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In the News (Sat 23 Jun 18)

  Melisma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Melisma first appeared in written form in the system of Torah chanting developed by the Masoretes in the 7th or 8th century and then in some genres of Gregorian Chant, with the earliest written appearance around 900 AD.
Melisma is also used in rock music, with notable proponents including Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Gene Clark of The Byrds, Thom Yorke from Radiohead, and Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin.
The use of melisma is common in Indian classical and popular music; this is often reflected in Western adaptations of Indian music, such as in the Beatles' "Rain".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Melisma   (504 words)

 Philip Tagg | Melisma - EPMOW entry (2000)
A melisma is therefore always executed legato, each constituent note joined seamlessly to the preceding and/or subsequent one (legato = joined).
Melismas occur in most musical cultures, for instance in the muezzin’s call to prayer, in raj music (e.g.
Since the types of melisma mentioned here have, since World War II, been most widely disseminated through recordings made or influenced by African-American artists, it is often assumed that such melismatic techniques are of West African origin.
www.tagg.org /articles/epmow/melisma.html   (713 words)

Melisma is also commonly featured in Western popular music, which has been heavily influenced by vocal techniques, by artists such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé Knowles, Lauryn Hill and Aretha Franklin.
Melisma is also used in rock music, with notable proponents including Thom Yorke from Radiohead, Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin, Cedric Bixler-Zavala from Mars Volta, and John Popper from Blues Traveler.
The use of melisma is common in Indian classical and popular music.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Melisma   (458 words)

 Sonic Glossary: Melisma
A melisma is a group of pitches sung to one syllable of text in vocal music.
Melisma serves a variety of purposes—emphatic, illustrative, expressive, and formal.
Melisma is common in a wide variety of Western and non-Western vocal music.
www.columbia.edu /ccnmtl/draft/paul/sonic/melisma.html   (484 words)

 The New Yorker: PRINTABLES
She is essentially an R. and B. singer, steeped in gospel, soul, and, especially, hip-hop, and she is a master practitioner of melisma, a vocal technique that dates back to Gregorian chant and is common in African-American church singing.
Melisma describes the act of taking one syllable of a lyric and stretching it over several notes—or, in Carey’s case, sometimes ten or twenty.
The melisma is what people remember about the song, like a ninth-inning grand slam, but that’s not what made it a hit.
www.newyorker.com /printables/critics/060403crmu_music   (1251 words)

 Wikinfo | Melisma
In music melisma is more than one, several, but especially many, notes hit during one syllable of the text of a song as exemplified by the singers on the televsion show American Idol and used as musical ornamentation in baroque music.
Use of melisma is common in popular singing in 2003.
Images, some of which are used under the doctrine of Fair use or used with permission, may not be available.
www.internet-encyclopedia.org /wiki.phtml?title=Melisma   (152 words)

 Melisma XV Powersuit
Melisma's henshin sequence is as follows: Melisma begins to spin around, a la Sailor Moon.
Melisma usually tries to transform somewhere private (a music practice room often works well, or at worst a bathroom stall), because she doesn't want people to see her naked.
Notes: The Melisma XV was designed by Melisma Sonata of Powersuit City High School as her class project for Advanced Mecha Technologies.
www.mecha.com /~conkle/psc/melismaxv.htm   (819 words)

Melisma es un grupo musical relativamente joven, y decimos relativamente ya que, si bien como conjunto tiene poco tiempo de formado (ciudad de Lima, 1996), cada uno de sus integrantes posee una trayectoria más amplia.
El trabajo que Melisma realiza tiene como cimiento las raíces musicales latinoamericanas y, a partir de éstas, elabora arreglos, lo que le da un matiz y estilo originales.
Como dice la definición, MELISMA es un conjunto de notas cantadas en una sola sílaba; eso es lo que somos: cinco vidas, cinco historias, cinco melodías distintas que en este momento y en este espacio hemos decidido sonar y crecer juntas.
www.angelfire.com /music/melisma   (552 words)

Featuring laouto, guitar, bouzouki, violin, percussion and vocals, Melisma weave their way across the Mediterranean and the East, exploring dances and songs of love, death, exile, poignancy and passion.
Melisma received a successful response to their flboard gigs at the 2004 National Folk Festival (Canberra) being offered a spot on the Budawang stage, and then at the 2005 festival.
Melisma performances include The Boite, Barbukkah, the Darebin Music Festival, Shepparton Arts Festival, The Big House, Gippsland Acoustic Music Club.
www.erniegruner.com /Melisma.htm   (238 words)

