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Topic: Melisende

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  Female Hero: Melisende (Women in World History Curriculum)
Melisende was the daughter of the king of the Frankish kingdom of Jerusalem and his Armenian wife.
Melisende began her reign with her father at the end of his life.
Of course, the rivalries between Melisende and her husband and son were not the only reasons Christians had trouble holding on the Jerusalem.
www.womeninworldhistory.com /heroine4.html   (504 words)

 Melisende of Jerusalem : Melisende
Melisende was the eldest daughter of King Baldwin II of Jerusalem and the Armenian-born Queen Morphia.
Melisende was nominated as the successor of her father in 1128.
In 1132, however, Melisende was accused of having an ongoing affair with Fulk's biggest rival, the rebel Hugh II of Le Puiset.
www.fastload.org /me/Melisende.html   (475 words)

 Melisende of Jerusalem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Melisende (1105 – September 11, 1161) was Queen of Jerusalem from 1131 to 1153.
This joint crowning was similar to Melisende's own crowning with her father in 1128, and may have reflected a growing trend to crown one's heir in the present monarch's lifetime, as demonstrated in other realms of this period.
Melisende's connections, especially to her sister Hodierna, and to her niece Constance of Antioch, meant that she had direct influence in northern Syria, a priceless connection since Baldwin had himself broken the treaty with Damascus in 1147.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Melisende_of_Jerusalem   (2248 words)

 Melisende:  A True Queen
Prior to her father’s death Melisende signed charters with the title "filia regis et regni Hierosolimitani haeres" ("daughter of the King and heir to the kingdom of Jerusalem")<13> These strong words show a strength and belief in her own power that would be necessary to rule her kingdom throughout her lifetime.
Melisende had her chance to reign without a king by her side upon the death of her husband in autumn of 1143.
Charter evidence shows that Melisende was the force behind the creation of the royal monastery at Bethany.<28> In fact, it is this disregard of document evidence that must lead one to question Mas Latrie’s view of the early history of the kingdom.
www.loyno.edu /history/journal/1998-9/Edie.htm   (5959 words)

 Stories_of_the_Lizbob's Xanga Site
Melisendé considered this answer, and rubbed her eyes again, trying to get rid of the flashing lights that were creeping into her vision, and stabbing at the back of her head.
Melisendé managed to lift her head up, and when the thumping and most of the lights had died down, she squinted around, looking for the blonde hair and antennae that marked Anduné out from the crowd.
The Melisendé in that picture, alarmingly lifelike in a way that a painter could never capture, was laughing and in the middle of twirling around, so she was slightly blurred, her hair flying out.
www.xanga.com /Stories_of_the_Lizbob   (3823 words)

 The Story About Melisendé D'Upheaul - Page 5 - FictionPost.com :: Where Writers Unite!
Melisendé woke up rather abruptly, opened her eyes, sat up, and then braced herself against the horrible rush of pain and dizziness she was expecting.
Melisendé gave Anduné one more poisonous glare, sheathed the sword, and stomped off in the direction of the library, taking a longer route than she would have, to give herself time to calm down.
Melisendé was surrounded by enormous books and lots of screwed up paper from the notepad in front of her.
www.fictionpost.com /forums/showthread.php?p=26387   (4166 words)

 Israel Heads
The Kingdom of Jersualem was to be divided between mother and son - Melisende would rule Judaea and Samaria, whilst her son Baldwin governed all the North.
Her third husband was Amalric de Lusignan, father of Sibylla and Melisende and a son.
She was the sister of Philippa of Champagne, and half sister of Maria of Montferrat, and Sibylla and Melisende of Lusignan.
www.guide2womenleaders.com /Israel_Heads.htm   (996 words)

 Amazon.fr : Queen of Swords: Livres en anglais: Judith Tarr   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Serving as a trusted attendant to Melisende, the beautiful queen of Jerusalem, Richildis observes and assists the queen in her successful struggle for power and recognition in a male-dominated society.
Melisende came to power during the stormy interlude between the First and Second Crusades, after French and Norman knights had conquered the Holy Land and divided it into four Christian principalities.
After Melisende gives birth to her son, Baldwin, for instance, she announces that she'll not go to bed again with her husband, since her duty to him is done, and no man matters enough to endure childbirth again.
www.amazon.fr /Queen-Swords-Judith-Tarr/dp/0312858213   (539 words)

Melisende was the heir of the Frankish (crusader) king of Jerusalem.
Melisende regained her power and held it until 1152 when her son, Baldwin, claimed half the kingdom.
Sibylla's son from her first marriage was crowned Baldwin V in 1185, while her second husband, the much disliked Guy of Lusignan, served as regent.
www.greenlightwrite.com /melisende.htm   (650 words)

 Welcome to Paul Edmund Norman's The Gateway
Melisende, amazingly unclothed for a free woman, wearing only the brief tunic and skirt, paced about the cliff top, alternately glaring at me and her brother, and scowling with ill-concealed hatred at the two slave girls who attended us.
Then, to the disgust of Melisende, and to the amazement of Arslan, and Jessira, and Phocas, I had taken her in my arms and kissed her as a man might kiss a preferred slave, a love slave.
I glanced up to reassure myself that the river of hot coals was not descending after us, then pulled the girls rudely to their feet and marched them away from the foot of the cliff to the small stream we had seen earlier.
www.fortunecity.com /tinpan/stonetemple/797/prince.html   (4556 words)

