...
Mycelium is the body of the fungus consisting of individual filaments or hyphae (Photo 8).
www.fiscmushroom.info /mushroomkits/mycelium   (756 words)

 Medusoid Mycelium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, medusoid mycelium is a deadly mushroom that grows in the Gorgonian Grotto, serving as major plot devices in the books The Grim Grotto and The End.
The Medusoid Mycelium has a unique conducive strategy of waxing and waning: first a brief dormant cycle in which the mycelium is nearly invisible, and then a precipitated flowering into speckled stalks and caps of such intense venom that it is fortunate the grotto serves as quarantine.
The Mycelium may have been mentioned in The Bad Beginning, when Justice Strauss says of the case she is working on, "I can't really discuss it because it's official business.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Medusoid_Mycelium   (775 words)

 Grim Grotto - Encyclopedia FunTrivia
After spores of the Medusoid Mycelium enter her helmet, Sunny is kept in quarantine while the other Baudelaires and Fiona try to discover an antidote.
Medusoid Mycelium waxes and wanes, giving the Baudelaires enough time to escape.
Medusiod Mycelium is a mushroom that releases poisonous spores when it's in full bloom.
www.funtrivia.com /en/ForChildren/Grim-Grotto-12863.html   (1072 words)

 V.F.D. Encyclopedia Article @ Didn.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
When it was destroyed, the Medusoid Mycelium was released onto the headquarters.
Opportune Odors Horseradish Factory (The Grim Grotto): Where the antidote to medusoid mycelium was constructed (horseradish).
The factory may have been constructed in such a central location so its vapors would protect the surrounding area from the lethal Medusoid Mycelium.
www.didn.net /encyclopedia/V.F.D.   (3271 words)

 DaMasterz blog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Some of the creepy creatures that dwell in the bothersome body of water are Lachrymose Leeches and Medusoid Mycelium.
Medusoid Mycelium is a deadly musroom which grows in the Gorgonian Grotto.
if the spores from this fatigue fungus are inhaled then Medusoid Mycelium will grow in your asaphigaus.
www.damasterz.com /blogs/?view=plink&id=135   (121 words)

 Product Reviews - The Grim Grotto (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 11) - HomeTheaterEdge.com - Get the Home ...
Then, they find out that one of the Medusoid Mycelium's spores got into Sunny's diving helment nad that she would die if she didn't get the anidote with in an hour.
The corageous four are trapped by Medusoid Mycelium, a deadly fungus or something.
After they escape the Medusoid Mycelium without the sugar bowl, they are surprised Sunny has it in her helmet.
www.hometheateredge.com /reviews-0064410145.html   (5168 words)

 The End (A Series of Unfortunate Events) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The island people soon follow and debate whether the Baudelaires are evil, when Count Olaf, poorly disguised as another Kit Snicket (with the helmet containing the Medusoid Mycelium as the baby bump), reveals that the Baudelaires have contraband items that are not allowed on the island.
After a brief exchange, Ishmael harpoons Olaf in the stomach, where the harpoon strikes the helmet releasing the Medusoid Mycelium.
The Baudelaires then run back to the other side of the island and learn that their parents had hybridized the tree's apples with horseradish, causing the apples to taste bitter but also to cure the effects of the Medusoid Mycelium.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_End_(A_Series_of_Unfortunate_Events)   (2404 words)

 Watch out for those 'shrooms! | The San Diego Union-Tribune
While moving into the relative warmth of the Queequeg is certainly better than clinging to a toboggan racing down the Stricken Stream, the Baudelaires' luck is short-lived.
Soon, they find themselves in the Gorgonian Grotto, an underwater cave that is home to a fast-growing poisonous mushroom called the Medusoid Mycelium.
Through circumstances too complicated to recount, the children are temporarily trapped by the mycelium.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20041121/news_lz1v21shrooms.html   (829 words)

 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
All travelers are advised to avoid this beach, as under the sand lies the Medusoid Mycelium.
Developed by Gregor Anwhistle, this deadly fungus waxes and wanes, such that the beach may be completely clear one moment, and covered in treacherous mushrooms the next.
A single spore of Medusoid Mycelium can kill within the hour.
urbangeek.net /dictionary/entries/lemonysnicket.html   (2944 words)

 The sinister snopsis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
They go there, but find instead the Medusoid Mycelium, a very poisonous mushroom.
How we last see the Baudelaires: The children get in an escape boat with Olaf as Sunny sets fire to the hotel, sending a signal to Kit Snicket and others that the last safe place is no longer safe.
On board with them is a helmet with a few spores of the deadly mycelium fungus.
www.topix.net /content/kri/0938066757177029857729331424494013357654   (2799 words)