 The State of American Singing as Heard on 'I-I-I-I-I-I-Idol' - Message Board - ezboard.com
A melisma is a passage of several notes sung to a single syllable.
When he does break into melisma, he does so in the service of his song: in his vocal hiccups we hear the pain of a spurned lover.
The winner of the first "American Idol," Kelly Clarkson, is a full-on melisma specialist; her hit debut album, "Thankful," is full of her bland mastery of the craft.
p200.ezboard.com /fjazzhotlinefrm1.showNextMessage?topicID=501.topic   (2255 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
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\melisma r fs^\mp a4 fs8 g4 a8 fs4 g8 e4 d8 fs4 d8 e4.
\melisma b \melismaEnd a r % Alleluya a4.->(c) b->(d) c->(b) a-> r % Alleluya a4.(c) b(d) c(b) a r % Alleluya a4.(c) b(d) c4(d8 b4 c8 a4 g8 b4.) a r % Alleluya a4.(c) b(d) c4(d8 b4 c8 a4 g8 b4.) a r % Alleluya \bar ":" a c b2.
www-personal.umich.edu /~aelkiss/cynnabar/alle_psallite.ly   (625 words)

 Killing me softly with their self-indulgence - Music - Entertainment
You may not know what melisma is, but you've seen it, heard it, whether you wished to or not.
Melisma is the name given to that style of vocalising where a singer holds a syllable and stretches it over several notes.
Melisma is used in Gregorian chants and in Muslim prayers.
www.theage.com.au /news/music/killing-me-softly-with-their-selfindulgence/2006/06/10/1149815367664.html   (859 words)

Melisma are a 4 piece band form the unlikely depths of sunny Derbyshie U.K. A band who no where they have come from, and are set on where they want to go!
There is non of that totally depressing bullshit, Melisma like to see the optimistic side of life, but you can't have good with out evil so there is usually a dark twist!
Since their first gig (pub job in Buxton) Melisma have been on the up, pubs and clubs all over Derbyshire, multi-performance shows in the Buxton area including a performance at the Devonshire Dome.
www.myspace.com /ukmelisma   (1214 words)

In music, melisma is the process of singing more than one note while singing a single syllable of the lyrics of a song.
This technique was exemplified by the singers on the television show American Idol and is used as musical ornamentation (grace notes) in baroque music.
It is also frequently employed in celebrity performances of The Star Spangled Banner at public gatherings like sports events.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/me/Melisma.html   (126 words)

 Melisma Stochastic Melody Generator
The Melisma Stochastic Melody Generator is a computer program that generates original melodies using stochastic (i.e.
From this site, you can generate a melody using parameters of your own choosing; the melody will be returned to you in the form of a midifile, which will then be played on your computer.
Melisma Music Analyzer for analyzing music, and explored in David Temperley's book
www.link.cs.cmu.edu /melody-generator   (485 words)

 Melisma - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
En música, melisma es la técnica de cambiar la altura de una silaba musical mientras es cantada.
El Melisma se presenta también con frecuencia en la música popular de oriente medio, apareciendo en en la música popular occidental por influencia de la música afroamericana y las técnicas vocales de artistas como Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Beyoncé Knowles, y Christina Aguilera.
Melisma también es el nombre de un software para realizar varios tipos de análisis musical en representaciones MIDI (Temperley, 2001).
es.wikipedia.org /wiki/Melisma   (442 words)

 Nadia Kommengeczit
She is the antithesis to everything Melisma stands for/dreams of.
Nadia is jealous of Melisma's talent and will do anything she can to upstage or outdo Melisma any chance she gets.
She, more often than not, uses the Cabriolet Multi-Figther to upstage Melisma as she tries to save the city from invading alien hordes, often getting into her way and screwing things up.
www.mecha.com /~conkle/mekton/powersuitcity/nadia.htm   (267 words)

 Composer Shortlist | spnm - promoting new music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Click here to view an extract of the score (opens in a new window, pdf format, c.300kb).
A melisma is essentially an adorned melody, and that is the nature of this piece.
Melisma is through-composed and at its heart is a single line of melody.
www.spnm.org.uk /?page=shortlist/composer.html&id=224   (328 words)