 Melisende Psalter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Melisende Psalter (London, British Library, MS Egerton 1139) is an illuminated manuscript commissioned around 1135 in the crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, probably by King Fulk for his wife Queen Melisende.
The exact date of the psalter, and for whom it was made, is unknown, although it is obviously made for a noble woman of the kingdom, based on the use of Byzantine styles (considered to be "aristocratic" by the crusaders), the depictions of kings, and the use of feminine word endings in the Latin prayers.
The mixture of Catholic and Orthodox elements in the psalter may reflect Melisende's mixed upbringing (Baldwin was Catholic and Morphia was an Armenian of the Greek Orthodox faith).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Melisende_Psalter   (1109 words)

 Showcases :: Queen Melisende's Psalter
Melisende (1105 –; c.1160) and her husband Fulk V of Anjou became joint rulers of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1131.
However within a year she and her husband were at war – which Melisende and her supporters won.
Though Queen Melisende's Psalter is probably not the earliest manuscript preserved from the Crusader Kingdom, it represents Crusading illumination of the early period at its best.
www.bl.uk /onlinegallery/themes/euromanuscripts/melispsalter.html   (325 words)

 The Story About Melisendé D'Upheaul - Page 2 - FictionPost.com :: Where Writers Unite!
Melisendé fished around her neckline and pulled a thin chain from under her collar.
Anduné and Melisendé were led through what seemed to be miles of plush carpet, ancient tapestries, felt curtains with cold embroidery and portraits of snotty looking people, some of whom bore vague family resemblance to Melisendé.
Melisendé wandered in, and sat down at their table, showing amazing self-control for once by not squinting into every corner.
www.fictionpost.com /forums/showthread.php?t=2211&page=2   (4971 words)

 Amazon.com: Queen of Swords: Books: Judith Tarr   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The story, though based on the life of Melisende, the first daughter of King Baldwin of Jerusalem, has enough fiction to make it easily readable and very captivating.
Still, one cannot do justice to the novel by ignoring the period in which it is set: the Middle East in the 12th century at a time when crusades were being waged over the Holy Land.
Melisende, first princess then queen of Jerusalem, has the makings of a great king, but is trapped in a woman's body and therefore always dependent on a man (father, husband, then son) in order to exercise her power.
www.amazon.com /Queen-Swords-Judith-Tarr/dp/0312858213   (2173 words)

 Kimball - pafg227 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Fulk married Melisende Queen of Jerusalem about 1129.
Melisende Queen of Jerusalem married Fulk V King of Jerusalem about 1129.
William X The Toulousan of Acquitaine was born in 1099 in of England.
www.webpak.net /~cdm2/kimball/pafg227.htm   (90 words)

Melisende, Queen of Jerusalem is in your extended network
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 AH 310 (Dale)
Melisende Psalter, tempera and gold leaf on vellum, scriptorium of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, ca.1135
Ivory Book Cover with Scenes from the Life of David, Queen Melisende's Psalter, ca.
Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, rebuilt 1143-63 under patronage of Queen Melisende and King Baldwin III
www.wisc.edu /arth2test/ah310/16.html   (175 words)

 welcome to paul edmund norman's the gateway
I picked it up and held it near the torch.
She was stolen from me, and I intend to have her back.'
'That is why you are going to Mekhitar, then?' Melisende said.
www.gatewaymonthly.com /prince.html   (4688 words)

 Melisende - Website   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
MELISENDE is an imprint of Fox Communications and Publications, which seeks to publish original studies, both contemporary and historical, on religion and politics, society, culture and art history in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
A particular concern of the list will be Christianity and the Christian communities in these regions, and their encounters with other religious traditions.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements or for further information.
www.melisende.com   (143 words)

 Published Writings of Stephen Sizer, Vicar of Virginia Water, Surrey
A chapter in 'They Saw and Believed', edited by the Revd Dr Michael Prior, publised by Melisende (2000).
Published in 'A Third Millennium Guide to Pilgrimage in the Holy Land', published by Melisende (2000).
February 1998 and published by Melisende (1999) in Holy Land, Hollow Jubilee.
www.christchurch-virginiawater.co.uk /articles/articles.html   (1448 words)

 Melisende's Realm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
My name is Melisende, and I will be your Guide through these many Realms.
On completing your journey, please return here to place your name in the Traveller's Log so that all who have travelled through the Realms are known and are strangers no longer.
To begin your journey through the Realms, please pass through the doorway...
www.geocities.com /Athens/Aegean/3325   (57 words)

 Women of History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Please enjoy reading the biographies of some of the most fascinating women who have graced the pages of history.
This website and all its contents, writings, graphics (unless otherwise stated) is copyrighted material owned by Melisende 1998-2006.
Reproduction or any other usage (without written permission from the Author)
www.geocities.com /Athens/Styx/9329   (95 words)

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