 Amazon.ca: Grim Grotto: Books: Lemony Snicket   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Baudelaires are still on the run from their villianous relative Count Olaf, though here he often seems more silly than sinister.
The greatest danger is that faced by one of the orphans who encounters the Medusoid Mycelium, a sequence which might be the scariest and most suspenseful in the series to date.
My kids enjoy these books a lot (and I do too) and this one, like the others, is dotted with a variety of humourous literary and other allusions that are likely wasted on younger readers but are a delight for the parents who have to read them.
www.amazon.ca /Grim-Grotto-Lemony-Snicket/dp/1405215275   (960 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The crews' task is to retrieve a sugar bowl before the children's evil nemesis, Count Olaf, gets to it first.
After serious study, the location of said sugar bowl is determined as the Gorgonian Grotto, coincidentally the home of the incredible poisonous mushroom, Medusoid Mycelium.
It's not long, however, before their dangerous mission is interrupted by another disaster--Sunny has come into contact with a mushroom and she needs help fast.
www.bookhead.co.uk /1405215275.aspx   (365 words)

 Unfortunate event: Lemony Snicket’s last book - - MSNBC.com
Inside the helmet were a few spores of the Medusoid Mycelium, a terrible fungus that could poison anyone who breathed it in.
Sunny would have perished from the mushroom’s deadly power not so long ago, had the Baudelaires not managed to find a helping of wasabi, a Japanese condiment that diluted the poison.
“You wouldn’t dare release the Medusoid Mycelium,” Klaus said, hoping he sounded more certain than he felt.
msnbc.msn.com /id/15239777/wid/6448213/page/2   (1124 words)

 UnFoRtUnAtE_vfd's Xanga Site
When it was destroyed, the Medusoid Mycelium was released onto the HQ.
It is hinted that the sugar bowl is in the laundry room.
Opportune Odors Horseradish Factory: Where the antidote to medusoid mycelium was constructed (horseradish).
www.xanga.com /UnFoRtUnAtE_vfd   (2794 words)

 Children's Book Review of The Penultimate Peril:A Series of Unfortunate Events # 12
Most of the noble people they have known are there, too.
They manage to prevent Count Olaf from getting his hands on the sugar bowl or releasing his terrible fungus medusoid mycelium.
True to a good series, the reader is left wondering what will happen to the Baudelaires and waiting for the next installment.
www.discoveryjourney.com /PublicSummary405.asp   (875 words)

 CBBC Newsround | Reviews | Book Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events - The End
A couple of old friends make an appearance too - one a very pregnant lady and the other a dangerous-looking creature from many, many books ago.
Fearful fungus the Medusoid Mycelium makes a comeback and, as expected, not in a good way - and without any wasabi to act as a cure, what will happen?
It's great to have characters who finally see through one of Count Olaf's terrible disguises.
news.bbc.co.uk /cbbcnews/hi/newsid_6040000/newsid_6048600/6048648.stm   (417 words)

 Read our discussion about A Series of Unfortunate Events
Lemony spends his days after recording the lives of the Baudelaires because he is very regretful and in great dispair of what he caused.
(I posted earlier) BUT also I would like to add that the sugar bowl, which was so highly desired, contained the horseradish, the antidote to the poisonout Medusoid spores.
I told you that there were too many unanswered questions/mysteries to be answered/solved in just one book...
www.alanbrown.com /JustForKids/R06_Sue.html   (5735 words)

 Lauren: Identity Under Construction: "For Beatrice-No one could extinguish my love, or your house." -Opening Page
Kit tells the children about a guest they need to spy on, who has checked in as J.S., and they must discover who it is before the sugar bowl possibly falls into the wrong hands.
They tell Kit that Olaf has managed to get a hold of the Medusoid Mycelium.
Kit tells them that they must make judgements on who in the hotel is a villan and who is a volunteer.
www.grrface.com /2005/10/for-beatrice-no-one-could-extinguish.html   (5318 words)

 Modelover85's Blog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Using three clues - a literary clue, a clue about the Baudelaire's health (their allergy to peppermints mentioned in The Wide Window), and a clue about his own family: interestingly enough that his parents were killed with poison darts, suggesting the involvement of the Baudelaire parents - they break inside.
Angered, Olaf declares that he is going to the roof to get the specimen of Medusoid Mycelium which he will spread through the hotel, killing everyone.
He will then escape in a boat which he will jump in off the roof.
www.tv.com /users/modelover85/history.php?action=blog   (8834 words)

 Colorado Blue Spruce Book Award
In fact, you will probably not find a book full of more sinister plots and evil characters.
But, if you are searching to find out what happened to the Baudelaire siblings after they jumped into Kit Snicket’s taxi, having just barely escaped the Medusoid Mycelium, then this is the book for you!
In this next-to-last book about the fate of the Baudelaire’s, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny pose as concierges at the Hotel Denouement, a hotel so vast that it needs a catalog to explain it.
www.cal-webs.org /bluespruce/booktalks5.html   (6965 words)

 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Did you know VFD is a secret organization?
In the quest for the sugar bowl that will defeat the evil Count Olaf, up bursts a field of poisonous mushrooms Medusoid Mycelium!
You should read this book, because it involves action, adventure, and, most of all, tap dancing!?!
www.courier-journal.com /foryourinfo/112204/112204.html   (2445 words)

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