 Melisma   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Melisma are a singing group based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
The group is directed by former Cambridge choral scholar Geoffrey Moore.
We specialise in performing early music with one singer per part, and take particular delight in unearthing lesser-known works.
www.dunlin.net /melisma/index.html   (40 words)

We are a group of friends who attend high school together.
Well, two of us anyway Unfortunatly, our bassist, Ben, had to switch to another highschool down the road.
But we still are going through with rockin' it together as Melisma.
www.myspace.com /melisma   (166 words)

 village voice > music > by Sasha Frere-Jones
The best-known iteration of this strategy is also the point at which melisma became an affliction in pop, especially r&b: Mariah Carey's 1990 debut single "Vision of Love."
(No melisma.) But singers like Andy and Boothe are just faces in Mum and Dad's record collections to many of the young performers in British r&b, while disco and sugary pop just form the immediate atmosphere.
The real, living dialectic is between the colonizing force of American r&b/hip-hop and the recent establishment of a successful British fl pop: Garage means British people don't need to say sorry anymore.
www.villagevoice.com /issues/0306/frere-jones.php   (1432 words)

 [No title]
Franklin were capable of melisma > that could singe the false eyelashes of divas like Ms.
When he does break into melisma, he does so in the > service of his song: in his vocal hiccups we hear the pain of a spurned > lover.
The winner of the first "American > Idol," Kelly Clarkson, is a full-on melisma specialist; her hit debut album, > "Thankful," is full of her bland mastery of the craft.
www.trombone.org /trombone-l/archives/0305/030525.txt   (7429 words)

 Ensemble. Celebration and Desolation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Celebration and desolation, classical poise and modernist frenzy, yearning nostalgia and visions of the future -- Trio Melisma's Jubilee Concert in the beautiful setting of St Dunstan's, Stepney on 29 May 2002 offered the audience a rare feast of musical and aesthetic contrasts.
Founded in 2001 Trio Melisma's international line-up consists of violinist Christopher White (UK), cellist Jonas Seeberg and the Canadian pianist Melanie Reinhard.
Given in support of RefAid, a charitable organisation which has helped millions of refugees to reintegrate voluntarily into their countries of origin, the concert began with Haydn's delightful Trio in F sharp minor Hob XV:26.
www.mvdaily.com /articles/2002/07/melisma1.htm   (193 words)

 [london] Kerfuffle Meets Melisma. 10th Dec. Free - Dance Music Forum
Established Kerfuffle team up with relative new comers meliSma to bring you a party that is sure to bring the house music down.
Kerfuffle have gained a huge amount of respect since their inception in 1997 by putting on intimate little gatherings, with the likes of Eddie Richards, Pure Science and Bushwacka spinning their wares.
Brought to you from the dark, underground space of The Cube, Camberwell, with the Kerfuffle and meliSma residents as your hosts.
www.dancefrontdoor.co.uk /forum/index.php?showtopic=2980   (156 words)

 Big thank you for exposing melisma - Letters - Opinion - theage.com.au
I had thought it was just me who felt this way about so many contemporary singers and had resigned myself to the fact that I was becoming a grumpy old man.
The overdone melisma phenomenon causes me to shudder.
It has meant that I am unable to watch programs such as Australian Idol for fear that it will destroy my love of music.
www.theage.com.au /news/letters/big-thank-you-for-exposing-melisma/2006/06/17/1149964783626.html   (1892 words)

 The Melisma Music Analyzer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Melisma Music Analyzer is a powerful system for analyzing music and extracting information from it.
The analyzer takes a piece represented as an "event list"--a list of notes, with pitch, on-time, and off-time (MIDI files can be used as input as well).
Before proceeding any further, we suggest you read the Introduction document below, to get a sense of what the Melisma system is all about.
www.link.cs.cmu.edu /music-analysis   (205 words)

 Melisma Systems - About Us
Melisma Systems - About Us Melisma Systems Ltd has been providing quality internet services and software consultancy since our founding in 1998.
Based in South London, we specialise in providing internet solutions to small businesses and sole traders.
We believe in working closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver what they want, rather than what we think they want.
www.melismasystems.co.uk /about.htm   (78 words)

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